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WP 1 slider – is probably the most feature-rich Free WordPress slider. While doing 1000s of WordPress website for different clients, we came across various slider requirements. From our learning – we made a slider with the most useful features, variety of layout and configuration options and here it is – WP 1 Slider!.

WP 1 Slider – is developed considering user friendliness, features, layout designs for various users.

Free Features:

  • Add unlimited amount of images to the slider.
  • Add unlimited sliders in one page.
  • Enable/disable buttons (with/without link) on the slider.
  • Separate slider settings for each slider.
  • Separate caption settings for each slider.
  • Four different caption layouts for each slider.
  • Separate pager setting (slider navigation pager) for each slider.
  • Four different dot pager(slider navigation pager) layouts for each slider.
  • Ten different thumbnails pager(slider navigation pager) layouts for each slider.
  • Separate navigation / Arrows setting for each slider (7 designs to choose from).
  • Two different box shadow for slider image.
  • Nine different positions for slider title and description within image.
  • Ability to change colors of title,description,buttons and button hover on slider image.
  • Ability to change font size of slider title and description on image.
  • Ability to change background color and active color of dot pager navigation on slider image.
  • Add unlimited sliders in widgets.
  • Slider is fully responsive.
  • Easy usage via Shortcode.

Premium Features:

★ Video Slider
   Easy to use with Youtube, Vimeo, Html5 videos.
   Thumbnail pager images for Youtube,Vimeo and Html5 videos.
   3 awesome templates for single video sliders and 4 differents
   templates for videos carousel slides with video
   dynamic settings.

★ Video Background && Video Layer Slider
   Easy to use with Youtube, Vimeo, Html5 background videos .

★ SoundCloud Audio Slider
   Easy to use with SoundCloud audio.

★ Post Sliders
   Create slider from posts, pages, categories, or any custom post type.
   2 awesome templates for single post slider and 6 awesome templates for
   post carousel slides with dynamic settings.

★ Layer And Animation Sliders
    15 awesome templates for animated layer slider.
    Multiple layer which can be text or images with 22 animation features
    and different entrance timing settings for each title, description,
    button and layers.
    2 different text animation for text on each layer.

★ WooCommerce Slider
    Create slider with WooCommerce products
    Add to cart, view details - buttons included
    3 awesome templates for WooCommerce product.

★ Social Media Slides
    Create sliders with your Facebook pages images and Instagram images.
    3 Awesome templates for facebook and instagram slides.

★ Carousel Layout
    Carousel slide effect on image slide or post slide or video slide.
    6 awesome templates for carousel layout of images and posts.
    4 awesome templates for carousel layout of videos.
    2 awesome templates for carousel layout of instagram ,
    facebook and woocommerce.
    All templates has its own dynamic settings configurations.

★ Kenburn Effect in image slides.

★ Partial View Slider.

★ Auto Width Carousel Slider.

★ Content Slider.

★ Mixed Slider which can be mixture of image,video,content slide.

★ Slider in laptop/frame/mobile.

★ Lightbox Effects
    Lightbox effects in carousel effect of image slide,
    video slide and post slide.

★ Thumbnails layout
    16 beautiful thumbnail pager (navigation) layout,
    both vertical and horizontal.

★ Touch friendly

★ Fast loading

★ Search Engine Optimized

★ Seven different dot pager(slider navigation pager)
layouts for each slider.

★ Separate navigation / Arrows setting for each slider
(18 designs to choose from).

★ Shortable Slider Drag and Drop functionality: Drag and drop images to
rearrange their sequence in the slider.

★ Six different transitions for slider. Horizontal ,Vertical,
Fade, Skew Horizontal, Skew Vertical, Zoom In.

★ Next and previous image preview in arrow navigation
 control in slider.

★ Four different autocontrols variation in slider.

★ An option to upload custom arrow in slider.

★ And many more...

Premium Upgrade

  • For premium upgrade, please go here

Some Useful Links

  • Support Forum Link: http://accesspressthemes.com/support/
  • Youtube channel link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjZNcVG3fDE
  • Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/AccessPressThemes

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Plugin information


Free Demo

Premium Demo

Available Langauges

  • English


  • Aqua Resizer – https://github.com/syamilmj/Aqua-Resizer


  • Frontend Slider Caption Type 1 With Pager Type 1
  • Frontend Slider Caption Type 2 With Pager Type 4
  • Frontend Slider Caption Type 3 With Pager Type 3
  • Frontend Slider Caption Type 4 With Pager Type 2
  • Frontend Slider Thumbnail Pager Type 1
  • Frontend Slider Thumbnail Pager Type 2
  • Frontend Slider Thumbnail Pager Type 3
  • Frontend Slider Thumbnail Pager Type 4
  • Frontend Slider Thumbnail Pager Type 5
  • Frontend Slider Thumbnail Pager Type 6
  • Frontend Slider Thumbnail Pager Type 7
  • Frontend Slider Thumbnail Pager Type 8
  • Frontend Slider Thumbnail Pager Type 9
  • Frontend Slider Thumbnail Pager Type 10
  • Backend Slider Listing Page
  • Backend Slider Admin Page
  • Backend Slider Slide Box
  • Backend Slider Setting Tab
  • Backend Caption Setting Tab
  • Backend Dot Pager Setting Tab
  • Backend Thumbnail Pager Setting Tab
  • Backend Navigation Arrow Setting Tab


Dieses Plugin unterstützt 1 Block.

  • WP-1-Slider


  1. Unzip wp-1-slider.zip
  2. Upload all the files to the /wp-content/plugins/wp-1-slider
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress.
  4. For customizing the plugin’s settings, click on Wp 1 slider option menu in WordPress left admin menu.


What does this plugin do?

This plugin provides the ability to use multiple slider with many layout,useful features and configuration options.

Can I have multiple slider with seperate setting in single page or post?

Yes, you can have unlimited sliders with each seperate setting in single page or post.

Can I have full width slider?

Yes, you can have full width slider but make sure that your entry-content is also full-width.


11. Dezember 2020
I decided to give this plugin a try as it has all the essential features I'm looking for. However, I'm not sure it's solid enough for my project. In the slider, images are not covering the full width of the page even if I have responsive setting on. Something about the display is funky.
12. Mai 2017
This has been a nice slider plugin we have been using, the free version is enough for most people and the premium offers some more to an already well constructed slider plugin. I do wish the code was optimized even more and slides would have the option to lazy load (the free version does not as far as I remember). As well as a auto resize feature, as currently it will define width and not height and any image you upload or select to be bigger then the rest will appear as that. Other then these flaws which I have easily overcome. This has been reliable, solid and we are happy with it and look forward to more from its evolution!
18. März 2017
I used the free version, and it was very easy to make a slideshow and put the shortcode into my page. The slideshow options are somewhat limited in the free version, but still much more than what others typically offer with free versions. The slideshow looked great on desktop, but the lettering did not scale down on my mobile devices, so all you could see on the mobile devices was the huge lettering. Also, thumbnails did not function properly. They displayed OK, but when I click on them (desktop version), the thumbnail did not go to the correct slide, and sometimes would not navigate at all. All in all though, not a bad slideshow for free.
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Mitwirkende & Entwickler

„WordPress Slider Plugin – WP 1 Slider“ ist Open-Source-Software. Folgende Menschen haben an diesem Plugin mitgewirkt:




  • Gutenberg based block now available.
  • Compatibility Check with latest wordpress version.


  • Fixed issues with media upload in latest version of wordpress.
  • Compatibility Check with latest wordpress version.


  • Fixed Issue with Type 1 Thumbnail.


  • Tested with latest version of WP.


  • Fixed save and update issues for adding slides.


  • Added useful information.


  • Tested with gutenberg.


  • Fixed session issues.


  • Fixed few issues.


  • Fixed compatiblity issues with wordpress 4.9.


  • Fixed few bug.


  • Removed unwanted code and js file.


  • Fixed slide count number issues.
  • Fixed random delete slide issues.


  • Fixed few issues.


  • Added sortable option for slides.


  • Fixed few backend issues.


  • Fixed few bug.


  • Added pause configuration option for slider.


  • Fixed responsive issues.


  • Fixed small js issues.


  • Fixed some css issues.
  • Added Shortcode button for easy insert of the slider into post/pages.


  • Update the structure of code.
  • Fixed few bug.


  • Added pagination pager (slider navigation pager).


  • Plugin submitted to http://wordpress.org for review and approval.