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WP Blog and Widget plugin add a Blog custom post type, blog widget to your WordPress site. WP Blog adds a Blog tab to your admin menu, which allows you to enter Blog post just as you would regular posts.

Note : WP Blog and Widget plugin is created with custom post type. If you are looking for plugin that work with your WordPress existing Post, please use our plugin Blog Designer – Post and Widget.

WP Blog and widgets, manage and display blog, date archives, widget on your website. You can display latest blog post on your homepage/frontpage as well as in inner page.

Check Demo and Features for additional information.

View Masonry Add-on with 12 designs and 7 effects.

Also work with Gutenberg shortcode block.

WordPress blog plugin contains two shortcodes

1) Display Blog in a page (list view and grid view)
[blog limit="10"] 

2) Display Latest blog on Homepage/Frontpage in list view and grid view
[recent_blog_post limit="3" grid="3"]

Important Note For How to Install

  • Install the Blog plugin and activate.
  • Plugin add BLOG tab in WordPress admin menu side. Add some posts.
  • Create a Blog page and add shortcode:


  • Also you can Display the blog post with category wise :

    Sports news [blog category=“category_id“]

  • Display blog with Grid:

    [blog grid=“2″]

  • Complete shortcode example:

    [blog limit=“10″ category=“category_id“ grid=“2″ show_author=“false“ show_content=“true“ show_full_content=“true“ show_category_name=“true“ show_date=“false“ content_words_limit=“30″ ]

  • Comments for the blog.

  • Added Widget Options like Show Blog date, Show Blog Categories, Select Blog Categories.

  • If you want to use Latest blog post on home page then use following shortcode

    [recent_blog_post limit=“3″ grid=“3″]

  • Template code : <?php echo do_shortcode('[blog]'); ?> and <?php echo do_shortcode('[recent_blog_post]'); ?>

Following are Blog parameters that will work with both shortcodes:

  • limit : [blog limit=“10″] (Display latest 10 blog post and then pagination).
  • category : [blog category=“category_id“] (Display Blog post categories wise).
  • grid : [blog grid=“2″] (Display blog in Grid formats. To display blog in list view please do not use ‚grid‘ parameter. ).
  • pagination_type: [blog pagination_type=“numeric“] (Select the pagination type for News ie „numeric“ OR „next-prev“. Note : This parameter will not work with [recent_blog_post] shortcode. ).
  • show_date : [blog show_date=“false“] (Display Blog date OR not. By default value is „True“. Options are „ture OR false“)
  • show_author : [blog show_author=“false“] (Display Blog author OR not. By default value is „True“. Options are „ture OR false“)
  • show_content : [blog show_content=“true“ ] (Display blog post Short content OR not. By default value is „True“. Options are „ture OR false“).
  • show_full_content : [blog show_full_content=“true“] (Display Full Blog post content on main page if you do not want word limit. By default value is „false“. Note : This parameter will not work with [recent_blog_post] shortcode.)
  • show_category_name : [blog show_category_name=“true“ ] (Display blog post category name OR not. By default value is „True“. Options are „ture OR false“).
  • content_words_limit : [blog content_words_limit=“30″ ] (Control blog post short content Words limit. By default limit is 20 words).
  • order: [blog order=“DESC“] (Blog order ie DESC or ASC).
  • orderby: [blog orderby=“date“] (Order by Blog ie date, ID, author, title, modified, rand and menu_order etc).

If you are getting any kind of problum with Blog page means your are not able to see all blog posts then please remodify your permalinks Structure for example
first select „Default“ and save then again select „Custom Structure “ and save.

Finally, the plugin adds a Recent Blog Post widget which can be placed on any sidebar available in your theme. You can set the title of this list and the number of blog post to show.

Language Support

  • Added Added language for German, French (France) (Beta)

Added New Features :

  • Added Added language for German, French (France) (Beta)
  • Added new shortcode parameters show_date
  • Added new shortcode parameters show_author.
  • Added Image option in the widget

PRO Features Include :

Premium Version
Added 6 shortcodes

[blog], [recent_blog_post], [recent_blog_post_slider]

  • Recent Blog Slider.
  • Recent Blog Carousel.
  • Recent Blog in Grid view.
  • 50 Designs for Grid Layout
  • 45 Designs for Slider/Carousel
  • 8 Designs for List View
  • 13 Designs for Grid Box
  • 8 Designs for Blog Grid Box Slider
  • Gutenberg Block Supports
  • Visual Composer/WPBakery Page Builder Supports
  • 6 Shortcodes
  • 6 Widgets (slider,list and category etc
  • Popular grid slider feature.
  • Custom Read More link for Blog Post.
  • Blog display with categories.
  • Drag & Drop feature to display Blog post in your desired order and other 6 types of order parameter.
  • ‚Publicize‘ support with Jetpack to publish your Blog post on your social network.
  • 100% Multilanguage.

View PRO DEMO and Features for additional information.

View Masonry Add-on with 12 designs and 7 effects.

Features include:

  • Added Widget Options like Show Blog date, Show Blog Categories, Select Blog Categories.
  • Just create a Blog page with any name and add the shortcode [blog]
  • Easy to configure.
  • Smoothly integrates into any theme.
  • Yearly, Monthly and Daily archives.
  • Blog Categories.
  • Blog Tags.
  • Recent Blog Post widget.
  • CSS file for custmization.

Privacy & Policy

  • We have also opt-in e-mail selection , once you download the plugin , so that we can inform you and nurture you about products and its features.


  • Display Blog Posts with grid-1 view.
  • Display Recent Blog Posts.
  • Display Blog Posts with List view.
  • Display Blog Posts with grid-3 view
  • Display Blog Posts with grid-2 view
  • Blog admin view


  1. Upload the ‚wp-blog-and-widgets‘ folder to the ‚/wp-content/plugins/‘ directory.
  2. Activate the WP Blog and widgets plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress.
  3. Add and manage Blog Post on your site by clicking on the ‚Blog‘ tab that appears in your admin menu.
  4. Create a page with the any name and paste this short code [blog].

How to install :


How to enable/disable Gutenberg editor support for Blog Posts?

Just add this code in your theme function.php file to enable/disable Gutenberg editor support for Blog Posts :

function prefix_gutenberg_editor_support($wpbaw_blog_args){
 $wpbaw_blog_args['show_in_rest'] = false; 
  return $wpbaw_blog_args;  
add_filter( 'wpbaw_blog_registered_post_type_args', 'prefix_gutenberg_editor_support' );


13. Januar 2020
I just installed and used with couple of test posts and it seems working perfect. No problem at all. Many thanks!
19. September 2018
Quick support and really friendly, Explained all step by step which i could understand clearly.Really patient team members. Issue wasn't in the plugin still explained me what had happened and how to sort it out. thank you and all the best Guys!


17. September 2018
Extremely patient person, who takes the time to explain everything. Besides, the pluggins are great, go for it.
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1.8.1 (28, Dec 2019)

  • [+] Added : Added 2 new parameter – order and orderby
  • [*] Replaced wp_reset_query(); with wp_reset_postdata();
  • [*] Improve some code in the shortcode file.

1.7 (05, June 2019)

  • [+] Added author support for blog post type. After updating the plugin, if you are not able to see author on the front-end side, please click on Blog menu and assign author for all blog posts by clicking on Quick Edit link.

1.6.1 (09, Feb 2019)

  • [*] Minor change in Opt-in flow.

1.6 (20, Dec 2018)

  • [*] Fixed the issue where custom taxonomies was not showing after giving Gutenberg support for custom blog post. Thanks @sabkor for showing us this issue.

1.5.1 (18, Dec 2018)

  • [*] Update Opt-in flow.

1.5 (13-12-2018)

  • [+] Added apply_filters to update the blog custom post type arugments.
  • [+] If you are using WordPress 5.0 OR WordPress 5.0 plus clasic editor pluign, we have added show_in_rest=> true to enable the Gutenberg Editor support for Blog Posts or Not.

1.4 (08-12-2018)

  • [*] Tested with WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg.

1.3.2 (05, June 2018)

  • [*] Follow some WordPress Detailed Plugin Guidelines.

1.3.1 (20/07/2017)

  • [+] Fixed grid issue showing 15px gap in left and right

1.3 (15/02/2017)

  • [+] Added new shortcode parameter „pagination_type“ (Select the pagination type for blog ie „numeric“ OR „next-prev“ ).


  • [+] Added „How it Works“ tab under „Blog“
  • [-] Removed „Pro design“ tab
  • [+] Added some design to Read More button and Blog Title
  • Fixed widget image display issue.


  • Fixed Image display issue.
  • Fixed css issue.
  • Fixed widget image display issue.


  • Added excerpt functionality in post description.
  • Resolved display post content issue.


  • Updated PRO plugin design page.
  • Added German (Switzerland), Spanish (Spain), French (Canada), Italian and Dutch Beta translation.


  • Fixed some css issues.


  • Added Added language for German, French (France) (Beta)
  • Added 2 new designs for pro version
  • Fixed some bug


  • Fixed some bug and added option for pro designs


  • Added new shortcode parameters show_author.
  • Added Image option in the widget
  • Fixed some bugs.


  • Added new shortcode parameters show_date.
  • Fixed some bugs.


  • Added Widget Options like Show Blog date, Show Blog Categories, Select Blog Categories.
  • Fixed some bugs


  • Initial release.