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10. September 2019
This product is not bad, it needs some improvements in order to be easy to use, no documentation so far, it is strange
22. Mai 2019
I was using the eBay Sync plugin by eBay Australia which was good. However they stopped development and support. I spent months searching the plugin market for the next best solution and found this one. This is a very good plugin with a LOT more control over the sync. Super impressed. There is a learning curve however it is all logical.
16. Mai 2019
Truly an oustanding plugin. Why some people are having problems I really don't know. It works better than we could have hoped for. Exporting products to Ebay now from our Woocommerce stores is a real doddle. Thank you whoever it was that wrote this. You are a gem amongst men. 🙂
22. April 2019
This is a good eBay integration option however it is imperfect. Whenever there is a support request their "Happiness Engineer" will reply without ever answering your questions. In the 9 months of using the professional version of this plugin we've twice experienced an issue where this plugin randomly applies a 30% discount to eBay orders. I spent a significant amount of time logging the issue complete with screenshots and the "Happiness Engineer" replies that he can't work it out and therefore it's not their plugin in must be another eBay tool we use... we're not using another eBay tool, nor do we manage listings or prices via eBay. Nope can't be an issue with WP-Lister, they're Professor Perfect! Three stars because the plugin is generally good. One star off for the occassional bug. Another star off because of the customer support.
26. März 2019
Product works, but there is nowhere near enough documentation. We bought the Pro version, 1st email to support was completely ignored, the 2nd said "we don't offer support for design, so I don't have any other sample listing templates, other than what comes with WP-Lister out of the box." So basically you have to keep guessing at what is required. To me, it seems that any CSS formatting in your main description is stripped out! But don't ask support if this is the case, because they won't tell you. You just have to guess how it works. Look else where!
8. Januar 2019
Have been using this plugin for many years now. It works perfectly. We have many items listed on eBay Australia. The sync function is very handy, seeing that our eBay and store product quantities are always in stock. Also great that this plugin is NOT subscription based like for other! Have contacted support a couple of times, and always got a fast reply.
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