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WP Next Post Navi


WP Next Post Navi Plugin can easily add a Previous Post and Next Post link on your blog. You can choose to use buttons or text link.

This plugin gives you customization options to make the buttons blend in with your blog’s theme. So changed the color to match your blog or to make the buttons stand out.

Use custom text as well or choose to show the blog post title.

If you don’t want to use text links or buttons then you have the option to use images. Use your own images or use the ones that comes with the plugin.

When viewing the latest posts on your blog, there will be an option to show a message showing next post coming soon or you can disable it.

You can keep more traffic on your blog. This plugin will encourage your blog visitors to stay on your blog longer and continue reading more blog posts. (This will help to retain your blog visitors and in effect to reduce your bounce rate).

Responsive layout and very lightweight (no javascript).


  • Admin Panel Setting
  • WP Post Navigation


Step 1

  1. Download zip file and Extract it.
  2. Upload wp-next-post-navi folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  3. Go to the ‚Plugins‘ page in the menu and activate the plugin.


  1. Upload the zip file to ‚Plugins > Add New‘ and then activate the plugin.

Step 2

  1. Go to Wodpress Admin Panel > Setting > WP Next Post Navi.
  2. Choose to navigate within the post category.
  3. Reverse the next and previous button location
  4. Choose to use button or text link. Change the button and text color
  5. You can apply CSS style to Previous and Next Post Links using the CSS Code for Links Box.
  6. Change custom text to Previous and Next posts instead of Post Titles, you can enable the Option Custom Text and Set Previous & Next Post Text.
  7. Enable or disable Next Post Coming Soon.
  8. Change Next Post Coming Soon text.
  9. Use images for Next or Previous post.


Where is the best place to show WP Next Post Navi?

Even though this plugin gives you the option to show the navigation links/buttons at the top and bottom of the post, I think it’s best to show it at the bottom of each article.


22. November 2021
I can't do code and I don't understand how to do coding and this plugin is my lifesaver to make a prev-next button for the same category Kudos for the developer
10. September 2020
In terms of its basic functionality - this plugin is great. It locks to the bottom of the page and will navigate from post to post in date order within a single category which is what I needed. However, a major improvement required is either adding the ability to upload your own text link icon, or to recode the text link icon from inline HTML to CSS. As it currently stands the only way I can change the icon for text link styles navigation is to edit the plugin code which is no bueno. Another feature that would be nice to have is the ability to only enable the plugin for certain post types and taxonomies.
24. August 2020
Easy to setup and there are only a few options to select - which is actually nice. Love the option to "Navigate Within Category". CSS is good as-is didn't need to change a thing and responsive works perfectly well large screen to small mobile. Well done - thanks for this!
12. August 2020
This plugin did what no one else could do with my theme without paying a programmer to build it - it provides previous and next links within a specific category. It would be nice if there were more formatting options without having to go into the theme's CSS. There is CSS for the text, but it would be nice to be able to control the format of the buttons (colors, 3d options, padding, margins, etc). It would also be nice to be able to add labels/prefixes to the post title (vs generic navigation labels), for example, arrows or carets to indicate that you are moving in a direction: "← [Post Title]" or "Previous Post: [Post Title]" instead of just "[Post Title]"
16. Mai 2020
I really liked how simple this was to set up. It also looks good on my page. I made a small donation because I felt it was certainly worth acknowledging the time and work that went into this. Would love to see an option for the name of the posts to be shown for a future update.
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*New feature added to have rounded corners on Fancy Buttons

*Feature added to enable or disable Fancy Button shadow

*“Next Post Coming Soon…“ text size fixed
*Changed „Use Custom Text“ from a checkbox to a drop down select
*Plugin description and installation instructions updated
*Few minor bug fixes

*Multiple bug errors fixed
*You can now change the „Next Post Coming Soon…“ text
*Change the next post coming soon color
*Change the next post coming soon text color

*Added „Next Post Coming Soon“
*New Donation button added in menu settings
*Added a section with awesome blog posts from plugin author’s blog
*Minor bug fixes has been done on the plugin
*Plugin description and information updated

*You can use your own images for Previous Post or Next Post link

*WP Next Post Navi admin settings updated

*Minor bug error fixed for button hover shadow

*Minor bug error fixed in admin panel


*Hover over links post title bug fixed


*Few minor bugs fixed


*Admin Menu added (Settings>WP Next Post Navi)
*Enable plugin or disable using check box
*Position of button added (below post, above post or both)
*Navigate Within Post Category added
*Reverse Navigation added
*CSS Code for links added
*Enable or disable button for for links added
*Option to change previous post or next post text
*Shortcode removed


*Few bugs were discovered and they were fixed.


*Screenshots added.
*Plugin description updated.


*First version is live.