Dieses Plugin ist nicht mit den jüngsten 3 Hauptversionen von WordPress getestet worden. Es wird möglicherweise nicht mehr gewartet oder unterstützt und kann Kompatibilitätsprobleme haben, wenn es mit neueren Versionen von WordPress verwendet wird.

WP Old Post Date Remover


WP Old Post Date Remover removes the distractingly old date from otherwise perfectly good evergreen content on your WordPress blog.

This plugin does not deal with the date on SERPs or archive pages. Single posts only.

You spent the time creating great content, and now readers and potential customers are getting sidetracked by the fact that it’s 13 months old.

Install the WP Old Post Date Remover plugin, activate it, and pick the number of days you’d like to show the dates on your posts.

NOTE: if your theme does not place the date within its own span class or div class, (or does that annoying thing where they put the word „on“ outside of the date’s span or div) this plugin will not work, out of the box. But with a few extra lines of code, we can get you working in no time. Message me in the forums.

This plugin requires special setup for use alongside some caching setups. I’m happy to help get that set up for you. Message me by starting a thread in the forums.

Please rate the plugin, and don’t be afraid of the donate button! I am active in the support forums if you need assistance. Thanks for checking us out!


  • Before WP Old Post Date Remover
  • After WP Old Post Date Remover
  • Settings page (version 2.0)


  1. Download and unzip wp-old-post-date-remover.zip, producing a wp-old-post-date-remover folder.

  2. Upload the wp-old-post-date-removerfolder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your web server.

  3. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in your WordPress dashboard.
  4. Navigate to the WP Old Post Date Remover settings page at /wp-admin/options-general.php?page=wp_old_post_date_remover and select the length (in days) of time you’d like to show the date on new posts.
  5. Fertig!


Can I hide the date on the blog home page, or archive pages?

The short answer is no. For a longer explanation, see this response to a kind review asking for that functionality.

What do I do if I install the plugin and it’s not working?

I am active in patching the plugin to work for as many themes as possible. Please check out the plugin site for some troubleshooting, and contact me on the support forums (where I will actively answer).

Can I customize the length of time the date shows?

Yes! as of version 2.0 you can now customize the length of time (in days) in the WP Old Post Date Remover settings page.

Can I do other cool things to older posts using this plugin?

Yes, you can make any css style changes to older posts that you would like. Modify the OPDRstyle.css file with anything you’d like to show up on those older posts. Keep in mind, though, that any updates to the plugin will overwrite your changes.

Does this plugin affect Google ranking?

No, because it simply hides the date from readers using CSS, it has no effect whatsoever on Google or other Search engines. Loading the extra TINY stylesheet on older posts should not affect page load time.


5. Januar 2021 1 Antwort
Sorry for my english Work fine, I used a long time ago Need a new version for run well in new versions of wordpress If I have money un paypay I can donate, not at this momment, not have but if I received I can donate if the plug in will be updated Every user can donate a coke for the programmer Thank You
3. September 2016 1 Antwort
Hello your plugin is great, the problem I have is that I removed the Post date but the date still appears in the snippet in search engines Google . I left it for 2 weeks and the date is still indexed . Could you fix it please? in the post date does not appear: http://elpoderdelandroideverde.com/5-dias-de-uso-xiaomi-redmi-note-2-prime/ but the date is always indexed in google: https://www.google.es/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=5%20dias%20de%20uso%20xiaomi%20redmi%20note%202 This is my THEME https://rohitink.com/2015/04/26/freak-multipurpose-theme/ Thanks !!
3. September 2016 1 Antwort
Very useful to keep the impression of freshness. Google complies!
3. September 2016 1 Antwort
Old Post Date Remover does exactly what you expect it to do! We have many posts that are not date-specific — the posts contain information that is helpful regardless of the date, but readers will sometimes think it’s „old info“ and may go looking elsewhere. By hiding the post’s date, readers aren’t scared away … and they linger longer on our website. Great job, Ben Meredith!
3. September 2016 3 Antworten
I like the simplicity of this plugin however, I only gave it 4 stars because I would like it to remove the dates from the blog home page. Or at least give me that option thanks!
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  • updated for Divi compatibility
  • tested up to WordPress 5.2


  • added post-meta-date for compatibility with the Rowling Theme
  • added dd.create for compatibility with the RT Responsive theme on Themeforest.
  • changed some back-end links to go to my new and awesome donate page at http://benlikes.us/donate


  • added .entry-meta .published for compatibility with the evolve theme.


  • added .date for compatibility with the Builder theme.


  • added .post_meta .calendar for compatibility with the Aqua Theme.


  • added .meta time for compatibility with Crevision theme.


  • changed formatting for standards compatibility


  • Added i18n, making the plugin able to be translated into other languages.
  • added Spanish language files
  • overhauled the design of the settings page


  • added time, and p.post-meta.date-extra, for compatibility with the Blaskan and OptimizePress themes, respectively.


  • added .meta time for compatibility with Sampression theme.


  • added i.icon-calendar.mi and time.post_date.date.updated for compatibility with SevenMag theme by ThemeForest.


  • added .cb-date.cb-byline-element for compatibility with Valenti theme.


  • added span.meta-date for compatibility with invoda themes


  • added span.posted-on for compatibility with the Twenty Fifteen theme.


  • bug fixes related to archive pages not performing correctly. Now the plugin only affects single posts (again).


  • changed inefficient handling of php date function to decrease server load.
  • added additional classes to CSS.


  • added span.post_date and span.post_date_intro for compatibility with some Thesis skins (Pearsonified, Social Triggers, and Classic Responsive have been tested).


  • added .entry-time for compatibility with some Genesis child themes.


  • added span.date for compatibility with the Twenty Thirteen theme.
  • updated plugin website with troubleshooting for the Twenty Twelve theme


  • added span.post-date to the classes to exclude


  • added customization options, user can now select specific number of days to show date on newer posts on the newly created Settings page.
  • made the plugin only affect single pages and posts, as opposed to the front page of the blog or category pages. Previous versions deleted all dates regardless of age of the post on home/front pages and category pages.
  • added a direct link to the new plugin settings page from the WP Old Post Date Remover entry on yoursite.com/wp-admin/plugins.php


  • added post-date to the classes to exclude in the custom CSS


  • first release! Fire when ready.