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WordPress SEO Plugin

SEO should be simple and just work, without needing to hire developers and SEO experts to get the basics right.

That’s why we’ve built WP Simple SEO
– a simple, effective WordPress search engine optimization plugin that automatically configures SEO for your WordPress web site.

Premium Addons

WP Simple SEO also provides additional premium Addons:

  • Content Analysis: Easily check that your content meets key SEO criteria.
  • Keyword Analysis: Make sure your content contains the keywords you want to rank for, and other keyword suggestions to help with SEO.
  • Pagespeed Analysis: Loading times are critical to ranking the best on Google. Our tools measure page load times and provide suggestions for improving loading times.
  • Breadcrumbs: Display breadcrumb navigation on your site and in search engine results

All license holders also receive one on one email support.

Single Page Setup

When you first activate and access WP Simple SEO, our single page setup screen provides the key steps that need completing.

Easy Migration

If you’re coming from Yoast and AIOSEO Pack, you can automatically import your existing Yoast or AIOSEO configuration.

Simple Site Submission and Verification

By using our one page setup screen, you can:

  • Register your site with Google (Search Console / Webmaster Tools),
  • Verify ownership of your site
  • Submit WP Simple SEO’s XML sitemap to Google

There’s no need to copy access tokens, meta verification strings, XML sitemap URLs or learn how to use Google Search Console to submit a
sitemap. WP Simple SEO does all of this for you, right from within the WordPress Administration interface.

See for yourself:


By default, Page Titles and Meta Description tags are automatically set.

You can change them easily, and using our template tags build dynamic Page Titles and Meta Descriptions.

XML Sitemaps

By default, WP Simple SEO generates the XML sitemap the search engines need to index your content. Again, there are no complex steps –
you can submit your sitemap to Google right from within the WordPress Administration interface.

Don’t want to use our XML Sitemaps? No problem – simply disable them in the Sitemaps section of the plugin.

Social Metadata

By default, Open Graph and Twitter card metadata is enabled.

Don’t want to use our social metadata? No problem – simply disable them in the Social section of the plugin.

Google Knowledge Graph

Combining Social Metadata, and some extra options, WP Simple SEO outputs the necessary schema data which Google can use for its
Knowledge Graph.

SERP Snippet Preview

On single Pages, Posts, Custom Post Types and Taxonomy Terms, WP Simple SEO displays a snippet preview of how the individual Page
will display in the search engine results. The Title and Description can be edited, to differ from your site wide Metadata settings.


We define your robots.txt file content to allow search engines to crawl your site.

Environment Detection

Running WP Simple SEO on a local, development or staging site? WP Simple SEO detects this, and automatically does the following:

  • Disables XML sitemap submission,
  • Blocks search engines from crawling your site (using robots.txt and User-Agent detection)

This ensures your test sites don’t get accidentally indexed by the search engines.

Duplicate Content Avoidance

WP Simple SEO prevents search engines from indexing specific sections of your web site that might result in a duplicate content penalty
(such as your author and date-based blog post archives, if you’re running a single author WordPress Blog).

Canonical URLs can be specified on individual Posts to further prevent duplicate content penalties.

Intelligent Configuration Options

By choice, WP Simple SEO provides only the options you need. Chosen not to index a specific Taxonomy Term? WP Simple SEO automatically
detects this, and won’t include this content in your XML sitemap, or submit it to Google.

Fully Documented

We understand that no WordPress Plugin is good if you don’t know how to use it. That’s why we provide extensive, full documentation
covering all aspects of WP Simple SEO:


Best of all, you’ll find contextual Documentation links from within WP Simple SEO’s interface.

Fully Supported

We truly want WP Simple SEO to be the best WordPress SEO Plugin. If you have any questions, or something goes wrong, please reach out to
us through the wordpress.org Support Forums.

This not only helps fix your support issue, but improves WP Simple SEO for everyone.


For developers and more advanced users, here’s a full breakdown of what WP Simple SEO offers and can do:

  • General: Register and Verify Site with Google Search Console via oAuth
  • General: Verify Site with Bing Webmaster Tools
  • General: Google Knowledge Graph (Entity Type, Name, Logo, plus Social Media Profile links), output using LD+JSON schema
  • General: Enable/disable Google Sitelinks Search Box
  • Meta: Page Titles, Meta Descriptions and noindex options for Home Page, all public Post Types, all public Taxonomies, Author Archives,
    Date-based Archives and Search Results
  • Meta: Page Title option for 404 Page
  • Social: OpenGraph Social Metadata, output using LD+JSON schema
  • Social: Social Media Profile links for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, MySpace, Pinterest, SoundCloud and Tumblr
  • Social: Twitter Card Type and Username
  • Sitemaps: XML Sitemap generation (noindexed items are automatically excluded from the XML sitemap)
  • Sitemaps: Submit XML sitemap automatically to Google
  • Canonical links, including prev and next, automatically set for paginated archives and single Pages/Posts with pagination
  • robots.txt automatically generated
  • Export Plugin Settings to JSON file
  • Import Plugin Settings from JSON file


  • Welcome Screen
  • General Settings
  • Meta Settings
  • Social Settings
  • Sitemap Settings


  1. Install WP Simple SEO via the Plugins > Add New section of your WordPress Installation, or by uploading the downloaded
    ZIP file via Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin.
  2. Active the WP Simple SEO plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress
  3. Run the first time setup by going to the WP Simple SEO menu that appears in your admin menu


Where can I find an SEO Score?

The Content Analysis Addon provides an overall pass / fail score, as well as a detailed breakdown on how to improve your content.

Best of all, the Content Analysis Addon works with any Theme, Page Builder and Custom Fields / ACF – we don’t just analyze the default editor content!

Where can I find Keyword Analysis?

The Keyword Analysis Addon provides an overall pass / fail score, as well as a detailed breakdown on how to improve your content to target one or more
keywords or phrases that you specify.

Best of all, the Keyword Analysis Addon works with any Theme, Page Builder and Custom Fields / ACF – we don’t just analyze the default editor content!

How do I measure the performance of my site?

Some managed WordPress Hosts provide PageSpeed scores automatically, or you can use Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

For an integrated solution, consider our PageSpeed Analysis Addon.

It provides an overall score, as well as a detailed breakdown on each of your Pages, Posts and Custom Post Types, with suggestions on how to improve the performance of your site.

How do I enable Breadcrumbs?

The Breadcrumbs Addon provides breadcrumbs for search, your site, or both.

You can choose where to display Breadcrumbs on your site and search engines, and there’s no need to copy and paste code to get things working.


Good and Simple

I'm not too knowledgeable about SEO, but this is really simple to setup. Although I don't know how it's working, it does pickup on Google search so I assume it's working fine. Thank you very much for the simple plugin!

Fairly good for standalone sites (not multsite)

Man, some of the SEO plugins seem to think you want to dedicate half your life to setting them up, maintaining them, and acting on all their suggestions. Great for people into it, but spare me! 19/11/2018: This was the first plugin i could locate that offered simpler SEO. I've amended my rating from 5 to 4 now, because the plugin only works for standalone sites, not multisite. In fact, it will give a multisite poor SEO, showing the parent site's address as well as the child's. Also, while i still appreciate a simpler SEO plugin, i found a plugin that's even simpler and handles mulisite as well (SmartCrawl).

Made my admin slow by querying users

UPDATED: this query made our admin slow, but the developer has responded with clarifications, will update to 5 stars once optimized. Inflicting query: SELECT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS wp_users.* FROM wp_users WHERE 1=1 AND wp_users.ID IN ( SELECT DISTINCT wp_posts.post_author FROM wp_posts WHERE wp_posts.post_status = 'publish' AND wp_posts.post_type IN ( 'post', 'page', 'attachment', 'product' ) ) ORDER BY user_login ASC


This is a helpful plug-in however the interface may be improved. Overall, still a helpful app. Thanks to the developers.

Seems great

It seems to be working well. Previously tried Yoast but it had problems and conflicts.
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  • Fix: Multisite: Network Activation: Ensure installation routines are automatically run on all existing sites
  • Fix: Multisite: Network Activation: Ensure installation routines are automatically run on new sites created after Network Activation of Plugin
  • Fix: Multisite: Site Activation: Ensure installation routines are automatically run
  • Fix: Multisite: Network Deactivation: Ensure uninstallation routines are automatically run on all existing sites
  • Fix: Deactivation: PHP warnings
  • Fix: Flush rewrite rules on activation / deactivation, to ensure sitemap works correctly
  • Fix: Welcome Screen: Display „Import SEO Configuration from another Plugin?“ dropdown correctly


  • Added: Settings: UI Enhancements to allow for a larger number of setting tabs
  • Added: Settings: Meta: Post Types now have individual Tabs
  • Fix: Performance enhancements in WordPress Admin UI, reducing number of queries


  • Fix: Non-static method WP_Simple_SEO_Common::get_post_type_archive_post_type() called statically in WP_Simple_SEO_Meta


  • Added: WordPress 4.9+ compatibility
  • Added: Addons Screen
  • Added: Admin Column and View Filters for Addons
  • Added: API class for interacting with token based JSON APIs conforming to JSend
  • Added: Bulk Action class for interacting with WP_List_Table Bulk Actions
  • Added: Notice class for providing stored and flashed WordPress Administration notices
  • Added: HTTPS on Twitter LD-JSON URL
  • Added: Tabs: Filter to define tabs on existing setting screens


  • Fix: Invalid date on Taxonomy XML Sitemaps
  • Fix: Invalid date on Author XML Sitemaps


  • Fix: JS error on preview.js when TinyMCE is not initialised
  • Fix: Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context in includes/global/settings.php on line 836


  • Fix: Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context in _modules/licensing/lum.php on line 411
  • Fix: Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context in includes/global/settings.php on line 836


  • Fix: Only display Review Helper for Super Admin and Admin
  • Fix: Strip HTML tags from meta and title output
  • Fix: Stripslashes from meta and title output
  • Fix: Undefined function get_author_ids() in sitemaps.php
  • Fix: Import Sources


  • Added: Contextual Documentation Tabs, linking to the correct Documentation depending on the settings tab in view
  • Added: Review Helper
  • Fix: Cache: Allow caching to be enabled/disabled using WP_DEBUG and the wp_simple_seo_cache_enabled filter
  • Fix: General: Bing: Meta Verification: Extract verification value when the whole verification tag has been pasted


  • Added: Posts: Canonical URL option
  • Added: Posts: Documentation Tab
  • Added: Terms: Documentation Tab
  • Fix: Posts: Display Noindex and Nofollow override options
  • Fix: Terms: Display Noindex override options
  • Fix: Terms: Removed unused remove_stopwords_from_slug() function
  • Fix: Caching: Clear transients when a setting, Post or Term is created/edited/deleted (ensures sitemaps are rebuilt)
  • Fix: Permalinks: Only remove stop words the first time the Permalink / Slug is generated. Honor the user’s decision if they change it to include stopwords.
  • Enhancement: Moved get_import_sources() from WP_Simple_SEO_Common to WP_Simple_SEO_Import


  • First release.