China Payments for Stripe – WeChat Pay, Alipay, & Credit Cards


Easily accept WeChat Pay, Alipay, and Credit Card payments from Chinese customers using a simple payment form – in just a few quick steps.

Special Announcement! New PRO Features
WeChat Pay + WooCommerce integration!
Alipay + WooCommerce integration!

What You Need
* A account with WeChat Pay, Alipay, or credit cards activated in your Stripe payment options.
* Our plugin installed + activated on your site with the shortcode [wpstripeglobal] placed on a page or post to display the buttons that open the payment form.

Free features
* Credit card payments
* Predefined payment amounts
* Custom payment amounts
* Display photo, title, and description of the product/service
* Define payment completion (“Thank You”) page
* Beautiful and well-functioning payment form
* Unlimited payment forms throughout your website
* Optional name/email/billing/zip fields
* Stripe Connect for easily connecting your Stripe account w/o API keys
* Extensive shortcode customization. Details in our Documentation.

PRO features
* WeChat Pay payments
* Alipay payments
* Subscription options for credit cards and Alipay (daily, weekly, monthly or annual)

PRO Version Details >

Are you selling to Chinese customers?
This is the perfect plugin for business owners or entrepreneurs who want to accept WeChat Pay or Alipay payments from Chinese customers. supports WeChat Pay and Alipay integrations, meaning you don’t have to set up a WeChat Official Account in order to accept WeChat Pay. Now, you can easily charge Chinese consumers using a payment method familiar to them and then have the funds deposited into your domestic bank account associated with Stripe. Simple and easy!

**Do you want to accept credit cards from anyone?
Accepting credit card payments from individuals or businesses for your products or services is simple and easy with our plugin’s shortcode and payment form modal window.

Check out our docs for more details. We’re here to support you in the setup process if you have any questions, just get in touch.

WeChat Pay, Alipay & Credit Card Payments Work Seamlessly

Desktop UX:
* WeChat payments generate a QR code dynamically in the payment form for the end-user to scan using their mobile device to complete payment
* Alipay payments redirect the user to Alipay’s website, which displays a QR code for the same mobile payment process, then automatically redirects the end-user back to your selected thank you page upon payment completion
* Users are redirected to the Thank You page

Mobile UX:
* WeChat users must generate the code on another device and scan it with their WeChat app. A notification pops up on the form notifying them to do this.
* Alipay users are redirected to the corresponding payment website on their mobile browsers to complete payment.
* Users are redirected to the Thank You page

Please note

  • You must have a verified account in a supported Stripe country to use this plugin.

  • Alipay and WeChat payments can only be accepted from Alipay and WeChat accounts that have been identity verified. Stripe cannot presently accept payments from unverified Alipay and WeChat accounts, but this may be subject to change.

  • Credit card and Alipay support recurring subscription payments and one-time payments.

  • WeChat Pay supports one-time payments from Chinese consumers.

  • Shortcodes allow you to customize each form to lock the payment amount or allow custom payment amounts, subscription frequency, currency, billing details, and more. Please read our docs for details.

  • The plugin currently supports one payment page template, but we’re working on improving this layout.

  • The China Payments Plugin settings will require you to Connect your Stripe account or use API keys from a verified account in order to function properly for TEST and/or LIVE payment modes.

  • If you have any problems or need installation support, we kindly request you please contact us for support BEFORE leaving negative feedback. We will do our best to resolve your issue or use your feedback to improve future releases.

We offer limited free support, but we will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible within available resources. We’re a growing team and appreciate your support and patience as we get a lot of requests.

Email us at:

Website for details:


  • Alipay desktop UX
  • Alipay mobile UX
  • WeChat Pay desktop UX
  • WeChat Pay mobile UX


  1. Upload ‚‘ to your WordPress site’s /wp-content/plugins/ folder or upload through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress.
  3. Settings > China Payments Plugin Settings contains all options to set up the plugin.
  4. Use shortcode [wpstripeglobal] to put the payment form anywhere on your site.
  5. Check out our documentation for shortcode customizations.


Do I need to have a account in order to use this plugin?

Yes. Please sign up for a account in your country by clicking here.

What payment options are currently supported?

Credit Cards in the free version. Alipay and WeChat Pay in the PRO version.

How many forms are supported on my site?

No limit! Use our shortcodes to customize each form.


13. Juli 2020
I recommend using this plugin widely. This plugin offers multiple features at once and this team has a great spirit of service. Everybody can believe this plugin and this support team. I want to give 10 stars.
8. Juni 2020
I left a review somewhere and I can't find it to respond to it. I had a problem with the installation of this plugin. I received direct help and figured out what the problem was. Once made aware of the problem, the company was immediately responsive! I now recommend this team!
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1.5.1 – Alipay for WooCommerce, WeChat thank you page for the payment form, improving security and minor fixes.
1.5.0 – Minor fixes
1.4.9 – Minor fixes
1.4.8 – Translations, fixed amounts for all payments methods, new logos and minor fixes
1.4.7 – WooCommerce integration, minors fixes, AliPay Pay and WeChat logos upgrade.
1.4.6 – Minor update
1.4.5 – All JS files are now minified. This means that all JS files are now at half size of how they were and the payment page will load faster. Stripe.js now it will be called in the payment page only and not in another page. All console errors were removed. General bugfixing.
1.4.4 – Fixing issues related to customer creation, webhooks and console warnings.
1.4.3 – Major bug fixes for webhooks, saving customer data in Stripe, and more
1.4.2 – Mobile UX improvements, shortcode modifications and Stripe Connect upgrades
1.4.1 – Fixing webhook issues
1.4.0 – Improvements in the Payment method forms
1.3.9 – Minor upgrades regarding payments forms
1.3.8 – Upgrade with minor changes
1.3.7 – Minor fix and log updates
1.3.6 – Minor updates and bug fixes
1.3.4 – Log improvements and Bug fixes
1.3.3 – BIG update! – Stripe Connect, currency conversion, UI checkout text, phone number field, creating a Customer in Stripe for payments, error logging, and bug fixes.
1.3.2 – Adding readme info and updating plans
1.3.1 – Bug fixing and improved mobile experience
1.2.1 – Minor updates
1.1.2 – Readme.txt update
1.1.1 – Our first version!