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EASILY INSERT YOUR LINKEDIN INSIGHT TAG (Linkedin Data Partner ID ) to every page of your site.

The WPConcierges Linkedin Insight tag plugin allows to add the LinkedIn insight tag to all pages of your web site. !

The simple interface of the Linkedin insight tag plugin gives you one place where you can insert your Linkedin Data Partner ID .

You will be able to measure the following types of events:

and any default events of the Insight Tag


The WPConcierges Linkedin insight tag plugin allows you to create EVENTS (pixel) on specific pages thanks to our Post META BOX feature available on each page.

WPConcierges Linkedin insight tag PRO plugin will alllow you to add your INSIGHT TAG on all WooCommerce pages so that you can track conversion for your products and leads from contact forms and other custom actions.

You will be able to measure the following types of events:

Add to cart.
Lead Value
Any custom event that insight tag allows

And even Custom events with our Post META BOX feature.

Note: once the codes are added, make sure to clear your cache. Then, you must add the domain for approval. To do this, go to the Insight Tag page, and on the right side, you must add your domain. WWW is not required. Once users enter your website, the tag will recognize and start running. At this point, you will see that LinkedIn has confirmed your domain..


Track the metrics that matter most: Easily track website conversions from your LinkedIn programs in your Campaign Manager analytics. At a glance, understand your LinkedIn advertising ROI, conversion count, cost-per-conversion, conversion rate, and more. You can even track which audience segments are driving the most conversions.
Record every conversion, every time: Track conversions from desktop and mobile, whether members converted after clicking on or even after just viewing one of your ads.
Optimize your campaigns to drive even better performance: Monitor the specific campaigns, ads, and the nature of the audiences that are driving conversions. Use this information to improve your Sponsored Content and Text Ads targeting, creative, and offers to maximize the downstream impact to your lead and opportunity pipeline goals.

The Premium Version and help documentation can be found here

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Unzip all files to the /wp-content/plugins/lkinsight directory
Log into WordPress admin and activate the „WPConcierges LinkedIn Insights“ plugin through the „Plugins“ menu
Go to „Tools > WPConcierges Linkedin Insights“ in the left-hand menu to start work on it.


What pages is this tag included in?

This adds the LinkedIn Insight Tag to all of your site pages.

For Support who do I contact?

For support simply email support@wpconcierges.com. or go to www.wpconcierges.com and click chat support, or for community support join our free facebook group


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  • Ensured it works with latest version of WordPress.
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  • Initial Version.