WordPress Chatbot Plugin by Xatkit


Make sure you provide the best experience to your site visitors by adding a chatbot that helps them navigate your site and answer questions they may have when you are not around.

The chatbot works out-of-the-box. No need to define the bot yourself in any external service. All configuration parameters are optional but can be used to help the bot know more things about you.


These are some of the features the bot can do for you:

  • Categories and tags navigation: Display all posts of a certain category/tag. Answer questions about the most popular categories and tags
  • Search functionality: Use the chatbot to provide advanced search functionality of the contents of your site
  • Explain what your site is about and what is the best place to start reading.
  • Help visitors contact you: The bot is able to answer questions about the different ways to contact you

In this free plan, the bot is limited to 1000 interactions per month and it’s only displayed in your homepage.

Beyond the free plan we’re preparing a premium plan with additional features (e.g. a monitoring dashboard, the possibility to define your custom questions&answers or letting users give you feedback from the bot) and a more generous interaction limit.
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And we can always create a custom bot completely designed to fit your needs (see for instance, Xat, the demo bot on our own site). Read more about our different managed chatbot hosting plans for WordPress.


The chatbots learns how to answer the above questions by using the public endpoints in the WordPress REST API or the information you explicitly provide in the plugin configuration.
You can configure the contact information and the key content of the site (all fields are optional).

You can also configure some aspects of the chatbot widget visualization. Additional customization are possible by directly modifying the plugin’s CSS styles.

Premium version

The free version is here to stay. And right now, we don’t even have a premium version available. We do plan one that will ADD more features.

If you have some time we would appreciate your input on the new features this premium plan should have. Link to the quick survey(you’ll get a discount for when it’s available 😉 ).


  • One of the configuration pages for the plugin
  • Aspect of the chatbot widget rendered in the website
  • The bot in action


Install and Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress. During the activation, feel free to opt-in to get notifications and updates about the plugin development.


Is it completely free?

Yes. There will be a Premium plan but we will keep this current free plan. Moreover, the Xatkit platform itself is open-source.

Do I need to create an account somewhere to get the bot up and running?

No for this free bot version. There is no registration step required in the Free plan as you’ll be using a generic bot able to read the specific contents of your site via the the public WordPress REST API.
You can opt-in during the plugin activation or register to the newsletter to get up-to-date information about the plugin development.

But, why do I need a chatbot?

In short, chatbots give a better experience to visitors of your site. Exactly, what you want!. We recommend you to watch this video as well:

What if I need more than the number of interactions in the free plan?

Check our other plans or just contact us to set you up.

I really need a feature

There is a feedback form embedded in the plugin where you can explain us what you need.

Why doesn’t it work on my theme / with my WP configuration?

We have tested the chatbot in several themes and with diverse plugin configurations but it could still be the case that there are some conflicts between Xatkit and your WordPress.
You may want to try with another theme or locate the problematic plugin.

Can I customize the style of the widget?

Yes, for instance, the following CSS example changes the color of the widget to blue. The plugin includes in a non-minimized xatkit.css file that you can look at to find the relevant CSS classes. Note that this file is only available for documentation purposes (the plugin enqueues the min version).

.xatkit-header {
  background-color: blue !important;

The widget is not showing up

Make sure you checked the setting Enable the communication with Xatkit. Remember also that the bot only shows up in your home page. You may want also to inspect the page to look for errors in the Console (if it says the server is unavailable, the error is on us and your bot should be back to life automatically once we fix it).

Can I try it on a staging side?

Yes. You cannot though use it on a localhost environment (well, you can but the answer it will default to the content of our own xatkit site as the bot is unable to access your localhost data).

Could you create a custom bot for me?

Yes. This is possible. Please contact us.

Could I use the plugin in a live chat scenario?

Yes. Xatkit supports the combination of chatbots and live chatting. Contact us for more information.

Privacy concerns. What information is stored in the Xatkit servers?

We store information regarding the types of interactions your visitors have with the bot. All information is stored anonymously, the username is not sent to our servers. This data helps us improve the service. We do not share this data with any third-party service.

I have more questions

We’ll be happy to answer them. Please contact us.


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  • Removing the enqueue of scripts part of tests for the future bot dashboard


  • You can now get a chatbot without having to install your own server
  • Added configuration options to control what information the bot can provide


  • Clarify the placeholder text when bot buttons are used


  • Reduced the number of js files for displaying the widget
  • Added an option to display the bot only on the front page
  • Improved the communication of parameters between WP and the react component


  • Initial release