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Did you know, entrepreneurs earn more money with a good CRM?

Jetpack CRM is the no-nonsense CRM for WordPress. Easily make more profit and have happier business interactions every single day.

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📈 Jetpack CRM Benefits:

  1. Simple & Practical: Useful features that impress customers
  2. Fully ‚yours‘: Install it on your WordPress. You hold the keys
  3. Free: No giant monthly fees. Good value extensions are optional

🧬 See all CRM Features 🎚️

🤵 Who’s already using Jetpack CRM?

Thousands of entrepeneurs use Jetpack CRM everyday. We’ve noticed a common trend to the following use cases:

  1. eCommerce sites (The best WooCommerce CRM, integrate with PayPal and Stripe)
  2. Agencies & Pro Freelancers
  3. Start-up & Non-profit
  4. Local business & small teams (From personal trainers to yoga academies!)

Because Jetpack CRM is so adaptable & extendible, there are many individuals who don’t fit these groups, but find innovative ways to use our CRM to manage their contacts.

🧰 What is Jetpack CRM good at?

Jetpack CRM is designed to be straight forward and impactful, but that doesn’t mean it’s not flexible. Here are some things Jetpack CRM works well as:

  • An invoice plugin for WordPress. (It’s also an invoice plugin for WooCommerce.)
  • A client manager for WordPress. With a Client Portal for customers to view quotes, invoices, transactions, and files.
  • A lead generation tool for WordPress.
  • A plugin to make quotes and customer proposals right in WordPress.
  • A billing System for WordPress. Jetpack CRM can be connected to Stripe and PayPal via extensions and work as a payment gateway.
  • A plugin to manage your business transactions and payments in WordPress.
    You can use it as a CRM for WooCommerce, tracking orders and automatically syncing payment transactions.

🚲 How to get started (Try out this CRM)

From reading this to understanding Jetpack CRM will probably take you 10 minutes. Familiar with WordPress? You’ll be set up in under 5 mins.

The Jetpack CRM plugin installs in seconds, (with a super-quick welcome wizard to get you started). Adding a contact is straightforward. Creating a quote, or invoice, even simpler. Give it a go, you’ll see!

⭐ Mastering Jetpack CRM

1. Install this WordPress CRM plugin
2. Step through the guided Welcome Wizard
3. Add your first contact (lead or customer)

Easy CRM’s get used. Easy CRM’s make your customer data work for you. We aim to make this easy, so you can get on with running your business.

Need a helping hand? No worries. Just ask here.

💸 Manage your business effectively

Keep your business information in order. Make proposals and send them to your customers as quotes. Make and send invoices to your clients and get paid through the client portal.

Our billing system will allow you to track transactions and payments that your clients make for your products and services, (simple, effective accounting).

Free, but supported

Did we already tell you Jetpack CRM is free? Well it is.

We support Jetpack CRM, (update it, fix it, love it, refine it), because we use it ourselves everyday.

To that end we’ll keep this updated. Throw us suggestions, grab an extension, or simply use the free Jetpack CRM WordPress CRM plugin to make your businesses better. Tell people. We’re here for win-win business 🙂

P.S. When you do need support, please use this page

🛡️ Made by Professionals, backed by Automattic

Mike and Woody are the people behind Jetpack CRM. We’ve been here a while. Between us we’re accountable for a few million WordPress-related downloads. We’ve built many tools over the years, easily 50+ plugins, and 10+ themes. We make our living through WordPress.

*And we both use Jetpack CRM every day!

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Supercharging Jetpack CRM with Optional Extensions

(fairly priced power-ups for Jetpack CRM)

We’ve built a few extras for Jetpack CRM, but they’re mostly offering functionality outside of the core CRM, so we’ve seperated them into individual „extensions“. These all have some supercharging effect on your CRM, but none are essential.

👉 View all of the CRM Extensions

Jetpack CRM Extensions:

🥼 Try Jetpack CRM Today!

Download our WordPress CRM plugin from this page, or Visit the Download page

🗺️ Jetpack CRM Customer Relationship Manager (v4.0+):

We’ve added so much value to our new v4.0 that it’s hard to give you a list of all the features. Here are the main picks, but we suspect that if it’s a no-nonsense feature that makes sense in a CRM (e.g. basics like billing or invoice’s), you might find that it’s just-in-the-box!

  • ⚙️ Core Features

    • Contact Management: Add and manage Leads, Customers, or other Contacts
    • Quote Builder: Write & Deliver stunning online proposals to clients
    • Invoice Builder: Easily and quickly bill clients and get paid with online billing
    • Transaction Manager: Log payments and refunds against customers
    • Client Portal: Allow customers to view proposals, invoices, and files on your website
    • Front-end Forms: Collect leads from your posts, pages, or widgets, straight into your CRM
    • Task Scheduler: Schedule and manage a calendar against contacts and companies
    • Segments: Create dynamic segments which allow you to group contacts based on data in your CRM
    • WooCommerce Sync: Sync customers, transactions, and invoices from WooCommerce
    • Self-hosted: Because you run Jetpack CRM on your WordPress, you keep your data, always
  • 🧑‍💼 Contact-Centric CRM

  • 📅 Easy to Manage, day-to-day

    • Tag any object: Tag contacts, quotes, invoices, transactions, etc., to help manage lists
    • Custom Fields: Add as many custom fields as you need for your business insights
    • B2B (Business 2 Business) Mode: Add and manage companies and contacts at companies
    • Built-in CSV Customer Importer: Import from a wide variety of sources with CSV files
    • Super-easy Extensions Manager: Easily turn CRM features on or off
    • CRM WordPress User Roles: Give your team the right access
  • 🚀 Modern. Lean. Accessible

  • 📈 Growing your small business

    • Supports practical, everyday small business actions
    • A great hub in your lead generation toolkit
    • A growing set of extensions to grow your business by getting more clients
  • 🏢 B2B Sales

  • 🧑‍💻 Developer Ready

  • 🧙 Easy Setup

  • 🛡️ Backed by Automattic

    • Jetpack CRM is part of the Automattic family
    • Superb as a WooCommerce CRM
    • Consistent development and improvements
  • 🏷️ White-Label CRM

    • Rebranding Engine: Brand your CRM with your company name or a customers (and logo!)
    • WordPress Override mode
    • Fully takeover WordPress and make Jetpack CRM a standalone CRM (optional)
    • Branded login and disabled front-end make this resellable too!
    • Select the menu style you like: Slimline, CRM only, or Full
  • 🧾 CRM Audit system

    • Automatically log customer events like „new invoice“ or „filled out web form“
    • Keep a track of customer calls or meetings
    • See all customer activity at-a-glance from the customer record, (useful for accounting)
    • NEW: Automations extension provides automatic actions on events!
  • Too much more to mention here…

    • PDF Invoicing, billing statements and more client tools
    • Invoice builder with line items, hourly or item rates, email invoices and get paid via customer portal!
    • Tax Table management – assign multiple local/national taxes to Invoices or Transactions
    • Quote Templates allow you to prepare proposal templates ahead of time
    • Lead generation via a range of form support, including Contact form 7, Gravity forms, Jetpack Forms, and our own CRM forms module
    • Email Marketing with Mail Campaigns
    • Automatically sync WooCommerce data into your CRM!
    • Import PayPal and Stripe data into your CRM (requires extension)
    • Build Automations and slick workflows around clients and billing
    • See all features

👔 SME, Small Business, & WordPress Entrepreneurs

Built for business managers and bootstrapped entrepreneurs, Jetpack CRM is the perfect start-up tool to manage your business essentials. We’ve added just enough billing and accounting for freelancers and small teams, without getting lost in the potential feature bloat of full accounting and erp software. We didn’t add HR tools, but we do have user management. Customer Relationship Management is meant to make lead management easy. Start with a contact form builder and lead generation, track contacts through funnel analytics then use newsletters and email marketing to grow your profits by selling to contacts at companies.

Jetpack CRM is the perfect first step to improving your small business. Try it for free!

📃 Privacy Policy

For our full privacy policy for Jetpack CRM plugin and Jetpack please see here

Jetpack CRM and the WordPress CRM

When choosing between a SaaS CRM and a WordPress plugin-based CRM, we’re confident that after you’ve tried JPCRM for lead capture and lead management in your small business, you’ll see that it’s quite a natural fit. It’s logical to have your lead generation tools or contact form builder next to your CRM. Where better to optimise your funnel than by tracking results right in your WordPress CRM dashboard?

Whether it’s as a WooCommerce CRM, a simple lead management and funnel tool, or the ultimate dashboard for your business manager, Jetpack CRM improves your business insights.

🚀 | 📚 Knowledge base | 🧬 CRM Features


  • Dashboard
  • Manage Contacts
  • View Contact
  • Segment Editor


  1. First make sure you’ve got WordPress installed.
  2. Install your plugin as below (you may already know how!)
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ screen in WordPress
  4. The first time you load the plugin you’ll see a Welcome Wizard which will guide you through the basic setup!
  5. Check out our Learn page to get started

For more documentation, please see the CRM knowledge base:

Automatic Install From WordPress Dashboard

  1. Login to your the admin panel
  2. Navigate to Plugins -> Add New
  3. Search Jetpack CRM
  4. Click install and activate, and then follow the Welcome Wizard

Manual Install From WordPress Dashboard

  1. Download the plugin by clicking on the blue ‚Download‘ button above. A ZIP file will be downloaded.
  2. Login to your site’s admin panel and navigate to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload.
  3. Click choose file, select the plugin file and click install
  4. Activate the plugin, and then follow the Welcome Wizard

Install Using FTP

  1. Download the plugin by clicking on the blue ‚Download‘ button above. A ZIP file will be downloaded.
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Launch your favorite FTP client. Such as FileZilla, FireFTP, CyberDuck etc. If you are a more advanced user, then you can use SSH too.
  4. Upload the folder to wp-content/plugins/
  5. Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
  6. Navigate to Plugins -> Installed
  7. Activate the plugin, and then follow the Welcome Wizard


Is there any limits to customer or invoice counts in Jetpack CRM?

There are absolutely no limits in Jetpack CRM, apart from the usual ones applied by your host (database size etc.), you can create as many clients or invoices as you’d like!

Is Jetpack CRM really free?

Totally. The core is a solid, useful, Customer Relationship Manager right out of the box. You don’t need anything else to get started managing your leads, and customers. We do build extensions, (because we need them), but they’re not at all essential. Further, they’re cheap in comparison to the pay-per-month CRM options.

Can I develop on top of Jetpack CRM?

Of course. Please reach out to us via the in-plugin feedback page if you want to, we’ll help you get started, or check out our Developer resources.

What is next on the CRM roadmap?

We haven’t published our roadmap since v3, but we may do in the future. You can vote on future extensions on our Coming Soon page.

Where can I see the CRM extensions?

You can see all of the CRM power-ups here:

Is there a contact search feature on Jetpack CRM?

Yes, Jetpack CRM comes with a search feature that allows you to run a customer search, contact search, and then act on it, letting you easily manage customers. There’s also search for transactions, quotes, invoices, companys, lead forms, and tasks.

Why host your own CRM in WordPress?

Data privacy, control, extensibility. GDPR compliance. You’re probably already paying for hosting too, so you’ll save there. SaaS has its place, but there’s so much value in hosting your own (e.g. for GDPR rules you need to know where your customer data is kept)!

How do I get my existing customers into Jetpack CRM?

The free core is fully integrated with WooCommerce using the built-in WooSync module. It also has a basic CSV Importer which works well and allows you to import contacts and import customer data. You can also use our paid extensions for additional features: CSV Importer Pro, PayPal Sync, or Stripe Sync – these automatically pull up all your customer data (including transactions) and then keep it up to date for you!

If I’ve been using another CRM, can I import all my data into Jetpack CRM?

Most CRM providers allow you to export customer data in CSV format, which can then be used to upload into Jetpack CRM. The CSV Importer Pro extension can then be used to import contacts and customer data. CRM is a very broad landscape, so each CRM may have different ways of storing data. See our CRM Knowledgebase for more information, or ask in the forums!

Do you have a B2B mode?

Yes, Jetpack CRM has a Business to Business mode. Enabling the B2B CRM Extension adds a „Companies“ layer, which lets you have contacts under a company.

How does B2B mode (Companies) work in Jetpack CRM?

Jetpack CRM allows you to manage contacts at companies from within the CRM. This adds a hierarchy to your CRM, letting you add a contact to a company using our contact manager. Currently you can bill (invoice) companies or contacts respectively, but in the future we want to make this much more integrated.

For now, this works as follows:

  1. Make a company (e.g. „Davidsons Ltd.“)
  2. Make a contact, e.g. „Dave Davidson“.

… as part of making or editing this new contact you will be able to assign them to the company made in step 1.

Invoices and transactions can then be assigned to either „Davidsons Ltd.“ or „Dave Davidson“ directly.

Does Jetpack CRM work as an ecommerce plugin?

Jetpack CRM allows you to create and manage quotes, invoices, and transactions against contacts. While this setup may be used in some senses like an ecommerce platform, really the aim with Jetpack CRM is to effectively manage a contact list, including manually billing them (e.g. getting invoices paid online). This works well, via our client portal, but if you want a fuller ecommerce setup, we recommend using WooCommerce, which we integrate with, (it’s really great).

Can I use this as a WooCommerce CRM?

Yes, Jetpack CRM is actually ideal for using with WooCommerce. You can read more about Jetpack as a WooCommerce CRM here.

Does Jetpack CRM work as a booking / recurring subscription plugin?

Bookings: While Jetpack CRM has a useful Task scheduler which can help manage tasks against contacts, we do not have a pure booking layer. For this we recommend using WooCommerce and a WooCommerce bookings plugin, integrated into Jetpack CRM via WooSync.

Recurring subscriptions: Much as above, you could create an invoice via Jetpack CRM, then make it recur via Stripe and have that synced into Jetpack CRM via Stripe Sync, but in this instance we’d recommend using WooCommerce subscriptions.

Does Jetpack CRM include lead capture forms?

Yes, Jetpack CRM allows you to easily capture leads using our lead capture forms. These could be added into posts, pages or widgets – when leads fill them out their information goes straight into the CRM.

What are my options for lead generation forms?

Jetpack CRM ships with its own form builder, which lets you insert forms into your posts and pages via shortcode forms or iframe forms. For users that need more advanced form features, we offer support for Jetpack Forms out of the box, and have integrations with Contact Form 7 and Gravity Forms via paid CRM extensions.

Can Jetpack CRM help me pay sales commissions?

We occasionally get asked if Jetpack CRM can help calculate and pay sales commissions. We do have some users who are using the CRM for this, but there are no direct features out of the box which will provide this functionality, these users are simply totting up the transactions assigned to contacts based on their ‚owners‘ in Jetpack CRM, then paying these commissions manually. We may in future expand our reporting to offer something along the lines of a sales summary per agent.

How do I send email campaigns from Jetpack CRM?

To send out email broadcasts such as newsletters or other email marketing you will need to purchase Jetpack Mail Campaigns, or a bundle which includes it. In short, it’s worth paying for a quality mail sending plugin because it can make the difference between your newsletters being well received, or ending up in the spam box.

What Automations and Workflows does Jetpack CRM support?

Jetpack CRM has it’s own Automations extension which uses Triggers, Conditions, and Actions to automate workflows based on CRM events. This can be used in lead generation, email marketing, or internal business admin. If you have an idea for a workflow or automation you’d like to see, please do submit it as a feature request.

What add-ons are available?

We have over 30 premium extensions available in our CRM extension store. These are totally optional, but supercharge some aspects of the CRM, (e.g. StripeSync automatically pulls in your customer and transaction data from Stripe).

Most users tend to purchase bundles of extensions, which allows them to ‚make their perfect CRM‘:

View CRM Bundles

When do I need a license key?

You can now add your license key into your Jetpack CRM settings page (under ‚CRM License‘). This is only required if you wish to use paid extensions. To get started with premium CRM extensions, please visit our extension store.

After you’ve purchased you’ll be guided to your new license key and extension plugin download.

How do I purchase more than one license?

We have many agencies using Jetpack CRM, so this is a common question.

To get stared please see our bundles page – if you’re likely to need 10~ licenses, the best bet is to get started with the Reseller package. If you want to build up more slowly, please purchase the Entrepreneur bundle and let us know via a support ticket if you would like to add additional licenses to your account.

What is the refund policy?

We offer a full, no-hassle refund within 14 days. You can read more about that, and how to request a refund, on this page.


8. September 2022
This is the best CRM, even with the free plan beats other paid platform. SUpport quick and kind in solving issues.
1. August 2022
Be aware that Jetpack products once installed can be difficult to get ride of, they hook deep into wordpress framework and the artifacts in database can almost be impossible and definitely time consuming to remove. They say it's to make a better experience however, it violates developer terms and is a bad practice.
28. Juni 2022
Just migrated all my mailing lists on Jet Pack CRM, so practical to have all my tools at the same place !
7. Juni 2022
If you want to build a serious CRM system for your clients, webshop or other, this system is for you. Great coding, and not the least, just fantastic support!
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v5.2.0 – 11 August 2022

  • Fixed: bug in Segments which would sometimes block multi-field querying of the same field
  • Fixed: Custom CRM Header link was resulting in a broken link
  • Fixed: error while sending e-mails when the Client Portal module is disabled
  • Fixed: external source record lines are now properly removed on object deletion
  • Fixed: invoices updated by WooSync retain their logo
  • Fixed: listviews wouldn’t load if tags had improperly-encoded characters
  • Fixed: local Woo order hooks are ignored if local connection is not active
  • Fixed: WooCommerce order linetime prices were incorrectly mapped to the CRM invoice in some cases
  • Fixed: WooCommerce order updates didn’t always update the associated CRM invoice
  • Fixed: WooSync and GiveWP no longer overwrite the WP user ID link in the database
  • Fixed: WooSync now properly sets the contact status
  • Fixed: Zapier logic was not loaded properly
  • Improved: better PHP 8 compatibility
  • Improved: if a GiveWP donation has a date available the CRM will import a transaction using that date
  • Improved: invoices missing easy-access hashes will regenerate one when saving in the invoice editor
  • Improved: menus items should now load in a consistent order no matter the menu mode
  • Improved: refactor of Client Portal backend code
  • Improved: refinements to mail delivery setup wizard
  • Improved: removed old dompdf library
  • Improved: switching between tabs in the System Assistant page now updates the URL
  • Improved: visual tweaks and refinements
  • Improved: WooSync now connects to external stores via authentication dialog, rather than credentials (simplified)
  • Added: increased minimum PHP version to 7.2
  • Added: CRM settings are now found in the Jetpack CRM menu
  • Added: Gmail via API as a mail delivery method
  • Added: OAuth 2.0 Connection support for Google
  • Added: Package Installer to support sideloading of larger dependencies
  • Added: WooSync can now synchronise data from multiple WooCommerce stores into one CRM instance
  • Added: WooSync now has ‚pause sync‘ mode per store connection

v5.1.0 – 30 June 2022

Fixed: unpaid/uncompleted transactions imported from Woo now show a blank completed/paid date
Fixed: orders could be skipped if they didn’t exist during partial order page retrieval
Fixed: domain field in WooSync settings no longer shows 0 if blank
Fixed: WooSync connection settings did not toggle visibility properly in some cases
Fixed: WooSync now correctly reports partial percentage of pages completed
Fixed: second address custom fields can now be used as columns in a list view
Fixed: second address label is now properly used throughout the CRM
Fixed: orders from external sites were sometimes not synced
Fixed: data imported from GiveWP now adds to existing tags instead of replacing them
Fixed: the Client Portal page can now be set as the homepage
Improved: transaction statuses imported from Woo are now properly shown when editing a transaction
Improved: 0% tax rates are now possible
Improved: better translation support on tax settings page
Improved: ensures the zbs_end_emails_ui action fires on the single email page
Improved: WooSync hub now syncs latest data on load
Improved: better translation support for second address fields
Improved: catch a PHP notice when processing a Jetpack contact form
Improved: WooSync Hub stats automatically update during AJAX sync
Improved: The transaction listing in the Client Portal now shows the transaction status
Added: WooSync Hub now supports syncing orders that have a custom number structure
Added: new _DATETIME_STR and _DATE_STR placeholders based on unix timestamp values

v5.0.1 – 5 June 2022

  • Fixed: emails properly send when a quote is accepted
  • Fixed: catch Woo API headers when server maps them to lowercase keys
  • Fixed: catch division by zero error in Woo edge cases
  • Improved: removal of legacy code
  • Improved: contact placeholders can now be used in system email templates
  • Improved: update link to Woo learn content
  • Improved: better handling of larger numbers in WooSync hub

v5.0.0 – 25 May 2022

  • Fixed: Contact/company creation logs now show more useful data when created from external source.
  • Fixed: Bug where in some external site syncing situations external sources were duplicated in WooSync
  • Fixed: Segment date range outputs correctly when editing
  • Fixed: WooCommerce Bookings from the current day are now correctly listed.
  • Fixed: Database query filter bug around external source retrieval
  • Fixed: Contact names now show on company list view when contact image mode is set to none
  • Fixed: Caught PHP notice when regenerating API keys
  • Improved: External source system now records ‚origin‘ (Domain) for external sources.
  • Improved: WooSync now records domain origins for Synced orders and customers.
  • Improved: Expanded DAL to allow additive tagging.
  • Improved: External source system now displays grouped by source, with clearer UI.
  • Improved: Added support so that Advanced Segments can segment by External Source
  • Improved: WooSync now stores Order ID above Post ID.
  • Improved: Refined query engine surrounding setting retrievals
  • Improved: WooCommerce integration performance
  • Improved: Cleanup of white label code
  • Improved: Refund transaction support improved throughout.
  • Improved: Increases the interval of the WooSync cron job
  • Improved: Increases the number of Woo orders retrieved per page
  • Improved: Local WooCommerce order trashing and deleting are now caught by WooSync Sync.
  • Improved: Add a notice to not allow to reactivate WooSync extension in Jetpack CRM v5+
  • Improved: Reduced amount of migrations, unified, simplified, optimised!
  • Improved: Brought base data model up to date with v3.0 DAL for fresh installs
  • Improved: Core CRM modules now have autoloading.
  • Added: WooSync module is now bundled in the core!
  • Added: WooSync module can now be enabled in welcome wizard
  • Added: Two new segment conditions, „Is WooCommerce Customer“ and „WooCommerce Order Count“.
  • Added: Added filter bar button „Woo Customer“.
  • Added: System Assistant steps for the Woo module
  • Added: Automatic switching routine to let WooSync core module seamlessly replace the Extension variant.
  • Added: Update link to go to Woo hub from first use dashboard
  • Added: Support for new WooCommerce related Advanced Segments
  • Added: Support for WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor fields in WooSync
  • Added: Support for WooCommerce Checkout Add-Ons in WooSync
  • Added: Support for Checkout Field Editor (Checkout Manager) for WooCommerce
  • Added: New Quick Filter: Invoice from WooCommerce
  • Added: New Quick Filter: Transaction from WooCommerce
  • Added: Email and name changes made on WooCommerce My Account are now reflected against attached contacts.
  • Added: Email and name changes made on WordPress profile edits are now reflected against attached contacts.
  • Added: Support for WooCommerce refunds

v4.11.0 – 21 April 2022

  • Fixed: WP users are now consistently created if „Generate WP User“ is selected
  • Fixed: Client Portal width in the Twenty Twenty-Two theme
  • Fixed: Broken link on activating CRM API
  • Fixed: Invoice labels now display properly on PDFs and on portal invoices
  • Fixed: one can again send an invoice to the email of choice
  • Fixed: DB migration collision
  • Improved: prevent upload folder directory listing on misconfigured web servers
  • Improved: learn menu code tweaks
  • Improved: set the transaction paid completed“ dates to match transaction date if not specified in the transaction editor
  • Improved: redirect CRM contacts to client portal after login at /wp-admin/
  • Improved: better client portal password reset flow
  • Improved: better Zapier search support
  • Improved: dashboard revenue chart is fully based on transaction date instead of transaction date paid
  • Improved: wrapped a few more strings for translation
  • Improved: prevent WP button text from being changed in edge cases
  • Added: new „api_status“ API endpoint to verify credentials
  • Added: You can now display Invoice custom fields on invoice PDFs and portal invoices.
  • Added: You can now display Contact/Company custom fields on invoice PDFs and portal invoices.
  • Added: Preparations for v5.0 major release

v4.10.3 – 30 March 2022

  • Fixed: transaction list doesn’t work on sites with unexpected table prefixes.
  • Fixed: Issue installing the plugin via XML-RPC request.
  • Improved: move welcome tour behind first use dashboard modal.

v4.10.2 – 28 March 2022

  • Fixed: issue installing the plugin via WP-CLI command line
  • Fixed: updates now show consistently
  • Fixed: some menus did not load on white label installs

v4.10.1 – 25 March 2022

  • Fixed: Error on new first use dashboard
  • Fixed: Incompatibility with PHP versions prior to 7.3
  • Improved: better compatibility with block-based themes

v4.10.0 – 24 March 2022

  • Fixed: quotes can now be accepted in block-based themes
  • Fixed: prevent a JS error when TinyMCE is used by another plugin
  • Fixed: edit user-created logs when created in another language
  • Improved: Styling around admin notices on various pages
  • Improved: support addition of tags via Jetpack contact form block’s checkbox group
  • Improved: removed references to non-existent asset maps
  • Improved: Refactored learn menu system
  • Improved: Updated Noto fonts to provide more global character support
  • Improved: Added new settings page: Locale
  • Improved: string cleanup
  • Improved: extension update detection code
  • Improved: handle null transaction names
  • Improved: better WP user creation logic
  • Improved: catch PHP notice when creating a contact from Jetpack Forms
  • Improved: caught PHP notice that sometimes occurred within built-in forms
  • Improved: catch PHP notices when saving logs
  • Added: Transaction list can now show External Source column
  • Added: Include external source ID when searching transactions
  • Added: Ability to install region-specific fonts for PDFs
  • Added: New first-use dashboard to better welcome new users
  • Added: WooCommerce variant of first use dashboard
  • Added: Content to learn menus, including video guides

v4.9.1 – 22 February 2022

  • Improved: Better compatibility with Jetpack plugin

v4.9.0 – 16 February 2022

  • Fixed: Wording for Client Portal is now consistent
  • Fixed: error when creating WooCommerce orders with PHP 8.x
  • Fixed: catch PHP notice when adding a new contact
  • Improved: contacts can now be unassigned
  • Improved: discoverability of core CRM modules
  • Improved: handle long file titles and descriptions
  • Improved: fix import icon on contact menu
  • Improved: prevent Jetpack „Add Contact Form“ button from showing on quote pages
  • Improved: Client Portal tab in contact view was moved to sidebar
  • Improved: cleaned up client portal permissions code
  • Added: „Assigned to Me“ and „Not Assigned“ filters for contacts
  • Added: further support for Mail Campaigns imminent release
  • Added: cron monitoring system to keep the cron jobs alive
  • Added: better compatibility for installation via Jetpack

v4.8.1 – 20 January 2022

  • Fixed segment compilation error if using a segment condition that was no longer available

v4.8.0 – 20 January 2022

  • Fixed: bug when apostrophes are present in the business name while sending emails
  • Fixed: contact ownership wasn’t properly set when creating or updating a contact via the API
  • Fixed: cron jobs were not being properly deleted on deactivation
  • Fixed: Removed faulty character
  • Fixed: setting deletion function
  • Improved: better API error messaging
  • Improved: newlines are preserved in new emails sent from the Email Manager
  • Improved: summary boxes now show in the dashboard if there are no contacts
  • Improved: prevent errors if there are duplicate meta keys for a contact
  • Improved: transactions created via the API now have a transaction date
  • Improved: messaging around Client Portal Pro contact files updated for several scenarios
  • Improved: segment failsafes for code extensions such as Advanced Segments
  • Improved: UI for the Client Portal is now responsive
  • Improved: WP 5.9 compatibility

v4.7.0 – 16 December 2021

  • Fixed: catch error if list view has no filter buttons
  • Fixed: pagination didn’t update when changing listview settings
  • Fixed: second address fields in client portal now save properly
  • Improved: show „access restricted“ message when one has no access to said object
  • Improved: using Safari to send email now works as expected
  • Improved: legacy „Auto-draft Garbage Collection“ no longer shows on System Status page
  • Improved: User Profile page improvements
  • Improved: contact edit layout now shows properly if addresses are show last
  • Added: pagination and bulk actions now show at the top of listviews

v4.6.0 – 18 November 2021

  • Fixed: non-hidden fields can be blanked from the Client Portal
  • Fixed: hidden fields cannot be changed from the Client Portal
  • Fixed: all placeholders now work if WP is set to another language
  • Fixed: the client portal button placeholder works properly in manually-sent invoice and quote emails
  • Fixed: white label sites no longer have a PHP error
  • Improved: better cache-busting for JS/CSS files
  • Improved: better handling of avatar settings
  • Improved: Segment conditions are more reliably respected when building segment counts
  • Improved: Support for placeholders in single send emails.
  • Improved: better logging when a customer updates details from the Client Portal
  • Improved: log types for disabled modules no longer show when adding logs
  • Improved: HTML string cleanup
  • Improved: placeholder replacement order in single-send emails
  • Improved: show contact IDs when merging contact records
  • Improved: more robust rewrite rule handling of invoices in the client portal
  • Improved: clean up PHP debug code
  • Added: check for mb_internal_encoding support

v4.5.0 – 20 October 2021

  • Fixed: Resolves occasional error when sending emails via Email Manager
  • Fixed: Sending emails sometimes had extra newlines
  • Fixed: reCaptcha on built-in forms wasn’t properly working
  • Fixed: Custom field settings could overwrite themselves in rare cases
  • Fixed: Bug where users could not clear tags against objects.
  • Fixed: Updated some WooCommerce doc broken links.
  • Fixed: Calendar shows the newer events first (with a 50000 limit)
  • Improved: Email Manager messaging tweaks
  • Improved: Custom field settings now hide when their module is disabled
  • Improved: Cleaned up boxes on the dashboard
  • Improved: Refinements to segment caching routines
  • Improved: Added more translation support
  • Improved: Refinements to single quote client portal page, and other refactoring around templates
  • Improved: Moved main email template into templating system (can now be modified via theme file)
  • Improved: Added security to templates directory to avoid any possible external indexing
  • Improved: Welcome to Client Portal email now supports ##ASSIGNED-TO-EMAIL## etc.
  • Added: Show assigned user on contact profile
  • Added: New GiveWP core module
  • Added: Support for file templates for Invoices, Quotes, and Statements (PDFs)

v4.4.0 – 24 September 2021

  • Fixed: Bug where email template test emails were being sent blank
  • Fixed: Cleaned up some PHP notices in the client portal
  • Fixed: removed obscure and long-broken setting
  • Fixed: Some steps in the welcome tour are not working well
  • Fixed: Now Client Portal supports multi slug levels
  • Improved: Better messaging on licensing page
  • Improved: Add link to task list view on task edit page
  • Improved: Wrapped some missed strings for translation
  • Improved: Better compatibility with menus
  • Improved: File cleanup
  • Improved: More strings are available for translation
  • Improved: Added better support to custom field creation to avoid key name collisions
  • Improved: Better handling of form custom fields
  • Improved: Small design tweaks
  • Improved: backend translation updates
  • Added: New system-wide placeholder system
  • Added: New System Assistant page
  • Added: Placeholder map reference page

v4.3.1 – 3 September 2021

  • Improved: Some promo banners

v4.3.0 – 25 August 2021

  • Fixed: You are now able to load more than 100 calendar items per page load.
  • Fixed: Contact edit link icon.
  • Fixed: cleaned up PHP notice when exporting linked objects.
  • Fixed: the company column in the contact list view is no longer truncated.
  • Fixed: Tweaked previous invoice security fix code.
  • Improved: use fallback text in invoices and transactions if contact has no name or email.
  • Improved: subtotal column widths are now consistent.
  • Improved: items can now be unassigned after a previous assignment.
  • Improved: image alt attributes on the extensions page now show properly.
  • Improved: Some welcome copy and pics.
  • Improved: Removed some unused images.
  • Improved: one can now set date custom fields more than 5 years in the future.
  • Added: Tasks can now be viewed in a list view as well as calendar view.
  • Added: Task bulk actions: add/remove tags, update status, delete.
  • Added: Task quick filters: next 7 days, past 7 days, incomplete, complete, etc.
  • Added: update contact status in bulk.
  • Added: The changelog.txt file with the full release changes.
  • Added: Track usage and CRM stats to help us develop features in the most used areas of the CRM.
  • Added: the percent discount now shows on invoices when applicable.

v4.2.3 – 11 August 2021

  • Fixed: Invoices and Invoice list not shown on my account unless assigned to you.

v4.2.2 – 9 August 2021

  • Fixed: Hotfix for bug introduced in 4.2.0 with regards tag editing against contacts.

v4.2.1 – 5 August 2021

  • Fixed: Invoices cannot be sent to the assignment contact email.

v4.2.0 – 4 August 2021

  • Fixed: the welcome wizard respects which extensions were selected
  • Fixed: invoice lineitem descriptions have newlines preserved
  • Fixed: editing contacts assigned to another user is restricted if „Assign Ownership“ setting is disabled
  • Improved: Cleaned up HTML validation
  • Improved: better handling of contacts with no name or email
  • Improved: use default quote template values if quote field is empty
  • Improved: active core extensions will remain active on refresh
  • Improved: cleaned up PHP notice when creating forms
  • Improved: cleaned up deprecated jQuery code
  • Improved: datepickers now respect WP’s „week starts on“ setting
  • Improved: better Client Portal support for the default Twenty Twenty-One theme
  • Improved: Added client portal dialog to contacts without emails in contact view mode
  • Improved: Linked object fields can now be exported for Contacts, Quotes, Invoices, and Transactions
  • Improved: the „perpage“ and „page“ params are now available at all relevant API endpoints (customers, companies, transactions, invoices, quotes, customer_search, events)
  • Improved: show transaction name on the contact profile page
  • Improved: hide total value on contact and company profile when transactions and invoices are disabled
  • Improved: DAL improvements allow passing of generic tag_input
  • Improved: links are detected in custom text fields
  • Added: quick links to create new items from the document tabs
  • Added: navigation mode now applies to companies as well as contacts

v4.1.0 – 8 July 2021

  • Fixed: Contact second address custom fields now show in View mode
  • Fixed: Display second address if first address is empty
  • Fixed: Company custom fields will now always show in View mode
  • Fixed: Hide company settings when B2B mode is disabled
  • Fixed: The jpcrm_quote_accepted hook works with the quote editor too and not only via Client Portal
  • Fixed: The /events API endpoint returns events
  • Fixed: Hide Companies section in non-Slimline menu layouts
  • Fixed: Don’t allow quote template builder to run if customer isn’t selected
  • Fixed: Contact logs could show doubled in some cases
  • Fixed: The „show prefix“ setting is now respected when editing contacts
  • Fixed: Events now properly show in day and week view
  • Improved: Cleaned up PHP warnings related to list view filters
  • Improved: Text wrapping in contact and company fields
  • Improved: Removed unneeded JS files
  • Improved: Contact prefixes and countries can be unset
  • Improved: better handling of very long tags
  • Improved: CRM deprecation notices are now logged
  • Improved: Wrapped some missed strings in __() for translation
  • Improved: Blank custom fields now show correctly when viewing a contact profile
  • Improved: Search by phone will ignore spaces and common punctuation
  • Improved: Typeahead limit has been raised from 5 to 10

v4.0.17 – 24 June 2021

  • Fixed: An internal variable naming for DAL version 2
  • Fixed: No break lines in PDF quotes.
  • Fixed: Country field is not showing on company address
  • Improved: all pages should have titles now

v4.0.16 – 25 May 2021

  • Fixed: Updated PDF library that fixes some issues with the pdf of quotes and invoices using PHP 8
  • Improved: Some text banners and buttons

v4.0.15 – 9 April 2021

  • Fixed: Invoice client portal was incorrectly saving the invoice total
  • Fixed: Country field is not showing on contact cards
  • Fixed: Item selector for invoicing, with long names have a UI issue
  • Improved: A better alert message when a user tries to create an invoice with a duplicated reference
  • Added: A notice block for announcements.

v4.0.14 – 12 March 2021

  • Fixed: An issue with the set_time_limit in some shared hosts.
  • Improved: The CRM dashboard view with date ranges.
  • Tested: Tested with WordPress 5.7

v4.0.13 – 25 February 2021

  • Fixed: Added date column in the contact list is using UTC time.
  • Fixed: Add a link to the contact ID column in the contact list.
  • Fixed: WooCommerce JPCRM conflict importing CSV file with products.
  • Fixed: Fix an overflow in custom fields that use a textarea as type.
  • Fixed: A collision between the slugs of Jetpack and Jetpack CRM extensions.
  • Fixed: The dashboard contacts card, when it’s empty, doesn’t have padding.
  • Improved: Now the transactions have available the hidden fields net, discount, fee.

v4.0.12 – 11 February 2021

  • Fixed: The setting API menu is visible after activating the API core extension.
  • Improved: Move the EUR symbol to the top of the currencies selector

v4.0.11 – 1 February 2021

  • Fixed: Company activity log now shows the right time regardless of WP installation timezone
  • Fixed: In some cases Invoice ID was lost when updating
  • Fixed: Custom label for invoice ID now properly used throughout
  • Fixed: Apostrophes in company and contact names now display properly throughout
  • Fixed: Started work on PHP 8 support (fixed deprecation notices)
  • Improved: Readme (.org description) improvements for readability, added more FAQs
  • Improved: Settings now casted better, will overcome core extension loading issues for a handful of users on strict php installs
  • Improved: Made menu adjustments for users using Jetpack and Jetpack CRM on the same install, for easier navigation

v4.0.10 – 17 December 2020

  • Fixed: Duplicated title in the short description logs when creating quotes, invoices, transactions and tasks
  • Fixed: Custom field with auto-number broken with empty prefix
  • Fixed: PHP notice for some users from email tracking system
  • Fixed: Labels now again fully respect locale
  • Improved: Hardened output of contact list on dash
  • Improved: Hardened parsing of CSV files
  • Improved: Custom field types numeric and numeric (decimal) are now reliably sortable via list views

v4.0.9 – 10 December 2020

  • Fixed: Migration issues where Jetpack CRM is installed with wp-cli
  • Fixed: List views with ‚Latest Contact‘ columns now load properly regardless of DB environment
  • Fixed: PHP notice around quotes on contact view
  • Fixed: Quote and Task auto-logging now working correctly
  • Improved: Removed legacy country-check code
  • Improved: Quote send via email now allows for optional attachment of quote as a pdf, or any associated files
  • Improved: Hardened the security around the updating of activity logs
  • Improved: Resolved a false-positive security flag in a security plugin (removed pclzip)
  • Improved: Removed some logs from the Javascript console and some PHP notices
  • Improved: Verified WordPress 5.6 support
  • Added: New auto-log: Add an activity log to a contact on Quote Accepted
  • Added: New hook jpcrm_quote_accepted

v4.0.8 – 25 November 2020

  • Fixed: Company label setting now respected throughout (e.g. Organisation)
  • Fixed: Typeahead contact->company assignment for new contacts now displays properly
  • Fixed: You can now have many filters without the view blocking access to them
  • Improved: Event notification email templating
  • Improved: Event notification email template: Took translations out of template file
  • Improved: .org description improvements
  • Improved: B2B mode is now a core extension and enabled by default
  • Improved: Company settings unified into one settings page
  • Improved: Transaction settings unified into one settings page
  • Improved: Language labels surrounding company and transaction settings
  • Improved: Removed legacy file
  • Improved: Better styling around large elements on list views
  • Added: You can now use an auto-number sequence as reference in invoices (with prefix and suffix)
  • Added: Ability to change the label of ‚Reference‘ for invoices
  • Added: Signposting to Company settings page
  • Added: DAL functionality for retrieving events and event reminders based on reminder status
  • Added: Migration to update event notification email template

v4.0.7 – 12 November 2020

  • Fixed: Dompdf exception creating quotes with Preformatted option selected
  • Fixed: Style bug when displaying multi-option custom fields on the contact and company view page
  • Fixed: Bug where license system modal sometimes reloaded to an incorrect URL
  • Fixed: Bug in permissions around verifying back end users
  • Fixed: Removed internal PHP notice in Invoices section
  • Fixed: Sorting contact list view by company now works properly
  • Fixed: Bug where some logs were not showing under ‚latest log‘ column (due to ownership)
  • Fixed: Incorrectly referenced second address fields in DB Object model for companies
  • Fixed: Total transaction column value on company list view
  • Fixed: Several fields were not displaying properly in quote list view
  • Fixed: A deep bug in address custom fields where those fields with hyphens in the key were unsortable
  • Fixed: A bug where contact last contacted date was incorrectly showing as last updated value
  • Improved: Support for checkbox and multi-select custom fields
  • Improved: Keywords used for .org repository listing
  • Improved: Settings now accessible directly from within module (e.g. Invoices) via learn bar button
  • Improved: Corrected company name references
  • Improved: License system modal notice language and UI
  • Improved: License system update checks
  • Improved: You can now search for Transactions, Quotes, Invoices, and Companies by ID
  • Improved: Default sort order of DESC now reflects properly in list view sort icon
  • Improved: Centralised definitions of „Contact“ type logs
  • Improved: Better formatting for ‚added‘ date in company list view
  • Added: Ability to sort contact list view by: Latest Log
  • Added: Ability to sort contact list view by: Latest Contact Log
  • Added: Ability to sort contact list view by: Has Quotes, Has Invoices, Has Transactions
  • Added: Ability to sort contact list view by: Quote, Invoice, and Transaction count
  • Added: Ability to sort company list view by: Name, Status, Email, and other standard fields
  • Added: Ability to sort company list view by: Custom fields
  • Added: Ability to sort company list view by: Number of contacts at company
  • Added: Contact list view column „Has transactions“
  • Added: Company list view columns: Has Invoices, Has transactions, Invoice Count, Transaction Count, Transaction Value, Total Value (and made them sortable)
  • Added: Ability to sort quote list view by all columns
  • Added: Ability to sort invoice list view by all columns
  • Added: Ability to sort transaction list view by all columns
  • Added: Ability to sort form list view by all columns
  • Added: Last Updated column to contacts and companies

v4.0.6 – 29 October 2020

  • Fixed: Duplicated tag with international charactes when they are added to a contact
  • Fixed: Style issue with Second Address block in the Client Portal
  • Fixed: Invoice line items now able to be added to invoices (req invoicing pro v2.7.1)
  • Fixed: Textarea custom field doesn’t show new lines in view mode
  • Fixed: Remove Advanced Search (can search from list view mode since v3.0)
  • Fixed: JPCRM can not be installed if the API Connector plugin is already installed.
  • Fixed: Style issue mapping the fields in the CSV Importer section

v4.0.5 – 15 October 2020

  • Fixed: Deleted segment shows as filter contact list view
  • Fixed: On export the contact or the transaction list, in the CSV file the owner ID was blank
  • Fixed: Wrong menu link showing task tags in CRM only mode
  • Fixed: Forms now track visits and conversions properly
  • Improved: Better mapping of older extension names into extension system
  • Added: Exporting objects owners now also exports owner username
  • Added: Core Extensions List updated with latest extensions

v4.0.4 – 2 October 2020

  • Fixed: Issue related to contact and company bulk action deletion
  • Fixed: Old brand reference on CSV importer page
  • Fixed: New Company placeholder more specific to a real business
  • Fixed: Multi-value custom fields in client portal
  • Fixed: JPCRM roles for contacts explicity deny WP role capabilities when activated
  • Fixed: A user role still referenced the old brand
  • Fixed: Create new invoices without selecting a due date was showing up as Invalid Date
  • Fixed: Extension documentation links
  • Fixed: In the single contact view, the Invoices Total and Quotes Total now show their correct values
  • Fixed: Country field properly shows on contacts/companies
  • Fixed: Disabled modules show in the sidebar for CRM-only and Full layouts
  • Improved: Task scheduler now shows owner avatars
  • Improved: Contact List view can now be sorted by Total value as well as Quotes, Invoices, and Transactions total values
  • Improved: Form submission logs
  • Improved: Addressed stray PHP notices
  • Improved: Tweaked extensions detail page
  • Improved: Updated error messaging
  • Improved: Beginning of internal refactor of the API

v4.0.3 – 17 September 2020

  • Fixed: API docs link was incorrect
  • Fixed: Form widget now works as expected
  • Fixed: Restored user filter for tasks
  • Fixed: Custom field doesn’t show up the dates previous to 1970
  • Improved: Revenue chart on CRM Dash
  • Improved: Added gender-neutral contact prefix
  • Improved: Settings navigation styling
  • Improved: More robust paid extension handling
  • Improved: Tweaked list view columns
  • Added: Mail activity log type

v4.0.2 – 4 September 2020

  • Fixed: Dashboard Revenue Chart was missing some transactions
  • Fixed: Customer pre-fill now pre-fills properly.
  • Fixed: Date paid and date completed now always filled
  • Fixed: Bulk selection not working in WP5.5+
  • Fixed: WP5.5+ jQuery function support
  • Fixed: Some learn buttons were appearing behind some other elements
  • Fixed: Custom dates like Birthday were not allowing pre 1970 date entries
  • Fixed: Logo hover icon for fullscreen now turned black from white on white
  • Fixed: Author update to be Automattic
  • Fixed: Task status labels now format the colour of the label
  • Improved: Dashboard Revenue Chart now shows 12 months

v4.0.1 – 20 August 2020

  • Fixed: AJAX.php file was being detected as a virus by some AV scanners
  • Fixed: Removed unnecessary notification after plugin installation
  • Fixed: the Jetpack Forms extension name
  • Fixed: Edit profile avatar sometimes not aligning correcetly
  • Fixed: Transaction creation prefill now works
  • Fixed: View button on transaction (after assigning a contact) now takes you to view, not edit
  • Fixed: Clicking a sent email was not loading email correctly
  • Fixed: Date Paid field is now in correct format in transactions list view.
  • Improved: Made links open in parent tab rather than new tab where it made sense to do so
  • Improved: Store the name from a Jetpack contact form submission
  • Improved: The Jetpack Forms extension will now be enabled by default when the settings are initialized or reset
  • Added: Use the Jetpack contact form toggle setting to determine whether to save the contact
  • Added: Ability to hide prefix field

v4.0 – 20 July 2020

  • Jetpack CRM branding