ZMPlugin is a basic plugin for WordPress websites and contains several essential tools that every webmaster needs:

  1. cookie notice (GDPR compliant).
  2. analytics integration (GA4, Tagmanager, Matomo).
  3. private mode for websites in development or temporary forwarding/redirection.
  4. send WordPress system mails via SMTP server.
  5. display options for dashboard and login form.

Furterhmore, all ZuestMedia WordPress Themes will be extended with theme settings, customizer settings and the design explorer to import starter designs.

Plugin Features

Cookie Notice

Cookie Consent Banner for GDPR compliant integration of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Matomo (self-hosted).


Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager or Matomo (self-hosted) can be integrated. GDPR compliant if configured correctly.

Private Mode

Private mode to redirect visitors to the login form or to a page of their choice. Useful for maintenance work or not yet finished websites.


Send all mails sent via wp_mail() from your own SMTP server. Works for all system mailings and also with contact form 7.

WP Dashboard Options

Personalization options for the WordPress dashboard. WordPress logo, help tabs as well as footer text can be customized.

WP Login Options

Personalization options for the WordPress login form (wp-login.php). The login logo as well as the redirect destination can be customized.

Block Patterns

Access to a selection of pre-built block patterns that can be easily inserted in the WordPress Gutenberg editor.

Block Templates *

ZuestMedia WordPress Themes use block templates to display content statically or dynamically. All block templates can be edited using the WordPress Gutenberg editor.

Customizer settings *

When using a ZuestMedia WordPress Theme, additional customizer settings are displayed.

Design Explorer *

The design explorer offers the possibility to import directly premade starter designs.

* only available in combination with ZuestMedia Themes, e.g. Corporate or Modular


Learn more about ZuestMedia WordPress themes and plugins.

If you have any questions or need help, visit the ZMPlugin documentation.

You can also find us on Github!

The plugin uses the following third-party resources

  • uikit CSS, JS, Icons Framework
    License: MIT


ZMPlugin WordPress Plugin, Copyright 2023
ZMPlugin is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL



How to install ZMPlugin?

To install ZMPlugin, navigate to WordPress Dashboard >> Plugins >> Add New. Then type „ZMPlugin“ in the search box, click install and activate.


Für dieses Plugin gibt es keine Rezensionen.

Mitwirkende & Entwickler

„ZMPlugin“ ist Open-Source-Software. Folgende Menschen haben an diesem Plugin mitgewirkt:


Übersetze „ZMPlugin“ in deine Sprache.

Interessiert an der Entwicklung?

Durchstöbere den Code, sieh dir das SVN Repository an oder abonniere das Entwicklungsprotokoll per RSS.



  • Update: Tested up to WordPress 6.4
  • Update: UIKIT CSS & JS to 3.17.10
  • Fix: UpdateAPI to wp


  • Update: UIKIT CSS & JS to 3.16.26
  • Update: readme description


  • Update: readme tags, description
  • Update: up to 3 extensions including zmplugin
  • Update: Cookie Consent button text & translation
  • Update: zmplugin dashboard manage and install links
  • Update: sidebar docs link to zuestmedia docs


  • New: Cookie consent domain setting, to use on main and subdomain same cookie consent
  • Update: Readme text
  • Update: Privacy Url to cookie consent from WP privacy setting or alt url from plugin settings
  • Update: UIKIT CSS & JS to 3.16.21


  • New: Settings for trackingscripts to depend on cookie consent or not
  • Update: New translations for cookie-consent
  • Update: cookie consent script and css


  • New: Translations for CH & AT
  • Update: add disableCookies option to Matomo script
  • Fix: GA4 Tracking Script updated


  • Update: matomo settings created


  • New: added matomo tracker methods setting


  • Update: CookieConsentBanner style and accessibility


  • Update: Design API -> design_explorer_api & _free_post_tag_id / _pro_post_tag_id changed to
  • Update: UIKIT CSS & JS to 3.16.19


  • Update: View / display settings updated -> „hide if“ view_status added
  • Update: ActiveCallbacks for hide if view_conditions in customizer
  • Fix: view_conditions bbpress lowercase because of slug validation!


  • New: AJAX Post Loading controlls
  • New: Mobile menu preset navbar_dropdown_nav


  • Update: UIKIT CSS & JS to 3.16.17
  • Fix: use posts_per_page instead of numberposts (works for all query types)
  • Fix: is_smtp settings


  • New: WP Mail send through SMTP settings added


  • Update: prepared for PHP 9; defined all dynamic properties in classes (except themecustomizer settings and controls)


  • Update UIKIT CSS & JS to 3.15.24
  • Update: CI/CD Routines


  • Fix: Validation „text“ added ;:-


  • Fix: Validation „str“ dont use htmlspecialchars!


  • Update: new function in PluginHelpers for addons -> registerExtensionCheck()
  • Fix: added setting _css_type to AdminButtonRestore


  • Update: showLogfileEntries file exists check added


  • New: added methods addLogfileEntry & showLogfileEntries


  • New: Custom CSS classes for background-img-size and background-pos
  • New: WP_KSES settings added to CustomizerControlls / ThemeCustomizer
  • Fix: Escaping all $variables in CustomizerControlls (wp_kses)
  • Fix: Presets access_level auto = 3
  • Removed: getRequiredPluginsTable
  • Removed: Skewy


  • New: new customizer controlls for imageoverlay size and wrap in articlecontainer


  • New: ThemeHelper Class, Blockpatterns Class
  • Update: UIKIT Version 3.15.14
  • Update: Load Textdomain early
  • Update: various controlls choices and preset settings
  • Fix: Escaping CustomizerControlls and remove some unused controlls
  • Fix: Order of Adminmenu Pages
  • Fix: Readme Resources documentation url updated
  • Fix: Translations of Cookie Consent Banner


  • Fix: Plugin URI / Author URI


  • Update: Tested up to: 6.1
  • Fix: Validation – arrays checks for NULL now, (PHP Warning during saving themesettings)


  • New: Moved BlockTemplates Custom Post Type from theme to plugin
  • Update: readme.txt
  • Update: Language Files de_DE


  • Update: readme.txt
  • Update: theme-settings-template documentation and pro link changed
  • Added: new controlls – avatar_class, meta_subnav_attrs
  • Added: controll choice – _element „main“
  • Update: Services Free/Pro id


  • Update: Presets some args not resetting anymore on preset Change
  • Update: Presets postmeta choices
  • Update: Presets sitelogo choices
  • Update: UIKIT Version 3.15.10
  • Update: Customizer Visibility Controll – tablet landscape
  • New: Customizer Image Controll – align


  • New: BlockPatterns API
  • Removed: static BlockPatterns html
  • Updated: Customizer Controlls Background Image and others
  • Updated: Presets files created


  • Update: Language Files
  • Fix: Cookie Consent Banner Colors and Links/Button Hover


  • Update: UIKIT Version 3.15.6
  • Update: Presets CSSVars
  • New: CSSType Settings
  • Update: css_type import/export
  • Update: customizer controlls


  • Update: some Controlls & Validation – prepared for template-editor quickedit pro setting.


  • Fix: Block Patterns check if folder exists (php error)


  • Fix: Com-Type and Module labels fixed


  • New: Block Templates (CPT)
  • New: Block Patterns
  • New: Color Presets
  • Fix: Customizer controlls permissions
  • Update: UIKIT updated to version 3.15.3
  • Update: Themesettings Pages
  • Update: Template Blocks – Widgets (blocks) confusion solved and renamed
  • Update: Import/Export new fields – show_on_front, zm_blocks
  • Update: Translation Files DE


  • Update: ci/cd update
  • Update: QueryTerm presets added and controll updated
  • Update: added com_postmeta controll (no view_status settings without com_ file!)


  • Update: Tested up to: 6.0.1
  • Update: Descriptions optimized
  • Update: UIKIT updated to Version 3.15.1
  • Fix: hide template-editor sidebar in customizer
  • Removed: Customizer controlls – multiselect & javascript
  • Update: Added new dropdown-background-color css var setting
  • Update: Security – escaping functions added to templates
  • Update: Module Configs (uk-sticky, uk-navbar)
  • Update: New Settings added: Tracking & Analytics, Cookie Consent Banner
  • Update: New Settings added: WP Dashboard, WP Login Form
  • Update: View Settings extended
  • Update: Internationalization – added/updated translations
  • Update: removed VersionNotice from config and Plugin


  • Connected with ZM Update API


  • Initial release of ZMPlugin