• Hey there,

    I just have the problem that I want to add some HTML to every post – above the title.

    I found the hook the_title – with this it is possible to add something INTO the post title, but not before it.

    The problem is that the theme puts the post title into <h2> tags, so everything I prepend to the title with a filter based on the_title hook is within these <h2> tags, too.

    The only possibility is for me to use PHP as an addition of the functions.php. It is not possible to modify the theme itself or use a child theme, so please don’t make that advise.

    So my question is, if anyone knows a possibility / hook / etc. to write some HTML right on top of the post via functions.php – above the title.

    Very many thanks in advance,

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  • Moderation Note: I close this thread as you have asked your question in a German support forum in English. To keep the threads accessible to all people not speaking English, I kindly ask you to either rephrase your question in German or ask in the International support forums. Thank you for your understanding. Best regards, Bego

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