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  • Hi!

    I heared that wordpress handles the ID management if an importer plugin imports new enrties into a table.

    Now I would like to know how wordpress does this. Lets say I have the database table wp_posts on a woocommerce store. Now my import tool imports new entries into that table.

    One of those new entries hast the post type „post“ and the ID „20“ and the creation date „1 january 2020“.

    In my existing database I have an entry within the wp_posts table with the post type „order“ and the ID „20“ and the creation date „10 january 2020“

    Now what is wordpress doing with this new entry:

    A) Overwriting the old entry because it has the same ID
    B) Create a new entry with a new unique ID given by wordpress because they do not have the same post type
    C) Skip the new entry because it has an older creation date than the existing entry with the same ID
    D) WordPress does something completly different: …

    Please help!



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    I have closed this thread because you asked your question in English in the German support forums. To keep the threads accessible for users who don’t speak English, please ask your question in German or post it in the international support forums. Thanks for your understanding.

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