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  • Hello, everyone,

    since I am new I would like to introduce myself 🙂

    I run a small news aggregator site and would like to set up an automated newsletter for this purpose. For this purpose there are numerous plugins as I have seen, and 10-15 I have installed on a trial basis, but it has never been the right one.

    My page is a simple overview of current topics, divided into different sections. The whole thing looks like this:

    These are drawn via WPMatico as individual postings.

    And in exactly the same form I would like to send an automated newsletter. So

    Post1 – Category 1
    Post2 – Category 1
    Post3 – Category 1

    Post1 – Category 2
    Post2 – Category 2
    Post 3 – Category 2

    I don’t want to show excerpts or similar, only the title of the post as a link to the source. Unfortunately, this is where most plugins fail.
    Another problem is that the entries can become quite long (up to 30 posts per category per day are set. On average, it is more like 15-20 new posts per day).

    An integration into Mailchimp, Newsletter2Go etc. via RSS feed fails because of the missing possibility to sort the entries. Here only the output of all posts in one soup is possible, but without categorization or headlines.

    Do any of you know a suitable plugin for this, or an idea for its realization?
    Alternatively I already thought about building a custom RSS-Feed that meets my requirements, but I have to read it first.

    Many thanks in advance 🙂

    Die Seite, für die ich Hilfe brauche: [Anmelden, um den Link zu sehen]

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