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  • Hi,

    i am running 2 Blogs for my Family atm running on WordPress. Over Time there will be more coming and i am looking into how to scale this.

    I do not like to use multisite from the inbuilt WordPress Feature since it requieres more 3rd party plugins and many rewrites/domain mapping.

    right now every site running on its own vhost and its own docroot which makes updating painfull, since i have to replace files in 2 locations.

    the idea was to use to symlink for all files expect wp-config.php and the wp-content/ in a directory where www-data has access too.

    so for instance there will be folder /var/www/wordpress-files which is not configured in a vhost and 2 other folder /var/www/blog1 and /var/www/blog2 which have a vhost and its own database and its own wp-config.php and wp-content (for themes plugins ect). Ownership and permissions for these folders are the same.

    right now every blog has its own set of files and i tryed to ad another blog /var/www/blog3 and symlink the files from inside this folder to /var/www/wordpress-files with for example:
    ln -s /var/www/wordpress-files/index.php /var/www/blog3/index.php //for files
    ln -s /var/www/wordpress-files/wp-admin/ /var/www/blog3/wp-admin //for folders

    when i start the installation on the browser however the wp-config.php from /var/www/wordpress-files/ folder will be used, not the one in /var/www/blog3

    As far as i understand i could use hardlinks for this but this would making updgrading not much easyer then it is now… Anybody can help to solve this and get it working like intended? As i said wp_multisite is not an option right now.

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