• Hello!
    I have recently tried to set up a shop on my website and had some help of a friend who does it more often himself. Now we are at a point we dont know what else to do.

    I installed WooCommerce, products etc up and then had a testbuy with friends. I simply wont get a Email sent about the orders. Also the Payment status will always say Pending before later jumping to cancelled even though the money is in already. I have API username password and license in, I cant add certificate anywhere.

    Short infos :
    – using Paypal standard only
    – tested if the problem is theme or plugins (neither is a problem)
    – api infos are in
    – email is filled in at Emails-New order

    Anyone got an idea what the problem might be?
    Im guessing Im not getting an email due to a gateway problbem of Paypal and woo maybe since its pending and cancelling.

    Thanks in advance

    Die Seite, für die ich Hilfe brauche: [Anmelden, um den Link zu sehen]

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