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  • novakuso


    Good evening,

    I am currently working on a membership based site.

    Therefore I decided to use the plugin Paid Memberships Pro.

    Because the inbuild checkout page (using the shortcode [pmpro_checkout]) unnfortunately doesn’t match my visual requirements, I decided to use Woocommerce to process my payments.

    Regarding my site setup:

    • I setup multiple memberships in pmpro with the recurring option activated
    • I downloaded woocommerce and dorect checkout addon
    • I downloaded the woocommerce extension for pmpro
    • I have connected the memberships with woocommerce products
    • I setup the payment gateaways/methods for woocommerce (stripe and paypal) and for pmpro (stripe)

    Regarding my issue/question:

    1. Is it possible to use woocommerce checkout for recurring payments?
    2. Is there some kind of notification/activation message needed to activate recurring payments?
    3. When connecting paypal in woocommerce, do I need to setup the subscriptions plugin within the paypal enviroment in order to activate recurring payments?
    4. How are recurring payments processed differently in woocommerce and pmpro?
    5. Can I add paypal as a payment gateaway in addition to stripe in pmpro without the extension (not free)?
    6. When purchasing the membership plan via the connected woocommerce product, how will the payment information data will be transmitted to pmpro to charge the recurring payments?
    7. Do I need to select the woocommerce checkout page as the pmpro checkout page?

    I am convinced it has to be possible to use the woocommerce direct checkout for pmpro membership levels.
    I think I am missing out on something…

    Thank you in advance 🙂 !

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