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  • Hi there,

    I need to create a B2B store where the customers can see all products in the store and have their own prodcut-category. (Hast to work via automated import so it needs to be based on user role and prodcut-category)
    The customer-1 for example has the user-role customer-1 and the customer-2 has the user-role customer-2.

    Now for example I have 3 prodcuts:

    Product-1 -> in categories: beer, customer-1
    Product-2 -> in categories: water, customer-1, customer-2
    Product-3 -> in categories: wine, customer-2

    Now I want my customers to see „their“ prodcuts in their specific category something like a shopping-list with their most ordered items but I also want them to see the category „water“ „wine“ and „beer“ but not the category with the items most ordered by the other customers.

    Does anyone now a plugin which does this – and as mentioned it hast to be based on category/user role to work with my automated import.

    Thanks a lot and a happy new year! 🙂

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