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    Context A seller is from one and only one country (M). An end user wants to purchase membership which costs 500 EUR. It appears that the seller’s country (M) is taken as a reference when calculating taxes not only for country M but also for all other countries. In this example, I defined two countries and their different tax rates. Tax for country M is 9%, and when I select it, then the system spits out „500 EUR (incl. 41,28 € tax)“ 41,28 € is 9% of 500.

    However, if during the checkout I select „country C“ then the system spits out „555,05 € (incl 96,33 € tax“. The way THIS is calculated is by taking a non-tax amount from country M 458,72 EUR (500 – 41,28) and adding to it tax amount defined for country C (21 %). 458,72 EUR x 1,21 = 555 EUR. (This does not make sense. The user changed the country during checkout process, but the system ignores it). This way, what is defined as the package price, changes constantly (as example above instead of 500 EUR it shows 555 EUR as the total price)

    The way it SHOULD be calculated based on my opinion is: when a user during the checkout selects country C the full amount defined for the entire package (500 EUR) and defined tax rate for the selected country (country C = 21 %) should be taken to calculate the tax amount. I would expect the result: „500 € incl 86,77 € tax.“ (86,77 is 21% of 413,22 EUR)

    Question: Why is WooCommerce not refreshing country during the checkout when a user selects a country different from store country? How can I setup this functionality with WooCommerce? Target functionality is to define membership packages for everyone independent of countries. And all users should see (and pay) the same price. But when a user from country M goes through the checkout process then in reference to the total price the tax should be calculated. Same should work for any other country.

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