Analytics Tracker

Analytics Tracker makes it super easy to add Google Analytics tracking code on your site

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Matomo Tracker

Matomo tracker adds matomo (formerly piwik) tracking code to your website while hiding your matomo…

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Donate link: Contributors: marcelloruoppolome Author: Marcello Ruoppolo Author URI: https://marcelloruop …

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Insert Code Lite

Insert Code Lite lets you add scripts, styles, and other custom code to your website.

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Quick Google Analytics

The quick solution for adding your Google Analytics Code into your header.php file – without…

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HubSpot Content Publishing & Tracking Code for WordPress

The WordPress Hubspot Connector integrates WordPress content and tracking directly into the HubSpot Social Publishing…

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LeadBI Plugin for WordPress

LeadBI's WordPress plugin allows existing LeadBI customers and trial users to install the LeadBI tracking…

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IQ Analytics Tracking Code In Head

Add Analytics tracking code the smart way and inline in the html head in less…

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