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Build better newsletters : faster, easier & automated.
AcyMailing is one of the best newsletter automation tools for successful marketing campaigns.
What else ?

Support : find help directly from our support team, whenever you need it

  • Quick response time

What is said/loved by our users :

  • Affordable (save money for Christmas)
  • Easy to use (no developer skills needed)
  • Free and great support
  • Unlimited sendings. Send as many newsletters as you wish
  • Weekly updates (we love to challenge ourselves)
  • WooCommerce newsletter integration
  • Newsletter creation has never been so easy

Awesome features

Users : manage as many users as you want (RGPD compliance)

  • Flexible subscription form as a widget
  • Handle the subscription of registered users and visitors
  • False email addresses filtering and Google’s invisible reCaptcha integration
  • Record the User IP to stay compliant with all countries laws
  • Import your users from any source
  • Manage users‘ lists
  • Automatically subscribe your users to one or several lists during their registration process
  • Clean your lists based on the bounces you received/unsubscriptions

Automation : keep your users happy by sending them the right message at the right time

  • Automated mass actions on users (such as birthday newsletters, welcoming message…)
  • Follow-up newsletters
  • Scheduled newsletters
  • Send WooCommerce abandoned carts reminder

Newsletter creation : create them easily to attract your users‘ attention

  • Drag and drop edition : no html skills needed
  • Easily include WordPress posts in your newsletter
  • Double opt-in and automatic unsubscribe link
  • Personalize your messages with user information in your newsletters (name, e-mail, a custom field…)
  • Social medias share options (Facebook, Twitter…)
  • Full responsive template
  • Desktop and mobile newsletter preview

Deliverability : never end in the spam box anymore

  • Real time send process using a queue system to overcome any server limitation
  • AB Testing
  • Newsletter Spam test tool

Statistics : Tracks your newsletter statistics to adjust your marketing strategy

  • Sending performance : number of newsletters sent, bounced…
  • Newsletters results : opening rate, churn rate, click rate
  • Engagement : see the links who have been clicked the most and who have interacted with your newsletter

And much more :

  • Integration : WooCommerce, Gravity Forms and many more
  • Installation done in some minutes
  • Add-ons marketplace : all your add-ons are grouped in one place to be managed easily on AcyMailing

Still not convinced ? Find more information here : AcyMailing

Features :

  • No HTML knowledge required, enjoy the Newsletter creation with our drag and drop editor
  • Real time send process using a queue system with throttling enabling you to overcome ANY server limitation!
  • Subscription Module with cool effects (popup, slide effect…)
  • Handle the subscription of registered users and visitors
  • Record the User IP to stay compliant with all countries laws
  • Double opt-in and automatic unsubscribe link
  • CAN-SPAM compliant
  • GDPR compliant
  • Validation and Confirmation of the email address
  • Mass Subscription using filters and mass actions
  • Automatic synchronization with your WordPress Users
  • Easily include WordPress Articles in your newsletters
  • Easily include any user information in your newsletters (name, e-mail, username…)
  • Facebook and Twitter share plugins
  • Display your lists on your WordPress registration form
  • Automatically subscribe your users to one or several lists during their registration process
  • Handle unlimited subscribers, lists and newsletters
  • Newsletter template management including 4 responsive newsletter-templates out of the box
  • Automatic inline-css conversion
  • Attachment capability, Embedded images option
  • Preview and Send test newsletter to an entire WordPress group or to a specific email address
  • Newsletter Statistics management (Number of Sent / Opened, HTML or text version)
  • Advanced Newsletter statistics (who opened your Newsletter and when)
  • Front-End newsletter archive section with PDF generation and print options
  • Latest Newsletters Module
  • Automatic installation of plugins, module, templates and auto-configuration
  • Handle SMTP Secured Connections (you can use GMail to send your newsletters)
  • Plug AcyMailing to an external delivery service such as Mandrill, SendGrid, ElasticEmail, Amazon SES…
  • Administrator/User Notifications
  • Integrated Documentation
  • Fully multilingual interfaces


  • Dashboard
  • Drag & Drop editor
  • Statistics
  • User Edition page


There are 3 ways to install this plugin:

1. First solution

  1. In your Admin click on your Plugin then „Add New“
  2. Search for AcyMailing
  3. Find it, install it, enable it
  4. You’re done!

2. Second way

  1. Download the ZIP from this page
  2. On the admin part of your site, click on „Plugins“ then „Add New“
  3. Click on „Upload Plugin“
  4. Upload the ZIP, enable the plugin
  5. You’re done!

3. Third way

  1. Download the ZIP from this page then unzip it
  2. Upload the „acymailing“ folder previously contained in the zip file via FTP on your site, under wp-content / plugins /
  3. Enable the extension on the admin part of your site
  4. You’re done!


How to contact us?

Feel free to do it via this form:

Where can I find a documentation?

On any page of the AcyMailing plugin, you can click the „Documentation“ button at the top-right of the screen.
If you don’t find the information you’re searching for, you can find the complete documentation here:


13. November 2019
Hello, I don't understand. I installed thois plugin on my test site (local PC, wordpress up-to-date). Once installed when I click on a menu choice I obtain a page with: "Merci d'avoir installé AcyMailing ! 🤩 Passons en revue quelques étapes pour commencer .... ... " Even If I put my password I return always to this page. Unusable in this state! If someone know hos to solve.. I will retry my test... best regards
13. November 2019
I love this tool. It is superpowerful and offers great value. It does everything I want it to with my email marketing. Their team even added a feature that I requested (the ability to download your email stats to an excel file). In addition, their support is amazing. Super prompt and super helpful. I always get a response in under 8 hours and any issues I run into are quickly solved. Highly recommend this product over any other email solution. We use a number of other SAAS email solutions for some of our clients and this product beats them all.
13. November 2019
I've been using Acymailing for more than 5 years. It has indeed a very strong reputation in the Joomla world where hardly anybody needs third-party services like MailCh**p thanks to Acymailing. A big advantage : even if you go for a Pro version, you only pay a fixed (little) annual price whatever the number of newsletters and users you have. For Associations for which I work, it means it comes out like 10 times cheaper to use, which is appreciated when you are an NGO (or any organization in the end). Last but not least, as it is integrated within your CMS, you can generate newsletters directly from the content of your site (without having to copy/paste). You can even automate and send for example the last X blog items every week to your subscribers. Crazy !
12. November 2019
Very easy to use, intuitive, although it is free (so it does not have all the features activated) is fully functional. It has a couple of improvements to make, but they are on the right track.
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  • New add-on system to power up your AcyMailing
  • New add-on to export users in the automations
  • New add-on for RSS feed integration in campaigns
  • You can now send a test directly from the newsletter’s edition page

  • Improved the list edition page and reduce steps number

  • Improved the templates listing and edition page
  • Improved the filters on the statistics page
  • Save the „source“ from where the users have been created
  • New display options available for the archive menu/widget
  • The internal notifications are not added if they already exist
  • Handle the case where the site owner doesn’t have the right to see all the server’s databases in the custom fields edition page

  • The date custom fields now have all 31 days

  • When inserting a dynamic content (a site article for example) in a campaign, clicking on the scrollbar for the options zone was closing the options
  • Fixed an issue when filtering users in the automations based on date custom fields
  • The front messages are now correctly displayed when clicking on the confirmation link


  • New automatic campaign option: automatically generate and send a campaign every week for example
  • New birthday trigger in the automations, to automatically send an email X days before the birthday (or any other action)
  • The sent campaigns can now be edited and resent from their summary page
  • On the users listing you can now search in the custom fields with the search field

  • Outlook special handling: background-images and paddings are now handled for this mail client

  • Firefox compatibility for the size of inputs in some options of our editor
  • The font size options are now the same in the text edition box and the zone edition box in the editor
  • When filtering the campaigns (or users) by status then deleting all the elements, you are now redirected to the non-filtered listing
  • The search is now case insensitive in the selection areas (the „Subscribers“ step when editing a list for example)
  • More translations for French, German (Austria), Romanian, Russian and Spanish

  • IE11 compatibility in the campaigns archive: the preview popup can now be closed

  • The „Title“ option is now correctly taken into account when inserting Joomla articles and WooCommerce products
  • The „Send a test“ option in the campaigns now correctly autocompletes when typing an email address
  • When inserting multiple images in the same zone, some of them couldn’t be resized. This is now fixed
  • When resizing a zone in the editor, its border wasn’t following the resized zone
  • The attachments of a duplicated campaign can now be removed
  • On a WP multisite website using sub-directories, the internal URLs inserted in the editor weren’t using the sub-directory
  • The posts insertion feature now ignores internal messages displayed by other plugins


  • New default templates
  • New notification center for internal messages
  • Dynamic content inserted in your emails (like the site articles) are now previewed in the drag & drop editor

  • New design and new actions for the header toolbar of the drag & Drop Editor

  • New design for the email preview in AcyMailing drag & drop editor
  • Images settings are now on the right menu in the drag & drop editor
  • New header design on AcyMailing pages
  • Improved the campaigns edition page and new default content in the editor

  • Correctly display icons on the date picker

  • Fixed a timezone issue in the automation’s „Every day“ trigger
  • Compatibility with aeSecure
  • Fixed profile edition form showing all lists when the option is set to none


This is a patch release to address a security issue on the file upload custom field. We highly recommend to update to the v6.2.2 as soon as possible for websites matching all of the following conditions:
* The Enterprise edition of AcyMailing is used
* The version 6.2.0 or 6.2.1 is used
* A „File“ custom field is created and visible for the users in a front-end subscription form (the widget)
* An other custom field other than a „File“ field must be displayed on the form, in addition to the „Name“, „Email“ and „File“ fields
If your website doesn’t match one of these conditions it is not concerned by the security issue, but we still recommend you to keep AcyMailing updated when a new version is available.


  • Various optimizations to reduce the package size
  • Added back the closing cross when inserting a dynamic text („view it online“ link or „Hello [name]“ for example)
  • The custom fields are now correctly saved on all the front-end subscription forms
  • The previous/next month icons are now correctly displayed in the date pickers
  • More Greek and Romanian translations


  • New step by step guide when installing AcyMailing for the first time
  • New option in the editor to specify the id of a container
  • Integration with the WordPress translation system
  • Better summary text for filters on site user groups in the automations
  • Internal translation tools improvements

  • Fixed a display issue on the editor when using Firefox

  • Fixed a border issue on Outlook
  • Fixed the conditions and targets steps when reloading already saved automations
  • Fixed a date display issue on the automation’s summary step for the list’s subscription date filter
  • In the editor, the container’s options are listed on the right when selected. When changing the background color the container was un-selected
  • The „File“ custom fields now correctly upload the submitted files when using the subscription form or profile form


  • The schedule date for campaigns can now be modified when the campaign is a draft
  • Fixed the coupon expiry date in the WooCommerce integration
  • Fixed the review footer from online version and widgets, it wasn’t supposed to be displayed there
  • Added more security checks
  • The captcha option is now correctly applied to the profile widget and skipped in the direct subscription links


  • A new history section has been added to the user’s edition page
  • In the editor, the „Button“ content type can now be aligned left / right and its size can be adjusted
  • New integration with the site’s registration form: you can display lists there so users could choose to subscribe to your newsletters
  • The same integration is now available for the WooCommerce checkout form
  • When installing / updating, the translations are now automatically installed for the languages used on the website

  • Greatly improved the editor’s options system and general look

  • A better logo is displayed on the left menu for AcyMailing, integrated with the WP’s coloring system
  • On the templates listing page, the filters are now displayed even if no templates are displayed
  • The CSS class „hideonline“ is now handled, if you need to hide an element of your newsletter only on the „view it online“ version
  • Several code improvements and optimizations
  • Full Turkish translation, improvements in French, Italian and English translations

  • The dynamic texts are now replaced on the archive listing

  • When creating an HTML template, the „Start from“ wasn’t working correctly when selecting an existing template
  • The language files and custom translations are now kept when updating, starting from the v6.1.9
  • When editing an existing automation, some fields loading values dynamically were missing their value (ecommerce extensions products for example)


  • Preparations for registration form integration
  • Better messaging system on dashboard
  • Handle multilingual on displayed schedule dates
  • Fixed date fields display in the automations when using dynamic dates
  • Fixed the {list:name} short code when using it in welcome and unsubscribe emails
  • Translations: fr-FR and it-IT improvements


  • Improved the version checker’s layout and responsiveness
  • Better workflow when sending a campaign with the free version
  • AcyMailing now allows cron systems from your own server for installations with a valid license
  • The email content is now saved when clicking the „Apply“ button on the drag&drop editor’s edition page
  • Improved automations ease of use
  • New option to empty the queue in the automations, and on the queue listing
  • Improved the „Add an email in the queue“ action in the automations
  • Improved security
  • Pages are now available in the subscription form’s „terms and conditions“ option
  • Improved the newsletters archive view (the „View it online“ link or the archive widget)
  • New hint messages to help you setup the automated features
  • Handle campaign auto-save for newly created campaigns
  • New full translation for nb-NO and nl-BE

  • Fixed the responsiveness of drag&drop emails for Gmail

  • Fixed the user import’s „listname“ column
  • The „View it online“ link now works correctly in templates


  • Improved timezone handling
  • Preview text line hiding for Outlook
  • Handle Image centering for Outlook
  • Added the emojis handling in the name, preview line and body of emails
  • When editing an email from the automations, the editor used is based on the edited email
  • It is now easier to drop a zone at the bottom of a drag&drop email
  • Better display and action buttons on templates listing
  • Added Safari and Internet Explorer compatibility for Google icons used in the extension
  • Better thumbnail generation for templates (images and dynamic text tags visible)
  • Translation improvements/completion: de-DE, en-US, es-ES, hu-HU, it-IT, ru-RU, uk-UA

  • Fixed the global background image and handle image insertion cancelling

  • The click map statistics page now shows all the tracked clicks
  • Fixed duplicated email preview line
  • Emails created from the automations page now correctly show the custom stylesheet, settings and „reply to“ name / email
  • Anchors are now correctly handled on the „View it online“ links
  • When deleting a template just after saving an other one, the saved template was duplicated
  • The „Send settings“ step in campaigns is now displayed correctly when editing a paused campaign
  • Return lines are now available when entering custom stylesheets and custom headers on a template
  • The action buttons are now correctly available after cancelling a video insertion in the drag&drop editor


  • Added the possibility to define a preview line on emails, a text visible on the mailbox listing next to the subject
  • Added the multi-campaign duplication option
  • New option for small screens: display smaller listings, buttons and fields to have more information visible

  • Save IP and confirmation date, for GDPR compliance

  • Added a „Choose mail“ option when adding an email in the queue in automations
  • Improved the ctrl+z handling in the editor when editing a text zone
  • Possibility to edit a queued campaign when paused
  • Handle emojis in the subject line (no emoji picker)
  • PHP 5.4 compatibility
  • Globally improved the display for mobile devices
  • Improved the campaign edition page display
  • New featured image option when inserting posts or pages in a campaign
  • better translation performance
  • Better message system on front-end (after clicking the confirmation link for example)
  • Improved the subscription form
  • Improved the attachments popup display when editing a campaign
  • Handle unconfirmed users in the queue system
  • Better color picker fields in the d&d editor
  • More translations cs-CZ, de-CH, de-DE, es-ES, it-IT, nl-NL, pt-BR, ru-RU

  • Removed Google+ from the follow options

  • Handle the „view it online“ link when the current user isn’t in AcyMailing
  • Fixed initial bounce rule installation for the „Blocked my recipient’s filters“ rule
  • Fixed the wrong editor pick when editing a template


  • Added the click map feature in the statistics
  • New option to specify headers of sent emails in templates
  • Added admin notifications in the automation as examples (on user creation / modification)
  • New option to synchronize site users with AcyMailing users (creation/deletion)
  • The social media pictures can now be modified
  • Added an auto-save to the editor, so if you don’t save, you’ll be able to load back the modifications you’ve made
  • Added ctrl+z/ctrl+y (cmd+z/cmd+maj+z for mac) on the editor to undo/redo block changes

  • Show all emails in the queue page, not only the campaigns

  • The custom fields options are now translated (select / radio / checkbox custom fields)
  • AcyMailing doesn’t use the foundation for emails library anymore in emails not using the editor
  • Improved the AcyMailing header on small screens
  • Added a message 1 minute before the session expires when editing an email, to remind users to save their work
  • Improved the „Send the cron report to“ option
  • Added the confirmed status on users listing when the double opt-in is active
  • Simplified custom plugins creation and updated example plugin in the developer documentation
  • Also improved all the existing integration plugins for both Joomla and WordPress
  • Improve the users listing on mobile when subscribed to a lot of lists
  • Handle mailto and anchors links in the campaigns link checker
  • Translation improvements: de-CH, en-US, es-ES, fr-FR

  • Fixed translation file download for some languages

  • Fixed the automation conditions page and secured some other listing pages
  • Fixed date fields in the automations when using multiple times the same filter / condition
  • Fixed an error on the custom fields migration
  • Centered the spinner when loading the content insertion options in the editor
  • Fixed error on user import from database
  • Correctly hide the automation features in starter and essential versions, and generate lighter installation packages
  • Correctly close the popup when cancelling content insertion in the editor
  • Now display the correct minutes for scheduled campaigns summary
  • Show the correct upgrade link for the cron task feature on starter version


  • Updated PHPMailer to its latest version (the main sending script used in AcyMailing)
  • Added „conditions“ step in automations
  • WooCommerce automation integration
  • New dynamic and customizable post and page insertion feature in the editor
  • „Add an email in the queue“ action in automations
  • New developer documentation

  • Improved the drag&drop editor

  • Design and UX improvements on multiple pages
  • Improved the security in various places
  • Subscription form’s configuration improved
  • Auto-recognize Acy users when they have a site account
  • Increased the spam-test checker maximum delay for long campaigns / slow servers
  • Better message when trying to unsubscribe from an email not linked to any subscription list
  • AcyMailing now handles the email addresses containing a „+“ sign when sending a test
  • Handle wrong formats in date custom fields
  • You can now duplicate multiple campaigns at once
  • The Unsubscribe link is now handled in the Welcome emails
  • Improved the „Custom text“ custom fields’ display
  • The subject is now displayed instead of the campaign name in the archive menu / widget
  • More translations for the de-DE and fr-FR language files

  • Fixed error on v5 custom fields migration and birthday fields

  • Imported templates are now selectable on every template listings
  • Fixed the preview page for Safari users
  • The default picture is now displayed correctly when the thumbnail of a template isn’t available
  • Fixed custom fields ordering system
  • The DKIM system is now correctly working when using 1024bits keys
  • Fixed campaigns listing when migrated emails without statistics
  • The „View it online“ link now works on any type of email
  • Correctly handle the „Wait for confirmation“ status when migrating v5 users


  • WooCommerce integration in our editor
  • Custom fields user values export and import
  • Custom fields migration
  • Added a widget for campaign archive on front-end
  • Added new options for the subscription form (and GDPR compliancy)
  • Template import system
  • Added a button in the configuration to redo the v5 data migration

  • Handle required fields when having multiple subscription forms on the same page

  • Improved the v5 migration script
  • Handle disabled rules in bounce handling
  • Handle the „Enter“ key for front-end subscription form
  • Improve custom fields display on subscription form

  • Check updates based on the right timer

  • Fixed welcome email sent when not needed
  • Fixed queue page’s pagination
  • Languages: de-DE, el-GR, fr-FR, ru-RU


  • Fixed update details page showing the Acy details each time


  • Added the first phase of the automation feature
  • Added a list selection popup to subscribe users imported from database
  • Added a „New“ button for welcome/unsubscribe email creation in the list edition page
  • Improved some listings for mobile devices
  • Avoid tracking opens and clicks for test emails
  • Correctly identify the user when using a direct unsubscribe link when reCaptcha is enabled
  • Take the „Required“ option into account for the Name field
  • Fixed Outlook display when using multi-column zones or inserting buttons
  • Fixed the „authorized content“ option when the related custom field is empty
  • Fixed disabled options in checkbox, radio and dropdown custom fields
  • Block the WordPress auto-update process for AcyMailing when the site is unknown
  • More translations for da-DK, de-DE, fr-FR, hu-HU, it-IT, pl-PL, pt-BR and tr-TR
  • Add the beginning of the el-GR and sk-SK translations


  • Fixed scheduled campaigns sent even when having the draft status
  • Improved form system in modals (language edition, attachments, dynamic texts…)
  • IE11 compatibility with the subscription form


  • Added the bounce handling feature
  • Added a version checker in the AcyMailing header bar
  • Added the ability to add custom CSS style to templates when using the CMS editor
  • Added list selection popup when importing the CMS users

  • Improve welcome / unsubscribe emails system

  • Improve images display on campaign preview and summary
  • Save the thumbnails and attachments in the WordPress media folder in the WP version (as WordPress deletes the folder of the previous plugin version on update)
  • Improved sent emails structure
  • Use translation keys as the title for the « name » and « email » fields, so they are translated on the subscription form
  • Prevent anyone from changing the type of the name and email fields
  • Improved user data export feature
  • The last tab selection is remembered (on the configuration or statistics page for example)
  • Improved the code to make it compatible with PHP 7.3

  • The « Send a test » feature is now available in all AcyMailing versions, as it should be

  • Fixed button display in Outlook
  • Fixed the captcha on horizontal/vertical version of the module/widget
  • Added missing translations in dynamic texts and templates
  • Fixed the auto-update process for WordPress that was installing the Starter version over the Enterprise version (the fix will be active for the next update :/)
  • Fixed sending date value when scheduling a campaign while having a non-English version of AcyMailing
  • Scheduled campaigns are now correctly added to the statistics
  • Fixed « date » custom fields and added a default value for the format
  • Fixed BCC email feature

  • Added nl-NL and sv-SE translations

  • Completed de-DE and fr-FR translations
  • Partially added cs-CZ, it-IT, pl-PL translations


  • Subject field required when creating welcome/unsibscribe emails
  • Prevent Chrome from displaying XSS checker on campaign save
  • Fixed Radio button and required custom fields on subscription form (widget)
  • Handle multilingual linecharts in statistics page
  • Fix compatibility issue with another plugin on campaign/template save
  • Better subscription confirmation message
  • Fixed typos in translation files
  • Preparations on translation for right to left languages
  • Words are not cut anymore at the end of lines in the drag&drop editor
  • Use the correct media folder for file upload by default
  • Increase maximum file size on user import by file
  • Improve popup when sending a test from campaign edition page


  • Fixed ajax calls (list selection on campaigns)
  • Much better „Send a test“ report message on campaign’s „test“ tab
  • Fixed default value in configuration when it hasn’t been saved yet
  • Added multiple language files
  • Template thumbnails are now correctly generated
  • We now use the core WordPress method to get file contents
  • Greately improved performances for the database table dedicated to the Tags feature
  • The email field is now always required


This is the first version of AcyMailing available on the WordPress plugin directory
It includes the following features:
* User management (import / export / creation)
* Lists management (creation and user subscription)
* Campaigns management (creation with a drag&drop editor or with the default WP editor)
* Custom fields for users
* User fields insertion in any campaign
* WordPress posts insertion in campaigns