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** Support for this plugin is NOT offered, This plugin still however works. Please don’t expect support requests to be answered, or „This doesn’t work“ reviews to be responded to. **

Please Note: This plugin is not designed to replace the media uploader. This plugin is not designed to be used for migration of sites. This plugin is not designed to re-import your media upload history. This plugin is not designed to Batch import your media. Etc. This plugin is 8 years old and designed for importing singular large files which could not be uploaded through the administration interface.

Das Herz eines CMS ist die Fähigkeit, Inhalte hochzuladen und einzufügen. WordPress leistet hier fantastische Arbeit, aber leider schränken einige Webhoster ihre Server ein oder der Benutzer hat einfach nicht die Möglichkeit, große Dateien über ihren Webserver hochzuladen. Add from Server ist dafür gemacht, diesen Schmerz zu lindern. Du kannst einen Schwung an Dateien per FTP (oder über deine bevorzugte Übertragungsmethode) hochladen und ganz einfach diese Dateien von deinem Webserver in WordPress importieren.


  • Der Import-Manager, ermöglicht dir die Auswahl der Dateien, die hochgeladen werden sollen. Achte darauf, dass Dateien, die nicht importiert werden können, rot dargestellt werden.
  • Die Einstellungsansicht, ermöglicht dir die Angabe, welche Benutzer auf Add From Server zugreifen dürfen und aus welchen Verzeichnissen Benutzer importieren dürfen.


What placeholders can I use in the Root path option?

You can use %role% and %username% only.
In the case of %role%, the first role which the user has is used, this can mean that in complex installs where a user has many roles that using %role% could be unreliable.

Why does the file I want to import have a red background?

WordPress only allows the importing/uploading of certain file types to improve your security.
If you wish to add extra file types, you can use a plugin such as: You can also enable „Unfiltered uploads“ globally for WordPress if you’d like to override this security function. Please see the WordPress support forum for details.

Where are the files saved?

If you import a file which is outside your standard upload directory (usually wp-content/uploads/) then it will be copied to your current upload directory setting as normal.
If you however import a file which is already within the uploads directory (for example, wp-content/uploads/2011/02/ then the file will not be copied, and will be used as-is.

I have a a bug report

You can report bugs in the plugins Support Forum here


Same as WordPress Importer

I was hoping for this plugin to allow me to migrate over 7000 files. However, it times out the same as the WordPress import. Very disappointing.

Works but not consistently

I've used this now for a few days uploading hundreds of photos for galleries for a client. I thought this would make my life so much easier, it turns out, I was partially wrong. The utility works best if you only select 5 or so photos at a time. If you do anything more than that, it dies. Also, intermittently, it'll bug out on some photos. I can't determine why, but it'll just throw corrupt photos into the media gallery even though it says it processed them. I wish there was some reason that I could determine why, but there doesn't seem to be. If its a timeout error, I maybe get it, but I can upload the same 100 photos via the drag and drop and after awhile of waiting, it'll work.

Works a treat

I had to use this plugin during a spell when my host had misconfigured my web site. It was a godsend and worked really well. Thanks, Dion!

Helped Thank you!!

I use alot of ftp, and shell access for my photography - how surprised was I when I optimized my images, replaced them through ftp and they would not show up on my wordpress site /s !! I use a private cdn on my sites and some other dodads, works flawlessly as you designed it to ! This plugin made my job alot easier on wordpress 5.0.3 ! I have not logged in here in years (, my email was a email I had made up over 20 years ago!! I had to login and say thank you!!
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  • Fixes some scenario’s where the translation warning sticks around for translated (and other english locales)
  • Fixes a PHP Warning
  • Support per-user locales
  • Bumps required version of WordPress to 4.5+


  • Security Fix: Fixes a CSRF vulnerability which could be used to trick a user into importing a large file to their site. Props to Edwin Molenaar (
  • Tippfehler behoben, der zu einem Fehler bei anschließender Aktivierung des Plugins geführt hat, wenn der Server nicht den Anforderungen für Add from Server entsprach.
  • Fehlerbehebung einer Pfadabweichung bei bestimmten Windows-Konfigurationen (es ist nicht länger notwendig, großgeschriebene Festplattenbuchstaben anzugeben)
  • Import Audio metadata and store image/audio metadata in the same manner as core.


  • Fehlerbehebung bei Pluginaktivierung


  • Das Plugin benötigt nun WordPress 4.0 und PHP 5.4 als Mindestvoraussetzung.
  • Auf Nutzung des Übersetzungssystems aktualisiert. Übersetzungen bitte über einreichen.
  • Auf WordPress 4.3-Stil aktualisiert