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Ads Benedict


I run ads for long periods of time so I don’t care about accurate display statistics or anything of that nature.
I needed to show banner ads on my site, but double click for publishers was messing up my template and other plugins were too heavy for what I needed.
So, I made a super-basic banner plugin and named it after my favorite breakfast.

Create a banner, paste the link it should point to, name the zone you want it in, and make a note of the advertiser.
Then put the shortcode into your template or directly in a post.

If you put multiple banners into one zone then 1 will randomly be selected when the page loads.


  • If you choose to use an install of YOURLS as a means of keeping track of clicks, this the setup page.
  • Ah...where the magic happens. This is a view of the live ads. Editing/Adding is just like editing/adding a post in WordPress. Lovely.
  • And...a shortcode. If you were using ads within a post you'd do it this way. Change the zone to whatever zone your ads are in. Were you to want to use this inside a theme something like: would be a better choice.


  1. Install from repository
  2. Update your template <?php do_shortcode('[adsbenedict zone=zonename]') ?> (change the zone name to whatever ads you want displayed here)
  3. In posts/pages just use shortcode: [adsbenedict zone=zonename] (change the zone name to whatever ads you want displayed here)
  4. Go to the adsbenedict menu page and add some ads.


Aren’t there enough bad banner ad plugins?

Yep. And this one makes no claims to superiority other than that it is insanely simple and fixes some problems I was having with other ad plugins.

What about click tracking? weighting? alternate networks?

If you use YOURLS link shortener you can have some rudimentary tracking. Set your YOURLS address and secret token and a column will be added that keeps track of statistics.
There is no protection against fraudulent clicks.
I use this on ads that are sold and run for a period of time as opposed to ads that have a certain number of impressions or clicks associated with them.

Will it ever…

The only „features“ I think I’m going to add are a start date.
Subject to change as I need to add features for myself.

Can I request a feature?

Of course. If it’s interesting or seems helpful to the rest of the world I might add it.

Does it handle billing?


If I put the same zone in my template twice could it possibly display the same ad twice?



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  • Fixed a slow query related to the expiration post_meta.


  • Increased quantity of ads to include in array.


  • Fixed formula for ad conversion calculations.


  • Forgot to make the ajax run for non-logged in users in previous release.


  • Ads can be loaded via ajax which defeats full page caching.


  • Speed and logic improvements in ad performance generation


  • Fixed main shortcode return so PHP notice is not raised


  • Fixed enqueued script with harcoded protocol
  • Fixed error where YOURLS was passed an empty string


  • Added short term caching to prevent slow loading due to long running query on sites with lots of posts


  • Added expiration date.
  • For already existing ads, this will not impact display.
  • New ads will default to an expiration one year from date of creation.
  • Added column to show expiration date.
  • Use yourls API to display statistics.
  • Check to see if yourls shortener is in use before adding display column of stats.


  • Fixed YOURLS error is trying to use an already shortened link (please don’t do that)
  • Styled a shortened link so it’s responsive. Hardcoded for now.


  • Added YOURLS integration
  • With YOURLS integration clicks and impressions are captures

= 0.1
* This is the version I’m using on my sites.
* Removed most (all?) self-deprecating comments.