Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd


Erstelle eine einfache Coming-Soon- oder Wartungsmodus-Seite. Arbeite im Hintergrund an deiner Website, während Besucher eine „Coming Soon“- oder „Wartungsmodus“-Seite sehen.

Benefits, Features and Options:

  • Funktioniert mit jedem WordPress-Theme
  • Responsive
  • Passe das Look-and-feel an
  • Füge einfach Individuelles CSS und HTML hinzu
  • Benutzt HTML5 und CSS3
  • Vorbereitet für Übersetzung, i18n-Unterstützung
  • Multisite-Unterstützung
  • BuddyPress-Unterstützung
  • Benutzt optimale WordPress-Verfahren


  • Funktioniert mit jedem WordPress-Theme
  • Nur sichtbar für nicht angemeldete Benutzer
  • Geheimer Hintertür-Link für deine Kunden, um die kommende Website ohne Anmeldung sehen zu können
  • Search Engine Optimized with customizable meta tags
  • Mobile Ready responsive design and layout
  • Maintenance Mode with Automatic Screenshot
  • Custom Look & Feel with no coding
  • Integrated Google and Typekit fonts
  • Full Browser Backgrounds option
  • Option to capture first and last name
  • Videos can be embedded in the description just be entering the URL
  • Display an Incentive after Sign Up
  • Social Profiles & Social Sharing Buttons
  • MailChimp, AWeber, Get Response, Constant Contact and Campaign Monitor integration
  • Gravity Forms integration to collect info from visitors
  • Built-in referral system to keep track referrered subscribers and how many of those convert
  • Store Emails in the WordPress Database to export to any email service
  • Progress bar with automatic completion calculation
  • Unterstützung für Google Analytics
  • Einfache automatische Aktualisierungen
  • Shortcode-Unterstützung
  • Option zur Aktivierung von Template-Responsiveness
  • Option, um Zugriff per IP zu kontrollieren
  • Individuelles Footer-Branding
  • Eigenes Favicon
  • Unterstützung für Individuelles CSS
  • Einstellungen importieren/exportieren für Backup-Zwecke oder Wiederbenutzung
  • Multisite-Unterstützung
  • HTML5 & CSS3 which degrades gracefully for older browsers
  • Vorbereitet für Übersetzung, i18n-Unterstützung
  • Option, um für bestimmte URLs keine Coming-Soon-Seite anzuzeigen
  • Und vieles mehr…

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  • Coming Soon Page Example
  • Maintenance Mode Example
  • Content Page
  • Design Page


Das WordPress Dashboard benutzen

  1. Gehe zu „Installieren“ im Plugins-Dashboard
  2. Suche nach „Coming Soon“
  3. Klicke auf „Jetzt installieren“
  4. Aktiviere das Plugin im Plugin-Dashboard

Im WordPress-Dashboard hochladen

  1. Gehe zu „Installieren“ im Plugins-Dashboard
  2. Gehe zum „Upload“-Bereich
  3. Wähle die auf deinem Computer aus
  4. Klicke auf „Jetzt installieren“
  5. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard

Über FTP

  1. Download
  2. Extract the coming-soon directory to your computer
  3. Upload the coming-soon directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  4. Activate the plugin in the Plugin’s dashboard


Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Coming-Soon-Seite und Wartungsmodus?

Coming-Soon-Seite gibt den HTTP-Statuscode 200 zurück und ermöglicht deiner Website, von Google und anderen Suchmaschinen indexiert zu werden, während sie unter Konstruktion ist. Du solltest immer den Coming-Soon-Seiten-Modus benutzen, während deine Website unter Konstruktion ist.

Wartungsmodus gibt den HTTP-Statuscode 503 und sollte benutzt werden, wenn du eine vorübergehende Wartung an einer existierenden Website vornimmst. Dies wird Suchmaschinen wissen lassen, dass deine Website gewartet wird und voraussichtlich innerhalb eines Tages zurückkehrt, wenn der Wartungsmodus beendet ist.

Wer kann sie Website sehen, während sie unter Konstruktion ist?

Nur angemeldete Besucher können die Website sehen, während deine Website unter Konstruktion ist. Abgemeldete Benutzer werden die Coming-Soon-Seite oder die Wartungsmodus-Seite sehen, abhängig davon, welchen Modus du ausgewählt hast.

Coming Soon Plugin ist deaktiviert und wird noch immer angezeigt

Dies ist immer ein Cache-Problem. Gehe in die Einstellungs-Seite des Cache-Plugins und leere den Cache.
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Why aren't some developers clearer in their description of their product or service? Because if you knew the true details it could result in a decrease in sales. After running a marketing company for more than 16 years, you learn all the tricks. Some ethical and others not so ethical. I've noticed over the years that "Truth" in advertising is lacking in most everything you buy these days and this plugin is no exception. I would like to give this plugin 5 stars because it does exactly what it says its going to do. I was so impressed by its functionality that I purchased the Pro Version for Unlimited sites. What a deal... I said to myself... I'll use this on all my sites in the future. So a year has past and all of a sudden I get an email telling me my Pro License for Unlimited websites has been cancelled. You see... in their advertisements it says... "$99 .20/ year 1 Year of supports and updates for unlimited websites" But what they mean is after one year you get no more support, no more upgrades, NO MORE PRO VERSION... it reverts to the free version and you cannot add any more websites USING THE PRO VERSION because you no longer have the "Unlimited Websites" they offer in their advertisements. Which really means "Unlimited Website But ONLY for one year so you had better get unlimited website before the year rolls around or whatever number you have 1,2,3,5,9... That will be the definition of Unlimited for you dear buyer! If you take a look at their terms... it states... "Support, updates and plugin downloads are granted for one year after the original purchase based on the license that you have purchased. After one year is completed, the purchaser must renew their license in order to continue receiving support, updates, and access to download plugin files for the items purchased." WHAT IT DOES NOT SAY IS IF YOU DO NOT PAY THE ANNUAL FEE THAT YOU WILL NO LONGER HAVE ACCESS TO THE PRO OPTIONS ON ANY OF YOUR NEW "UNLIMITED" WEBSITES AND ALTHOUGH YOU HAVE DOWNLOADED THE PRO PLUGIN FOR UNLIMITED WEBSITES... YOUR UNLIMITED WEBSITES ALSO EXPIRE AT THE END OF ONE YEAR. YOUR PLUGIN WILL IN ESSENCE RETURN TO THE BASIC FUNCTIONALITIES YOU'LL FIND IN THE FREE PLUGIN. BECAUSE WE TAKE YOUR LICENSE AFTER ONE YEAR... IT IS IN ACTUALITY A SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE. Don't get me wrong... the websites you have already used the plugin on will continue to function like a pro! But the unlimited part goes away. No more additional websites with the ability to function as a pro version. So you lose more than just support and upgrades. Should I be complaining since I got the plugin on sale last year for $67.15? When I question the developer John Turner Co-Founder his response was cold, and calculated. Almost if as if he were saying HA HA... you should of read the fine print. (At least that is how you made me feel John) Great plugin... never had to use support. (That's one of the things that make it so nice) But I just can't help feeling like I've been mislead and cheated AND OBVIOUSLY... the developer could care less and I should know better! I suggested they changed the description so that future buyers don't find out what they really bought until a year later. That would be nice. Let's see if they do it. Bottom line for my review. Great plugin... bad business. Let the Buyer Beware!!

Hot plugin!

This is really lifesaver plugin! Simple and fast installation no problems with setup.
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  • Tweak – Typos


  • Fixed – Bug with old php versions


  • Added – Themes, Stock Images, Subscribers and Addons Previews


  • Tweak – Autoclear popular caches.


  • fixed z-index issue with supersize loader and focus link color


  • fixed ios issue and no cache header issue


  • Changed credit image


  • Removed php warning notice of depreciated function


  • Changed text on credit and added and tweaked inline optin for free bg images.


  • Fixed a PHP 7 compatibility warning


  • Added Review Request


  • Removed blog feed from sidebar and change out images


  • Added the ability to make the bg image stay contained within the browser window.


  • Fixed CSS issues


  • Fixed CSS issue and added cache control


  • Added wp review request


  • Disable REST API while in coming soon and maintenance mode


  • PHP 7 Compatibility


  • Updated ReadMe Text
  • Ensure Full Size images are selected by default when selecting an image.
  • Make sure all files are local to the plugin.


  • More tweaks to the append html section.


  • Added option to append to the html in addition of just replacing.


  • Added the ability to add custom html, dim background and help video.


  • Fixed undefined notice


  • Language Packs


  • Added Danish Translation


  • Added Swedish Translation


  • Tweak: Updated optin form again


  • Tweak: Updated optin form


  • Exclude default urls terms: login, admin, dashboard and account. Also provided a way to disable this behavior.


  • Added launch course and WordPress 4.1.0 compatibility

= 4.0.3=
* Fixed preview link

= 4.0.2=
* Add link to free backgrounds


  • Fixed a bug where website was not showing when logged in


  • Initial Commit