Content Aware Sidebars – unendliche Widget Bereiche


The Fastest and Most Powerful WordPress Sidebar Plugin yet. Create tailored widget areas for any post, page, or custom post type in seconds. No coding required!

Content Aware Sidebars is packed with free features and is being used to boost on-site SEO, upsell products, and to optimize conversion rates by displaying different sidebars on different conditions.

Focusing on scalability, this plugin is the ideal solution for sites in growth.

Add Unlimited Sidebars and Widget Areas

Replace your theme sidebars on different conditions, or insert sidebars with shortcodes. With the All-in-one Sidebar Manager, you can easily activate and deactivate widget areas, and you can even schedule them for specific times.

Sidebars – Quick Select© lets you add or select widget areas directly when editing a post or page.

Customize Your Widget Areas Your Way

Without writing any code, you can modify the HTML and CSS classes of widget areas, widgets, and widget titles. You get full control over the look and feel of your sidebars and widget areas, no matter what theme you use.

Sidebar Visibility lets you elegantly hide any widget area for logged-out users.

The Most User-friendly Widget Manager

If you have more than just a few widgets and widget areas, you will love the Enhanced Widget Manager. When adding new widgets to sidebars, Live Search will find widgets in seconds, and the smart split-screen gives you a much better overview of your widget options.

1-Click Sidebar Activation© lets you activate or deactivate widget areas instantly.

Show or Hide Sidebars on Any Page (Yes, any)

Create a post sidebar, a page sidebar, a category sidebar, or any custom sidebar you need, without confusing widget logic code. You can even combine conditions in any way you like, so you can display widgets and custom sidebars on all posts in a select category and written by a specific author.

Display your widget areas on any of these conditions:

  • Posts, Pages & Custom Post Types
  • Content with Tags, Categories, or Custom Taxonomies
  • Content written by select Authors
  • Seitenvorlagen
  • Blog Page & Post Type Archives
  • Archive nach Autor
  • Taxonomy Archives
  • Archive nach Datum
  • Front Page, Search Results, 404 Not Found Page
  • bbPress Profiles, Forums & Topics
  • BuddyPress Profile Sections
  • Languages (WPML, Polylang, qTranslate X, Transposh)
  • Pods Seiten
  • Any Combination of Above

Sidebar Plugin Einbindung und Support

Content Aware Sidebars automatically supports Custom Post Types and Taxonomies created by any plugin or theme. Built-in support for some of the most popular WordPress plugins means that you e.g. can create WooCommerce sidebars for select products or BuddyPress sidebars for your members.

Content Aware Sidebars Pro – Complete control for your widget areas

Highlighted Premium Features

  • Design your Widget Areas: Add widget columns and edit colors, backgrounds, paddings, etc.
  • Widget Areas in Theme Hooks: Intelligently insert new widget areas into your theme without coding
  • Automatic Widgets Backup: Easily restore any changed or deleted widgets
  • Sidebar Visibility: Extended visibility for User Roles and Guests
  • Time Schedule: Display widget areas only in select time ranges on given days
  • Smart Widget: Turn widget areas into reusable blocks and show the same widgets in different places
  • Duplicate Sidebars: A real time-saver when adding new similar widget areas
  • Disable Any Widget: Save memory and remove clutter by removing unused widgets
  • First-class Email Support: Get expert help fast and directly to your inbox
  • and so much more…

Extra Sidebar Conditions

Display your widget areas on these additional conditions:

  • URLs + wildcards
  • Content from any day, month, year
  • BuddyPress Groups

Upgrade at anytime instantly and securely from the Admin Dashboard, or click here to upgrade now!

Weitere Informationen


  • Einfacher Erstellung von eigenen Sidebars und Anzeige zu jedem Inhaltstyp
  • Übersicht über alle Widget-Bereiche im einfachen Sidebar Manager
  • Filtere Widgets und Sidebars im Erweiterten Widget Manager


  1. Entpacke und lade das content-aware-sidebars Verzeichnis zu deinem /wp-content/plugins/ Verzeichnis via FTP hoch oder installiere das Plugin in Plugins im Admin Dashboard
  2. Aktiviere das Seitenleisten-Plugin in Plugins im Administrationsbereich.
  3. Erstelle deine erste eigene Sidebar im Menü Sidebars > Neu erstellen
  4. Füge Widgets zu neuen Seitenleisten hinzu wie bei allen anderen Seitenleisten
  5. Das ist alles!

Hier klicken um mit Content Aware Sidebars zu starten.


Installation Instructions
  1. Entpacke und lade das content-aware-sidebars Verzeichnis zu deinem /wp-content/plugins/ Verzeichnis via FTP hoch oder installiere das Plugin in Plugins im Admin Dashboard
  2. Aktiviere das Seitenleisten-Plugin in Plugins im Administrationsbereich.
  3. Erstelle deine erste eigene Sidebar im Menü Sidebars > Neu erstellen
  4. Füge Widgets zu neuen Seitenleisten hinzu wie bei allen anderen Seitenleisten
  5. Das ist alles!

Hier klicken um mit Content Aware Sidebars zu starten.

Arbeitet dieses Seitenleisten-Plugin mit meinem Theme zusammen?


Wenn dein Theme bereits Sidebars und Widget Areas verwendet, kannst du neue eigene Sidebars verwenden und diese mit den einstellbaren Bedingungen mit den vorhanden verbinden, ersetzen oder ausblenden.

You can also display custom sidebars using the sidebar shortcode [ca-sidebar id=““] anywhere in your content.

If your theme has a built-in sidebar generator, it is recommended to disable it and/or only use Content Aware Sidebars for maximum speed and compatibility.

Will this plugin work with page builders?


Many users already mix Content Aware Sidebars with popular page builder plugins such as Elementor, SiteOrigin Page Builder, Beaver Builder, and Visual Composer.

Do I need to know widget logic code?


Content Aware Sidebars is praised by users for its unparalleled sidebar and widget visibility options. It’s the only plugin that allows you to display widget areas on literally any condition without any code.

Kann ich wirklich Sidebars und Widget-Bereiche auf jeder beliebigen Seite anzeigen?


In the Sidebar Editor, you can select where, when and to whom your sidebar should be displayed. Create a sidebar for each page, a sidebar for posts in a category, or any sidebar you need, all in a user-friendly UI.

You can also select sidebars directly when you’re editing a post or page.

Klicke hier um mehr über die Einstellmöglichkeiten einer Seitenleiste zu erfahren.

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Best of its kind

I have actively used several plugins designed to perform a similar function, and this one is the best so far. I’m going to be redoing the sidebars of several sites using this plugin.

Awesome Sidebar Plugin

This is probably the best sidebar plugin because you can create endless sidebars for free and there are no features I have found I need from the PRO upgrade to use the plugin as intended

Awesome control over the sidebars

I will admit that I have used various plugins over the years for creating and managing my sidebars and widgets. But recently nothing I had used or was currently using did exactly what I needed. I had heard of this plugin for sometime and finally took the dive. Well, it was perfect for my needs which is some really fine-tuned, strategic sidebar and widget placement.

I couldn’t resist getting the premium version though 🙂

Excellent job.

Very good plugin, extremely useful

This is an excellent plugin. There is no need to write much, because it works exactly as advertised. The free version is certainly usable and useful. It works perfectly and is reliable. All in all, highly recommended! Great thanks to the developers for this fantastic plugin.

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View Release Notes

  • Updated: freemius sdk


  • Fixed: javascript error introduced in v3.7.5


  • Neu: UI Verbesserungen
  • Added: affiliation program
  • Fixed: some hierarchical sub-items could not be selectable as conditions
  • Fixed: conditions would in some cases not be displayed properly after save
  • Updated: wp-content-aware-engine
  • Updated: freemius sdk


  • Neu: UI Verbesserungen
  • Fixed: some conditions could not be added on legacy php versions
  • Updated: wp-content-aware-engine
  • Updated: freemius sdk


  • Updated: freemius sdk


  • Added: redirect to current tab on sidebar update
  • Added: better display of hierarchical items in conditions
  • Neu: UI Verbesserungen
  • Added: improved compatibility with other plugins
  • Updated: wp-content-aware-engine
  • Updated: freemius sdk

Pro Plan:

Added: list of generatepress hooks to insert widget areas in
Fixed: url condition could in some cases not be set


  • Added: display only active shortcode sidebars
  • Neu: UI Verbesserungen
  • Added: wordpress 4.9 support
  • Fixed: visibility for sidebars inserted with shortcodes

Pro Plan:

  • Added: time schedule for shortcode sidebars


  • Added: visibility for sidebars inserted with shortcodes
  • Added: icon navigation to custom sidebars on widgets screen
  • Added: quick select uses less memory and has better theme sidebar recognition
  • Added: sidebars can be displayed on password protected content with removal of filter
  • Added: manage widgets links will now open specific sidebar by default
  • Added: better wpml and polylang compatibility when editing sidebars
  • Added: performance and memory improvements
  • Neu: UI Verbesserungen
  • Added: minimum requirement wordpress 4.1
  • Fixed: styling from nested sidebars is now inherited properly
  • Updated: wp-content-aware-engine
  • Updated: freemius sdk

Pro Plan:

  • Added: insert sidebars in theme locations and wp action hooks
  • Added: design and add columns to sidebars and widgets
  • Added: url condition automatically trims domain name
  • Fixed: improve sidebar revisioning and compatibility with older wordpress versions
  • Fixed: allow saving and restoring empty sidebar revisions
  • Fixed: show message for successful revision restore
  • Fixed: improved widget sync on theme switch
  • Removed: sidebar column in post overview list

Siehe changelog.txt für vorherige Änderungen.