Cookie Notice & Compliance for GDPR / CCPA


Cookie Notice provides a simple, customizable website banner that can be used to help your website comply with certain cookie consent requirements under the EU GDPR cookie law and CCPA regulations.

Cookie Compliance enhances the functionality of Cookie Notice by providing automated compliance features and better design controls in a state-of-the-art web application.

Cookie Compliance was developed to help small, and medium-sized websites take the guesswork out of compliance. We have always taken pride in delivering value to our Cookie Notice users. Through our upgraded Cookie Compliance web application, we can continue to deliver value by helping web admins respect the privacy of their website visitors without affecting their ability to do business.
Bartosz Arendt – original developer of Cookie Notice + VP of Product & Technology

Cookie Notice Features:

  • Customizable notice message
  • Consent on click, scroll or close
  • Mehrere Cookie-Ablaufoptionen
  • Link zur Datenschutzerklärungs-Seite
  • Seitensynchronisation der Datenschutzerklärung von WordPress
  • WPML- und Polylang-kompatibel
  • SEO freundlich

Cookie Compliance Features:

  • Customizable GDPR & CCPA notice templates
  • Consent Analytics Dashboard
  • Cookie Autoblocking (complies with GDPR Art.7)
  • Cookie Categories (complies with GDPR Art.32)
  • Proof-of-Consent Storage (complies with GDPR Art.30)
  • Link to ‚Do Not Sell‘ page (supports CCPA Sec.1798)
  • Enhanced design controls and options
  • Multiple new banner positions
  • Custom language localization


  • screenshot-1.png


  1. Installiere Cookie Notice entweder über das oder indem du die Dateien auf deinen Server hochlädst
  2. Aktiviere das Plugin mittels dem ‚Plugins‘-Menü in WordPress
  3. Gehe in die Cookie-Notice-Einstellungen und passe sie an.


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24. Februar 2021
It used to be a good plugin, but now it is only an unnecessary attempt to upsell a premium version. I'll migrate my customers' web sites to some real tool. C.
23. Februar 2021
I don't even care what you introduced here - you deserve 1 start just for the full-screen ad on the Dashboard launch, clowns. I'm removing your plugin from every WordPress website I manage. You played yourself, congratulations. Hope you will get destroyed with 1-star reviews soon, and then really think about what you just did 😉
23. Februar 2021
It used to be good, but then got sold to try and milk it for all its worth. I could still live with the intrusive ads and needing a top tier menu item. It's annoying, but whatever. But with the takeover they also introduced lots of bugs and it now no longer works with WP Rocket. It's impossible to use functionally, so a complete waste of time now.
21. Februar 2021
I'll delete this plugin with its Corona Propaganda as soon as I have time to look for a good alternative for over 10 active websites I'm managing. Why don't just stay neutral and let the plugin do what it does instead of imposing your idealogy? What a bummer and a turn off. I'll quit the relationship with this plugin.
21. Februar 2021
simply deleted it and now using the fork ZP Cookie Notice
18. Februar 2021
I've never seen such an arrogant, heavy handed nag screen in a plugin. First log-in after the plugin auto-updated and found my entire dashboard taken-over with an ad for their new (premium) plugin. It doesn't even seem to have an option to permanently remove the ad either, only a tiny, almost invisible "remind me later" button in the corner. I'll never know if it reappears because this plugin is getting immediately uninstalled. It might be great plugin, but now I'll never know because on principle I'll never be installing a product on any of my sites.
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  • Fix: Cookies accepted function issue when Compliance activated


  • Tweak: UI/UX improvements


  • Fix: Pending Compliance update blocking the notice
  • Fix: PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information
  • Tweak: UI/UX fixes for the settings screen


  • New: Introducing Cookie Compliance for GDPR/CCPA


  • Tweak: Speed up Corona Banner loading by moving JS file to footer with async parameter
  • Tweak: Improve buttons CSS padding
  • Tweak: Accessibility improvements on links


  • Fix: Unable to select Privacy policy link
  • Fix: Blank Cookies policy link in a message
  • Fix: Undefined index: on_click
  • Tweak: Adjusted default opacity back to 100


  • New: Introducing Corona Banner that displays data about Coronavirus pandemia and five steps recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization)
  • New: Option to set bar opacity
  • New: Accept the notice with close icon
  • Fix: Policy link added to message without policy option enabled


  • Fix: Problems with iOS and OK/Reject button
  • Tweak: Added Separate cookie expiry for Reject, props Carlos Buchart


  • Fix: The body css class always set to „cookies-refused“
  • Tweak: Improve IE & Safari CustomEvent and ClassList support
  • Tweak: Change the plugin js init event


  • New: Option to accept the notice with any page click
  • Tweak: Remove jQuery dependency
  • Tweak: Swtich from jQuery to CSS3 animations
  • Tweak: Improve the CSS and HTML structure


  • Fix: HTML tags stripped from cookie message
  • Fix: Link target not accepted in inline privacy link


  • New: Option to select the privacy policy link position
  • Tweak: Do not relad the page on refuse button click
  • Tweak: Added aria-label attribute to cookie notice container


  • Optimieren: WP-Super-Cache-Cookie bei Deaktivierung entfernen
  • Optimieren: Plugin-Version bei Deaktivierung aus der DB entfernen


  • Tweak: Improved WP Super Cache support
  • Tweak: CSS container style issue and media query for mobile


  • Fix: Der Text des Widerrufs-Buttons wird im Shortcode ignoriert
  • Fix: Zustimmungs-Button wird nicht automatisch in der obersten Position angezeigt
  • Tweak: Shortcode-Parsing für den Inhalt von [cookies_accepted] hinzugefügt, dank dsturm


  • Neu: Option für den Widerruf der Einwilligung durch den Benutzer
  • New: Script blocking extended to header and footer
  • New: Synchronization with WordPress 4.9.6 Privacy Policy page
  • New: Custom button class option
  • Tweak: Added 1 hour cookie expiry option


  • New: Introducing [cookies_accepted][/cookies_accepted] shortcode
  • Fix: Infinite cookie expiry issue


  • Behoben: Endlose Umleitungsschleife mit aktiviertem Bildlauf


  • Behoben: Div align center bei einigen Themes
  • Tweak: Erweiterte Liste der erlaubten HTML-Tags im refuse-Code
  • Tweak: Minified CSS and JS


  • Neu: Option zum Neuladen der Seite nach der Annahme von Cookies


  • Tweak: Move frontend cookie js functions before the document ready call, thanks to fgreinus
  • Tweak: Adjust functional javascript code handling
  • Fix: Chhromium infinity expiration date not valid
  • Fix: Remove deprecated screen_icon() function


  • Tweak: Add aria landmark role=“banner“
  • Tweak: Extend cn_cookie_notice_args with button class

  • Fix: Repository upload issue with 1.2.36


  • Fix: String translation support for WMPL 3.2+
  • Fix: Global var possible conflict with other plugins
  • Tweak: Add $options array to „cn_cookie_notice_output“ filter, thanks to chesio.
  • Tweak: Removed local translation files in favor of WP repository translations.


  • Tweak: Use html_entity_decode on non-functional code block
  • Tweak: get_pages() function placement optimization
  • Tweak: Filterable manage cookie notice capability


  • Fix: Empty href in links HTML validation issue


  • New: Greek translation thanks to Elias Stefanidis


  • Fix: Accept cookie button hidden on acceptance instead of the cookie message container


  • New: Non functional Javascript code field
  • Fix: Minified Javascript caching issue


  • Fix: jQuery error after accepting cookies


  • Tweak: Add class to body element when displayed
  • Tweak: Italian translation update


  • New: Option to set on scroll offset


  • Tweak: Correctly remove scroll event, limit possible conflicts
  • Tweak: Italian translation update


  • Fix: Accept cookies on scroll option working unchecked.
  • Fix: call_user_func() warning on lower version of WP



  • New: Option to refuse to accept cookies
  • New: setCookieNotice custom jQuery event
  • Tweak: Italian translation updated, thanks to Luca Speranza



  • Tweak: Swedish translation updated, thx to Ove Kaufeldt



  • New: Option to select scripts placement, header or footer


  • New: Danish translation, thanks to Lui Wallentin Gottler

  • Fix: Quick fix for 1.2.18 print_r in code


  • New: More info link target option
  • Tweak: Additional HTML ids, for more flexible customization



  • Tweak: Dutch translation missing due to a typo


  • New: Danish translation, thanks to Hans C. Jorgensen
  • Fix: Notice bar not visible if no animation selected


  • New: Hungarian translation, thanks to Surbma



  • New: Slovenian translation, thanks to Thomas Cuk



  • New: Italian translation, thanks to Luca
  • Tweak: Confirmed WP 4.0 compatibility

  • Tweak: Enable HTML in cookie message text
  • New: Option to donate this plugin 🙂



  • New: French translation, thanks to Laura Orsal
  • New: Deleting plugin settings on deactivation as an option


  • New: German translation, thanks to Alex Ernst


  • New: Spanish translation, thanks to Fernando Blasco


  • New: Added filter hooks to customize where and how display the cookie notice


  • New: Portuguese translation, thanks to Luis Maia


  • Fix: Read more linking to default site language in WPML & Polylang


  • Tweak: UI improvements for WP 3.8


  • Fix: Cookie not saving in IE
  • Fix: Notice hidden under Admin bar bug
  • Tweak: Improved WPML & Polylang compatibility


  • New: Rewritten cookie setting method to pure JS
  • Fix: Compatibility with WP Super Cache and other caching plugins


  • New: Dutch translation, thanks to Heleen van den Bos


  • Tweak: Changed setting cookie mode from AJAX to JS driven