CSS Ready Classes for Gravity Forms


This WordPress plugin will allow you to conveniently select from a fully updated list of CSS Ready Classes from within your Gravity Forms form field’s Appearance tab. This plugin is a modified version of Brad’s Gravity Forms CSS Ready Class Selector WordPress plugin. Special thanks to Brad Vincent for the original code and Mike Kormendy for the cleaned up version! Visit our plugin web site for more details.

Considering the addition of a function to remove all backend tooltips from Gravity Forms. These tooltips are helpful to the uninitiated but quickly become a pest as they frequently appear (at least to me) with accidential cursor hover preventing the editing of fields.

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  • Convenient link added under the Advanced tab next to the „Custom CSS Class“ field.
  • Clean and simple popup that lists all the CSS Ready Classes.
  • Add more than one Ready Class.
  • Double click any CSS Ready Class to add it and auto-close the popup.
  • Hover over any CSS Ready Class to obtain a description of the class.


  • The CSS link that gets added in the Advanced tab.
  • The popup window displayed.


  1. Make sure Gravity Forms is installed and activated.
  2. Upload the plugin folder to your ‚/wp-content/plugins/‘ folder.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress.


Does this plugin rely on anything?

Yes, you must have Gravity Forms v2.0+ installed and activated.


15. April 2020
I had used the original gravity forms CSS plugin for years and this new and updated version does everything I had hoped would be developed for the old one. So much quicker to add multiple classes and all in one quick popup screen. Thank you so much for doing this.
26. Dezember 2019
Thank you for updating the old plugin. This plugin has useful functionality to it, and there weren't any of the new Gravity Forms classes in the old plugin from Brad.
3. Oktober 2019
No more having to lookup or remember what css classes are available for my Gravity Form form fields. Quick and simple popup with handy descriptions. This review is obviously biased. Special thanks to those who have come before me (Brad & Mike) to bring this much needed convenience about.
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  • Tested against WordPress 5.3.1


  • Tested against WordPress 5.3


  • Uniquely renamed functions to ensure compatibility with other plugins.


  • Updated name for publication on WordPress.org Plugin directory.


  • Simplified Class Section.
  • Tested against latest WP and GF versions.


  • Added new invisible css class.
  • Updated code, made it cleaner.


  • Added new vertical css classes, reordered classes and updated titles.
  • Added donate link.


  • Added new css classes and titles.
  • Replaced linked icon with text link.
  • Removed extraneous instantiation and cleaned up styling (Thanks Mike).


  • Initial release.