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The Most Intuitive WordPress Business Directory Plugin

Want to build an online directory of business listings similar to Yelp, Yellow-Pages or Tripadvisor on your WordPress site? Well, if the answer is YES, you have come to the right place. Directorist streamlines the process of creating powerful business directories or classified websites.

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Meet our powerful Directorist Business Directory plugin, highly optimized that can scale to millions of listings ensuring the most dynamic experience of managing online directory business. Using Directorist, you can create lists of directories based on the location, category, and other interests without writing a single line of code. You can also make classified websites like a car selling directory, booking directory, land selling directory, team directory, job portal, directory portal, staff directory, medical directory, doctor directory, address book, and what not!

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Directorist Business Directory is one of the leading and fast-growing business directory plugins in WordPress. It is fully compatible with popular WordPress themes that allows you to transform your existing website into a personalized business directory with tons of advanced features and functionalities.


👉 Beginner Friendly: Thoughtfully designed user-interface lets users to operate the plugin with zero coding skills and get the most compelling user experience. This beginner-friendly plugin provides you a simple setup wizard to get you started.

👉 Monetize and Earn: Expand your business with our amazing monetization features that allows you to create an additional income stream and generate unlimited revenue flow.

👉 Highly Extensible and Customizable: Enhance the functionalities of your directory site with robust extensions and customize using the most popular page builder— Elementor.

👉 Booking System*: Develop a service or event-oriented booking directory with scheduling functionality to hoist the possibilities of your directory business. e.g. Restaurant Reservation, Saloon Booking, Doctor appointments, Lawyers & Consultancy Firm).

👉 Live Chat*: Integrate private messaging system on your directory listing website that allows users to have a real-time private conversation with business owners.

Let’s take a look at some of the core features that make this WordPress directory plugin exclusive from others available in the market:


  • Compatible with all themes including popular ones such as Avada, Divi, Astra, and OceanWP.
  • CSV Bulk Importer (listing, category, location, tag, media etc.).
  • Highly-optimized and rocket-fast performance to ensure scalability.
  • 25+ Elementor Page Builder widgets.
  • Advanced search filters to narrow down and yield accurate search results and with addition of custom fields filter, elevate the search experience to a greater level.
  • Front-end and Back-end listing submission.
  • Front-end user dashboard to manage listings.
  • Open Street Map and Google Map Integration.
  • Unlimited custom fields to accommodate custom requirements on the listing form.
  • 100% responsive and modern-day design.
  • WooCommerce multi-vendor plugin compatible [Exclusive].
  • Built-in SEO optimization system as well as Yoast SEO compatibility.
  • Personalize the directory using a wide range of short codes.
  • GDPR compliant.
  • Ajax powered listing and review submission.
  • Listing owner contact form.
  • Listing image slider.
  • Listing and Review submission without login (Guest Submission).
  • Listing reviews and ratings.
  • Display business hours, FAQs, image gallery, carousel & slider, Google reCAPTCHA for a listing using paid extensions.
  • Custom sidebar for single listing page.
  • Custom user Registration and Login.
  • New, Popular, Featured, and Open/Close badges.
  • Create Unlimited listing based on location and category.
  • List and grid view for categories, locations, and listings pages.
  • Translate to any language effortlessly using Loco Translate plugin.
  • Sustainable for a long-term use.
  • Updated regularly for flawless operation.
  • And many more!

Scale to Millions of Listings and Blazing Fast Experience

There is no doubt that a fast loading web page is crucial for better user experience and the search engine. Keeping that into account Directorist Business Directory plugin is built with industry-standard practices to provide you with a lightning-fast loading experience. It is a highly optimized plugin that can scale to millions of listings ensuring low memory consumption and efficient query execution.

Beautiful Modern Design and 100% Responsive

Integrate Directorist Business Directory with your existing theme and turn it into a personalized business directory or classified website using a wide range of functionalities. Directorist boasts modern-day designs with 3 types of view that includes — grid, list, and map view. Integrate with popular themes like Astra, Avada, Divi, etc. and start your Business Directory right away with trending designs.

Easy Translation, RTL & Built-in SEO Solution

Translate your business directory or classified website to any language effortlessly using Loco Translate plugin that provides in-browser editing of the translation files and get your directory listing website optimized for SEO.

👉 Multilingual Facility: Directory listing websites created by Directorist Business Directory are 100% translatable and can be translated into multiple languages.

👉 Built-in SEO: Directorist Business Directory lets you set custom meta title and description in every directory page. It is also compatible with Yoast SEO plugin.

👉 RTL (Right to Left): Directorist Business Directory is fully compatible with RTL languages like Arabic, Aramaic, Hebrew etc.

Powerful Search and Advanced Filters

The Directorist Business Directory advanced filter lets your users search listings based on numerous criteria like custom fields, tags, price range, etc. along with default text field, category, and location fields to elevate the search experience to a greater level.

  • Filtering using numerous fields to yield accurate results.
  • Geolocation and nearby listings.
  • Radius search.
  • Use custom fields as search filters.
  • Search widgets with 14 different filters.
  • Highly customizable filters for each type.

CSV Bulk Importer

Get a compelling user-friendly system that simplifies the migration process by letting you import thousands of listings from a CSV file. Directorist Business Directory CSV Tool is painstakingly developed to corroborate a smoother migration process.

  • Complete migration to Directorist Business Directory in just a few clicks.
  • Import thousands of listings or more in no time.
  • Map any field types to Directory listing fields.

Unlimited Custom Fields

Add unlimited custom fields to accommodate custom requirements on the listing form also, you can use custom fields as search filters to get the best search results. You can add fields like select, file, URL, radio, checkbox and many more

  • Create unlimited custom fields for listing form.
  • Create custom fields by choosing from 11 different field types.
  • Search using custom fields for accurate search results.

Extensive Monetization Facility

Directorist Business Directory allows you to monetize your business directory website in various ways. Let’s take a look at them:

👉 Featured Listing: Earn money by featuring each of the listings of your site users according to their purchase. In this process, you make listings featured and promote them that display at the top in the listing page.
👉 Paid Listing*: Get paid for each listing your users submit! You can create unlimited pricing plans by providing different sets of values to get paid by listing the submissions. To make it happen, it requires a cost-effective premium extension.
👉 Claim Listing*: Make money by allowing business owners to claim their listing and get verified.
👉 Pay Per Submit*: Earn by charging users to create a listing on your site.

*Requires Additional Purchase

Frontend Listing Submission and Listing Management

Directorist Business Directory allows users to submit and manage listings from the frontend of the site without having to log in to the admin panel. Directorist provides a smart frontend Dashboard system for users to manage their listings, change plans, change passwords etc. without accessing the admin panel.

  • Add listings using the frontend listing form.
  • Renew/Change plan from the frontend.
  • Intuitive user dashboard for managing the listings.
  • Maintain business without accessing the admin panel

Multiple Mapping Source

Location or address search is an important aspect of a business directory and classified ads site. Directorist Business Directory provides a flexible mapping source offering Google Maps and OpenStreetMap to help users to find their desired service.

👉 Google Maps: Use the most popular and versatile mapping platform for free with limited quota provided by Google.
👉 OpenStreetMap: A free easy-to-use mapping platform to display location and use map features without the need for Map API.

Robust Payment Gateways

More options for getting paid means more ways to earn revenue. By default, Directorist Business Directory allows you to use an offline payment method for free. You can set up a bank transfer method as an offline payment gateway using the free version.

If you want to scale up your payment gateway using an online payment method, and you can use PayPal or Stripe by purchasing cost-effective extensions. In addition to this, using this WordPress directory plugin taxes and recurring options can be added into your online payment system respectively.

Easy to Use and Highly Customizable

Make a powerful and beautiful business directory or classified website with the most user-friendly business directory plugin. Anyone can turn his/his website into a powerful and professional directory website with this plugin without having any programming skill.

  • Design your directory site using 25+ Elementor widgets.
  • Personalize using a wide range of shortcodes and parameters.
  • Numerous widgets can be added:
    • Author info
    • Search listing
    • Popular listing
    • Featured listing
    • Similar listing
    • Map
    • And many more
  • Site owner can customize the email templates as it’s needed and many more.

Developer Friendly

WordPress developers can extend the plugin functionalities infinitely using available hooks and filters.

Constructed with Clean Code

We prioritize quality over quantity and the whole system is constructed with clean codes.

Action and Filter Hooks

Directorist Business Directory provides a vast array of action and filter hooks so that the developers can customize the plugin according to their needs.

Easy Review Management

Directorist Business Directory provides a smart way to manage reviews for all the listings. As a site owner, you can allow or disallow a listing submitter to review his own listing. You will also get an option for instance review approval or keeping it pending if reviewers give reviews.

Incredible Support

Our dedicated support team always loves to get queries from our users and they are quite good at serving our users’ purposes. As we care user’s needs, like the previous days, as always, our users will get the premium support in the coming days.

Build by a Dynamic Team & Backed by a Wonderful Company

We aim to provide you with the best professional business directory plugin. Our team is full of dedicated developers, designers, support engineers and marketers who spent countless hours to make this plugin the most convenient to its users. We’re constantly working to improve the plugin by adding new features and fixing the bugs in the best possible way.

Getting Started with the Directorist Business Directory is only a matter of few clicks. Check out the detailed guide through our documentation on our official website in order to operate the plugin in the best possible way.

Paid Extensions to Boost Your Business Directory

Directorist Business Directory offers cost-effective premium Extensions to extend the functionalities of your directory listing website.

👉 Pricing Plans – This feature extension allows you to create unlimited pricing plans with no time. In addition to this you can add different sets of features including private plans for specific users that can keep hidden from the rest of users. You also can set up recurring payments to your system which enhances your pricing plans on your directory listing website.

👉 WooCommerce Pricing Plans – This extension enables you to use all the payment gateway supported by WooCommerce itself.

👉 PayPal Payment Gateway – Get paid through the PayPal payment gateway on your directory listing website.

👉 Stripe Payment Gateway – Scale up your payment gateway by using Stripe Payment Gateway extension. This extension is used to accept payment through Credit Cards. David Cards, Visa Card, MasterCard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, AliPay, and many more. This 3D secured extension supports 135 currencies all through the world.

👉 Booking(Reservation & Appointment) – Set up a system for booking online shows, consultations, seminar, wedding invitations, training classes, restaurant, saloon reservations, doctor appointment, lawyer, consultancy firm, and so on.

👉 Claim Listing – This add-on allows business owners to visit your site and pay to get the ownership of their specific listing just like Foursquare and Yelp with a few clicks.

👉 Post Your Need – You can hardly find this unique feature extension in any other directory listing plugins. It supports the business owners to communicate with consumers and solve their problems on a personal level.

👉 Listing With Map – If you want to add a new layout that will show your listings with the map side by side bearing advanced filtering options, this feature extension would be the best bet for you. In this case, when you filter the listings, the search results will be updated without even loading the page.

👉 Live Chat – Integrate private messaging system on your directory listing website and make your business more credible by ensuring customer satisfaction.

👉 Image Gallery – This feature extension allows you to add unlimited images for your gallery on your directory listing website. You can use a lightbox with an image cropping facility on your website.

👉 Mark as Sold – Allows the listing authors an opportunity to let their visitors know if a particular item is sold or not on their directory listing website.

👉 Google ReCAPTCHA – If you want to protect your directory listing website from fake/spam user registration, this feature extension is the right choice to ensure spam protection. This will stop all the auto generated bots from submitting by setting up a Google reCAPTCHA challenge while registering users.

👉 Listing Slider & Carousel – Display your listings with beautiful sliders and carousels. This highly customizable tool will allow you to display slider and carousel on any pages, posts, and even in widgets. There are 18 shortcode attributes for sliders and 28 shortcode attributes for Carousel.

👉 Business Hours – This feature extension is used to inform the customers when the business is open and when to close. It shows the opening and closing duration of your business hours. You can customize the timezone with a badge system.

👉 Listing FAQs – Set up an FAQ section on your directory listing website to satisfy your visitors and convert them into your loyal customers.

👉 Social Login – Allow you users to register and login to your directory listing website using their social media channels. In this process, the registration process becomes faster and handy without waiting for the validation process.

👉 Rank Featured Listings – To rank your featured listing items on your directory website. Sometimes you may need to rank all your featured listings if it happens on a larger scale. Using this extension, you will get complete and the most affordable solution out there you needed.

👉 Compare Listings – Allows visitors to add a set of listings in a list and compare its features by viewing in a comparison table.

Apart from purchasing above mentioned individual extensions, you can get all of the Directorist Business Directory extensions in a bundle as a bonus at a discounted price from the Directorist Extensions Bundle package.

If you face any issues with managing this awesome business directory plugin in person, feel free to reach out! Our dedicated support team is always ready to help you in the best possible ways.

Here’s What Users Say about Directorist – Business Directory Plugin

👨 Simply the BEST directory plugin

10 stars – no joke.
I tried several plugins, including paid ones on that canyon costing over 60 bucks, they did not satisfy at all. Directorist is super customizable, the devs are really helpful and the prices or their extensions are very reasonable. Would recommend to anyone who is looking for a directory plugin. Even without paid upgrades, it’s a true beast!
– By @collin43

💁 Perfect for our project!

This free plugin does what Classifieds premium themes don’t. It is very well thought out and personalized. I needed support and had a service note 10.
– By @barenco

👨 Amazing Plugin and Excellent Support

The best ad plugin I have used. The simplicity and fluidity of use allows you to improve the user experience. Excellent support, I had a lot of questions and a lot of problems but the support was always by my side.
– By @wadi2a

Contribute to Directorist – The Best Business Directory Plugin

If you want to contribute to the project, you’re most welcome to make it happen. The full source code is available on GitHub. If you find anything improbable, feel free to shoot a bug report.


  • Home Page
  • Advanced Search/Filter
  • All Listings Page (Grid View) - Search Result Page
  • All Listings Page (List View)
  • All Listings Page (Map View)
  • Single Listing
  • Widgets
  • Advanced Search Widget
  • Custom Fields
  • File Upload - Author Profile Page
  • Maps
  • Add New Listing (Frontend)
  • Add New Listing (Backend)
  • Author Page
  • User Dashboard (My Listings)
  • User Dashboard (My Profile)
  • User Dashboard (Favourite Listings)
  • Locations Page
  • Categories Page
  • Private Directory
  • Login Page
  • Registration Page
  • Checkout Page
  • Payment Receipt Page
  • Order History
  • Directorist Settings Panel


  1. Unzip the downloaded zip file and upload the plugin folder into the wp-content/plugins/ directory. Alternatively, upload from Plugins >> Add New >> Upload Plugin.
  2. Activate the plugin from the Plugins page.


Click here for the Documentation.


Is Directorist – Business Directory Plugin freemium in type?

Directorist is a free business directory plugin that offers a number of paid extensions to extend the functionalities of your directory listing website.

How to make a listing featured?

You can make a listing featured according to the respective pricing plans.

Is there any widget facility with Directorist Business Directory plugin?

Absolutely, you will get 35+ custom widgets using this awesome plugin.

Is Directorist – Business Directory Plugin compatible with any themes out there in the market?

Yes, Directorist is built in such a way that it works smoothly with all the major themes in the market.

Can I translate the Directorist – Business Directory Plugin to my language and make it multi-lingual?

Yes, you can use the Loco Translate plugin or Poedit tool to translate your directory into your language. You can also make it multi-lingual using the gTranslate or Polylang plugin. For more information and guidelines refer to the blog post here.

What types of directories can I build?

Directorist is a complete directory solution and in combination with its advanced extensions, you can build directories of any kind. For example:

  • Booking directory
  • Classified directory
  • Service-based directory
  • Hotel directory
  • Local directory
  • Restaurant directory
  • Professional directory
  • Car directory
  • Member directory
  • Real-estate directory and many more


15. Oktober 2020
10 stars - no joke. I tried several plugins, inluding paid ones on that canyon costing over 60 bucks, they did not satisfy at all. Directorist is super customizable, the devs are really helpful and the prices or their extensions are very reasonable. Would recommend to anyone who is looking for a directory plugin. Even without paid upgrades, it's a true beast!
14. Oktober 2020
The guys could not be more helpful. Big shout out to Badal for going the extra mile and helping me with some custom ideas for my website. Couldn't rate these guys any higher, customer service A*!!!
14. Oktober 2020
These guys a really fantastic, very helpful and they respond in very good time. I don't have a coding back ground or really understand 99.5%, but i know what i need to do or what issue there is. When I reach out to them, they always help me and give me a solution which is so great and really does make my day after encountering an issue which can effect users on my site.
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6.5.5 – Oct 20, 2020

  • Fix – Fatal error of all location and category pages
  • Fix – Deprecated notice
  • Fix – Map issue
  • Remove – Hook used in Business Hours extension

6.5.4 – Oct 19, 2020

  • Add – Allow listing owners to create location
  • Add – Maximum location creation/selection limit
  • Add – Option to redirect to referrer page after login
  • Add – Option to disable SEO
  • Improve – Polylang support
  • Improve – Validation of map’s latitude and longitude
  • Fix – Single listing social media icon issue
  • Fix – Orderby rand parameter is not working if cache is enabled
  • Fix – Tag creation issue with settings
  • Fix – Filtering issue with pagination
  • Fix – Style issues

6.5.3 – Oct 8, 2020

  • Add – Auto login after registration
  • Add – Custom redirection after registration
  • Add – Polylang plugin compatibility
  • Tweak – Browser compatibility
  • Tweak – Font Awesome version updated
  • Fix – Badge issue of related listings
  • Fix – Custom map marker placement issue
  • Fix – Conflict with JNews theme
  • Fix – Registration validation error
  • Fix – Changed preview submit button text
  • Fix – Email issue in review
  • Fix – Disable price issue in single listing
  • Fix – Tags filter source issue
  • Fix – Open filter fields issue in listings page

6.5.2 – Aug 11, 2020

  • Add – WordPress 5.5 compatibility
  • Add – Open Graph SEO metas for custom pages
  • Add – Image validation and sanitization of add listing form
  • Fix – Grid View’s price disappearing issue
  • Fix – Style issues when preview image disabled
  • Improve – Cleaned up admin menus

6.5.1 – Aug 1, 2020

  • Fix – Previously renewed listings disappearing issue
  • Fix – Page deleting issue of Setup Wizard
  • Add – New options to have more control over caching
  • Remove – ‚Favourite‘ text from single listing page
  • Improve – Font in Setup Wizard

6.5.0 – Jul 28, 2020

  • Add – CSV Bulk Importer (listing, category, location, tag, media etc.)
  • Add – Object Caching
  • Add – Elementor Page Builder widgets
  • Add – Setup Wizard with dummy data importer
  • Add – A few more options to control listing review
  • Add – Default latitude and longitude of listings map view
  • Fix – Email conflict with Contact Form 7
  • Fix – Review issue of related listings
  • Fix – Multi-author’s listing issue of author profile page
  • Fix – Listings sorting issue of single tag and category page
  • Fix – Listings count issue of user dashboard page
  • Fix – Add listing form issue with Post Your Need extension
  • Fix – Listing renewal link issue
  • Fix – Listing tag widget’s issue
  • Fix – Style issues
  • Improve – Database Query
  • Improve – Page loading time
  • Improve – Listings thumbnail
  • Improve – Spacing

6.4.3 – Jun 23, 2020

  • Fix – Cluster Icon issue of Google Map
  • Fix – Duplicate canonical issue with Yoast SEO Premium plugin
  • Fix – Review submitting issue with emoji
  • Fix – Conflict with Deep theme
  • Fix – Translation issues
  • Fix – Style issues
  • Remove – White space
  • Improve – Expired listings of User Dashboard page

6.4.2 – Jun 12, 2020

  • Fix – Listing status
  • Fix – Duplicate canonical issue
  • Fix – Saving issue of payment receipt shortcode
  • Fix – Validation issue of review submission
  • Fix – Review pagination
  • Fix – Style issues
  • Remove – Redirection of add listing page when error happens
  • Improve – „Search Listings“ widget
  • Improve – Yoast SEO plugin compatibility
  • Improve – Translation

6.4.1 – May 17, 2020

  • Add – Option to set per image limit in add listing form
  • Fix – Listing count issue of category archive
  • Fix – Page regenerating issue
  • Fix – Image delete when listing is deleted
  • Fix – Order date issue in payment receipt
  • Fix – Post status and preview issue
  • Fix – Email’s „From Email“ settings
  • Fix – „Only Admin Use“ issue of Custom field
  • Fix – Pending listing status issue
  • Fix – Style issue in RTL
  • Improve – Post Type Capability
  • Change – „Pay & Submit“ buttom text to „Continue“

6.4.0 – Apr 29, 2020

  • Add – Option to show location and tag in single listing
  • Add – Popular WooCommerce Multivendor plugins (Dokan, WC Vendors, WC Marketplace, WCFM, YITH WooCommerce Multivendor) support
  • Improve – User profile image uploader
  • Fix – Custom field and category relationship issue
  • Fix – Duplicate listing submitting issue
  • Fix – WooCommerce empty cart issue
  • Fix – WooCommerce product sorting issue
  • Fix – Issue in scheduling task
  • Fix – Renewal link issue
  • Fix – Listing publishing issue
  • Fix – Repetitive tag, location and category issues in listing form and listing search
  • Fix – Related listing issue
  • Fix – Listing preview issue of admin add listing form
  • Fix – Image placeholder issue in add listing form
  • Fix – Review delete issue
  • Fix – Review image issue
  • Fix – PHP notice
  • Fix – Style issue

6.3.4 – Apr 9, 2020

  • Fix – Redius serarch issue in mobile view
  • Fix – Style issues
  • Improve – Data type sanitization
  • Improve – Code

6.3.3 – Apr 6, 2020

  • Add – Option to set custom redirection after login
  • Add – Options to customize email header
  • Fix – Errors in PHP v7.4.1
  • Fix – Listing status
  • Fix – Minor issue on single listing’s map
  • Fix – Style issues
  • Fix – Conflict of radius search
  • Fix – Mail sending issue of Contact owner form
  • Fix – Category and location not saving issue on add listing form
  • Fix – Edited listing email issue
  • Fix – Listing status when checkout not continued
  • Fix – Review disable issue on author profile page
  • Fix – ‚Go Back‘ link on single listing page
  • Fix – Broken link in listing thumbnail on map view
  • Fix – search location placeholder issue
  • Fix – Randomly filtering issue on single location page
  • Fix – Table name prefixing issue during uninstall
  • Fix – Advanced filter issues
  • Fix – Disable single listing view settings is not applying on map’s info window
  • Improve – Advanced filter reset in search result page
  • Improve – Card style in User Dashboard page
  • Remove – Repeated JS codes
  • Remove – Login form markup
  • Remove – Unnecessary settings
  • Remove – Bootstrap tooltip

6.3.2 – Mar 4, 2020

  • Fix – Add Listing form redirection issue
  • Fix – Issues of PHP older version
  • Fix – Price formatting issue
  • Fix – Style settings
  • Fix – Typos
  • Fix – Tag and Category issues of add listing form
  • Add – Options to customize single listing slider
  • Fix – Current location issue
  • Fix – Tagline saving issue of add listing form
  • Fix – Get Direction link issue of Google Map’s info window
  • Improve – Logged-in user identification
  • Improve – Date format of payment receipt
  • Improve – RTL

6.3.1 – Feb 15, 2020

  • Fix – Saving issue of Settings panel
  • Fix – Review and listing email issue
  • Fix – Formatting issue of listing description
  • Fix – Filtering order history by order status
  • Fix – Design issues
  • Add – Options to customize single listing slider

6.3.0 – Feb 10, 2020

  • Add – Guest Listing Submission (listing submission without login)
  • Add – Option to use custom template for single listing
  • Add – Custom Media uploader on Add Listing form
  • Add – Ajax pagination in listing reviews
  • Add – A few new hooks
  • Add – Option to change terms & conditions label
  • Add – Option to add Privacy Policy on add listing and registration form
  • Add – Option to set maximum image upload limit and size
  • Add – Author listing’s filter customization option
  • Add – Space validation of username in registration form
  • Add – Supports for user roles of WooCommerce plugin’s „Customer“ & „Shop Manager“
  • Improve – Author’s website address linking
  • Improve – Listing submission without reloading page
  • Improve – Listing phone number 2 clickable
  • Improve – Login and Registration pages
  • Improve – User registration process
  • Improve – Listing slider
  • Improve – Listings preview image cropping
  • Improve – Follow website’s default date format for custom field and review
  • Improve – Firefox browser compatibility
  • Fix – Prevent displaying expired listings in related listing slider/carousel
  • Fix – Author name tooltip issue in listings pages
  • Fix – Custom rewrite for listing slug
  • Fix – Capability issue of listing submission from admin dashboard
  • Fix – Rating issue of author profile page
  • Fix – Undefined function error
  • Fix – Translation issues
  • Fix – Zoom issue of OpenStreetMap map
  • Fix – Ordering issue of Location widget
  • Fix – Style issues
  • Fix – Typos

6.2.2 – Dec 17, 2019

  • Add – Option to remove directorist’s data on uninstall
  • Add – Using description of category and location as Meta Description
  • Add – HTML Email template
  • Add – Options to remove Author listing’s filter
  • Improve – Password recovery/reset system
  • Tweak – Change map widget’s default zoom level
  • Tweak – Review’s author image issue
  • Fix – Translation issue
  • Fix – OpenStreetMap issue
  • Fix – Featured image issue on single listing’s header
  • Fix – Listing Status when user skips payment for featuring a listing
  • Fix – Listing form field validation errors
  • Fix – Style issues

6.2.1 – Nov 23, 2019

  • Fix – OpenStreetMap map issue of ’no listing found‘
  • Fix – Tag issue of search
  • Fix – Map icon issue
  • Fix – Radius search issue
  • Fix – Category widget dropdown issue
  • Fix – Location widget dropdown issue
  • Fix – Listing renewal issue
  • Fix – Tag issue of listing form
  • Fix – Listing’s status conflict with monetization
  • Improve – Function naming
  • Improve – Tags field
  • Improve – Option to submit review without login
  • Improve – Made OpenStreetMap map’s marker draggable
  • Improve – User login authentication process

6.2.0 – Nov 05, 2019

  • Add – Option to select Kilometers or Miles for Radius Search
  • Add – Option of default Radius Distance
  • Fix – Login error message issue
  • Fix – Listing publish before checking out
  • Fix – Decimal issue of listing form
  • Fix – Radius search of search result
  • Fix – OpenStreetMap map issue
  • Fix – View Count issue of user’s listing adding form
  • Fix – OpenStreetMap map conflict with Rank Math SEO Plugin
  • Fix – Pagination issue
  • Fix – Design issues
  • Fix – Form fields settings issue
  • Improve – Header title of Search Result page

6.1.0 – Oct 24, 2019

  • Add – Category icon in OpenStreetMap
  • Improve – Google Map
  • Improve – OpenStreetMap map
  • Fix – Translation issue
  • Fix – Custom field with category issue
  • Fix – Required issues of search fields
  • Fix – Add to Favourite functionality of author page
  • Fix – Decimals issue of listing’s price
  • Fix – Radius search conflicts with rating filter
  • Fix – Current location issue of OpenStreetMap
  • Fix – Autosuggestion issue

6.0.2 – Oct 17, 2019

  • Fix – Google map issue
  • Fix – OpenStreetMap direction issue
  • Improve – Social Media icon of single listing page
  • Improve – Google map info window

6.0.1 – Oct 16, 2019

  • Fix – Price range placeholder issue
  • Fix – Password label issue of Registration form
  • Fix – Author image linking issue
  • Fix – Translation issue
  • Fix – Text color issue of Style Settings
  • Improve – Single listing slider (If there is one slider image, it won’t show slider thumbnail)

6.0.0 – Oct 14, 2019

  • Add – Style Settings
  • Add – Radius search
  • Add – Listing Bookmark/Mark as Favourite on listings page
  • Add – Address finder in location search field
  • Add – Custom Map Marker
  • Add – Category icon in Map Marker
  • Add – Auto suggestions in location search field (if choose to display from Map API)
  • Add – Option to remove single listing’s address link
  • Add – Option to show published date on listings page
  • Add – Option to add listing’s email and website url on listings page
  • Add – Option to customize Map info window of single listing page
  • Fix – OpeNStreetMap/Google map zooming issue
  • Fix – Published date issue on listings page
  • Fix – ‚Remember Me‘ of login form
  • Fix – Map info window of single listing page
  • Fix – Header title issue of search result page
  • Fix – Extra space issue of excerpt field
  • Fix – Currency Symbol issue
  • Fix – Translation issues
  • Fix – Style issues
  • Improve – Settings Panel
  • Improve – Social Media icons of single listing page
  • Improve – Listings page header title
  • Improve – User Role
  • Remove – ‚Google+‘ from social media links

5.9.2 – Sep 10, 2019

  • Add – Control listings map view’s zoom level
  • Add – Extended search form
  • Add – Option to remove filter icon
  • Fix – Google Map issue
  • Fix – Price formatting issue
  • Fix – Email notification of review
  • Improve – Login form’s functionality
  • Improve – Listing default status functionality
  • Tweak – Add listing form

5.9.1 – Aug 31, 2019

  • Fix – Locations page issue
  • Fix – Placeholder issue of listing form
  • Tweak – Display search box’s categories alphabetically
  • Improve – Compatibility with Directorist Pricing Plans

5.9.0 – Aug 29, 2019

  • Add – Option to show/hide Price Range from Form Fields
  • Add – Option to customize logic of Related Listings
  • Add – Control content of Map Info Window
  • Add – Parent-child relation in category and location dropdowns
  • Extend – Payment Currencies
  • Fix – Conflict of login failed notification with WooCommerce
  • Fix – Advanced Search/Filter’s labels
  • Fix – Rating’s apostrophe(/) issue
  • Fix – Philippine peso currency issue
  • Fix – ‚Show More‘ link issue of Advanced Search/Filter
  • Fix – Listing status after renewal
  • Fix – Search by Ratings issue
  • Fix – Alphabetically ordering issue of Listings locations
  • Fix – Styling issues
  • Tweak – The email address to send from
  • Improve – Compatibility with Directorist WooCommerce Pricing Plans
  • Improve – Code (white spacing, deprecated function etc.)

5.8.0 – Aug 20, 2019

  • Add – Review approval option
  • Improve – Search fields label
  • Improve – Responsiveness of single listing slider
  • Improve – Made listing address clickable that opens on Google Map
  • Tweak – OpenStreetMap
  • Fix – Custom fields issue on Listings Search and Result pages
  • Fix – Price format of payment system
  • Fix – Styling issues
  • Revert – „Not Now“ button of checkout page

5.7.0 – Aug 17, 2019

  • Add – RTL support
  • Fix – Short by popular listing in Search Results, Single Category and Single Location pages
  • Tweak – Recovery password email notification

5.6.3 – Aug 15, 2019

  • Fix – Translation issue
  • Fix – Sort by Popular Listings
  • Fix – Popular Listings widget
  • Fix – Email sender name for recovery password
  • Remove – „Not Now“ button from checkout page
  • Remove – Registration form title

5.6.2 – Aug 14, 2019

  • Fix – Translation issue
  • Fix – Listings count
  • Fix – Styling issues
  • Fix – Preview image issue

5.6.1 – Aug 07, 2019

  • Add – Listing view count control
  • Fix – Review updating issue
  • Fix – Preview/post image conflict of single listing
  • Tweak – Display search box’s categories alphabetically

5.6.0 – Aug 06, 2019

  • Fix – Email notification for edited listing
  • Fix – Conflict with Event Calender plugin
  • Fix – OpenStreetMap issue
  • Fix – Repeating email notification issue
  • Fix – Assigning tag capability of frontend user
  • Fix – Location Saving issue of frontend user
  • Fix – New user notification email
  • Fix – Styling issues
  • Add – orderby=’rand‘ to display listings randomly ([directorist_all_listing orderby=’rand‘])
  • Add – Options to change the labels of User Dashboard tabs
  • Add – New shortcode to display author information on single listing page
  • Add – Searchability of location and category search fields
  • Tweak – Option to choose email recipient for receiving email from Contact Listing Owner Form

5.5.3 – Jul 25, 2019

  • Fix – Category issue of single listing page

5.5.2 – Jul 24, 2019

  • Fix – Listing search issue
  • Fix – Listing submit with more than four categories
  • Fix – SEO issue
  • Add – Connected WordPress user bio with the plugin’s user bio
  • Add – Alt attribute to category and location images
  • Add – Option to hide Back Link
  • Improve – Styling on several places

5.5.1 – Jul 18, 2019

  • Add – Fax number and another phone number fields in add listing form
  • Fix – Preview image issue
  • Fix – Category icons issue
  • Fix – Custom Fields issue
  • Improve – Styling on several places

5.5.0 – Jul 17, 2019

  • Add – Multiple Locations and Categories for users
  • Add – Private/logged in user only content/directory
  • Add – Forward/redirect any pages
  • Add – Option to make Search fields required
  • Add – Admin Email Notification when someone submits a review
  • Fix – Custom Fields issue of Add Listing form
  • Fix – Minor issue of Image & Video section
  • Fix – Full width issue with Directoria theme
  • Fix – Line break & paragraph issues of single listing
  • Fix – Twitter issue
  • Fix – SEO issues

5.4.4 – Aug 05, 2019

  • Fix – Email notification for edited listing
  • Fix – Conflict with Event Calender plugin
  • Fix – OpenStreetMap issue
  • Fix – Repeating email notification issue
  • Fix – Assigning tag capability of frontend user
  • Fix – Location Saving issue of frontend user
  • Fix – New user notification email
  • Fix – Styling issues
  • Add – orderby=’rand‘ to display listings randomly ([directorist_all_listing orderby=’rand‘])
  • Add – Options to change the labels of User Dashboard tabs
  • Add – New shortcode to display author information on single listing page
  • Add – Searchability of location and category search fields
  • Tweak – Option to choose email recipient for receiving email from Contact Listing Owner Form

5.4.3 – Jul 10, 2019

  • Fix – „Sort By“ issue on search result page
  • Fix – Minor issue of Add listing page
  • Improve – Responsiveness
  • Improve – Translation
  • Improve – Single listing page’s code
  • Tweak – Phone number clickable
  • Tweak – Report Abuse popup
  • Extend – Added more hooks to make the plugin more customizable

5.4.2 – Jul 09, 2019

  • Add – Listing form fields placeholder text changing option
  • Add – Added option in Custom fields to display only for admin or for all
  • Fix – Registration form
  • Fix – Report Abuse issue
  • Improve – Listing’s edit button
  • Improve – Looks of file upload

5.4.1 – Jul 07, 2019

  • Fix – Login and registration links issue
  • Fix – SEO issues of single category, location and tag pages
  • Fix – Twitter sharing issue
  • Fix – Minor issue of Custom Fields file Uploading type
  • Tweak – View as & Sort by button text change option
  • Improve – Settings Panel

5.4.0 – Jul 02, 2019

  • Add – Settings Search Box on top of the Settings Panel to find out settings quickly & easily
  • Add – File type (audio, video, image, pdf, document and so on..) in Custom Fields
  • Add – OpenStreetMap map’s marker move
  • Add – Control the link of Login and Registration
  • Tweak – Info window of Map
  • Tweak – Listing columns to work more effectively
  • Fix – Pagination issue on single tag page
  • Fix – Line Awesome icon css issue
  • Fix – Featured widget
  • Fix – Shortcodes of Single Listing page

5.3.0 – Jun 24, 2019

  • Add – Line Awesome support
  • Add – Pagination on user dashboard
  • Add – Number type in Custom Fields
  • Add – Back link on single listing’s page
  • Add – Related listings slider title
  • Fix – Search by custom fields issue
  • Extend – Category icons
  • Improve – Pagination

5.2.0 – Jun 15, 2019

  • Add – Option to display default search results randomly
  • Fix – Registration form’s password field issue
  • Fix – Pagination issue of listings list view
  • Fix – Translation issues
  • Fix – Conflict with WooCommerce Membership and Social Warfare plugins
  • Tweak – Listing default preview image of User Dashboard
  • Improve – Listings page’s code

5.1.0 – Jun 13, 2019

  • Add – Registration and Login form customization options
  • Add – Excerpt word limit and Read More link
  • Add – Control listings columns of author page
  • Add – Option to remove preview, category and location images
  • Fix – Business Hours extension compatibility with related listings
  • Fix – Pagination issues
  • Tweak – Listings renew button

5.0.8 – Jun 07, 2019

  • Fix – Display custom fields issue in search/filter
  • Remove – Temporary removed the feature of searching listing by Custom Fields value

5.0.7 – Jun 02, 2019

  • Add – Option to disable Directorist’s Bootstrap JavaScript file to avoid conflict with theme’s Bootstrap JavaScript
  • Fix – OpenStreetMap issue
  • Fix – Category and Location issues in search
  • Tweak – Increased „Listing Per Page“ limit

5.0.6 – Jun 01, 2019

  • Add – Map view of OpenStreetMap on listings page
  • Add – Search listing by Custom Fields value
  • Fix – Translation issue
  • Fix – Extra ’n‘ generation on few themes
  • Fix – Style issue of custom field’s checkbox
  • Fix – Display Edit Listing button only for logged-in listing author
  • Fix – Automatically listing publish when payment status changed to Completed of Offline Payment Gateway

5.0.5 – May 26, 2019

  • Add – Controlling single listing page using shortcodes
  • Add – Registration confirmation email customization
  • Fix – Category custom fields and short description issue
  • Fix – Color field in advanced search/filter
  • Fix – Translation issues
  • Fix – Title and subtitle issues on search
  • Fix – Review badge issue
  • Fix – Style issues
  • Fix – Listing form’s Social field responsive issue
  • Fix – Removed extra ‚Z‘ from edit listing button
  • Tweak – Location field of listing form
  • Tweak – Changed listing’s default review from 1 to 5

5.0.4 – May 10, 2019

  • Fix – Listings header issue

5.0.3 – May 09, 2019

  • Add – Redirection to home page after logging out from User Dashboard
  • Fix – Capitalization issues
  • Fix – Various style issues
  • Fix – Registration confirmation massage
  • Fix – Page title of single location and category pages
  • Improve – Listings header
  • Improve – Terms & Conditions area of add listing form
  • Remove – Validations from Setting panel
  • Remove – Google+ from User Dashboard

5.0.2 – May 01, 2019

  • Add – New parameters for Shortcodes
  • Add – Recover/forget Password option on login page
  • Add – Option to hide/show author email
  • Fix – Advanced search/filter responsiveness and rating issues
  • Fix – Clickable preview image on user dashboard
  • Fix – Sort by Popular Listings
  • Fix – Style issues
  • Tweak – Improved Settings panel

5.0.1 – April 25, 2019

  • Fix – OpenStreetMap issue
  • Fix – Advanced search/filter issues
  • Fix – Listing pagination on single Category and Location pages
  • Fix – Translation issue of advanced search/filter
  • Fix – Listing expiration
  • Add – Preview image on user’s favourite listings list
  • Add – New parameters for Directorist Shortcode’s
  • Tweak – Search Result page meta title

5.0.0 – April 20, 2019

  • Add – Advanced Search (search by Custom Fields, Price, Price Range, Ratings, Tags, Website, Email, Phone, Address, Zip/Post Code etc.)
  • Add – Advanced Filters on Listings and Search Result pages
  • Add – Listings Map View
  • Add – OpenStreetMap Map
  • Add – Option to upload category and location background image
  • Add – Advanced Search widget
  • Add – Listings Map View widget
  • Add – Option to change Add Listing form’s labels
  • Add – Option to change ‚Select a category‘ and ‚Select a location‘ placeholder text of Search Form
  • Add – 25 more action and filter hooks to make Directorist more customizable
  • Tweak – Header area of Listings and Search Result pages
  • Tweak – Form fields label capitalization
  • Tweak – Moved ‚Upgrade/Regenerate Pages‘ button to Directory Settings >> Pages, Links & Views
  • Tweak – Hide ‚Order History‘ sub-menu if monetization disabled
  • Tweak – Changed Location icon
  • Fix – Listing expiration
  • Fix – Image uploading issue of Add Listing form
  • Fix – Style issues
  • Fix – Listing pricing
  • Fix – Map issue on single listing
  • Fix – Translate issue
  • Remove – Top Admin Bar for Subscriber/User
  • Remove – Upgrade database option
  • Remove – Google+ from listing sharing

4.7.6 – April 3, 2019

  • Add – Option to upload category image
  • Fix – Login url after successful registration
  • Fix – Translation issue in single listing
  • Fix – Listing count in All Locations page, All Categories page, Location widget and Category widget
  • Tweak – Custom field paragraphing support

4.7.6 – April 3, 2019

  • Add – Option to disable single listing view
  • Add – Single Tag Page
  • Add – Dynamic alt attribute for img tag
  • Fix – Translate issues
  • Fix – Wp admin bar
  • Fix – Popular listing issue
  • Tweak – Option to display single listing tags on Tag Widget

4.7.5 – March 28, 2019

  • Extend – Added another option for making listing popular based on average ratings
  • Extend – Added new settings page to control user dashboard called „User Dashboard Setting“ under Directory Settings >> Listing Settings
  • Fix – Minor CSS issues
  • Fix – Image upload issue
  • Fix – Popup’s text translate issue
  • Fix – Listing share issue on social medias
  • Fix – Listing expiration and renewal issue
  • Tweak – Option to restrict selecting multi-location

4.7.4 – March 20, 2019

  • Fix – User Login page
  • Fix – Google map autocomplete issue
  • Fix – Form fields hide/show issue
  • Extend – Zip/Post Code field on add listing form
  • Extend – Added another 149 Category icons

4.7.3 – March 14, 2019

  • Fix – Payment issue
  • Fix – Conflict of category permalink

4.7.2 – March 12, 2019

  • Tweak – Listing form validation without page load
  • Tweak – Rearranged ‚Form Fields‘ settings
  • Tweak – Open Website link of Contact Information on a new tab
  • Fix – Currency Decimal
  • Fix – Two minor issues of Custom fields
  • Fix – Ajax output on listing review section
  • Fix – Tag and location saving issue of frontend add listing form
  • Fix – Minor CSS issues

4.7.1 – March 5, 2019

  • Fix – Compatibility with Yoast Plugin
  • Fix – Title issue of single listing page
  • Tweak – Made Contact Information’s email clickable to open in mail client

4.7.0 – March 4, 2019

  • Fix – Compatibility with Polylang Plugin
  • Fix – Pagination issue of Locations page
  • Add – Option to set custom meta title and description on Directorist pages for better SEO performance
  • Add – Featured listing widget
  • Add – Option to disable decimal in Currency Setting
  • Add – Option to change section title of single listing page
  • Add – Option to change Search Listing button text
  • Tweak – Infinite run of related listings slider

4.6.0 – FEBRUARY 26, 2019

  • Fix – Responsive issue
  • Fix – Hide/show issue on listings grid
  • Fix – Listing tagline issue
  • Fix – Expired listings
  • Add – Single Category Page
  • Add – Single Location Page
  • Add – Option to set default location on Google Map
  • Add – Option to set default Preview Image
  • Add – Contact Listing Owner form on single listing page
  • Tweak – Category & location permalink change
  • Tweak – Custom field’s URL type

4.5.1 – FEBRUARY 16, 2019

  • Fix – Sub-category & sub-location URL issue
  • Fix – Listings page columns issue
  • Fix – Show multi-category on similar and popular listing widget
  • Fix – Preview image issue on popular listing widget
  • Fix – Add listing form’s minor CSS issues

4.5.0 – FEBRUARY 14, 2019

  • Add – Option to make listing form fields required
  • Add – Option to select how to display the Grids (Masonry/Normal)
  • Add – Option to display each info of Grids on one line
  • Add – Time field type in Custom Field
  • Tweak – Improved category and location search fields

4.4.0 – FEBRUARY 11, 2019

  • Add – Show/hide option for header area of listings page
  • Add – Header title & sub-title changing options
  • Add – ‚Sort by‘ filter on search result page
  • Add – Two new parameters ‘featured_only’ and ‘popular_only’ in [directorist_all_listing] shortcode to display featured and popular listings anywhere

4.3.1 – FEBRUARY 9, 2019

Fix – Custom Fields issue
Fix – Search result
Fix – Some design related issues
Fix – Category in listings

4.3.0 – FEBRUARY 7, 2019

  • Add – Multiple Categories support
  • Add – Search result columns control
  • Tweak – Grid design
  • Tweak – Related listing design
  • Improved – All the columns
  • Fix – Text editor issue
  • Fix – Minor Pagination issue

4.2.0 – FEBRUARY 3, 2019

  • Add – Control listings columns
  • Fix – Shorting in all listing
  • Fix – Review Display/Hide option on single listing page
  • Fix – Add listing page edit issue

4.1.0 – JANUARY 27, 2019

  • Fix – Listing review
  • Fix – Custom Field issue
  • Fix – Show/hide related issues
  • Fix – Location related minor issue
  • Fix – Admin redirection after login
  • Add – Show/hide option for preview image
  • Add – Option to add rel=’nofollow‘ in listing’s website link
  • Tweak – Settings panel

4.0.3 – JANUARY 21, 2019

  • Fix – Custom Field issue
  • Tweak – Made preview image clickable
  • Tweak – Improved Login Form design
  • Fix – CSS issues of add listing form

4.0.2 – JANUARY 20, 2019

  • Fix – Admin redirection after login

4.0.1 – JANUARY 20, 2019

  • Fix – Preview image issue for old users
  • Tweak – Clean up code

4.0.0 – JANUARY 19, 2019

  • Add – Completely changed the design to get rid of all the limitation the old design had and make it more attractive, professional and adaptive.
  • Add – Custom Field
  • Add – Single listing Slider
  • Add – Listing approval system
  • Add – Option to add listing video on single listing page and widget
  • Add – Author Profile page for visitors
  • Add – Categories page and widget
  • Add – Locations page and widget
  • Add – Add to Favorites, Report Abuse and Share buttons
  • Add – List & Gird view features for All Listings, Location and Category page
  • Add – Login form shortcode and widget
  • Add – Terms & Conditions feature on frontend Add Listing form
  • Add – Order by & Sort by features
  • Add – Image Cropping feature
  • Add – A button to regenerate Directorist pages
  • Add – New and Popular badges
  • Add – Edit button on single listing
  • Add – Documentation Menu
  • Add – Author Information widget
  • Add – Submit Listing widget
  • Add – Contact Listing Owner widget
  • Add – Map widget
  • Add – Listing Search widget
  • Add – Tags widget
  • Add – Similar Listings widget
  • Add – About author field and Social Media links
  • Add – Parameters for All listings shortcode
  • Add – Display/hide option for Search fields
  • Remove – Export & Import feature
  • Remove – Default sidebar from single listing page
  • Tweak – Prefixed all the shortcodes by ‚directorist_‘
  • Tweak – Option to change/assign author from Bulk Editor
  • Tweak – Let admin to create category without icon
  • Tweak – Show/hide connector „Or“ from Search Home page
  • Tweak – Business Hour extension compatibility
  • Tweek – Improved the Add Listing form
  • Tweak – Offline Gateway’s Bank Information
  • Tweak – Rearranged Settings panel
  • Tweak – Preview image
  • Tweak – Category selection system for a listing
  • Tweak – Updated term relationship for search page
  • Tweak – Featured badge
  • Fix – Error notification for Sign Up form
  • Fix – Email notifications
  • Fix – Frontend user profile
  • Fix – Design relating all issues
  • Fix – Poplular listings
  • Fix – Validate the frontend listing submission form

3.3.0 – DECEMBER 1, 2018

  • Feature – Options to choose redirection after editing a listing on the frontend
  • Fixed – Edit page redirection

3.2.2 – NOVEMBER 12, 2018

  • Fixed – Business Hours extension compatibility

3.2.1 – OCTOBER 31, 2018

  • Fix – Website link displaying issue

3.2.0 – OCTOBER 14, 2018

  • Feature – Import and export
  • Tweak – Removed settings related to Popular Listings and Submit Listing from Settings page
  • Tweak – Added Popular Listings and Submit Listing as widget
  • Tweak – Displayed all categories and locations in the listing search result page instead of displaying top level one
  • Fix – Contact information toggle
  • Fix – Currency symbol
  • Fix – Several minor issues


  • Fixed: Editor could not manage listing from the back end
  • Fixed: Pricing was not showing after saving in editing form as well as in the front end


  • Added Language .pot file for easy translation to any language


  • Fixed some minor issues and made the plugin compatible with stripe payment gateway


  • Highlight: Made the plugin compatible with new PayPal Payment Gateway Extension & Fix some minor issues.
  • Fixed: New order email was not sent to a user if online payment was used like PayPal.
  • Fixed: Markup issue on the checkout form.
  • Improved: Made URL to Payment Receipt Page (==ORDER_RECEIPT_URL==) and Renewal Page(==RENEWAL_LINK==) linkable in Email Templates.
  • Improved: Added currency symbol to the price in Email Template.
  • Added: New URL rewrite rules for PayPal IPN handler.
  • Added: New functions to ATBDP_Permalink Class.
  • Improved: Now new URLs added by the plugin does not need a permalink resaving. Flashing rewrite rules will happen automatically if needed.
  • And some other minor improvement.


  • Fixed Some minor issues and Refactored some codes
  • Fix: Non featured listings were showing as featured.
  • Fix: Promote button was showing for already featured item
  • Fix: a PHP notice was shown if there was no phone number assigned to a listing
  • Fix: Dynamic category icon was not showing under popular listing widget
  • Fix: link to the archive page of the popular listings category
  • Fix: Location on the search page result page and related listings show proper location taxonomy instead of the address value.
  • Improve: Refactor some reusable codes to a function to avoid repetition & improve performance
  • Fix: a bug in the search result page related to post count
  • Improve: Removed some unnecessary old codes related to fetching reviews on search, all listings & dashboard script
  • Feature: Added Quick-tags feature on the editor on add listing page (front-end)


  • Added Monetization option using featured listing
  • Added Featured listing option
  • Added listing expiration features
  • Added listing renewal feature
  • Added a feature for listing auto deletion/trash after the expiration
  • Added email notification features for both user and admin
  • Added customizable email templates
  • Added different events selection option to choose when to send email notifications
  • Fixed Issue: Shortcodes and Auto Embed was not working on the listing content
  • Improvement: Single listing will not use full available space if no widget is not used in the listing sidebar
  • Added option to choose a default action after listing expire
  • Added option to choose default new listing status
  • Added an option to choose default edited listing status
  • Added an option to enable/disable pagination on the ‘All listings’ page
  • Added two new shortcodes for checkout page and payment receipt page
  • Added an Option to Enable/Disable Google Map Globally for all listings
  • Added option to hide google map on any specific menu
  • Added an Option to Enable/Disable Social Sharing
  • Added an Option to Enable/Disable login form inside ‘Submit Your Item’ widget
  • Added an Option to Enable/Disable Contact Information on a Listing
  • Added an ability to display a price for a listing.
  • Added an Option to Enable/Disable Listing Price on a Listing
  • Add an option to enable/disable pagination on the search result page
  • Added a currency setting for displaying price
  • Added a currency setting for accepting payments
  • Added Extra information about a listing on the user dashboard
  • Added a new style of featured listings and they appear on top of other listings on search result page and all listings page
  • Change Location value of a listing on all listings and search result page to location category with a link to their respective archive
  • Made a few missing strings translatable
  • Added New Columns on listings list page in the backend


  • Completely redesigned Settings Panel.
  • A huge improvement made in the design compatibility of the plugin with other themes. Now the plugin is super compatible with most of the themes.
  • Made the plugin more extendable by a developer using plugins hook
  • Removed black background image from search home page and now made the search page more compatible with any theme
  • Added a lot of new options to the settings panel. It means the plugin is now more customizable.
  • Removed a lot of CSS and made the plugin faster and lightweight
  • Added option to add or remove bootstrap CSS. Good option if you have a theme with Bootstrap.
  • Added option to add or remove bootstrap js. Good option if your theme has bootstrap JS because double js won’t conflict.
  • Added option to set custom slug for your listing base
  • Added option to set custom slug for your listing category base
  • Added option to set custom slug for your listing location base
  • Added option to set custom slug for your listing tags base
  • Added Map zoom level
  • Added new options to edit text for ‘no result found text’
  • Added option to enable or disable owner review on his own listing
  • Added auto directorist custom page generator to speed up site creation
  • Added dedicated option to control all extensions
  • Made the settings panel options, sections, menus everything extendable via hooks (for developer)
  • Added Import and export option for plugin settings
  • And much more


  • Added related listing features
  • Added popular listing features
  • Added Rating & Reviews features
  • Fixed some css issues


  • Fixed a css issue


  • Added new shortcode [all_listing] to show all listings on any page
  • Added option to show or hide popular category on search page
  • Made some missing texts translatable


Initial release