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Duplicator gives WordPress users the ability to migrate, copy, move or clone a site from one location to another and also serves as a simple backup utility. Duplicator handles both serialized and base64 serialized string replacement. WordPress migration and WordPress backups are easily handled by this plugin.

For complete details visit snapcreek.com.

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Mit Duplicator kannst du:

  • Move, migrate or clone a WordPress site between domains or hosts
  • Pull down a live site to localhost for development
  • Manually backup a WordPress site or parts of a site
  • Duplicate a live site to a staging area or vice versa
  • Bundle up an entire WordPress site for easy reuse or distribution
  • Perform a full WordPress migration without struggling with messy import/export sql scripts

Migrate WordPress and Run WordPress Backups

Duplicator creates a package that bundles all the site’s plugins, themes, content, database and WordPress files into a simple zip file called a package. This package can then be used to easily migrate a WordPress site to any location you wish. Move on the same server, across servers and pretty much any location a WordPress site can be hosted. WordPress is not required for installation since the package contains all site files.

Improve Your Workflow with Pre-Bundled Sites

Duplicator lets you make your own pre-configured sites to eliminate rework. Instead of manually configuring your favorite theme, set of plugins or content over and over, now just configure a single site and bundle it up into a Duplicator package. Once you have the bundled site, you can migrate the WordPress site over and over to different locations to instantly create many pre-configured sites!

Duplicator Pro

Duplicator Pro bringt Duplicator auf das nächste Level mit Funktionen, die dir sicher gefallen, darunter:

  • Geplante Backups
  • Cloud Speicher für Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 und FTP
  • Multi-threaded to support larger web sites & databases
  • Migrate an entire multisite WordPress network in one shot
  • Install a multisite subsite as a new standalone website
  • Database and user creation in the installer with cPanel API
  • Connect to cPanel directly from installer
  • E-Mail Benachrichtigungen
  • Professioneller Support
  • … und viel mehr!

Schau dir Duplicator Pro noch heute an!

Bitte beachten

Die zugrundeliegende Steuerung um von WordPress ein Backup zu erstellen, WordPress zu verschieben oder umzuziehen ist ziemlich komplex. Es ist unmöglich, die Einstellungen jedes Systems zu kennen. Deshalb ist uns dein Feedback wichtig. Danke, dass du uns hilfst, WordPress zur weltweit besten Blogging-Plattform zu machen.


This plugin does require some technical knowledge. If you plan to migrate WordPress or backup WordPress please use it at your own risk and don’t forget to back up your files and databases beforehand. If you need to move or backup WordPress and would like additional help please visit the Duplicator resources section .

Aktive Mitwirkende

  • Paal Joachim Romdahl (Training)
  • Hans-M. Herbrand (German)
  • Nicolas Richer (French)
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    Does Duplicator have a knowledge base or FAQ?

    Yes. Please see all documents at snapcreek.com.

    Installation Instructions
    1. Lade das Verzeichnis duplicator in den Ordner /wp-content/plugins/ hoch.
    2. Aktiviere das Plugin über das Menü „Plugins“ in WordPress
    3. Klicke im Hauptmenü auf den Link Duplicator.
    4. Sieh dir mit einem Klick auf das Hilfe-Icon die Hilfe an und erstelle dein erstes Archiv.

    Duplicator benötigt PHP 5.3 oder höher.

    Gibt es irgendwelche Videos, die ich mir ansehen kann?

    Yes. Please see the video section on the FAQ.

    Ist dieses Plugin mit WordPress-Multisite (MU) kompatibel?

    Duplicator isn’t, however Duplicator Pro supports full multisite network migrations/backups and also can install a multisite subsite as a standalone site.

    Wo erhalte ich weitere Informationen und Support für dieses Plugin?

    Visit the Duplicator support section at snapcreek.com


    Brilliant – no other word for it

    I’ve been migrating development builds for years and this plugin is by far the easiest, headache-free way to migrate ANY install! Very well done, very impressed and put a big smile on my face in terms of how easy it was to transfer my first site. Keep up the great work!

    Thoroughly excellent, also for http to https move

    I’ve been using it to backup and move among servers a number of small to medium-sized wordpress websites. It always worked great.
    I tried to use it to move a website from http to https remaining on the same server, and did the job without any issue. I don’t get why all the somewhat more complex how-to scattered online for moving wordpress from http to https don’t mention this plugin as by far the easiest and safest solution for a large number of websites.
    Crucially, even if for any reason this didn’t work, it would still cause no damage, and would leave the previous http website working as usual.

    by far…

    … The most flexible, sure-fired means to ensure good, reliable backups (and restores). It takes the burden of maintaining development/staging/production environments. I’ve relied on the pro version on too-many occasions to number, and it has never let me down. Simply excellent.

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