EU Cookie Law


EU-Cookie-Law ist eine leichte, elegante und mächtige Lösung, um deine Website an das Europäische Cookie Recht anzupassen, durch Information der Nutzer über die Cookieverwendung der Seite, mit einem Pop-up für weitere Informationen und der Möglichkeit, Skripte vor dem Akzeptieren zu sperren
(wie vom italienischen Gesetz gefordert – Garante della Privacy).

Du kannst das Aussehen anpassen, damit es perferkt zu deiner Webseite passt und hast viele Möglichkeiten, dass Cookies Verhalten vor und nach der Annahme zu kontrollieren.



  • Customizable banner (color, position, strings)
  • Consent by Clicking, Scrolling and Navigation
  • Set your page, popup or custom URL for Cookie Policy
  • Set cookie expiry
  • Fully responsive for tablets and smartphones
  • Compatible with mobile themes and plugins
  • Compatible with multilanguage plugins
  • Certified for WPML
  • Shortcode to revoke cookie consent
  • Shortcode to show a list of cookies
  • Compatible with Disqus and Jetpack InfiniteScroll

Erweiterte Features

  • Block scripts if cookies are not accepted
  • Automatic block of iframes, embeds, scripts and objects
  • Komplettes Paket mit Entwickler Shortcodes und PHP Funktionen
  • Manuelles und automatisches Setzen der Breite und Höhe von blockierten Inhalten

Installiere einfach das Plugin und folge den Anweisungen auf der EInstellungsseite.

Cookie block

You can lock cookies using [cookie] and [/cookie] shortcodes in every post, page and widget. You can use php functions too:
if ( function_exists(‚cookie_accepted‘) && cookie_accepted() ) {
// Your code

Mehr Shortcodes & PHP Functionen sind verfügbar in unserem FAQ.

EU-Cookie-Law kam von Peadig im Jahr 2012 und wurde im Juni 2015 Teil der, die der italienischen Regierung öffentliche, leistungsstarke Open Source-Lösungen für Websites geben soll.


You can add your translations here:

If you want to be translation editor for your locale, please send your username and language code (eg. it_IT) to
@tabakisp (el)

Thanks to: Gerard Weijer, Karsten Höfner, Mariusz Kołacz, Marco Milesi, Núria Nadal




In diesem Abschnitt wird beschrieben, wie du das Plugin installieren kannst und wie es arbeitet.

  1. Lade das eu-cookie-law-Verzeichnis nach /wp-content/plugins/ hoch
  2. Aktiviere das Plugin in WordPress über das Menü ‚Plugins‘
  3. Gehe zur EU Cookie Einstellungsseite
  4. Gehe durch die einzelnen Schritte und wähle aktualisieren!


Shortcodes verfügbar

You can block code in posts, pages and widget by wrapping it with these shortcode:
[cookie] … [/cookie]
[cookie height=“100px“ width=“100%“ text=“Hi WordPress“] //My code [/cookie]

To display the button to revoke consent (if cookies accepted) or accept cookies:

You can also revoke consent by adding ?nocookie=1 parameter to your url.
Ex. or

To display a list of active cookies on user client:

PHP Funktionen verfügbar

You can check the consent with:
if ( function_exists(‚cookie_accepted‘) && cookie_accepted() ) {
// Your code

If you want to display the cookie-block message:
generate_cookie_notice($height, $width);
generate_cookie_notice_text($height, $width, $text);

if ( function_exists('cookie_accepted') && cookie_accepted() ) {
    // Your code
} else {
    generate_cookie_notice($height, $width);

Please note that cookie_accepted returns true if you disable it in the settings panel, if you excluded the current page or if you are a search engine 🙂

If you think that we should enhance something let us know in the forum.

Auto block

The plugin offers an exclusive function that allows you to block iframes, embeds, objects and scripts in posts, pages and widgets. This can be activated in the plugin options panel because is disabled by default.

To exclude a page from the filter set a custom post field eucookielaw_exclude to 1. Just enable „Custom Fields“ in „Screen Options“ and in the „Custom Fields“ box type the name, the value, and hit „Add Custom Field“.

If you want to exclude a script, you can type between <script> and </script> the string eucookielaw_exclude.
Ex. add class=“eucookielaw_exclude“ or a comment.


We are working to improve cache compatibility. As for now, conflicts may occur.

WP Super Cache (sperimental*): open the file wp-content/advanced-cache.php and add the following immediately after <?php opening:
if ( !isset( $_COOKIE[‚euCookie‘] ) ){ return; }

So that you have:
if ( !isset( $_COOKIE[‚euCookie‘] ) ){ return; }

function wpcache_broken_message() {

This plugin is officially certified for WPML. You can translate every string with WPML’s String Translation module.

WPML’s String Translation module is part of the Multilingual CMS package. To enable it, you first need to download and install it from your account > Downloads section.

Then, go to WPML->String Translation and use the display filter, at the top of the String Translation page, to determine which strings to display.

Click on the translations link to open the translation editor and adjust the strings as you want. Be sure to click on „translation is complete““ after you translate. Incomplete translations will not appear in the site.


does not work at all

it looks really nice, but might require an update. does not work at all on wp 4.9. every browser is acting differently with this plugin, neither cookie-acceptance nor revoke have any effect at all, banner still shows on new loaded page. either plugin is outdated or lacks documentation on how to set up properly. support seems to be weak too when looking into all the unanswered requests. good looks unfortunately don’t help with poor functionality.

Excellent extension with great initial settings

This extension is perfect for implementing the cookie law. Its design is sober and fine as is. The extension is fully translated for french and no additional setup is necessary. It can be finely tuned according to the site needs. Thank you very much for your work.

Smart & Cool

Kleines aber feines Cookie-Tool nach EU-Richtlinien, um auf der sicheren Seite zu sein.


Estoy todavía construyendo la web. Pero este plugin por ahora va bien.

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Mitwirkende & Entwickler

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Interessiert an der Entwicklung?

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2.10 05.01.2017

  • Added filter eu_cookie_law_frontend_banner to change banner design with WordPress actions
  • Added filter eu_cookie_law_frontend_popup to change popup box design with WordPress actions
  • Fixed problem with „nocookie“ url parameter in cookie-control shortcode causing bugs in accept/revoke (#reported by Carlo Di Somma, Web Napoli Agency)
  • Enhanced performance

2.9.4 18.12.2016

  • Minor changes and WP 4.7 compatibility check

2.9.3 06.07.2016

  • Minor changes and WP 4.6 compatibility check

2.9.2 03.04.2016

  • Merged ac1d558 6937c2a daca37c thanks to @stephenharris on git
  • Updated wpml-config.xml

2.9.1 31.01.2016

  • Added custom filter to exclude Jetpack InfiniteScroll

2.9 30.01.2016

  • Improved auto block system
  • Better exclusion of search engines from the block
  • Better cache compatibility
  • Performance improvements

2.8.5 31.12.2015

  • Full switch to
  • That’s all for 2015. Thank you everyone for using EU Cookie Law and Happy New Year from Peadig and WPGov!

2.8.4 16.11.2015

  • Prevent bot from cookie exclude (beta) – includes mshot screenshot previews
  • Minor changes (typos)

2.8.2 11.11.2015

  • Removed fr_FR and nl_NL (now automatically bundled by

2.8.1 27.10.2015

  • Added option to exclude manually a script. See our faqs
  • Readme changes

2.8 17.10.2015

  • Added Top Center and Bottom Center for banner position
  • Added **target=“_blank“ option for cookie policy link
  • Removed ITALIAN and DEUTSCH languages. They are now bundled by WordPress. After some minutes you update to this version, you will get a notice to update translations in your dashboard. Other languages will come soon.
  • Minor changes

2.7.3 15.10.2015

  • Minor change for translation system

2.7.2 01.10.2015

  • Minor change for translation system

2.7.1 28.09.2015

  • jQuery fix – thanks @dukessa and @froussette

2.7 25.09.2015

  • Added option to define custom URL for cookie page
  • Fixed bug in Firefox – Thanks @gandalfthegrey
  • Added Polish – Thanks Mariusz Kołacz
  • Fixed some missing admin-side translations – Thanks Mariusz Kołacz
  • Minor changes and performance improvements

2.6.3 26.08.2015

2.6.2 21.08.2015

  • Fixed incompatibility with some plugins (eg. Ultimate Tag Cloud Widget)
  • Improved performances

2.6.1 19.08.2015

  • Fixed Cookie Control bugs in some servers
  • Fixed wrong domain when set cookie in some servers
  • Added German (de_DE) by Karsten Höfner
  • Added Spanish (es_ES) by Núria Nadal

2.6 14.08.2015

  • Better navigation consent
  • Fixed occasional bugs with „headers already sent“
  • Added cookie-list shortcode (usage in FAQS)
  • Added allowed „0“ value to cookie lenght (for SESSION)

2.5.9 05.08.2015

  • Improved cache compatibility
  • Added WPML instructions in FAQS
  • Added cookie-control shortcode strings for customization+translations
  • Minor changes

2.5.8 02.08.2015

  • Removed refresh if autoBlock not enabled
  • Improved autoBlock

2.5.7 02.08.2015

  • eucookielaw_exclude field now applies to content only
  • Performance improvements
  • Minor changes

2.5.6 20.07.2015

  • Improved translation system
  • Improved compatibility with WPML
  • Fixed some missing strings in admin panel
  • Added es_ES, fr_FR, de_DE translation files (blank)

2.5.5 19.07.2015

2.5.4 17.07.2015

  • Minor changes
  • Added WP Super Cache tips in faqs (sperimental)
  • Added Revoke Consent Link in faqs
  • Improved faqs
  • New banner

2.5.3 15.07.2015

  • Improved navigation consent (now it doesn’t reload the page)
  • Improved performance (load twice faster than 2.5.2)
  • Added parameter to allow you to create links to revoke cookie consent (sperimental)

2.5.2 05.07.2015

  • Improved autoblock

2.5.1 03.07.2015

  • Compatible with WPML
  • Better AutoBlock function (Disqus block included!)
  • Now scripts block doesn’t generate the message (limited for iframe, object and embed)
  • Minor changes

2.5 24.06.2015

  • Removed acceptance on scroll while in cookie page
  • Added Continue Navigation acceptance (beta)
  • Added Multisite Support (beta)

2.4.2 11.06.2015

  • Fixed occasional wrong date when setting cookies

2.4.1 10.06.2015

  • Solved a conflict with „Register Plus Redux“
  • Minor changes

2.4 09.06.2015

  • Added <objects> to auto block feature
  • Added ability to exclude pages from auto block feature (see our faqs) (beta)
  • Added option to consider scrolling as acceptation (disabled by default)
  • Improved style.css
  • Remove inline javascript in favor of WordPress enqueue

2.3.1 08.06.2015

  • Removed „hours“ in expiration (it caused bugs with internationalizationation).
  • Please re-save the field. It will be considered as „days“ while calculating expiration date of cookie.

2.3 08.06.2015

  • Added automatic block of iframes, embeds, scripts (beta)
  • Added option to enable/disable tinymce button
  • Performance improvements
  • Minor changes

2.2.2 08.06.2015

  • Fixed conflict with the_content filter

2.2.1 08.06.2015

  • Fixed expire date bug
  • Fixed shortcodes in widgets
  • Minor improvements

2.2 05.06.2015

  • Added customization options (ex. background+font color)
  • Added multilanguage support
  • Added italian language
  • Better UI for options panel
  • Minor bugfixes

2.1.1 + 2.1.2 04.06.2015

  • Fixed shortcodes in [cookie]...[/cookie] not being correctly rendered
  • Best tinymce icon with windowmanager
  • New and enhanced developer functions

2.1 03.06.2015

  • Added option to link directly to a page instead of popup
  • Added ability to change default cookie-lock message
  • Added [cookie-control] shortcode
  • Minor changes + bugfixes

2.0.3 + 2.0.4 + 2.0.5 – 03.06.2015

  • Fixed cookie storing caused by wrong iso date
  • Better css for small screens
  • Fixed jquery enqueue

2.0 + 2.0.1 + 2.0.2 – 02.06.2015

  • Plugin reload


  • Fixed cookie storing bug in Firefox


  • Fixed cookie storing bug
  • Added in CSS support for IE