Flex Posts – Widget and Gutenberg Block


Flex Posts is a widget to display posts in various different layouts. It is useful for a news site where you need to display a lot of posts in a page.

The widget is responsive so you can place it in any widget area. The widget content will adapt based on the width of its container. In a narrow area like standard sidebar, posts will be displayed vertically, but in a wider area, posts will be displayed in 2 or 3 columns depends on the container’s width.

Widget Settings

You can change the following in the widget settings:

  • Title
  • Title URL
  • Layout (Layout 1 – 4)
  • Post Type
  • Category
  • Tag(s)
  • Order by
  • Number of posts to show
  • Number of posts to skip
  • Show/hide image
  • Show/hide categories
  • Show/hide author
  • Show/hide date
  • Show/hide comments number
  • Show/hide excerpt
  • Excerpt length
  • Show/hide read more link
  • Read more text
  • Show/hide pagination

Gutenberg Block

Since version 1.1.0, Flex Posts also includes a gutenberg block. You can add the widget directly into the post/page content with the WP 5.0 block editor.


Please visit the live demo here: Flex Posts Demo


This plugin has been tested and works with at least PHP 5.3 installed in your environment. But we strongly recommend you to use the latest PHP version, as using older versions may expose you to security vulnerabilities.


  • Widget settings
  • Widget settings / Filter
  • Widget settings / Display
  • Layout 1 in sidebar
  • Layout 1 in content area
  • Layout 2 in sidebar
  • Layout 2 in content area
  • Layout 3 in sidebar
  • Layout 3 in content area
  • Layout 4
  • Block editor


Dieses Plugin unterstützt 1 Block.

Flex Posts


  1. Upload the flex-posts directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. In your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins, search for Flex Posts and click Activate.
  3. Go to Appearance » Widgets to add Flex Posts widget into your widget area.
  4. You can also insert the widget from post/page edit screen. Click Add block button, go to Widgets section, and click Flex Posts to add the widget into your content area.


Juni 3, 2019
This is a brilliant plugin. I have been using Flex Posts with the Gutenberg editor to create magazine-style landing pages with sections showcasing posts from different categories. This plugin makes it super easy and the results look great. I have also found additional CSS styling to be a breeze as the html generated by this plugin is very clear and logical with classes for all of the elements. Very well done! The four supplied post layouts are great, but can be styled further by displaying with or without images, or just the first post image - enabling the creating of an index page similar to Apple News or popular news sites. Being able to insert FP as widgets in the sidebar as well as a blocks in the main page makes it even more versatile. FP allows you to select posts of all, or a single category, and further filter them by tags. Brilliant for creating sections of distinct content. The only missing feature is the ability to exclude certain tags (e.g. display all posts in recipes, but exclude those tagged 'reviews'). This is nit-picking as the overall functionality is brilliant. Each FP block can display up to 100 posts (!) and these can be shown newest first, oldest first or random - which bring readers to content they might otherwise not come across - It also keeps your page live with fresh content. You can make FP sections look different by displaying or excluding excerpts, author, date, category etc. This makes even no-image lists look interesting. One surprising omission is that there is not option to display a read-more link or button - something that is standard on most plugins like this. Instead readers are forced to click on the title or image to get to the full article. In practise I have found this works just fine. Another feature I would like to see added in future updates is a way to change excerpt length as FP seems to pull this from WP global settings, but it would be nice to be able to set it on a per-block basis. The only issue I have run into is a conflict with Lazy Loader plugin although it only affects the back-end editor, not the front-end view. If I try to edit a page with Flex Posts in Gutenberg editor it does not pull in preview posts unless I disable Lazy Loading plugin first. This is a irritation but not a major flaw as everything still works even if you leave Lazy Loading active - you just don't get to see the live-preview in the Gutenberg editor. Congratulations to the Author for creating a very professional plugin.
Februar 23, 2019
Love the plugin. It does what it says it should do. No complaints. Made this account just to give it a review. Though, it would be greater if there's an Order By Random. 🙂
Dezember 30, 2018
I really love this plugin, please add the filter by tag feature for the next version, and more layout thanks.
Mai 21, 2018
One of the best plugins for this "genre". However, I can only make it to work on my localhost running php v7.x. On my Godaddy host with php v5.6 the plugin even refuses to activate. Adding backwards support will increase the number of people using this awesome plugin. Thanks, Nick.
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Mitwirkende & Entwickler

„Flex Posts – Widget and Gutenberg Block“ ist Open-Source-Software. Folgende Menschen haben an diesem Plugin mitgewirkt:




  • Fixed css not loaded correctly


  • Added title URL
  • Added excerpt length
  • Added read more
  • Added pagination
  • Added exclude tags
  • Updated order by random to work with skip
  • Removed post number & skip limit


  • Added post type option
  • Added show image option
  • Added a filter hook to set template directory
  • Updated template tags to make the functions pluggable


  • Added a new layout (Layout 4)
  • Added filter by tags
  • Added order by random
  • Added a filter hook to modify block title
  • Updated image size filter hook
  • Updated row class & styling (changed fp-posts to fp-row)


  • Fixed excerpt display function


  • Added gutenberg block
  • Fixed some style issues


  • Fixed compatibility with old php versions


  • Initial Release.