Table Rate Shipping Method for WooCommerce by Flexible Shipping


Der „Table Rate Shipping“-Killer

Flexible Shipping ist das fortgeschrittenste Versand-Plugin für WooCommerce-Shops, das die Berechnung von Versandkosten auf Basis von Gewicht und/oder Warenkorbsumme erlaubt. Kombiniere es mit der PRO-Version und es wird das einzige WooCommerce-Versand-Plugin sein, das du benötigst.

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Mögliche Versandszenarien

  • Versandkosten basierend auf dem Warenkorbgewicht
  • Versandkosten basierend auf dem Warenkorbwert
  • Adding handling fee or an insurance cost after reaching a certain order value
  • Erstelle eine „Per Nachnahme“-Versandmethode mit zusätzlichen Kosten
  • Different shipping costs for different shipping classes, products or product categories (PRO)
  • Disabling/hiding the shipping method if the configured rule has been matched in the cart (PRO)
  • Additional cost added to whole order and/or per each one product in the cart (PRO)
  • Enabling/disabling the shipping method based on the Time of the Day and Day of the week (PRO)
  • Hiding the shipping method for certain products

These are only a few examples of the Flexible Shipping usage, however, sky is the limit. We have described the most popular use cases in the comprehensive and detailed plugin documentation and Ready to use scenarios →.


  • Unlimited shipping methods and costs calculation rules
  • Possibility of adding the titles and descriptions to your shipping methods
  • Versandkosten basierend auf Warenkorbsumme und/oder -gewicht
  • Minimaler und maximaler Wert für Warenkorbsumme und/oder -gewicht
  • Summing up the costs of e.g. two different rules at the same time e.g. one based on cart total and the second based on weight
  • Free shipping over amount threshold
  • Option to display the selected shipping methods only for logged-in users
  • Further shipping companies integrations (see the info below for more details)
  • WPML and Polylang compatibility
  • Built-in ready to use scenarios
  • Automatic notification about shipping zone configuration conflict
  • Cart calculation settings (cart or package value)
  • Built-in tutorial with step-by-step guide


  • Alle kostenlosen Funktionen
  • Shipping classes support
  • Versandkosten basierend auf der Anzahl der Produktartikel und/oder Warenkorbpositionen
  • Shipping cost based on the product’s length, width, height and/or maximal dimension
  • Shipping cost based on the volume of the products in the cart
  • Shipping cost based on dimensional weight (with custom DIM Factor)
  • Shipping cost based on products (products, product categories, product tags)
  • Shipping cost based on user role
  • Enabling/disabling the shipping method based on the Time of the Day and Day of the week
  • Additional costs based on price, weight, dimensional weight, item quantity, cart line item, volume
  • Regel anhalten (wenn die Regel zutrifft, werden folgende Regeln nicht berechnet)
  • Hiding a shipping method (if the rule is matched, the related shipping method will remain hidden and will not be displayed in the cart and checkout)
  • Conditional logic for conditions with selection (e.g. shipping class) – matches any/all/none
  • Conditional logic for conditions with ranges (e.g. weight) – is/is not
  • Zusätzliche Berechnungsarten (Summe, geringste Kosten, höchste Kosten)
  • Maximale Versandkosten pro Versandmethode
  • Free shipping coupons support

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Flexible Shipping Box Packing WooCommerce

Flexible Shipping Box Packing WooCommerce introduces the advanced box packing algorithm allowing to automatically fit the ordered products into your shipping boxes the most optimal way. Give it a try and configure the shipping cost calculation rules based on the type and number of the used shipping boxes. It works with both the free and PRO versions, so you can buy it separately if you don’t need the PRO features.

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Distance Based Shipping Rates for WooCommerce

Distance Based Shipping Rates for WooCommerce extends the Flexible Shipping plugin functionalities by adding the rules based on distance and delivery duration. It works with both the free and PRO versions, so you can buy it separately if you don’t need the PRO features.

Buy Distance Based Shipping Rates for WooCommerce now →

WooCommerce Delivery Date Picker

WooCommerce Delivery Date Picker extends the default features of Flexible Shipping plugin, allows you to choose a convenient delivery date for your ordered products and makes the shipping cost dependent on the selected date. It works with both the free and PRO versions, so you can buy it separately if you don’t need the PRO features.

Buy WooCommerce Delivery Date Picker now →

Flexible Shipping Locations Add-On

Flexible Shipping Locations Add-On extends the default Flexible Shipping for WooCommerce functionalities and adds the possiblity to create the additional rules based on locations (WooCommerce and custom ones). It works with both, free and PRO versions, so you can buy it separately if you do not need the PRO features.

Buy Flexible Shipping Locations Add-On now →

Flexible Shipping Import Export Add-On

Flexible Shipping Import Export Add-On allows you to easily import and export Flexible Shipping methods. This way you can easily move and update shipping methods. Plugin supports CSV format. It works with both, free and PRO versions, so you can buy it separately if you do not need the PRO features.

Buy Flexible Shipping Import Export Add-On now →

Multi Vendor Shipping for WooCommerce Add-On

Multi Vendor Shipping for WooCommerce Add-on extends the Flexible Shipping plugin by adding rules based on Product Author (Vendor). This allows you to assign shipping methods to vendors or set additional shipping costs to them. It works with both, free and PRO versions so you can buy it separately if you do not need the PRO features.

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Wir bieten einen eingeschränkten Support für die kostenlose Version unseres Flexible-Shipping-Plugins im Plugin Support Forum. Bitte führe ein Upgrade auf die PRO-Version durch, um schnelleren E-Mail-Support zu bekommen und alle PRO-Funktionen nutzen zu können. Jetzt upgraden →

Further Integrations

Vereinigtes Königreich

We have released a DPD UK & Local WooCommerce integrations for Flexible Shipping covering the whole UK territory. Check our plugins – offer your customers the DPD UK services in your shop and show them the DPD UK Pickup Points map to choose their preferred one to collect their orders from.


There have also develop more further Flexible Shipping integrations for Polish carriers and shipping companies:

  • DPD – WooCommerce
  • DHL – WooCommerce
  • Paczkomaty InPost – WooCommerce
  • UPS – WooCommerce
  • eNadawca Poczta Polska – WooCommerce
  • Orlen Paczka – WooCommerce

Compatible WooCommerce Plugins

We have verified and tested the Flexible Shipping compatibility with the following popular WooCommerce plugins:

Unterstützte Währungsumschalter


Interested in plugin translations?

We are actively looking for contributors to translate this and other Octolize plugins. Each supported language tremendously help store owners to conveniently manage shipping operations.

Your translations contribute to the WordPress community at large. Moreover, we’re glad to offer you discounts for our PRO plugins and establish long-term collaboration. If you have any translation related questions, please email us at

Head over here and help us to translate this plugin:

Flexibler Versand, wie er sein muss


  • improved shipping-related user experience,


  • Flexible Shipping shipping method configuration screen
  • Adding a new Flexible Shipping shipping method
  • Flexible Shipping shipping methods added within a shipping zone
  • Flexible Shipping cost calculation rules table
  • Flexible Shipping shipping methods in the cart


Dieses Plugin unterstützt 2 Blöcke.

  • Free Shipping Notice Displays free shipping notice.
  • Free Shipping Notice Block Integration Adds a notice to the checkout and cart when free shipping is available.


This integration can be easily installed like any other WordPress plugin by following the steps below:

  1. Download and unzip the latest zip file release.
  2. Upload the entire plugin directory to your /wp-content/plugins/ path.
  3. Activate the plugin using the Plugins menu in WordPress sidebar menu.

Optionally you can also try to upload the plugin zip file using Plugins → Add New → Upload Plugin option from the WordPress sidebar menu. Then go directly to point 3.


Wie konfiguriert man das Plugin?

To make it clear and as easy as possible we have prepared the detailed step-by-step guides in our Flexible Shipping Docs here. You can also use the built-in tutorial that will guide you throught the whole process.

Bietet ihr Support an?

Wir bieten einen eingeschränkten Support für die kostenlose Version unseres Flexible-Shipping-Plugins im Plugin Support Forum. Bitte führe ein Upgrade auf die PRO-Version durch, um schnelleren E-Mail-Support zu bekommen und alle PRO-Funktionen nutzen zu können. Jetzt upgraden →


26. Februar 2024 1 Antwort
Great plugin with full features
20. Februar 2024 1 Antwort
It's an effective plugin for me. Sometimes it feels like bloated with lots of options, but it solves my purpose.
7. Februar 2024 1 Antwort
OK, Estupendo el Plugins
9. Januar 2024 1 Antwort
Great help to show different tax on a single invoice.
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4.24.13 – 2024-02-29

  • Changed deactivation popup
  • Unterstützung für WooCommerce 3.7 hinzugefügt

4.24.12 – 2024-02-21

  • Fixed free shipping block notices on Firefox

4.24.11 – 2024-02-09

  • Fixed compatibility currency switchers

4.24.10 – 2024-02-05

  • Added support for WooCommerce 8.6

4.24.9 – 2024-01-31

  • Fixed compatibility with CURCY currency switcher
  • Removed files reporting by security plugins as potentially dangerous

4.24.8 – 2024-01-15

  • Fixed fatal error on automated emails
  • Fixed warnings in PHP 8.2

4.24.7 – 2024-01-04

  • Added support for WooCommerce 8.5
  • Fixed block checkout incompatibility with WooCommerce 8.4

4.24.6 – 2023-12-21

  • Fixed conflict with plugins triggering checkout_update action in checkout form by removing free shipping notice from AJAX response

4.24.5 – 2023-12-20

  • Fixed infinite checkout update

4.24.4 – 2023-12-19

  • Fixed infinite checkout update

4.24.3 – 2023-12-15

  • Fixed Save settings button on Flexible Shipping Info page

4.24.2 – 2023-12-15

  • Fixed an error message in block cart

4.24.1 – 2023-12-13

  • Fixed an error when placing an order at the checkout block

4.24.0 – 2023-12-12

  • Added support for WooCommerce 8.4
  • Added Left to free shipping notice for WooCommerce Blocks

4.23.3 – 2023-11-23

  • Fixed nonce verification in HPOS bulk actions

4.23.2 – 2023-11-22

  • Fixed HPOS bulk actions for FLexible Shipping integrations (InPost/eNadawca/DPD/DHL/Orlen Paczka/DPD UK)

4.23.1 – 2023-11-07

  • Added support for WooCommerce 8.3

4.23.0 – 2023-10-26

  • Added compatibility with WooCommerce Cart and Checkout Blocks
  • Added support for WordPress 6.4

4.22.1 – 2023-10-04

  • Added support for WooCommerce 8.2

4.22.0 – 2023-09-06

  • Changed Baecon script
  • Added support for WooCommerce 8.1

4.21.7 – 2023-08-07

  • Added support for WordPress 6.3

4.21.6 – 2023-08-03

  • Added support for WooCommerce 8.0

4.21.5 – 2023-07-10

  • Fixed compatibility with plugins and themes that use newer Psr libraries
  • Changed link label on plugins page (Upgrade -> Buy PRO)

4.21.4 – 2023-07-03

  • Added support for WooCommerce 7.9
  • Updated Shipping Extensions tab

4.21.3 – 2023-06-12

  • Added support for WooCommerce 7.8

4.21.2 – 2023-05-09

  • Fixed throw exceptions

4.21.1 – 2023-04-18

  • Fixed weight rounding for additional costs

4.21.0 – 2023-04-11

  • Added rating petition in shipping method settings

4.20.3 – 2023-04-05

  • Fixed shipping method settings on WooCommerce 7.5 for RTL languages
  • Fixed free shipping assets path

4.20.2 – 2023-04-03

  • Fixed WCML integration

4.20.1 – 2023-03-31

  • Fixed currency switchers integration

4.20.0 – 2023-03-29

  • Added support for WordPress 6.2
  • Added support for WooCommerce 7.5
  • Added free shipping notice text settings
  • Added free shipping progress bar
  • Removed NPS
  • Fixed PHP 8.1 deprecation messages
  • Fixed unhandled exception in additional costs

4.19.1 – 2023-02-27

  • Fixed occasionally fatal error on checkout (shipping item meta)

4.19.0 – 2023-02-09

  • Improved calculated for packages

4.18.6 – 2023-01-26

  • Added support for WooCommerce 7.4
  • Fixed fatal error when loading Shipping Zones

4.18.5 – 2023-01-25

  • Added flexible-shipping/cart/cart-contents filter
  • Rules settings removed from order metadata by default, can be changed by filter flexible-shipping/order-meta-data/keep-method-rules
  • Added flexible-shipping/order-meta-data/keep-method-rules filter

4.18.4 – 2023-01-19

  • Improved calculated for cart value

4.18.3 – 2023-01-03

  • Fixed shipping edit for RTL

4.18.2 – 2022-12-27

  • Fixed exception handling on bulk labels

4.18.1 – 2022-12-21

  • Added support for WooCommerce 7.3
  • Fixed bulk labels when multiple integrations in selected orders

4.18.0 – 2022-12-13

  • Added the Shipping Extensions tab
  • Improved shipping manifests actions (when availiable for shipping integrations: DPD and InPost)

4.17.0 – 2022-11-23

  • Added the WooCommerce High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS) compatibility declaration
  • Added support for WooCommerce 7.2
  • Fixed WooCommerce Subscription integration

4.16.2 – 2022-11-15

  • Added extended debug information

4.16.1 – 2022-10-27

  • Fixed Flexible Shipping Info page

4.16.0 – 2022-10-20

  • Added support for WooCommerce 7.1
  • Updated Octolize tracker
  • Fixed fatal error when handle bulk action

4.15.0 – 2022-10-18

  • Added compatibility with WooCommerce High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS)
  • Added support for WordPress 6.1

4.14.2 – 2022-10-03

  • Added support for WooCommerce 7.0

4.14.1 – 2022-09-19

Fixed group methods in WooCommerce 6.9.2

4.14.0 – 2022-08-29

Added free shipping notice filters: flexible_shipping_free_shipping_notice_text_message and flexible_shipping_free_shipping_notice_text_button_label

4.13.3 – 2022-08-02

  • Added extended data (matched items) in debug mode

4.13.2 – 2022-07-25

  • Added support for WooCommerce 6.8
  • Changed texts in meta boxes

4.13.1 – 2022-07-14

  • Fixed translations

4.13.0 – 2022-07-12

  • Added PRO features list

4.12.0 – 2022-07-06

  • Added support for WooCommerce 6.7
  • Changed onboarding
  • Fixed php 8.1 error: Return type of FeedbackOption::jsonSerialize() should either be compatible with JsonSerializable::jsonSerialize(): mixed

4.11.9 – 2022-06-02

  • Fixed notice on bulk labels, when no labels available
  • Fixed escaping in group Shipping Methods

4.11.8 – 2022-05-25

  • Added support for WooCommerce 6.6
  • Fixed PRO Upgrade Box

4.11.7 – 2022-05-12

  • Added support for WordPress 6.0

4.11.6 – 2022-04-21

  • Fixed composer PSR-4 autoload
  • Fixed notice: „Undefined index: method_integration“

4.11.5 – 2022-04-13

  • Added outdated PRO version checker

4.11.4 – 2022-04-05

  • Added support for WooCommerce 6.4
  • Fixed predefined scenarios modal window

4.11.3 – 2022-03-01

  • Added support for WooCommerce 6.3
  • Fixed method title in REST API

4.11.2 – 2022-01-20

  • Added support for WooCommerce 6.2
  • Fixed fatal with WOOCS – Currency Switcher for WooCommerce

4.11.1 – 2022-01-04

  • Added support for WordPress 5.9
  • Added support for WooCommerce 6.1
  • Added contextual info for USPS
  • Removed global log file capture

4.11.0 – 2021-12-06

  • Added FS methods duplication

4.10.1 – 2021-11-18

  • Removed unnecessary tax calculation when free shipping

4.10.0 – 2021-11-08

  • Removed „Default“ settings – default shipping can be set by changing methods order in shipping zone
  • Fixed assets: notices assets enqueued only for administrators

4.9.0 – 2021-10-12

  • Added default rule for new shipping method
  • Added support for Onboarding in FS PRO

4.8.5 – 2021-10-12

  • Fixed integration metabox CSS
  • Fixed fatal error on fs-shipment library

4.8.4 – 2021-10-04

  • Fixed Left to free shipping notice in the cart

4.8.3 – 2021-09-23

  • Added support for predefined scenarios in PRO version

4.8.2 – 2021-09-08

  • Fixed contextual info for Orlen Paczka

4.8.1 – 2021-08-31

  • Improved NPS

4.8.0 – 2021-08-23

  • Added ability to choose a shipping cost with or without tax

4.7.2 – 2021-08-10

  • Fixed fatal error on subscription renewal in InPost integration
  • Changed text above table rule

4.7.1 – 2021-07-22

  • Fixed fatal error on subscription renewal

4.7.0 – 2021-07-20

  • Changed functionality for shipping integrations: DPD UK, InPost and others
  • Fixed free shipping label when negative cost calculated and set as 0 (zero)

4.6.1 – 2021-06-21

  • Changed notice type for Left Free Shipping message
  • Fixed fatal error with CoCart plugin: added parameters types verification in Free Shipping Notice

4.6.0 – 2021-06-07

  • Added NPS

4.5.1 – 2021-06-02

  • Added additional costs methods to tracking
  • Fixed calculation additional costs
  • Fixed initial checkout validation when free shipping notice displayed

4.5.0 – 2021-05-11

  • Added support for shipping method settings in condition
  • Added support for logical operators in conditions
  • Changed condition list – added groups
  • Fixed free shipping message translation with Loco Translate
  • Fixed free shipping message after changing State on checkout
  • Fixed default shipping method for multiple packages
  • Fixed weight rounding on cart contents
  • Removed strong typing in action

4.4.1 – 2021-04-28

  • Fixed Germanized Plugin compatibility with single shipping method

4.4.0 – 2021-04-27

  • Added support WooCommerce Subscription with Integrations, ie. WP Desk Inpost Plugin
  • Added support for Currency Switcher for WooCommerce plugin
  • Fixed notice about free shipping when using WPML
  • Fixed integration with Paczka w Ruchu plugin
  • Fixed support for html tags in shipping method description in order details

4.3.1 – 2021-04-20

  • Added support for html tags in shipping method description
  • Fixed invalid default label for autocomplete fields
  • Fixed visibility Flexible Shipping Info as Shipping method during edit order

4.3.0 – 2021-04-15

  • Fixed broken table rate for FS Locations plugin
  • Changed notice free shipping if store use …