Flexible Table Block


Merge and Split Cells

You can merge or split cells from multiple selected cells.

Flexible Styling

You can set various styles for each tag of table, cell, and caption indivisually.

Advanced UI

You can easily select a batch of cells in a section, or select, add, or delete rows and columns with the buttons.

Responsive Support

You can set the table to scroll horizontally on both Desktop and mobile, and arrange cells vertically on mobile.
The breakpoints for switching between Desktop and mobile can be changed freely.


  • Merge and Split Cells
  • Flexible Styling
  • Advanced UI
  • Responsive Support


Dieses Plugin unterstützt 1 Block.

  • Flexible Table Create flexible configuration table.


  1. Upload the flexible-table-block folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the \’Plugins\‘ menu in WordPress.


13. Mai 2022
カスタムブロックをフルに活かせるプラグインです。 一度使うと手が離せません。これまでは、カスタムHTMLでテーブルを作成しておりましたが、このプラグインで解決できます。
11. April 2022
デフォルトのテーブルブロックではできなかった便利な機能がたくさん追加されます。 個人的には一列目のth化、セルの結合、セルの一括選択と編集、セルの文字色や背景色などが助かりました。
13. März 2022
グーテンベルクに対応した新しい表。表の中でcssを適応できたり、セル背景色の変更などかゆいところに手が届くプラグインになっており、重宝しております。 本当にありがとうございます。
19. Januar 2022
初心者でも簡単に表を作成できるのでとても便利です。 クラシックエディターに切り替えなくても、ブロックエディター内でセルの結合などの高度な設定ができるのが最高です。デフォルトテーマに内蔵されている表ブロックだとここまで自由にカスタマイズはできませんでした。
22. Oktober 2021
As the title of my review makes clear, I find the plugin very well implemented, especially of course the options for the layout of the table. But as with many other table plugins (and also the Wordpress Core Table) the possibility to insert headlines and bullet points is missing. I just don't get it: why should no headlines or no bullet points be needed in a table. In my projects this is an issue every time and I then have to resort to these plugins where the table cannot be created directly in the Gutenberg editor. The editors at my client find this to be cumbersome and it always requires some guidance. That's why I was hoping that this new PlugIn might be able to do more.
22. Oktober 2021
Unfortunately most plugins suck. As they try to do too much and they don't follow standards. As such I've had to write 100's of my own, many of which I have published in this repository. Thankfully this plugin does the right, which is do one thing (create a table block that handles spans etc), follow standards (use gutenberg), and do it well. Great work, this scratches my itch until core fixes their table block.
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  • Change: Style to break lines in cells


  • Change: Don’t update cell tag when cell settings are cleared
  • Fix: Certain operations break the block


  • Add: id, headers, scope attribute controls to cell settings
  • Fix: Browser warning error
  • Fix: Not transformed to core table block correctly


  • Fix: Scrolli table doesn’t show edges
  • Add: Help text about scroll table
  • Add: Style to break lines in cells


  • Tested to WordPress 6.0
  • Fix: Clearing the table settings and then saving the post breaks the block
  • Fix: Adjust indicator style


  • Add: Margin support
  • Fix: Cell CSS class is not cleared when cell settings are cleared
  • Fix: Output of incorrect inline CSS


  • Fix: Cell CSS class is reset


  • Update: Block preview
  • Fix: Error when installing from block directory


  • Add: Option to move cells with the tab key
  • Fix: Cell content is not updated under certain conditions


  • Tested to WordPress 5.9
  • Add: Block supports (link color, text-transform, font-style, font-weight, letter-spacing)
  • Fix: Zero values are not saved correctly in global settings
  • Fix: Changes to global settings are not reflected in iframe editor instances


  • Fix: Table justify icon does not appear
  • Fix: Incorrect indigator direction


  • Enhancement: Support for individual values in cell padding of global settings
  • Fix: Unable to deselect selected cells by clicking with the Ctrl key
  • Fix: Cell width is not set to 100% when ‚Stack on mobile‘ is enabled
  • Fix: Accessibility support for controls


  • Add: Option to merge content when merging cells


  • Fix: Global settings options are not saved


  • Fix: Adjust indicator style
  • Fix: Cell Line Height setting is not cleared


  • Add: Cell line-height control


  • Doc: Add translate context


  • Fix: Accessibility support for controls, fix typo


  • Fix: Missing text translation
  • Fix: Button text layout in popover is broken
  • Fix: Text in JavaScript is not translated


  • Fix: typo


  • Fix: deploy action


  • Fix: deploy action


  • Fix: deploy action


  • Fix: deploy action


  • Doc: add LICENSE
  • Clean: add deploy action
  • Clean: refactoring: edit.js to edit.tsx


  • Initial release