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Make gallery management in WordPress great again! With FooGallery you can easily add a stunning photo gallery to your website in minutes.

FooGallery is an easy-to-use image gallery plugin, with stunning gallery layouts. It is also responsive, retina-ready and supports lazy loading for lightning fast photo galleries.

Live previews are available while creating an image gallery, and also within the Gutenberg block editor with our FooGallery Block.

FooGallery was built to be highly configurable and extendable for developers or freelancers.

That is why we think FooGallery is the best gallery plugin. After using it, we hope you will agree.

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The following free features make FooGallery the best gallery plugin on the market!

  • 6 Beautiful Image Gallery templates
    • Responsive Image Gallery – demo
    • Image Viewer Gallery – demo
    • Masonry Gallery – demo
    • Simple Portfolio – demo
    • Justified Gallery – demo
    • Single Thumbnail Gallery – demo
  • Easy to customize!
    • Thumbnail size, spacing & alignment
    • Borders : size, rounded corners, drop shadows, inner shadows
    • Loading icons
    • Hover effects : colors, scaling, icons, captions
  • Albums built-in! (just activate the albums extension)
    • Responsive album layout – demo
    • All-in-one Stack album – demo
  • Gutenberg ready (Gallery previews inside the new editor!)
  • Lazy Loading
  • Simple dots pagination demo
  • Live-Vorschau im Backend
  • Retina-Vorschaubild-Unterstützung
  • Galerie-Widget
  • Verwendung der integrierten Mediathek zum Verwalten von Bildern
  • Neuanordnung von Bildern und Galerien per Drag & Drop
  • Individuelles CSS sowohl für Galerien als auch Alben
  • Shortcodes in Zwischenablage kopierbar
  • Visuelle Shortcodes im Rich-Text-Editor
  • Galerie-Wähler zum Einfügen von Shortcodes
  • Metabox zur Seitenverwendung mit 1-Klick-Erstellung von Galerieseiten
  • NextGen Importwerkzeug (Alben, Galerien und Shortcodes)
  • Netzwerk-Unterstützung


  • 3 more beautiful PRO responsive gallery templates:
    • Polaroid gallery template – demo
    • Grid gallery template – demo
    • Slider gallery template – demo
  • Video Support – demo
    • Import video from Youtube, Vimeo and others
    • Self-hosted videos
  • Filtered image gallery using Media Tags or Categories – demo
  • Multi-level filtering for galleries
  • Media tags and media category management for attachments
  • PRO image and media lightbox built in! demo
  • Dynamic Galleries (load images from other sources):
    • Load from a folder on the server
    • Load from a collection from Adobe Lightroom (using WP/LR Sync)
    • Load all attachments with Media Tags
    • Load all attachments with Media Categories
    • Load from a folder in Real Media Library
    • Load images from Instagram
    • Load featured images from a post/page/custom post type
  • 11 beautiful hover effect presets – demo
  • 12 CSS thumbnail filters (Instagram) – demo
  • Numbered pagination – demo
  • „Load More“ pagination – demo
  • Infinite scroll image gallery – demo
  • Animated Loaded Effects – demo
  • Bulk Copy Gallery Settings – more info
  • Deeplinking support for pages and filters
  • Mehr in Vorbereitung!

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FooGallery includes a really simple-to-use Gutenberg block to add your existing FooGallery image galleries in seconds. And it includes live previews of the image gallery too!


Bei erstmaliger Installation von FooGallery bittet das Plugin dich (den Administrator der Website) um Zustimmung, deine Nutzung des Plugins verfolgen und so einen besseren Service (Versenden von Update-E-Mails bei neuen Versionsveröffentlichungen und Sicherheitsaktualisierungen usw.) bieten zu dürfen. Dies ist freiwillig und nicht erforderlich, um das Plugin zu nutzen.

Aus Sicht deiner Website wird FooGallery niemals irgendwelche Besucherinformationen sammeln oder speichern, wenn jemand deine Website besucht.

PHP 7 kompatibel

FooGallery has been tried and tested on servers running up to PHP 7.4


FooGallery is a responsive gallery with built-in support for higher quality thumbnails on retina-enabled displays. No more blurry thumbnails, just crisp thumbnails so that your image galleries look amazing on all devices.

Video Gallery

FooGallery PRO allows you to create a video gallery in seconds! Import from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, TED and Dailymotion, or import a self-hosted video from any online source (eg. S3 bucket).
You can also easily create mixed galleries with both images and videos!

Alben inbegriffen

Albums are built in as an extension. Simply head over to the extensions page and activate the albums extension. A new menu item will appear that allows you to add albums just as easily as galleries.

Gemacht für Entwickler

FooGallery was designed to be the most developer-friendly image gallery plugin available for WordPress. It was also built on top of a solid extension framework, which means different functionality is separated out into different areas in the codebase. It also means the core plugin is lightweight, but still allowing for the most flexibility.

Special Thanks

Thanks to Fortinet FortiGuard Labs for the security testing conducted on the plugin. FooGallery is a safer plugin thanks to them.


  • Galerie-Bearbeitungsseite
  • Visuelle Shortcodes
  • Galerie-Wähler
  • Frontend-Beispiel mit Standard-Vorlage
  • Album-Bearbeitungsseite


Dieses Plugin unterstützt 1 Block.

Best Image Gallery & Responsive Photo Gallery - FooGallery


  1. Lade den Ordner foogallery in das Verzeichnis /wp-content/plugins/ hoch.
  2. Aktiviere das Plugin über das „Plugins“-Menü in WordPress.
  3. You will be redirected to the FooGallery Help page to get started with the best gallery plugin


My galleries are not working. Thumbnails are greyed out and not loading when I scroll down the page.

Lazy loading is not working on your gallery. This could be due to a conflict between our plugin and your theme.
You can test this theory by testing a different theme (if possible).
We can help you get it working, by contacting our support.

I have created a gallery in the backend, but when I look at it on the frontend, it does not show correctly.

Sometimes, there are issues when the theme does not follow WordPress best practices.
In order for FooGallery to function properly, the theme needs to have:
* A call to wp_head(); in the header.php file.
* A call to wp_footer(); in the footer.php file.

One way to check if the theme is the problem, is by switching to one of the built-in WordPress themes, and then see if the gallery loads.

After updating, my galleries no longer work! What should I do?

Do you have any WordPress caching or optimization plugins? If so, then clear/purge your caches.
Do you have any caching setup at your website host? If so, clear/purge those caches.

After installing the plugin, my site is broken! Help!

First thing to do is restore your site to it’s previous working state.
1. Get access to your site via FTP, or SFTP.
2. Navigate to the wp-content/plugins folder.
3. Rename the foogallery folder to foogallery1 in order to deactivate the plugin.
4. At this point, your site should be working again.
5. Please contact our support and provide the following info:
* What version of WordPress you are running.
* What version of PHP you are using.
* What version of FooGallery you installed.
* What error was shown when your site was broken?
* What plugins and theme are you using?

I purchased a PRO license, but the Free version is still running.

Make sure you are running the PRO version. You can check this by visiting the FooGallery -> Account page within the WordPress admin.
If you do not have the PRO version, you can download it by visiting your account page at
If you have the PRO version, then clear any caches on your site or for your host. Also clear CSS Optimiztion Cache from FooGallery Settings.
If it still does not work, then please contact our support to help further.

Warum sind meine Vorschaubilder so verschwommen?

Hast du Retina-Unterstützung für deine Galerien aktiviert? Um dies zu tun, bearbeite die Galerie und halte Ausschau nach der Metabox für Retina-Unterstützung.

Kann ich Videos zu meinen Galerien hinzufügen?

Yes, video is supported in FooGallery PRO!

Do I need to install a separate plugin to show a lightbox?

For the Free version of FooGallery – Yes, you will need to install FooBox Image Lightbox.
For the PRO version of FooGallery – No, we have built in a uniquely beautiful lightbox!

Wie verwende ich Alben?

Gehe einfach auf die FooGallery-Erweiterungsseite und aktiviere die Album-Erweiterung. Falls du keinen Button zum Aktivieren der Album-Erweiterung siehst, erneuere die Erweiterungsliste durch Klicken des „Neu laden“-Buttons.

How do I turn off all the PRO Promotions in the admin?

Goto FooGallery Settings -> Advanced Tab and check „Disable PRO Promotions“ and then save your settings.


20. Oktober 2020
I did a lot of research to find a simple to set up yet flexible gallery that would suit my clients, many of whom are not too savvy when it comes to updating their websites. This plugin is superb, by providing a simple tutorial practically all my customers have grasped how to use it. The varied array of presentation options provide something for every situation and linking with FooBox Image Lightbox adds that extra touch that everyone wants. Well pleased with this plugin, well done and thanks to the authors.
14. Oktober 2020
Very easy to use, very good picture quality, FooGallery has completely convinced me - I am thrilled, my rating is 5 stars.
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  • Date Updated : 2020-08-30
  • Fix : Fix for incorrect captions in some scenarios
  • Fix : Compatibility with Owl Carousel Extension and others
  • Update : FooGallery client side 1.4.18


  • Date Updated : 2020-08-07
  • Fix : IMPORTANT fix for WP 5.5 compatibility when editing galleries (gallery preview button was not showing)


  • Date Updated : 2020-08-03
  • Fix : IMPORTANT fix for WP 5.5 compatibility when editing galleries (gallery template selector was not showing)
  • New : Support for All in One SEO Pack sitemaps
  • Update : improved lightbox messages when no lightboxes are installed
  • Update : Freemius SDK


  • Date Updated : 2020-07-18
  • Fix : Fix for some installs showing thumbnail generation error
  • Update : better mobile support for admin settings tabs
  • Update : FooGallery client side 1.4.16


  • Date Updated : 2020-06-29
  • Fix : Fix for All-In-One album hidden items still clickable
  • Fix : Fix for fatal error on some versions of PHP
  • Update : FooGallery client side 1.4.15


  • Date Updated : 2020-06-04
  • Fix : Fixed bug to prevent infinite loop with ResizeObserver in some themes
  • Fix : Fixed possible text-domain issue
  • Update : FooGallery client side 1.4.13


  • Date Updated : 2020-05-04
  • Fix : Fixed bug where thumbs were not loading on mobile in Justified and Portfolio galleries
  • Update : FooGallery client side 1.4.12


  • Date Updated : 2020-05-02
  • New : Reworked hover effect settings to allow none
  • New : Added new zoomed hover effect
  • New : Added new transparent theme hover effect
  • New : Added new advanced setting to add custom class to the gallery container
  • New : Added global settings for upscaling small images when using larger thumbnail dimensions
  • New : Added Pro feature promotions in gallery settings
  • New : Added setting to force GD Image editor as the default
  • New : Added info for active image editor to Settings -> Images tab
  • New : Improved caption sanitization
  • Fix : Fixed bug with Safari when editing a gallery, not loading thumbs
  • Fix : Fixed gallery previews in certain situations
  • Update : Freemius SDK 2.3.2
  • Update : FooGallery client side 1.4.11


  • Date Updated : 2020-03-29
  • Fix : Fix for Simple Portfolio template not saving „None“ for captions.
  • Fix : Fixed albums when adding incorrect markup target=“default“
  • Fix : Updated thumbnail generation test logic to be more resilient, and improved admin message.
  • Fix : Updated RankMath compatibility to work with pre PHP 5.4
  • New : Added filter „foogallery_build_dynamic_gallery“ for dynamic gallery creation
  • New : Added WPML config file for better translations. (Also improves Polylang compatibility.)
  • Update : FooGallery client side 1.4.6 (including multiple bug fixes)


  • Date Updated : 2020-03-08
  • New : Added RankMath compatibility – sitemap image indexing.
  • New : Added new setting under Hover Effects : Invert Color. Invert the caption icon colors from dark to light.
  • New : All hover and loading icons converted to SVG format.
  • New : Lazy load gallery images when editing a gallery (improved performance for large galleries in the admin).
  • Fix : Previews not updating in some cases.
  • Update : FooGallery client side 1.4.0 (MAJOR UPDATE).


  • Date Updated : 2019-11-22
  • Fix : Fix for Masonry template layout issue in Firefox
  • Update : FooGallery client side 1.3.6


  • Date Updated : 2019-10-23
  • New : Elementor compatibility – gallery previews in Elementor editor work, and added a FooGallery widget to the Elementor editor
  • Fix : Images in Yoast SEO sitemaps pull correctly for all types of gallery embedding
  • Fix : Lazy-load issues on certain browsers (reverted back to old logic)
  • Fix : Updated WPThumb so that images with querystrings in the URL will work
  • Fix : Minor security issue fixed on the FooGallery settings page (only exploitable by administrators)


  • New : Added setting to move „Add Media“ button to front of attachment listing (Advanced tab in FooGallery Settings)
  • Fix : Lazy-load issues with Gutenberg Editor
  • Fix : Simple portfolio layout issue with certain themes
  • Update : FooGallery client side 1.3.4


  • Fix : Previews not working on new galleries


  • New : Added advanced gallery settings for custom settings and custom attributes
  • Fix : Rewrite of Simple Portfolio to incorrect thumb heights
  • Fix : Lazy-load issues for certain themes
  • Update : FooGallery client side 1.3.3


  • New : Implemented the Datasource architecture within the plugin
  • Fix : PHP Warnings when previewing galleries
  • Fix : Simple Portfolio thumbnails cut off in certain scenarios
  • Fix : Updated Gutenberg block to work in latest Gutengerg release
  • Update : FooGallery client side 1.2.10


  • New : Added filter to override content when creating a gallery page ‚foogallery_create_gallery_page_content‘
  • Fix : Fixed bug for Justified gallery, when last row was set to hidden
  • Update : FooGallery client side 1.2.8
  • Update : Freemius SDK 2.3.0


  • New : Added slider navigation buttons in Slider PRO template
  • Fix : Fixed gallery usage with custom post types
  • Fix : Captions being cut off in portfolio template
  • Fix : Multiple small bugs and tweaks
  • Update : Updated to handle Chrome’s new allow attribute in videos
  • Update : FooGallery client side 1.2.7


  • Fix : Fixed issues with paging introduced in 1.7.4
  • Fix : Fixed conflicts with other lazy loading plugins
  • Update : FooGallery client side 1.2.3


  • New : Major performance enhancements for all galleries
  • New : Performance enhancements with FooBox
  • New : Force HTTPS setting for migrated sites
  • New : FooGallery Gutenberg block gallery search
  • Fix : fixed scroll blocking violation warnings in dev tools
  • Fix : fixed Wistia video import issues
  • Update : FooGallery client side 1.2.2


  • IMPORTANT : Please update to address a security vulnerability.
  • Fix : Security vulnerability
  • Fix : Images caching in certain browsers, not loading
  • Update : Freemius SDK 2.2.4
  • Update : FooGallery client side 1.1.13


  • Fix : fixed logo path in admin
  • Update : changed the paging default output to HTML


  • New : Added free trial tab to landing page
  • New : Added demo tab to landing page
  • New : Added support tab to landing page
  • New : Added help with FooBox lightbox in gallery templates
  • New : New setting to override thumb generation test URL
  • New : New setting to output gallery JSON to script block
  • New : Added rating admin notice after 5 galleries has been created
  • Fix : Fixed issues with video support in All-In-One stack album
  • Fix : Support for galleries loading in FooBox
  • Update : updated plugin generator
  • Update : FooGallery client side 1.1.10
  • Update : Freemius SDK 2.2.3


  • New : Added setting to render JSON data to script block (fix for some caching plugins)
  • Fix : Compatibility with WPML Media


  • Fix : Random thumbnails not loading in FireFox
  • Update : FooGallery client side 1.1.8


  • Fix : Safari bug with lazy loading
  • Fix : Thumbs not loading with paging
  • Fix : duplicate caption title in some scenarios
  • Fix : clicking html in caption was not loading lightbox
  • Update : FooGallery client side 1.1.7


  • New : added new filter for allowed post types that foogallery can be attached to
  • New : added loop setting for image viewer gallery template
  • New : override sorting in shortcode by providing „sort“ attribute
  • Fix : Beaver Builder javascript error while editing a page
  • Fix : album shortcodes not working in some page builders
  • Fix : attach gallery to post when gutenberg block is included
  • Fix : filtering + paging bugs corrected in some scenarios
  • Fix : multiple small bugs and tweaks
  • Fix : Thumbnail generation tries to use first image in media library
  • Update : FooGallery client side 1.1.5
  • Update : Freemius SDK 2.2.2


  • New : Gutenberg FooGallery block (including live gallery previews!)
  • Fix : foogallery shortcode not rendering in certain cases
  • Fix : disabling lazy loading via settings was being ignored
  • Update : Freemius SDK 2.1.3 (which fixes fatal Multisite bug)


  • Fix : Theme customizer not loading for some theme/plugin combinations


  • Major version bump to correspond with FooGallery PRO which includes video support
  • New : Upgrade offer to FooGallery PRO for FooVideo customers
  • New : Language setting for load more pagination
  • Update : FooGallery client side 1.1.2
  • Update : Freemius SDK 2.1.1
  • Fix : Pagination + Filtering bugs
  • Fix : PHP 7.1 compatibility tests failing for clone
  • Fix : better paging + filtering support
  • Fix : better RTL support in media modal
  • Multiple bug fixes and improvements


  • Neu: DSVGO-Hinweis in der Readme
  • Neu: Aktualisierung auf Freemius SDK 2.0.1
  • Behoben: Fehler in Standard-Beschriftungen seit 1.4.30


  • Behoben: 404-Probleme, wenn Album auf Startseite verwendet wird
  • Behoben: Abmessungs-Attribute fehlten zum Vergrößern kleiner Bilder
  • Behoben: Probleme beim Hinzufügen von Galerien zu einem Album
  • Behoben: Fehlerhafte Lightbox-Beschriftung
  • Neu: Einstellung zum veralteten Zuschneiden von Vorschaubildern in der Galerie „Einfaches Portfolio“
  • Aktualisiert: FooGallery clientbasiert 1.0.26


  • Neu: Album-Einstellung hinzugefügt, um die Größe des Galerie-Titels (h2,h3,h4,h5,h6) festzulegen
  • Behoben: modale Medien-Probleme mit Elementor
  • Behoben: modale Medien-Probleme mit Thrive Architect
  • Behoben: Beschriftung überschrieben für Galerien „Einzelnes Vorschaubild“
  • Aktualisiert: modale Medien-Verbesserungen


  • Behoben: Probleme in „ausgerichtete Galerie“ bei bestimmten Browsern / Geräten
  • Behoben: Probleme in „Portfolio-Galerie“ bei bestimmten Browsern / Geräten
  • Behoben: Verwendung des richtigen „rel“-Attributs für bessere Lightbox-Kompatibilität und W3-Validierung
  • Behoben: Lokale Übersetzungen entfernt, die unvollständig oder veraltet waren
  • Aktualisiert: FooGallery clientseitig 1.0.24
  • Aktualisiert: Sprach-Dateien


  • Behoben: Filterung führte eine Array-Initialisierungsmethode ein, die nicht mit älteren PHP-Versionen funktionierte


  • Neu: Retina-Unterstützung für Alben!
  • Neu: Einstellung für standardmäßige Zuschneide-Position bei Anhängen
  • Neu: Schnellere Galerie-Vorschau in wp-admin
  • Neu: Beschriftungsunterstützung für Responsive Lightbox von dFactory
  • Behoben: Probleme beim Laden von Erweiterungen auf bestimmten Installationen
  • Behoben: Kopieren von Shortcodes in die Zwischenablage aus der Metabox heraus funktioniert wieder
  • Behoben: Fehler bei mehrseitiger Ausgabe, Filterung, FooBox und weitere
  • Behoben: Sicherstellen, dass jquery-ui-sortable auf der Bearbeitungsseite in bestimmten Installationen geladen wird
  • Behoben: Layout-Fehler bei All-In-One Stapelalbum
  • Behoben: Überarbeitete Logik der Erweiterungs-Auflistungsseite
  • Aktualisiert: FooGallery clientseitig 1.0.23
  • Aktualisiert: Freemius SDK 1.2.4


  • Behoben: Fataler Fehler in All-In-One Stapelalbum, wenn 2 Alben auf gleicher Seite


  • Behoben: All-In-One Stapelalbum verwendet nun das Galerie-Beitragsbild
  • Mehr Positions-Optionen für „Einzel-Vorschaubild“-Galerie hinzugefügt
  • Einstellung für mehrseitige Ausgabe hinzugefügt
  • Auf aktuelles clientseitiges JS 1.0.20 aktualisiert


  • Neu: NextGen-Import beinhaltet nun Shortcode-Ersetzung
  • Neu: Masonry-Galerie unterstützt Beschriftungen unter Vorschaubildern
  • Neu: Leistungsverbesserungen für sehr große Galerien (1000+ Bilder)
  • Behoben: Fehler bei mehrseitiger Ausgabe, FooBox und anderem
  • Auf aktuelles clientseitiges JS 1.0.18 aktualisiert


  • Neu: Einstellungen für individuelles Ready-Event, um jQuery-Ausnahmen von Drittanbietern zu umgehen
  • Neu: „Vorschaubild zuschneiden“-Option zu „Einzel-Vorschaubild“- und „Bildbetrachter“-Vorlage hinzugefügt
  • Auf aktuelles clientseitiges JS aktualisiert


  • Behoben: Konflikte mit „WP Rocket CDN“-Funktionen
  • Behoben: Konflikte mit Themen oder Plugins, die das Laden von Skripten verzögern
  • Neu: Automatisches Laden von Standard-Vorlagen
  • Auf aktuelles clientseitiges JS aktualisiert


  • Behoben: Konflikte mit anderen Skripten oder Plugins, die „data-scr“-Attribute verwenden
  • Behoben: Skript zurückgesetzt auf Verwendung von jQuery-Ready-Event, um bestimmte Konflikte zu vermeiden
  • Neu: Globale Einstellung, um Lazy Loading für alle Galerien zu deaktivieren
  • Neu: FooGallery-Widget!
  • Neu: Administrator-Hinweis für Autoptimize-Benutzer, den Cache bei Aktualisierungen zu löschen
  • Auf aktuelles clientseitiges JS aktualisiert


  • Behoben: Lazy Loading – Scrollen in Galerien führte in bestimmten Szenarien zu nicht ladenden Vorschaubildern
  • Behoben: Galerien, die beim Laden der Seite ausgeblendet waren, wurden beim Anzeigen nicht richtig dargestellt
  • Behoben: Standardmäßige Galerie-Einstellungen wurden nicht auf neue Galerien angewendet
  • Neu: Shortcode-Argumente auf Galerie angewendet für gewöhnliche Felder
  • Neu: HTML-Caching ist jetzt standardmäßig deaktiviert!
  • Auf aktuelles clientseitiges JS und CSS aktualisiert


  • Behoben: Upgrade rief nicht-definierte Funktion auf


  • Behoben: Probleme mit „Ausgerichtete Galerie“-Vorlage
  • Behoben: Probleme mit „Masonry-Galerie“-Vorlage
  • Behoben: Bildbeschreibung nicht ausgeblendet, obwohl so festgelegt
  • Behoben: Komplette Überarbeitung der Vorschaubild-Abmessungslogik!
  • Behoben: Weiterleitungsfehler bei Aktivierung
  • Behoben: Prüfung auf Galerien, die PHP-Warnungen verursachen, hinzugefügt
  • Behoben: Netzwerk-Warnungen bei Aktivierung
  • Neu: „Letzte Zeile“-Einstellung in „Ausgerichtete Galerie“-Vorlage
  • Neu: Ausrichtungseinstellung in „Einfaches Portfolio“-Vorlage
  • Neu: Weitere Prüfungen auf korrektes Galerie-Layout nach dem Laden hinzugefügt
  • Neu: Erweiterte Einstellungen für Lazy Loading hinzugefügt
  • Auf Freemius SDK aktualisiert
  • Auf aktuelles clientseitiges JS und CSS aktualisiert


  • Complete rewrite of the built-in gallery templates
  • Neu : Lazy Loading
  • Neu : einfache Seitennummerierung
  • New : Live Previews when editing a gallery
  • 260+ Aktualisierungen, Änderungen und Fehlerbehebungen


  • New : Built in support for FooBox, fixing a lot of issues where FooBox option is not available
  • Fix : More reliable extension active status on extensions listing
  • Fix : More obvious wording for 3rd party plugins when they are not installed


  • Fix : Activation redirect bug showing „Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.“


  • New : Freemius integration!
  • New : Added support for the Responsive Lightbox by dFactory
  • New : New custom class field for an attachment
  • New : Added more system info for better debugging when there are server issues
  • Fix : Visual editor FooGallery edit button
  • Fix : Image Viewer hover effect none now works as expected
  • Fix : Disable HTML caching for randomly ordered galleries


  • New : Force Use Original thumb setting on gallery edit page
  • Fix : PHP warning from thumbnail class since 1.2.19


  • New : Gallery output caching! Saves database requests improving load time
  • New : Gallery usage column in admin gallery listing
  • New : Better support for animated gifs
  • New : Hover icons retina support
  • New : Uninstall button on settings
  • New : Save thumb dimensions per attachment. (needed in future versions)
  • Fix : Extensions refactor and many issues resolved
  • Fix : Better retina support for all templates
  • Fix : Colorize / Greyscale CSS filters
  • Fix : Even better wpthumb compatibility


  • Fix : Handle no settings in retina metabox


  • New : Retina support – metabox per gallery and default settings
  • New : Attachment datasources – backend changes for how images are used in a gallery. (This will allow for new external sources in the future)
  • New : Caption color settings in Simple portfolio gallery template
  • New : Updated to latest Justified Gallery
  • Fix : Better wpthumb compatibility


  • Fix : Yoast SEO Sitemaps fatal error with deleted galleries
  • Fix : Updating pages with deleted galleries throws php warnings


  • Fix : Album admin CSS issues in WP 4.6
  • Fix : Masonry layout issues in WP 4.6
  • Fix : Media attachment fields not updating
  • Fix : Better support for IE10
  • New : Thumbnail generation test admin notice and settings


  • Fix : Shortcode replacing content in visual editor
  • Fix : Gallery hover effect of None being ignored
  • New : ImageViewer language settings for ‚Prev‘, ‚Next‘ & ‚of‘
  • New : Setting to use original thumbnails if available


  • Fix : Simple Portfolio missing captions fix


  • Fix : Simple Portfolio undefined function fix


  • New : support for multiple admin JS and CSS assets for gallery templates
  • New : Added setting to choose Caption Description source
  • New : Crop position can be chosen for attachments
  • New : Albums gallery details modal for setting a gallery URL
  • New : Better shortcode preview in editor
  • New : Editor button now supported if multiple editors exist
  • Fix : Better No-Link support for gallery templates
  • Fix : Compatible with Unyson plugin
  • Fix : Compatible with Advanced Custom Fields
  • Fix : Simple Portfolio fixes and tweaks
  • Fix : ImageViewer fixes and better browser compatibility
  • Fix : Changed assets enqueue version to rather use extension version
  • Fix : Album URL fix for permalinks with no trailing slashes


  • New : Added Image Viewer gallery template
  • New : Caption support for default template
  • New : Yoast SEO gallery image support!
  • New : Responsive options for Masonry gallery
  • New : change gallery URL slug for albums
  • New : setting to turn off loading animation in default gallery
  • New : French translation
  • Fix : Support for WP 4.4
  • Fix : All templates – moved all jQuery ready events to vanilla JS
  • Fix : Many gallery template tweaks
  • Fix : allow no default to be chosen in settings


  • Works now with Polylang translation plugin
  • CSS Updates & enhancements to all gallery templates
  • Password protected galleries now work as expected
  • Ability to hide WYSIWYG editor button
  • Updated WPThumb
  • Multiple bug fixes and improvements


  • Bug fixes for 1.2.6 release
  • Added 2 new settings to Justified Gallery template (maxRowHeight + Caption Source)


  • CSS load optimizations
  • Updates and tweaks on all built-in gallery templates
  • More robust extension loading
  • More robust upgrades to FooBox PRO
  • Improved copy-to-clipboard
  • Added more hover effects
  • Support for FooVideo


  • Fix for extensions being empty
  • Added support for Multi-site
  • Added esc_url to all places where url is rendered
  • Updated to latest Justified Gallery v3.5.4


  • Many album template updates, enhancements and fixes
  • Many gallery template tweaks and fixes
  • Sort order settings for galleries and albums
  • Added new Single Thumbnail Gallery template


  • Added setting to choose default gallery to copy settings from
  • Fixed bug #45 – gallery fields not showing onload
  • replaced minicolors with spectrum colorpicker
  • Allow gallery fields to have a suffix
  • Added function to render galleries „foogallery_render_gallery( $gallery_id )“


  • Added albums extension
  • Added custom CSS metaboxes
  • Updated Nextgen importer
  • Fixed many bugs

  • Fixed „edit gallery“ CSS with WP 4.0

  • Fixed „insert gallery“ CSS with WP 4.0


  • Added 2 new gallery templates
  • Added 10+ actions and filters for more customization
  • Countless bug fixes and enhancements


  • first version!