Dieses Plugin ist nicht mit den jüngsten 3 Hauptversionen von WordPress getestet worden. Es wird möglicherweise nicht mehr gewartet oder unterstützt und kann Kompatibilitätsprobleme haben, wenn es mit neueren Versionen von WordPress verwendet wird.

Gutenberg Custom Fields


Gutenberg Custom Fields allows you to control the content of the Gutenberg edit screen by creating pre-filled templates.

Navigate to the „GCF“ admin page, create a new template, select a post type and add fields as you wish.

The Gutenberg Editor will be pre-filled with the corresponding post type’s template.


  • Customize the title, the name of the post_meta key and the type of the field.
  • Several fields types available: Text, Textarea, Image, Number, Email and more to come.
  • Based on Gutenberg Native Extensibility APIs (blocks and templates).
  • Templates Lock level.
  • Create custom field types
  • Add a Free HTML Area

How can I contribute?

This plugin is being worked on in GitHub


Documentation can be found here. If you don’t find the answers you’re looking for, submit an issue.


2. Oktober 2018
This by far has the most custom fields options for any gutenberg plugin I've seen so far. While those fields are determined per page (versus per block) it's presentation of those fields is much better integrated with the Gutenberg editor than other well known plugins like ACF which still lacks proper Gutenberg support. Please keep developing this project!
9. August 2018
A typical theme that we use allows editors to use any number of specific custom fields to add additional content to a page, such as a field for microdata. There are quite a number of possible fields but it would be rare to use more than just a few, so it's pretty unweildly to be presented with a complete list of all possible choices. Such a list might be useable if presented in the traditional way on a pulldown list, but as this plugin stands now it's fairly cumbersome. At first i could not find the custom fields at all, until i realized that they are only visible in the visual editor -- somewhere i rarely go when working on a site. With this plugin, custom fields are only available for new posts, but not for existing content. And there does not appear to be any way with this plugin to access existing custom fields on existing content or to add new custom fields to existing content. With some improvements this might be a good tool for new sites that use Gutenberg from the get-go, but it is completely dysfunctional for existing sites.
19. Juli 2018 1 Antwort
Gutenberg is great, but I need a way to associate arbitrary key-value pairs with posts. The post-meta-as-block paradigm doesn't make sense for many use cases, and having to pre-commit to a set of meta values with a template is a bit stifling. This plugin is a more useful alternative: https://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-fields-gutenberg/
26. Dezember 2017
This plugin is very promising and it's very easy to use. I hope that the equivalent of ACF Repeater field and ACF Relationship field are added soon. Also, being able to save the CPT meta data in custom database tables is essential for metadata searching and reporting. It's well documented that searching the wp_postmeta table is painfully slow.
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  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.0 RC


  • Compatibility with Gutenberg 3.6
  • Fix blank page issue


  • Compatibility with Gutenberg 3.5
  • Update npm dependencies
  • Fix lodash conflict


  • Allow mixing a locked template with an unlocked HTML area
  • Fix adding the Free HTML Area field


  • Update Gutenberg Deprecated APIs (2.9)


  • Add a repeater field (saved as JSON)
  • Simplify custom field API
  • Small UI tweaks
  • Fix i18n issues


  • Internationalize the plugin


  • Allow creating third-party GCF field types
  • Add a Free HTML content area field saved to post content.
  • Add a composer.json to allow using the repository from wpackagist.
  • Use WordPress packages and last Gutenberg components.


  • Add Date, DateTime and Time field types.
  • Disable the HTML mode for all the Custom Fields Blocks.


  • Fix Image Field Type per Gutenberg 2.1 update.
  • Adding a button to remove templates.


  • Tweak the UI and the Flow to create templates.


  • Fix script loading order.


  • Adding introduction to the GCF admin page.
  • Use Redux for state management, fixes refreshing issues.
  • Exclude hidden and attachment post types.
  • Support template locks.
  • Small UI polish.


  • First release of the plugin.