A/B Testing, Heatmap & Session Recordings by Howuku


Boost your website conversions and gain user behavior insights with A/B Testing, Heatmaps and Visitor Recordings.

Howuku is an easy to use and free forever UX testing solution with various conversion optimization tools. See what visitors do on your website, and how they react differently to a new split test experiment. You will be receiving an alert notification on every frustrated customer activities so you don’t have to keep checking manually endlessly and can take action immediately.

* Easy to use A/B testing and Website Personalization visual editor
* Downloadable Recordings and Heatmaps in .MP4 and .PNG format
* Realtime automated alert notification on website fault
* Feedback and polls widget to collect product feedback
* Support for Ajax and single-page app
* Filtering and segmentation
* Mobile, tablet, and PC recordings

Website: www.howuku.com


  • Easy to use A/B testing visual editor for your Wordpress website
  • Recording your Wordpress visitors and see what they do
  • Generate a Heatmap report to see how far visitors has scrolled down your website
  • Intuitive sidebar feedback widget to collect valuable feedback
  • Filter and segmentation to target specific group of visitors.


  1. Install Howuku plugin in WordPress and activate it.
  2. Create a new account or use existing one to login to Howuku.
  3. Find your Howuku code snippet inside Howuku dashboard
  4. Paste it into your Howuku plugin on WordPress and save it
  5. Now Howuku is already installed on your website. You can go to Howuku dashboard to view all your website data from there.


Do I need a Howuku account?

Yes, a Howuku account is needed. You can sign up for a free account at howuku.com.

Do I need a different script for Recordings?

No, you only need to install it once through the Howuku code snippet and you will have access into all our other products.

Do I need to pay a monthly subscription to use it?

Not at all, Howuku have a free forever plan that you can use it to optimize your website as long as you like.


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  • Tested up to WordPress 5.7


  • The first version of this plugin.