Dieses Plugin ist nicht mit den jüngsten 3 Hauptversionen von WordPress getestet worden. Es wird möglicherweise nicht mehr gewartet oder unterstützt und kann Kompatibilitätsprobleme haben, wenn es mit neueren Versionen von WordPress verwendet wird.

ipeRSS Reloaded


This plugin enables you to add your latest media uploaded at ipernity to your WordPress driven blog/website. It’s also possible to show the latest images from a group or with a defined tag.

This plugin uses multiple widgets or shortcodes for doing that. You can configure the widgets/shortcodes and add some own CSS code via the administration backend, if you want (but you dont have to, because there is already given some CSS design by default). You can also decide if you want the default or custom CSS code (or both or none of them) be applied to the widgets/shortcodes.


  • After adding the widget to your sidebar (or any other widgetized area) you need to configure it. Some of the values are already defined. Don’t forget to tick “Apply default CSS?” to add a default set of styling options to the instance.

  • Select the language for the feed. This settings affects in what language are the header will be written. When using default CSS the header is not visible, please have a look at the custom CSS stuff on how to make it visible. The language setting also affects the “no title given” titles for images. This values are given by ipernity API and cannot be changed to other values than provided by the widget configuration.

  • The default view after setting up the widget with 8 “t” thumbnails without default CSS and without custom CSS. It’s the WordPress 3.0 default theme that was used in this screenshot (default CSS enabled in widget configuration).

  • Same setup as before, but medium (240x) thumbnails and custom CSS enabled (defined the image to 100% so that it fills the side bar perfectly) … And yes, that bald guy is me 😉

  • Another setup using the Grey Matter theme and a slightly tweaked (custom CSS) output.

  • Using the classic theme and both of the CSS options disabled for showing 4 images. Now the theme takes full control on how the items be displayed. Now are header and footer are visible. Image titles and image dates are visible too, now.

  • Tweaked Twentyten-Theme (hiding widget captions in footer widget area) and custom CSS for displaying a row of images in the footer area.

  • Two widgets showing different amount of images and using a different layout.

  • Using all of the possible ipeRSS embedding types: template tag, shortcode (multiple in this case g) and widget. Theme is the great Grey Matter theme.


If you decide to not install the plugin via WordPress built-in plugin installer, follow the next 3 steps:

  1. Create a iperss directory in your plugins directory. Typically that’s wp-content/plugins/.
  2. Into this new directory upload the contents of the downloaded file. You can skip the screenshot files for traffic purposeses if you want.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress.

After installing and enabling the plugin you need to go to the widgets section and add one or more ipeRSS widgets to a widgetiized area of your theme. The only value that is obligatory is the item. All other values or settings are optional.

You can add one or more shortcodes to pages or blog posts. Please refer to the shortcodes help for shortcodes syntax. You can add one or more template tags (i.e. PHP functions) to your WordPress theme, too.


What is ipernity?

ipernity is a France-based media sharing community. It’s a bit like flickr, but without the stupid comments and without the censorship. It’s located at ipernity.com.

Where to get my ipernity user name/the group id/etc.?

You can get the needed data via opening the desired user photo stream, goup page, etc. in your browser and click the RSS icon. Now have a look at the address bar. There is a section XXX_id=BLAH where BLAH is the information you want. Put this part (only the BLAH) in the item field at the widget setup page or in the item attribute of the shortcode/template tag.

My custom CSS does not work
  • Check if you enabled the option to apply the custom CSS. If not, enable the option and save the widget. See shortcode help, too.
  • Check if you already entered and saved custom CSS code at the configuration page. If not, write some CSS code save the code.
  • Check, if you wrote some applicable CSS code. Refer to the listing left of the custom CSS input area for information on what tags can be used.
  • Check the frontend source code. In the header should be some lines starting with div.ipersscustom. Search for div class="iperssdiv in the source code and check if in the class="" definition a ipersscustom is present. If not, write a bug report containing your theme and WordPress version please 🙂
I see an error message instead of the images

Fine … Now read and try to understand the message 😉 Try solving the problems that are described by the message. If you think you solved the problem, but you still see the error message, feel free to contact me.

I don’t see any output from ipeRSS

Maybe ipernity is not accesible at the moment. Please wait a moment and try again. If it still does not work, please have a look at the frontend’s source code and search for your ipeRSS title. Try to find some code that indicates what the problem could be, and write a bug report.

WordPress output stops at ipeRSS

I noticed that during testing. Under unknown circumstances WordPress output dies if the feed that should be parsed is not available for some reasons. I tried to circuit that but it did not work.

In most cases ipernity should work as expected. Maybe it is enough to reload the page.

I’m on it.

Are there any shortcodes?

Yes, there are. You can easily add ipernity galleries to you blog posts or pages by using [iperss item="USERNAME /]. See the built-in documentation for other shortcode parameters.

Is there a template tag?

Yes, there is. It’s available as iperss() and takes two parameters. First (obligatory): A string containing the item. Second (optional): An associative array containing some options. Please refer to the built-in documentation.

Is ipeRSS multi widget / multi shortcode capable?

Yes, both. You can ad as many instances as you want. You can even style them different by using an additional CSS class that can be entered in the widget’s configuration or commited via shortcode parameter or template tag option.

Is it possible to hide the widget from users who are not logged in?

Yes, it is. Simply tick the according widget setup option or provide the shortcode/function parameter setting this option.

Is ipeRSS translation ready?

Yes, it is. An fully functional example translation (German) including .mo file and .po file is shipped with ipeRSS. Additionally an Esperanto translation done by Kalle Kniivilä (thanks!) is available by default.

Why is ipeRSS called ipeRSS?

The very first versions of ipeRSS fetched the ipernity RSS images feed. Now it uses the ipernity API. Well … this API returns the RSS feed so basically the name still is correct.

Whats with the wording?
  • “Widget” – The thing(s) in the sidebar that you can configure via the widget setup area of wordpress
  • “Shortcode” – A piece of code that you can enter directly into the wordpress blog post/page editor
  • “Template tag” – A PHP function that provides an interface to ipeRSS (actually the wording isn’t correct, but i use it anyway g)
  • “Item” – Either an ipernity user ID, or a group ID, or a tag, or a combination of it that will be used to tell ipeRSS what to display
  • “Instance” – Either an ipeRSS widget, or the result of a shortcode or a template tag.
Who did that icon used in the menu and at the homepage?

I did. If you can do better, please contact me.

What is the Boltzmann constant?

According to Wikipedia the Boltzmann constant (k) is the physical constant relating energy at the particle level with temperature observed at the bulk level. It can be calculated by dividing the gas constant by the Avogardo constant. And yes, this question has nothing to do with ipeRSS 😉


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  • Version bump for WP 3.4.1
  • Minor HTML validity fix
  • Minur readme revision


  • Widget hook function was i() instead of something meaningful
  • Version bump for latest WordPress version


  • Readme cleanup and typo fixing and stuff
  • Added Esperanto translation done by Kalle Kniivilä – Thanks Kalle!
  • … yes, that’s all 🙂


  • Logged-in-only now works properly in other instances than widgets, too.
  • Added CSS class to distinguish image display sizes between instances (uses size-V ass additional CSS class in surrounding div, where V is thumbnail, small, medium or large).
  • CSS fix for displaying the instance correctly aligned when having landscape- and portrait-size images at the same time. This applies to small images only. It can’t be used in custom CSS yet bu it’s likely that the next release will fix it so that all additional CSS classes can be used.


  • Added an option to hide ipeRSS instances from users who are not logged in to WordPress.
  • updated built-in documentation
  • i18n update
  • screenshots update/cleanup


  • Added the iperss() PHP function for using it as template tag within WordPress themes.
  • updated built-in documentation
  • i18n update
  • CSS update


  • ipeRSS now can not only show the images from the user’s image stream but a wide variety of other image streams, including group pools, tags (user tags and global tags) and albums.
  • updated built-in documentation
  • i18n update
  • CSS update


  • shortcodes disable CSS now works properly
  • shortcodes help page style optimized
  • shortcodes help page text fixed (unparsed i18n parameters)
  • fixed some readme typos


  • emergency fix for missing files


  • added shortcodes
  • Added a toplevel menu to WordPress admin menu bar for easy setup and information.
  • updated translation
  • new screenshot


  • multi widget
  • i18n update
  • additional CSS class (for multi-widget setup styling convenience)
  • updated some of the screenshots


  • code cleanup for i18n
  • added German translation


  • Added gettext calls to all strings. Thus ipeRSS is now translation ready.


  • cleanup release 😉 Now it should work fine and i can start updating the plugin on a regular basis with working update process 🙂


  • updated readme again
  • Updated version number structure because WordPress plugin directory messes this up totally. Hopefully it works now!


  • Updated the readme file because WordPress Plugin directoy does not anything about using links in markdown syntax.


  • complete rewrite
  • widgetized
  • themable (custom CSS)
  • uses WordPress-internal RSS and caching capabilities
  • provides administration pages (custom CSS and help)
  • no need to edit any theme files
  • no need to edit any files at all 😉

1.x to 3.x

  • oldschool stuff that is not findable anymore
  • later versions had simple caching
  • plugin provided a PHP function
  • need to edit the plugin files
  • no comfort features at all …