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Masteriyo LMS is the most user-friendly and most powerful WordPress LMS solution to create and sell online courses. Comes with a super-fast and minimalist course builder that lets you make online course easily and quickly. And, absolutely no coding is required.

Powered by React JS, Masteriyo WordPress LMS offers a whole new course building experience which is amazingly smooth, fast, and super-easy like never before.

Want a course building tool fast and smooth like ‘creating a status in Facebook’? That’s possible with Masteriyo LMS. You can instantly add lessons and courses without a full page reload.

Not only that, but it provides a separate and beautiful user interface for creating courses, handling memberships, payments, and all under one roof. That makes it terrifically easier than other LMS solutions that use the native WordPress post system. Here, you won’t need to bother about grouping lessons, courses, quizzes, and waiting a long time to save the changes.

Also, you’ll have an integrated eCommerce and payment option, so selling your online courses won’t require you to install any extra plugins.

Not to mention, this great eLearning software lets you make brilliant learning pages for students with easy course navigation, distraction-free learning mode, course progress bar, and dedicated questions & answers sections, etc.

Built with passionate instructors and eager students in mind, Masteriyo is indeed a revolutionary learning management system (LMS) for WordPress!

You may teach anything, you may not have any coding skills, but you can easily build an online teaching website with Masteriyo and help your students succeed.

Masteriyo WordPress Learning Management System (LMS) Features

Masteriyo LMS is power-packed with incredible LMS features to help you create an online learning platform.

Here’s a brief detail of each feature offered by this WordPress online course plugin.

  • Easy Drag & Drop Course Builder: Create, edit, and manage your courses effortlessly with an easy drag and drop course builder. Forget the pain of wandering around different pages to create a single course. Our one-stop interface allows you to create the courses right from one place.

  • Section and Lesson Builder: Create different sections and add unlimited lessons with ease. You can also upload featured images and videos. Our WordPress LMS plugin fully supports YouTube, Vimeo, and self-hosted videos.

  • Effortless Quiz Builder: Quizzes enhance the fun of taking courses plus strengthen the students‘ understanding of the topics. With our easy quiz builder, one can create multiple quiz types like True/False, Single Choice, or MultiChoice questions to evaluate the students‘ progress through the course.

  • Sell Courses: Besides creating online courses, selling them should also be as easy as anything else. That’s why we have our own inbuilt order system, so you don’t need to go through the hassle of installing a separate eCommerce plugin to sell your courses. Masteriyo supports both PayPal and offline payment out of the box.

  • Setup Wizard: Setting up Masteriyo LMS plugin on your WordPress site is just a walk in a park. A minimal learning curve means more time to manage and focus on what you are good at.

  • Clean User Interface, Well-designed, and Modern Course Builder: Masteriyo LMS is a modern course builder plugin that is unique, well-thought, and beautifully designed. It comes with a clean and minimalistic interface that pleases your eyes.

  • Interactive Learning Page: A Learning page denotes the pages where students interact with the courses after enrollment. We’ve focused on making the learning page as smooth as silk for a better learning experience with Masteriyo powered by React JS. So, the learning page looks excellent in terms of both design and functionality.

  • Interactive Learning Page Header: The header in the learning page comprises the site logo to return to the homepage of the site, course informative progress bar, and the student account.

  • Course Progressive Bar: Interactive learning page comes with a dynamic course progressive bar at the top that helps students locate at which step of the course curriculum they are at. It provides students with ideas about the part of the course they’ve completed and the remaining parts that are yet to be completed. This percentage meter also encourages them to complete the course.

  • Learning Page Course Navigation: You’ll also find a vertical navigation section for courses at the left side of the learning page. It helps you navigate through all the sections, lessons, and quizzes of the course curriculum.

  • Distraction-Free Learning Page: We strongly believe that students should be able to focus on their courses entirely. And that’s why we have put our utmost effort into making the learning page free of any distractions. The page is independent of your site design and based on React JS for a better learning experience. Additionally, students also get the complete freedom to hide the header and navigation section of the learning page if they want to.

  • Questions and Answers in Learning Page: Taking courses becomes more fun and effective if students interact better with the instructor and other fellow students. That’s precisely why we have a dedicated section for questions and answers on the learning page.

  • Students Account Page: Masteriyo LMS comes with a beautiful student account page from where every student can get a quick overview of the courses they have enrolled in or purchased. They can also edit other information related to their account.

  • Compatible with Any WordPress Theme: Our WordPress LMS plugin follows the best coding practices so, it fits well with any WordPress theme. Hence, there’s no doubt that the plugin automatically blends into your WordPress theme design.

  • Course Archive Page: All the courses you create are displayed beautifully and in an organized manner on a course archive page.

  • No Coding Required: Masteriyo is a wonderful LMS plugin designed with simplicity in mind. Therefore, you don’t need to have any coding skills to set and use this plugin. Even a beginner and non-tech savvy can build an online course with ease.

  • Responsive Design: It doesn’t matter whether your students browse your eLearning website from laptops, desktops, or various hand-held devices like mobiles, iPhones, tablets, etc. Your LMS website is sure to look pixel-perfect with our fully responsive WordPress LMS plugin.


Masteriyo LMS offers several powerful features that make it the best WordPress LMS plugin for creating impactful courses online.

So, let’s explore these exclusive features provided by the plugin.

  • Easy Course Creation: You don’t need to waste time switching between courses, lessons, and quizzes to create an individual course anymore. We’ve removed all the unnecessary WordPress general user interfaces and replaced them with our own neat and clean single-page interface. So, you can now create courses, lessons, and quizzes from the same page without even reloading it.

  • Super-Fast Backend: Our course builder has a lightning-fast backend that you won’t find in any other WordPress LMS plugin. And when we say this, we really mean it. Masteriyo is based on React JS, which also powers the WordPress Gutenberg system and Facebook. Therefore, creating courses is a breeze. You can try and feel the difference on your own.

  • Super-Fast Learning Page: Since the frontend of the course learning page is also powered by React JS; your student can experience a high-speed learning environment. Thus, they can give their full attention to learning.

  • Clean and Easy User Interface: While designing our WordPress LMS plugin, we focused on keeping it simple, sorted, yet powerful. Therefore, Masteriyo LMS possesses such a clean, minimal, and beautiful design that site owners are sure to acquire the super-easy course-building experience while using the plugin.

  • No Third-Party Plugin Dependency: Masteriyo does not depend on any other plugin to create a complete Learning Management System. It has got its own ordering system and PayPal payment gateway to sell courses. So, it eliminates the need to install extra plugins, thus making your site faster.

  • Unique Learning Page: We have an exclusive learning page based on React JS. Hence, it can be considered as one of the important factors contributing to the unique learning page. It makes the page fast to help students learn smoothly. Also, it comes with an eye-pleasing interface for efficient learning.

  • Intuitive Quiz Builder: Quizzes can make your courses even more interactive and effective. Our intuitive quiz builder allows you to create questions easily and quickly on a single screen. Further, you get the option to set different quiz types like True/False, Single Choices, and Multiple Choices.

  • Backed Up by Masteriyo Team: Even though Masteriyo LMS is a free LMS plugin, you can remain assured to get great customer service. Our dedicated team of experts will help you build your dream LMS website.


Masteriyo LMS is suitable for anyone who wants to share their knowledge or skills online and sell courses to earn good revenue. It can be used by both an individual instructor as well as a well-established institution, educational consultant, and so on.

Thus, Masteriyo is the perfect WordPress LMS plugin for educators, as mentioned below.

  • Teachers to build any kind of courses
  • Musicians to sell music courses
  • Photographers to sell photography courses
  • Chefs/Cooks to sell cooking courses
  • Designers to sell designing courses
  • Programmers to sell programming courses
  • Gym Coaches to sell gym courses
  • Yoga Instructors to sell yoga courses
  • Any kind of artists to sell art courses
  • School, Colleges, or other institutions to empower their learning system


  • Unlimited Courses
  • Unlimited Sections
  • Unlimited Lessons
  • Unlimited Quiz
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Inside Course
    • Course Name
    • Course Description
    • Course Highlights
    • Course Live Preview
    • Course Category
    • Course Featured Image
    • Course Builder
    • Course Difficulty
    • Course Curriculum Visibility Option
    • Course Pricing Options
    • Course Review System
    • Student Limitation on Course
  • Inside Lesson
    • Lesson Name
    • Lesson Description
    • Lesson Featured Image
    • Lesson Video
    • Video Support for YouTube, Vimeo and Self-hosted Videos
  • Quiz Builder
    • Quiz Name
    • Quiz Description
    • True/False Question
    • Single Choice Question
    • Multiple Choice Question
    • Points System for Questions
    • Course Full Mark and Pass Mark
    • Time Limit for Quizzes
    • Quiz Attempts Limit
  • Questions Pagination
  • Free Course with Registration
  • Open Free Course (No Registration Required)
  • Closed Free Course (Registration Required)
  • Paid Course
    • Sell Course
    • Inbuilt Order System
    • Supports PayPal Gateway
    • Offline Payment
  • Interactive Learning page
    • Distraction Free Learning Page
    • Course Navigation Section
    • Course Informative Progress Bar
    • Students Questions and Answer Section
    • Lesson Next/Previous Buttons
  • Clean and Well-designed Student Account Page
    • Custom Account Endpoints for Orders, Courses, Edit-account and more
    • Information about Enrolled Courses
    • Progress Information on Enrolled Courses
  • Registration and Login Form
  • Global Settings
    • Primary Color
    • Course Search Option in Course Listing Page
    • Course Per Row
    • Course Per Page
    • Enable/Disable Review System for Course
    • Enable/Disable Q&A Section for Learning Page
    • Payment Options
    • Quiz per Page
    • Email Options
  • Advanced Options
    • Pages Setup Options
    • Permalink Options
    • Account Endpoints
    • Checkout Endpoints
    • Debug Options
  • More Awesome Features Coming Down the Pike



Dieses Plugin unterstützt 2 Blöcke.

  • Courses
  • Course Categories


Do I need to have coding skills to use the Masteriyo LMS Plugin?

No, you don’t need any coding skills. One can click and create courses, lessons and publish.

Does the plugin work with any WordPress themes?

Yes, Masteriyo LMS is designed to work with any themes that have been coded following WordPress guidelines.

Do you have a quick get started documentation for Masteriyo LMS?

Yes, we do. Check out this Getting Started Docs


13. März 2023
This is my first LMS plugin. At the beginning I have more problems, but all of them were solved with the kind costumer service. For me, with a small webshop and with my first online course, it's awesome. Easy to handle, and if I have any question they answer me soon. I recommended it to everybody who need a great LMS with a great support!
10. März 2023 1 Antwort
UPDATEI’m very happy that following my earlier misgivings, the developer quickly contacted me to issue a refund. The reason for their previous unresponsiveness seems to be due to a technical email account issue, not a refusal to honour the refund guarantee. So users should feel confident in trusting the 14 day guarantee! As the plugin doesn’t yet function as part of a membership site, I have revised my rating from 2 to 4 stars. However, if you do not need the plugin to work as part of a membership site, I would highly recommend it. ORIGINAL It’s a shame to be writing this because up to a point the developers / Masteriyo team were super-helpful and I think the plugin has great potential. I paid for the premium plugin. In it’s current iteration, it does not work alongside a membership plugin as users created outside Masteriyo generate ugly 505 errors when trying to sign up or sign in for courses. In fairness tech support have said they will address it. However, it doesn’t currently work for me, so I requested a refund under the ‘14 day no questions asked’ guarantee. This is where I’ve been let down - despite a couple of emails to the Masteriyo admin team, I’ve received no response re money back. I’ve now had to block the transaction on my credit card. Not sure if this is ineffective administration or a deliberately misleading guarantee sales pitch.Anyway, for now be aware if you plan to use this plugin to sell courses as part of a membership site (with a separate membership plugin) and that it might not be straightforward to get a refund.
5. März 2023
I'm going to start by saying that this plugin has the potential of becoming one of the best WP LMS systems, if the dev team continues to listen to user feedback and continues to invest time in this project.Currently, they are on the right path as they are offering great support and nice features with only some minor annoyances that I'll describe below. First of all, most of the issues you'll encounter using this plugin are typical to any piece of software that's new on the market, meaning that it lacks maturity.Sometimes you'll want to do a certain basic thing, and you'll notice that the feature isn't there, or it's only half-baked.Fore example, here are some of the top missing features in my opinion: Ability to sort courses sitewide. They are currently offering only some very limited code snippets. Simple Course Stats in the admin area. Teachers need to know how their courses are doing (how many students have enrolled and how many have completed the course). Option in the plugin settings to limit Reviews only to students that have completed the respective course. Right now, everyone can post reviews everywhere. Option to disable right click and content copy on the course page. If they add these, we'll all going to have a winner LMS.Best of luck!
12. Februar 2023
Masteriyo brings back joy in building courses. Unlike other traditional LMS platforms, it has a simple and intuitive UI that makes it impossible not create something in minutes. It still lacks some features, but considering how far it has come in a short time and how their team is listening to our suggestions, I believe it has a bright future ahead!
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1.5.37 – 20-03-2023

  • Enhancement – Show quiz result on learn page and throw an error message if the quiz attempt exceeds.
  • Enhancement – Make quiz duration translatable on learn page.
  • Enhancement – Only show courses which exist and are enrolled by the users on the account page.
  • Fix – Blank screen in learn page if Gutenberg plugin or WP 6.2 exists.
  • Fix – Blank account page after registration.

1.5.36 – 01-03-2023

  • Compatibility – Made compatible with different cache plugins. (HummingBird, LiteSpeed, W3TotalCache, WPFastestCache, WPOptimize, WPRocket and WPSuperCache)
  • Enhancement – Make logout action similar to account page in learn page.
  • Enhancement – Used formatted price to show prices in courses price and orders.
  • Enhancement – Remove course rating count as well when global course review is disabled.
  • Tweak – Display country and state name instead of code in profile billing page.

1.5.35 – 21-02-2023

  • Enhancement – Enhance email settings with a newer way to control settings.
  • Fix – Course name with ampersand sign for orders list.
  • Fix – Added filter to change quiz icon.
  • Fix – Translation not working after every version of the plugin is released.
  • Fix – Remove space around author name in single, courses and related courses.

1.5.34 – 08-02-2023

  • Fix – Course author profile image not being display on single and course archive page.

1.5.33 – 08-02-2023

  • Fix – Depreciation warning where trim() is being called on null instead of string.
  • Fix – Show only enrolled courses by the user in the Account enrolled courses.
  • Fix – User profile image not displaying in the learn page.
  • Enhancement – Localize True/False label.

1.5.32 – 01-02-2023

  • Enhancement – Added alt tags to author avatar image.
  • Tweak – Remove unnecessary JS scripts in learn page.
  • Fix – Undefined post property.

1.5.31 – 25-01-2023

  • Fix – Instructor page overtaking the author page, therefore author’s posts are not being displayed.

1.5.30 – 23-01-2023

  • Enhancement – Do not display quiz/lesson count in learn page when there are no lessons or quizzes in the course.
  • Fix – Lesson/Quiz preview link for default permalink settings.
  • Fix – Localization of expand all and collapse all text in a single course page.
  • Fix – Unable to start course from account page if a course is completed.

1.5.29 – 13-01-2023

  • Fix – Paypal enabled for non supported currencies.

1.5.28 – 10-01-2023

  • Enhancement – Add ability to store answer on cache for quiz & fixes quiz issues.
  • Enhancement – Added extra img srcset for learn page images.
  • Compatibility – Made compatible with Hello Elementor theme.
  • Compatibility – Made compatible with Divi theme.
  • Fix – Any lesson is accessible even the course is not bought by rewriting lesson ID in URL.
  • Fix – Checkout page form input field design issues.

1.5.27 – 23-12-2022

  • Compatibility – Made Masteriyo compatible with Astra theme.
  • Enhancement – By default learn page sidebar remains close on mobile devices.

1.5.26 – 14-12-2022

  • Fix – Duplicate enrolled courses.
  • Fix – Plugin deletion issue due to function redeclaration.

1.5.25 – 06-12-2022

  • Fix – Minor Fixes.

1.5.24 – 01-12-2022

  • Fix – Sending of password reset email after updating the user.
  • Fix – Typo ‚.masteriyo-expand-collape-all‘ to ‚.masteriyo-expand-collapse-all‘.
  • Fix – Featured image width issue while adding new course.

1.5.23 – 15-11-2022

  • Enhancement – Add primary color support on account page.
  • Fix – Word break in quiz.
  • Fix – Course slug error.
  • Fix – Random name being displayed on logout modal in account page.
  • Fix – Other user scoredata being shown in new user quiz page.

1.5.22 – 03-11-2022

  • Fix – 404 page not found issue while checking out when WooCommerce is active.

1.5.21 – 02-11-2022

  • Fix – Fatal error due to Type Error in Masteriyo\MetaData::get_data().

1.5.20 – 01-11-2022

  • Enhancement – Add option in global settings to delete plugin data while uninstalling.
  • Fix – Payment method enums in orders controller.

1.5.19 – 19-10-2022

  • Enhancement – Add course difficulty slug in the difficulty badge html markup.
  • Enhancement – Removed account endpoints from global settings.

1.5.18 – 13-10-2022

  • Feature – Manage course difficulties through categories page.
  • Fix – Course difficulties translation issue.

1.5.17 – 11-10-2022

  • Fix – Undefined get_id() method.
  • Fix – Lessons count in courses page.
  • Fix – Enrolled users count in courses page.

1.5.16 – 28-09-2022

  • Fix – Course progress completion issue.
  • Fix – Documentation URL updated in section builder.
  • Fix – Bullet appearing in the account page menus in Divi theme.
  • Fix – Responsive issue in the account and global settings page.

1.5.15 – 21-09-2022

  • Feature – Added RTL support in react pages like admin, learn and account.
  • Enhancement – Global settings and course settings UI.
  • Enhancement – Added support to change course slug.
  • Tweak – Updated skeleton loader.
  • Tweak – Compatibility fixes.

1.5.14 – 13-09-2022

  • Fix – Currency decimals not being set to zero.
  • Fix – Responsive issue in the account page.

1.5.13 – 06-09-2022

  • Fix – Paypal lives payment issue.
  • Fix – Width issue in Astra Theme.
  • Fix – Responsive issue on Edit Lesson.
  • Fix – The instructor’s course archive page throws an error when there are no author courses.
  • Fix – Lesson preview issue.

1.5.12 – 23-08-2022

  • Enhancement – Made Masteriyo backend pages responsive.
  • Enhancement – Support non-english characters in single choice answers option.
  • Enhancement – If the course pricing type is ‚Need Registration‘, a logged-in user can now directly access the course.
  • Enhancement – Renamed ‚Buy Now‘ to ‚Register Now‘ button when course pricing type is ‚Need registration‘ and the user is not logged in.
  • Fix – Initialize placeholder image in case the file is deleted from the uploads directory.
  • Fix – Featured image breaking in Twenty Twenty Two theme.

1.5.11 – 10-08-2022

  • Enhancement – Add multiple categories support to courses shortcode.
  • Enhancement – Login form design updated.
  • Fix – Translation issue.
  • Fix – Long single word overflows in quiz question’s answers.
  • Fix – Sorting in backend pages.
  • Fix – Order items listing permission issue causing 505 error in the account page order history.
  • Fix – Logout issue due to undefined callback destroy_session.

1.5.10 – 03-08-2022

  • Enhancement – Added skeleton loader in add new quiz page skeleton loader.
  • Enhancement – Added skeleton loader in add new lesson and lesson edit page.
  • Fix – Question and answer overflow in quiz attempt detail page
  • Fix – Backend throwing 505 if missing learn page logo image.
  • Fix – Undefined variable page_id.

1.5.9 – 19-07-2022

  • Enhancement – Add load more button in course reviews listing on the single course page.
  • Fix – Heading text colour.
  • Fix – Redundant courses in the cart when the order is uncompleted.
  • Fix – Categories list disappearing after opening the add new category modal.
  • Fix – request_filesystem_credentials not exists.
  • Fix – Syntax token error while loading global settings.

1.5.8 – 11-07-2022

  • Enhancement – Added two-column layout on lesson page backend.
  • Fix – Cannot read property of undefined (reading 24) issue on avatar URL.
  • Fix – Backend page throwing 505 when deleting featured image from the site.
  • Fix – Course duration not being saved on adding a new course.
  • Fix – Translation not working.

1.5.7 – 07-07-2022

  • Enhancement – Shift pages on top of general global settings.
  • Enhancement – Added filters for admin menu and icon.
  • Fix – Alignment issue on the addons page.
  • Fix – Eliminate unnecessary loading in backend pages.

1.5.6 – 29-06-2022

  • Enhancement – Load all the questions of the quiz in the learn page for faster pagination.
  • Fix – Quiz timer expires issue.

1.5.5 – 27-06-2022

  • Enhancement – Added class names on the account page.
  • Enhancement – Show skeleton loader when changing status in courses, orders and reviews page backend.
  • Fix – Edit lesson page throwing 505 error when lesson video deleted from the media library.
  • Fix – Text colour in courses page being affected by theme customizer.
  • Fix – Enrolled courses count and start button in the account page.

1.5.4 – 17-06-2022

  • Enhancement – Moved pages tab from advance to general tab in global settings.
  • Enhancement – Added order status tab on the orders list page.
  • Enhancement – Make learn page responsive.
  • Enhancement – Add formatting feature using keyboard shortcuts (CTRL+B to bold, CTRL+I to italic and CTRL+U to underline) in course highlights.
  • Fix – Course highlights design issues on the single course page.
  • Fix – Quiz options flickering issue on live server.
  • Fix – Users admin menu not being highlighted when going to instructors tab.
  • Fix – Students and Instructors lists filtering by order issue.
  • Fix – Courses lists filtering by order issue.
  • Fix – Approval status filter not working in instructors listing page.
  • Fix – Question not being permanently deleted.
  • Fix – Enrolled courses count when the order status is updated.
  • Fix – Typo ‚No reviewes found.‘ to ‚No reviews found.‘.

1.5.3 – 07-06-2022

  • Feature – Implemented drag and drop feature on quiz question builder.
  • Enhancement – Show delete action for a quiz in progress on quiz attempts listing page.
  • Enhancement – Make addons listing page responsive.
  • Enhancement – Replace fullscreen loader (Spinner) with skeleton loader in backend pages.
  • Fix – Show approval notice for instructors only on the account page.
  • Fix – Enrolled course count on the account page.
  • Fix – Instructor unable to access add new course page when WooCommerce is enabled.

1.5.2 – 30-05-2022

  • Enhancement – Set minimum value to 0 and maximum to 5 on the number of decimals in a global setting.
  • Fix – Translation issue on course builder backend and account page.
  • Fix – Renamed „Publish“ to „Published“ on the course listing page tab on the backend.
  • Fix – Renamed „No state founds“ to „No state found“ on state option account page.
  • Fix – Backend courses, orders and users listing order by id on initial query.

1.5.1 – 26-05-2022

  • Enhancement – Admin can now view details of quiz attempts on the backend.
  • Enhancement – Filter courses, users and orders by ascending descending order on the backend page.
  • Fix – Font size of a website being overwritten by the plugin.
  • Fix – Load react account page js file only on the account page.
  • Fix – Addons submenu colour replicated to other submenus.
  • Fix – All courses count based on the draft and published courses on the backend course listing page.

1.5.0 – 17-05-2022

  • Feature – Add a course review management page on the backend.
  • Enhancement – Made banner responsive on addons listing page.
  • Enhancement – Made account page responsive.
  • Fix – Instructor approval notification on the account page.
  • Fix – Unable to create course review as a student.

You can find old changelog from here.