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No doubts about it, if you are serious about your linkedin connections and want to integrate your personal profile into your wordpress website, then LinkedIn Master is the solution for your.

You can display your personal linked-in profile, your company follow button or both at the same time maximizing and expanding your connections. Integrates flawless in any widget template position so it always looks good and you can display it anywhere inside your wordpress pages and posts.

In case you want also display the linkedin share button to easilly share your website pages and gain much need social traffic.

Again and as usual with TechGasp extensions, the code is pristine, error free and with fast page loading times. Professional or business pages need to be fast to google rank better and to avoid website visits drop outs. If you are looking for a way to just display just the LinkedIn share button, then we recommend you the Social Master extension.

Business class LinkedIn company or personal profile for wordpress…


LITE Version Contains

  • Display, Hide or Change Widget Title

  • LinkedIn Buttons Widget (Linkedin Share Button, Linkedin Follow Buttons, Linkedin Recommend Button)

  • LinkedIn Buttons language override. Display linkedin buttons labels in your country language

  • Linkedin Basic Member Profile Widget

ADVANCED Version Contains

  • Display, Hide or Change Widget Title
  • LinkedIn Buttons Widget (Linkedin Share Button, Linkedin Follow Buttons, Linkedin Recommend Button)
  • Linkedin Advanced Member Profile Widget with Full Member Profile options
  • Linkedin Company Follow Widget
  • Linkedin Company Insider Widget
  • Linkedin Available Jobs Widget

  • TechGasp Shortcode Framework v5

  • Universal Shortcode for all pages and posts, same Shortcode applies to all pages and posts. Option to Automatically add the shortcode to all pages and posts or manually add the pre-built shortcode individually per page or post. Option to automatically only show the shortcode in Posts and not Pages. Option to Automatically show the shortcode After the Title or After the Content.
  • Individual Shortcode for each page or post, individual customized shortcode per page or post
  • Shortcodes allow you to professionally display your plugin inside pages and posts maintaining fast page load times and excellent Google SEO
  • Advanced Version Link


  • Right of the page, sidebar widget
  • Inside the post, with shortcode framework v5
  • Demo Link

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  • For professional wordpress websites
  • Tested for fast page load times and SEO
  • Errors and conflicts free. NO JAVASCRIPT or AJAX
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  • Widget with LinkedIn Master Personal Profile and LinkedIn Website Share Button.
  • Widget with LinkedIn Master Personal Profile, LinkedIn Company Profile and LinkedIn Website Share Button. Vertical Display.
  • Widget with LinkedIn Master Personal Profile, LinkedIn Company Profile and LinkedIn Website Share Button. Horizontal Display.
  • Widget with LinkedIn Master Personal Profile showing connections, without LinkedIn Website Share Button.
  • Widget LinkedIn Master Available Jobs.
  • Widget LinkedIn Master Alumni.
  • Widget inside pages and posts. Shortcode framework implementation.


  1. Use the WordPress Installer, Updater.
  2. Activate in the „Plugins“ admin panel.
  3. Visit the „Widget Page | Linkedin Master Widgets“ to configure widget settings and your template widget positions.
  4. LinkedIn Master Documentation


Issues with buttons display
  • Please update to latest version. Up-to-date API’s are available
Where are my LinkedIn Widgets?
Insert Shortcode in Pages or Posts
  • Advanced Version Add-ons contain the shortcode framework v5
  • Includes the universal shortcode that can be applied to all pages or posts.
  • Includes the infinite, re-usable individual shortcodes that can be used in any page or post.
  • Advanced Version Link
What’s this Shortcode Framework v5
  • It’s a framework developed by TechGasp and built upon wordpress marvellous resources.
  • Allows users to quickly and easily display plugins or widgets inside their pages and posts.
  • It’s available in all TechGasp advanced version plugins. Lite versions plugins do not include shortcode framework v5
  • About Shortcode Framework v5
Need More Help


September 10, 2017
Looks like these guys have had a bit of a bad rap in previous years. So far have found them to be quite OK. Will update if anything changes.
September 3, 2016
Linkedin have their own plugin gnerating codes to put on your website. If you can't program you are depending on the plugins. It is sadly that they do not provide more help for people who bought the plugin, which are working. The linkedin master plugin in wordpress is directing you to Linkedin plugin generator site. The linkedin plugins are great, but they do not generate the right url code of the country where they live in. I was looking for member profile code to put it on my website. As I and some people do not get the preview. I get back to look at my profile, go to profile badge and get the right code, copy paste in it in the scriptcode. I wrote a workaround about this issue. For more information, you can check my post.
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Mitwirkende & Entwickler

„TechGasp LinkedIn Master“ ist Open-Source-Software. Folgende Menschen haben an diesem Plugin mitgewirkt:




  • Implementing new LinkedIn API features


  • IMPORTANT UPDATER CHANGES, fixing broken updater
  • Important link changes
  • Important fixes to shortcodes save button in new Gutenberg editor


  • Important fixes to admin_url()


  • catch up


  • Fixed lazy updater warning to update within 24h
  • Clean-Up legacy files


  • Complying with new wordpress trademarks policy. Recommended to start plugin name with company name.


  • Preparing framework 5.1
  • Deprecating the admin menu widgets page, removing code and images. Available widgets can be found in addons page
  • Speed up


  • Version catch-up
  • Updater fixes


  • Updater fixes and new version
  • Wp 4.8.1
  • Several code tweaks and improvements


  • Fixing admin notices that block plugin installations
  • Adding new footers
  • Adding new images


  • Versioning


  • Adding https links
  • Adding new Updater version


  • Adding language support to widget buttons. Share and follow button labels
  • Adding language support to shortcode buttons. Share and follow button labels
  • Shortening the text box areas
  • Changelog clean-up
  • New Updater Version
  • Widening license page table


  • Tweaking WordPress Multisite options versus Single Sites
  • Adding Support Data Export button in base plugin page. Users can easily export website data to attached to support tickets
  • Changing to https in all TechGasp button links
  • Upgrading the updater API


  • Fixed output if setting is Missing


  • Fixed output generated before Headers sent


  • Fixed unexpected ‘&&’ (T_BOOLEAN_AND) for some wordpress setups


  • CAUTION!!! Version 4 shortcodes are not upgradable to version 5. By upgrading you will have re-create your shortcodes. Visit our website to check the new features packed into TechGasp Framework 5.
  • Widgets and other API improvements
  • TechGasp Framework 5.0
  • Updater upgrade
  • Shortcodes re-designed to framework 5
  • Infinite re-usable shortcodes per pages and posts
  • WordPress 4.5.3
  • PHP 7 Ready


  • Version 4 contained 23 releases (4.0, 4.0.1, 4.0.2, 4.1, 4.3, 4.3.5, 4.3.6, 4.4.0,,,,,,,,,,,,, 4.4.3, 4.4.4, 4.4.5) please view changelog online
  • Implementing New Shortcode Framework v2. Shortcode box will now be available when editing a page or a post


  • Version 3 contained 1 releases (3.0) please view changelog online
  • Implementing advanced updater


  • Version 2 contained 6 releases (2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5) please view changelog online
  • Stable Release
  • Clean Up
  • Adding Screenshots


  • Version 1 contained 2 releases (1.0, 1.5) please view changelog online
  • Alpha release
  • Adding Buttons
  • Start coding