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Mail Boxes Etc. is one of the world’s largest networks of retail centers offering logistic, communication and business support services to business and private customers. Operating in the Business Services Industry, MBE provides value by helping people and businesses – more precisely small and medium-sized enterprises – to improve productivity by outsourcing to MBE the business-related requirements and processes which do not correspond to customers’ core business activities. The local presence also guarantees that MBE’s distinct set of services is conveniently available to both professionals and consumers. This retail presence uniquely positions MBE to function in the “last mile” between companies – both large and small – and consumers, when service customization and a personal interaction are needed.

MBE eShip, the Mail Boxes Etc.​’s plugin for e-commerce platforms​, ​functions as an integrator between your ​online store and the MBE​’s​ Systems, allowing you to ​​offer different types of shipments and service​ levels​ to your customers, ​with all the distinctive quality ​and longstanding experience ​offered by Mail Boxes Etc. MBE e-Lin​​k is free of charge​, ​easy to install and configure, ​enabling automatic data transfer, such as recipient​s​, parcels​ information and tracking​ codes​, between MBE​’s​ ​Systems and the e-commerce​, ​allowing you ​to use only ​a ​single platform and stay focused on your business.
Although the plug-in download and installation are free of charge, the costs of shipments generated by it are based on the price list agreed between you and the MBE Center.
A separate account is required to use the plug-in, all the information will be provided by the MBE Center.

MBE eShip ​creates ​automatically ​the shipments for the products sold ​​through your e-commerce, letting you focus on ​matters strictly related to your ​business​,​ ​rather than ​bother on creat​ing and managing​ shipments manually in all their stages: the experts in MBE Center will take care of that for you. It also offers the ​possibility to ​create ​​shipping labels, avoiding the need to use different platform to download and print them. All the shipments‘ data will be accompanied by a tracking number, so customers will be able to track their orders‘ status since the very beginning.

MBE eShip lets you customize the destination countries and the service levels (standard or express), in order to always have control where your products can be shipped, and where not, at which cost. Price list customization is available by selecting the markup or the discount that you want to offer, free shipping option is available and manageable, based on customers or amount of their purchases. The connection between the plugin and MBE’s Systems enables you to download real-time reports of your shipments.

Although the plug-in download and installation are free of charge, the costs of shipments generated by it are based on the price list agreed between you and the MBE Center. A separate account is required to use the plug-in, all the information will be provided by the MBE Center.

MBE eShip plugin is currently available only for Italy, Spain, Germany and Austria. Once the plugin is installed, contact your MBE Center to retrieve your activation codes and request your customized tariffs. If you’re not yet in contact with an MBE Center, you can find the most convenient for you with our Store Locator.

Italy: https://www.mbe.it/it/store-locator

Spain: https://www.mbe.es/es/store-locator

Deutschland: https://www.mbe.de/de/store-locator

Austria: https://www.mbe.at/de/store-locator

When everything is set up, the shipment section of your checkout process will display the prices and the service levels that you have decided to configure and display.


  • Automatic creation of shipments
  • Automatische Erstellung von Versandetiketten
  • Erstellung von Versanddaten mit Tracking-System
  • Verwaltung von kundenspezifischen Preislisten
  • Verwaltung der verschiedenen Dienstleistungsebenen
  • Verwaltung von einzelnen oder mehreren Paketen
  • Einstellungen der Gewichtstoleranzen für Pakete
  • Verwaltung der Reiseziele, auch pro Land
  • End of play and time settings (manual or automatic)
  • Verbindung mit MBE Online, um Sendungen zu verfolgen und Berichte zu erstellen


  • Willkommensseite.
  • Allgemeine Anmeldeseite
  • Einstellungsseite für Kuriere und Dienste
  • Einstellungsseite für Pakete
  • Seite mit den Versandeinstellungen
  • Seite mit den Markup-Einstellungen
  • Debug-Seite
  • Liste der Sendungen.
  • Bulk actions in shipments list
  • Result of bulk actions in shipments list
  • Versandgebühren-Plugin-Auswahl in den Warenkorb-Summen


  1. In your WordPress admin panel, go to Plugins > New Plugin, search for Mail Boxes ETC and click „Install now“
  2. Alternatively, download the plugin and upload the contents of mbe-woocommerce-shipping-method.zip to your plugins directory, which usually is /wp-content/plugins/.
  3. Aktiviere das Plugin

A link Settings will appear in the plugin’s frame. Click this link to access the configuration interface.


PHP Soap package is required?

Yes. Please refer to http://php.net/manual/en/book.soap.php


7. Oktober 2022
This plugin is compatible with almost any theme. It allows you to find a WordPress theme that suits you the best. It allows you to modify the shipment options. If this method doesn't work for you, you can ask for help or contact support directly at MBE Store. E-link is a solution that offers lots of tools to support your store management. If you are looking for a free way to send shipments form your shop this one is for you.
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  • Pickup requests management


  • Automatisches Setzen von Standardwerten für Einstellungen, wenn diese nicht gesetzt sind
  • Die Schließungszeit verwendet jetzt die in den WP-Einstellungen eingestellte Zeitzone


  • Fixed an issue with shipment creation for „non MBE“ shipment methods


  • Fixed the orders view to show „old“ shipment details


  • Fehler bei der Synchronisierung von Waybill-Optionen behoben


  • Rebranding
  • Neue Schnittstelle für Einstellungen


  • Kleinere Fehlerbehebungen


  • Neuer Zustelldienst


  • Verwaltung von Rücksendungen
  • Proforma-Datenverwaltung


  • Fix for Csv rates


  • Standard-Paketverwaltung über CSV


  • Ein neues Land hinzugefügt: Kroatien (keine Übersetzung)
  • Herunterladen und Löschen von Protokolldateien
  • Mehrere Versandetiketten drucken
  • Kleinere Fehlerbehebungen


  • Fixed the custom CSV file path and name
  • Woocommerce-Maßeinheit für Gewicht verwenden
  • Order on frontend the available shipping methods (from the cheaper)
  • Hinzufügen der Sendungsverfolgungsnummer zu E-Mails und Rechnungen über abgeschlossene Bestellungen
  • Schwellenwert für kostenlosen Versand je nach Zielort (weltweit oder im Inland)
  • Individuelle Etiketten für Versandarten
  • Custom mapping for default shipping methods


  • Der Link zur CSV-Vorlage wurde korrigiert
  • Fixed warning on Handling Fee


  • Schwellenwert für kostenlosen Versand festlegen


  • Added Polish translation
  • Die Beschreibung für die Konfigurationseinstellung wurde aktualisiert
  • Ws end-point check
  • Unterstützung von Zugangspunkten


  • Added french translation
  • MBE-Versandliste aufgrund eines Abfragefehlers leer