Flying Images


High-performance Native Image Lazy Loading (with an optional tiny JavaScript fallback)

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How it Works?

  • Uses native lazy loading – Use native lazy loading if available (currently supported only in Chrome), otherwise use JavaScript to lazy load images.
    Load images even before entering viewport – While other plugins load images when they’re ‘inside’ the viewport, Flying Images load them when they’re about to enter the viewport.
  • Tiny JavaScript – Only 0.5KB, gzipped, minified.
  • Optionally use native only – Only want to support Chrome? You can switch to “native only” which injects zero JavaScript.
  • Rewrites entire HTML – Never miss an image from lazy loading (even the ones injected by gallery plugins).
  • Transparent placeholder – A tiny base64 transparent is added to all images. No more flickering while loading images.
  • Exclude keywords – Almost all lazy loading plugins provide exclude feature, however, Flying Images can also exclude images from the images’ parent node. Helpful if your image doesn’t have a class name.
  • Supports IE and JavaScript disabled browsers – All images are loaded instantly if is Internet Explorer or even if JavaScript is entirely disabled (using noscript tag).

Note: Make sure lazy loading is disabled in your cache plugin.


  • Flying Images Settings


From within WordPress

  1. Visit ‚Plugins > Add New‘
  2. Search for ‚Flying Images‘
  3. Activate Flying Images for WordPress from your Plugins page.
  4. Visit ‚Settings -> Flying Images‘ to configure


  1. Upload the flying-images folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the Flying Images plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress
  3. Visit ‚Settings -> Flying Images‘ to configure


13. November 2019
Gijo Varghese is an awesome person... He resolved a bug I had with his plugin and Oxygen Builder on my website and published the update few minutes later ahah. His plugins are amazing and I love how dedicated he is! I would like to thank him sincerely for bringing those plugin free, so for that, it's a 5 star rating, no less!
30. Oktober 2019
This plugin effectively deals with the need to lazy load and reduce page load whilst the loading just out of viewport makes the user experience smooth. Another winner from Gijo, who is the most helpful plugin developer I’ve come across! Another must use plugin for a fast user friendly site.
29. Oktober 2019
I had some issues with my ecom site. It was loading slowly. Mainly due to images. I just installed this plugin and activated it. And it improved the site loading speed drastically. I had some difficulty with the understanding of the plugin's setting (as I am naive in this field) and I contacted the author. He not only understood the issue but also help me resolved it by giving me some actionable instructions. Thank you gijo for this awesome plugin and for your selfless support. I recommend this plugin to everyone, who wants to improve their site's performance.
26. Oktober 2019
All the other lazyload plugins I have used, didn't show webp images properly. Only this plugin solved everything. Thanks for awesome support.
25. Oktober 2019
It definitely rockets up your website. Compatilibity with SmartSlider 3 confirmed. Thanks to the developer!
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  • Bug fix – Change window.onload to DOMContentLoaded


  • Bring back option to set bottom margin
  • New lazy load method – JavaScript only


  • Improve HTML and XML detection (also fixes issues with Oxygen builder)


  • New feature: Add missing responsive images (srcset)
  • Bug fix: Warning on countable function


  • Bug fix – Prevent videos inside source tag from loading


  • Bug fix in last update


  • Bug fix for Jetpack integration and empty pages


  • Remove styling for JS disabled browsers, for compatibility with Swift Performance


  • Bug fix – Images loading multiple times when cache is disabled in Chrome


  • Prevent conflicts with NextGen gallery plugin


  • Added noscript tag for images (load images when JavaScript is disabled)


  • Exclude keywords now looks from parent node (useful if your images doesn’t have a class or anything unique)
  • Bug fix for picture tag (webp)


  • Improved lazy loading for dynamic content
  • Prevent parser from removing white spaces
  • Performance improvements


  • Lazy load images in picture tag (also fixes issues for webp)
  • Automatic bottom margin height (removed option for custom margin)
  • Performance improvements


  • Bug fix – Lazy load images in dynamically injected content


  • Support for Internet Explorer


  • Rewrote HTML parser (fix breaking sites)
  • Exclude images from lazy loading


  • Renamed plugin from Nazy Load to Flying Images
  • Typo fixes


  • Initial release