Post Type Switcher


This plugin adds a simple post-type drop-down to the post editor interface, allowing you to reassign any post to a new post type. It allows you to switch post’s type while editing your post.

Unterstütze Arten

The plugin can convert nearly every combination of posts, pages, and even custom post types:

  • Seite zu Beitrag
  • Beitrag zu Seite
  • Beitrag zu benutzerdefiniert
  • Custom to Custom

As of 3.0.0, support for switching to or from Attachments was removed. This may come back in a subsequent version.

Unsichtbare Beitragsarten wie Revisionen, Menüs, usw. werden absichtlich ausgeschlossen. Aber wenn du auf unsichtbare Beitragsarten zugreifen möchtest, kannst du die Grenzen durch Verwendung des Filters ‚pts_post_type_filter‘ anpassen.


With bulk editing (thanks to Matthew Gerring) you can select all the posts in a certain type and convert them to a new type with one quick action.

Block Editor

With block-editor (aka Gutenberg) support (thanks to Daniel Bachhuber) you can switch between post-types that use either the Block Editor and the Classic one, without losing any of your embedded content.


  • Spalte "Art" in der Ansicht "Beiträge".
  • Eingabemaske "Beitragsart" unter "Quick Edit".
  • Eingabemaske "Beitragsart" in Ansicht "Beitrag bearbeiten".



  1. Gehe in deinem WordPress Dashboard auf „Plugins“ -> „Plugin hinzufügen“.
  2. Search for „Post Type Switcher“.
  3. Installiere das Plugin durch Drücken des Buttons „Installieren“.
  4. Aktiviere das Plugin durch Drücken des Buttons „Aktivieren“.
  5. Aus der Anzeige Beitrag bearbeiten, oberhalb des Button „Veröffentlichen“ ist die Eingabemaske „Beitragsart“.
  6. Ändere Beitragsarten wie erforderlich.


  • WordPress Version 3.0 oder höher.
  • PHP Version 5.2.4 oder höher.
  • MySQL Version 5.0 oder höher.

Empfohlene Voraussetzungen

  • Neuste WordPress-Version.
  • PHP version 7.0 or greater.
  • MySQL version 5.7 or greater, or MariaDB 10 or greater.


Warum sollte ich das brauchen?

Du musst ausgewählt eine Beitragsart zur anderen ändern.

Ruiniert das meine Taxonomie-Zuweisungen?

Sollte es nicht. Das Plugin ändert nur die ‚post_type‘-Eigenschaft eines Beitrags.


5. Juli 2020
I made a large amount of pages instead of them being posts. I was able to quickly fix them in a matter of seconds. Awesome job with this plugin! Thanks.
11. Juni 2020
I had multiple post types I needed to combine and I was dreading the process of doing it manually or writing a custom script to handle it. This plugin solved my problem in seconds!
2. Juni 2020
When you effectively use this plugin to convert from a page to an article you make a total mess. Let me explain - firstly the category becomes blank, and it doesn't even go to uncategorized or let you select it, so you can't even filter the pages you just transformed to articles. Annoying, but could do. What I really can't work with is that it doesn't change the template from page to post, if you try to open your newly transformed "post" after you switched it from being a page, the template will still have "page type-page" in the class, therefore using your (potentially) customized styles inherited from pages and not posts, plus on top of that, which is even worse, sidebar won't show up either because of that (at least, on TwentySeventeen theme, but I think on others too). Big nope unfortunately, good effort but not tweaked properly to be actually useful, uninstalling.
1. Juni 2020
Lifesaver plugin if you're using Elementor. Thanks a lot!
30. April 2020
I created a load of quick pages on a new site... accidentally created posts instead :/ This plugin was just what I needed. Many thanks!!
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  • Block editor support


  • Fix post targeting when called recursively


  • Improved Quick-Edit and Bulk-Edit support
  • Remove attachment type support for now, as there is no way to switch back
  • Fix bug causing some post-types to switch unexpectedly


  • Ensure quick-edit works with new procedure
  • Quick-edit „Type“ column works again!


  • Improved plugin compatibility with WooThemes Sensei
  • Filter post arguments vs. hook to save_post
  • Add „post_type_switcher“ action


  • Add support for network activation


  • Add textdomains for localization
  • Load translation strings using load_plugin_textdomain()
  • Before saving data chack if it’s not an autosave using wp_is_post_autosave()
  • Before saving data chack if it’s not a revision using wp_is_post_revision()
  • Security: Prevent direct access to directories
  • Security: Translation strings escaping
  • Add screenshots

1.5.0 – norcross

  • Fix multiple quickedit dropdowns


  • Improve handling of non-public post types


  • Fix saving of autodrafts


  • Improved WordPress 3.9 integration (added dashicon to publish metabox)


  • Add bulk editing to supported post types
  • Props Matthew Gerring for bulk edit contribution


  • Add is_admin() check to prevent theme-side interference
  • Change save_post priority to 999 to avoid plugin compatibility issues
  • Remove ending closing php tag
  • HTML and PHPDoc improvements


  • Fix revisions being nooped
  • Fix malformed HTML for some user roles
  • Make a singleton (meh…)


  • Fix JS bugs
  • Audit post save bail conditions
  • Tweak UI for WordPress 3.3


  • Use the API to change the post type, fixing a conflict with persistent object caches
  • No longer requires JavaScript


  • Disallow post types that are not public and do not have a visible UI


  • Release