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Rate my Post is a lightweight, responsive and free WordPress rating plugin which allows you to quickly and easily add rating widgets to your posts and pages. You can add rating widget to your posts and pages with a shortcode or automatically in plugin settings (every post/every page, below the content). The plugin also comes with results widget which can be added automatically, above the content of your posts, or manually with a shortcode.

The plugin has also stats section where you can see how many votes each post/page received and what is its average rating. It also allows you to change ratings from backend and supports structured data for rich snippets. Analytics section allows you to see the details about each vote on your website.

What sets Rate my Post apart from other WordPress rating plugins is its simplicity, performance and impact on engagement. It works with any page cache plugin and is probably the most customizable free WordPress rating plugin.

The plugin also features Top Rated Posts widget which displays top rated posts according to your settings.

It does not require any web development skills. However, the plugin is also perfect for developers as it comes with neat hooks. Read more about this here. Furthermore, the plugin is based on the WordPress Plugin boilerplate for a standardized, organized and object-oriented codebase.

Rating Widget Features:

  1. Choose between different types of rating widget: Stars, Thumbs, Hearts, Smileys and Trophies

  2. Add rating widget to any page/post with shortcode: [ratemypost]

  3. Add rating widget to all posts or pages with one click in settings

  4. Option to show results above post/page content or add results manually with shortcode: [ratemypost-result]

  5. Option to automatically include rating and result widget to custom post types

  6. Exclude ratings from certain pages and posts – such as About Us page etc.

  7. All texts and colors can be easily changed in plugin settings

  8. Option to add structured data for Rich Snippets to be displayed in search engines

  9. Option to get email when a post is rated

  10. Option to prevent accidental votes on mobile

  11. Prevent double votes with cookies

  12. Analytics section with data about votes, average ratings and feedbacks

  13. Enables you to manipulate votes from backend – you can set what role is required to manipulate votes in the backend

  14. Option to hide average rating

  15. Option to color the stars in rating widget with average rating

  16. Option to show half stars

  17. Option to show descriptive ratings while users hover on stars

  18. Option to disable headings for compatibility with table of contents plugins

  19. Option to track votes with Google Analytics – tested with GA Google Analytics, MonsterInsights and Google Analytics by ShareThis plugins, but might also work with others.

  20. Option to track votes with Matomo

  21. You can define what is a negative rating to use the feedback widget and social widget

  22. Option zum aktivieren von reCAPTCHA v3-Schutz

  23. Option to show results/stars on archive pages

  24. Option to allow only logged in users to rate

  25. Option zur Verhinderung von Doppelstimmen über IP-Adressen


  1. Optional feature – you can enable it or disable it

  2. After negative vote (you define what is a negative vote), displays the feedback widget

  3. Users who give you bad rating can help you improve your post

  4. Feedback is not posted publicly – it is available only to you

  5. Option to get an email if somebody leaves you feedback

  6. Option to only count negative votes if feedback is left

Social Widget Features:

  1. Optional feature – you can enable it or disable it

  2. Shows „follow us on social media“ after positive vote

  3. You add URLs to your social media profiles in settings

  4. Option to show social share links instead of social follow links

Top bewertete Beiträge-Widget:

  1. Optional feature – you can enable it under Appearance – Widgets

  2. Select how many posts to show

  3. Select minimum average rating required

  4. Option um Beitragsbilder anzuzeigen

  5. Option zum Anzeigen der Sternebewertung

Why use Rate my Post?

  1. Increase engagement

  2. Get feedback and improve posts/pages

  3. Get more followers on social media

  4. It’s responsive, lightweight and simple to use

  5. It’s probably the most customizable free WordPress rating plugin

  6. It uses AJAX and thus works super fast

  7. It’s compatible with caching plugins

  8. It supports structured data for rich snippets

  9. It works with multilingual websites

  10. AMP Kompatibilitäts-Modus (Beta)

  11. reCAPTCHA v3-Schutz

  12. Migration tools – easily migrate from kk Star Ratings, YASR or WP-PostRatings


  1. Deutsche Übersetzung. Danke an Stefan smik2002

  2. Portugiesische (Brasilianisch) Übersetzung. Danke an Douglas douglasferraz89

  3. Spanische (Costa Rica) Übersetzung. Danke an Mario marbaque


  • Ratings in posts/pages
  • After vote, if feedback is enabled
  • After vote, if social is enabled
  • Plugin Settings
  • Plugin Customization
  • Plugin Stats
  • Manipulate Votes


  1. Unzip the plugin file
  2. Upload the folder rate-my-post and it’s contents to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress
  4. Click Rate my Post in the main menu or add the shortcode [ratemypost]



For support please use the support forum.

Can you add an extra feature?

Drop me a line in the support forum and we can discuss it.

Does it work with multilingual websites?

Yes, the plugin is fully compatible with multilingual websites. If you are planning to use the plugin on a multilingual website enable Multilingual website compatibility mode in the settings and then translate strings through your plugin for translations.

Do I have to translate the plugin if my website uses language other than English?

Not necessarily because the plugin allows you to customize all frontend strings in the options. However, backend strings can only be translated by generating PO translations.


16. September 2019
The plugin is light-weight, straight forward, developer friendly, and does what it is meant for. Well thought customization options for anyone to understand and change accordingly. All the best to plugin author and I hope it prospers even more in future.
10. September 2019
I just discover it yesterday and love it, a light plugin with many useful option for Webmaster. Yesterday I didn't know it, today I consider it as an essential plugin for WordPress! Thank's a lot!
7. September 2019
Я перебрал множество плагинов, и мне почти ни один не понравился так как понравился этот. Тем не менее, я столкнулся с некоторыми проблемами которые для меня оказались бы критичными и счел что мне придется отказаться от использования, но хорошо что догадался написать в техническую поддержку и менее чем через сутки мне ответил автор, и помог решить проблему нажатием всего одной кнопки. 🙂
7. September 2019
It is really the best rating plugin I know. The only thing for leave 4 and not 5 star rating is that I'm getting a 500 to 700ms response time in "POST admin-ajax.php" request, and I think it is a lot - The rich snippets are working very well. Also, it has a lot of options to customize the widget and everything. Very good plugin and worth installing it now.
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  • Bug fix: Migration from KK star ratings did not work with KK star ratings version 3.x.x
  • Added LinkedIn social share icon


  • Bug fix: Archive pages stars appeared also in widgets and such
  • New feature: Option to prevent double votes via IP


  • Bug fix: Saving settings did not work on some installations
  • Bug fix: Don’t show rating/results widget on AMP pages unless AMP compatibility is enabled
  • Bug fix: Escape html for structured data
  • Updated POT file


  • New feature: Analytics submenu – see details about each vote
  • Improvement: Define minimum votes for the top rated posts widget
  • Improvement: Stats have been moved into submenu
  • Improvement: About plugin section
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes


  • Improvement: Redesigned feedback functionality
  • New feature: Delete each feedback
  • New feature: Migration tools for YASR and WP-PostRatings
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes


  • Bug Fix: Feedback widget not working with social share icons enabled
  • Developer feature: Hooks in social widget and feedback widget
  • Developer feature: Rating icon class filter
  • Developer feature: Function to output the stars for any post
  • Developer feature: Function to get top rated posts
  • Improvement: Queries use less memory
  • Improvement: Support for half stars on category pages
  • New feature: Option to align the rating widget
  • New feature: Trending posts widget


  • New feature: Option to show ratings on archive pages
  • New feature: Option to allow only logged in users to vote
  • New feature: Option to add social share links instead of social follow links
  • Bug Fix: Backslashes in texts
  • Functions for developers and new hooks
  • Improved code


  • New feature: Set who can manipulate votes
  • New feature: Option to enable reCAPTCHA v3 protection
  • New feature: Migration tool for kk StarRatings
  • Bug Fix: Do not revert ratings on post update
  • Bug fix: Rich snippet was added to AMP
  • Other minor bug fixes


  • New feature: AMP compatibility (BETA)
  • New feature: New types of rating widget (smileys and trophies)
  • New feature: Filters for strings in all widgets
  • Improvement: Enhanced security
  • Improvement: Prevent cache issues on save settings
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes


  • Bug fix: Different handling of cookies as current implementation in rare cases (server configurations) caused errors in case that too many cookies were present in user’s browser
  • Bug fix: Modernizr library is optional as it conflicts with some themes
  • Other minor bug fixes


  • New feature: Automatically add rating and/or result widget to custom post types
  • New feature: Option to only count negative votes if feedback is left
  • New feature: Option to prevent accidental votes on mobile (button to confirm rating)
  • New feature: Event tracking via Matomo thanks to smik2002
  • Improvement: Feedback can be easily deleted by clicking a button in meta box
  • Improvement: Better compatibility with older browsers such as IE
  • New feature: Option to delete all plugin data on uninstall
  • Improvement: Added non-minified js and css for developers – not used by the plugin
  • User request: Add class to rating widget if cookie is present
  • Portuguese (Brazil) translations thanks to douglasferraz89


  • Bug fix: iOS requires double tap if hover texts are enabled
  • Bug fix: Custom hover color does not disappear after the click if custom rated color is not inserted
  • User request: Append class to the main div after rating so that the whole widget can be easily hidden after vote
  • Improvement: Stars stay highlighted only until the response from server is sent back (if highlight the stars feature is enabled)
  • Improvement: Improved stats section – search and sorting
  • Kleinere Fehlerbehebungen


  • Verbesserung: Bewertungsanzahl und Link zum Beitrag in E-Mails hinzugefügt
  • Verbesserung: Option, FontAwesome nicht zu laden
  • Verbesserung: Kompatibilität mit FontAwesome autoreplace (Icons zu SVGs)
  • Verbesserung: Bessere Kompatibilität mit verschiedenen Themes
  • Verbesserung: Event tracking mit Google Analytics (getestet mit folgenden Plugins: GA Google Analytics, MonsterInsights und Google Analytics by ShareThis)
  • Bug fix: On mobile hover-color of stars does not disappear after vote until user taps somewhere else
  • German translations thanks to Stefan (smik2002)


  • Fix: Fehlende POT-Files für Übersetzungen hinzugefügt
  • Fix: Unterstützung für mehrsprachige Websites
  • Verbesserung: Benutzerdefinierter Danke-Text wird nach der Bewertung angezeigt
  • Improvement: Interaction with the rating widget is not possible after vote
  • Improvement: Stars stay highlighted after vote (only if „color the stars in rating widget“ option is disabled)
  • Verbesserung: Option zum Deaktivieren von Überschriften im Bewertungs-Widget
  • Improvement: Option to display descriptive rating under the stars on hover (tooltips have been discontinued)


  • Improvement: Rewritten frontend ajax
  • New feature: Recalculate vote count and average rating after vote (enabled by default, but can be disabled)
  • New feature: Set border color, border radius, border width, background color and stars spacing
  • New feature: Customizable vote count and average rating text
  • New feature: Supports half stars
  • Minor improvements


  • Minor improvements
  • Bug fix: On some websites the rating widget did not show


  • Bug fix: Plugin crashed on some server configurations


  • Rewritten in OOP for easier scalability
  • New feature: In addition to stars, supports thumbs and hearts
  • New feature: Change stars, thumbs or hearts size
  • New feature: Change stars, thumbs or hearts color
  • New feature: Option to not show the results in rating widget
  • New feature: Define what is negative and what is positive rating


  • Bug fix: Option to color the stars in rating widget works only if results widget is enabled


  • Option to color the stars in rating widget according to the post rating


  • Structured data for rich snippets
  • Results widget (shortcode or automatically before every post’s content)
  • Security improvements


  • Compatibility with custom post types


  • Does not allow to submit empty feedback
  • Custom notice if the feedback is empty
  • Allows you to reset ratings


  • Fixed „division by zero“ warning


  • Customize section allows you to customize plugin to your liking (strings, font size, margin etc.)
  • Exclude from feature allows you to exclude ratings from certain pages and posts
  • Disable cookie feature
  • Supports Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin
  • Other minor improvements


  • Initial release