Secondary Title


Secondary Title ist ein einfaches, leichtes Plugin, das Beiträgen, Seiten und Custom Post Types einen alternativen Titel gibt. Dieser kann automatisch, per Shortcode oder via PHP-Funktion eingeblendet werden.

Secondary Title kommt mit einer Einstellungsseite, auf der du das Plugin deinen Wünschen nach anpassen kannst. Du kannst einstellen:

  • Post Types, Kategorien und einzelne Beitrags-IDs, bei denen der alternative sichtbar sein soll,
  • ob der alternative automatisch zusammen mit dem Standardtitel angezeigt werden soll (Auto show),
  • das Format, in dem beide Titel dargestellt werden (funktioniert nur, wenn Auto show eingeschaltet ist),
  • die Position des Eingabefelds für den alternativen Titel (unter oder über dem Standardtitel) im Adminbereich (nur bei Classic Editor),
  • ob der alternative Titel nur im Hauptbeitrag und nicht in Widgets etc. angezeigt werden soll,
  • ob der alternative Titel in permalinks angezeigt werden soll,
  • und noch viel mehr.

Besuche die offizielle Website für eine vollständige Dokumentation.


  • Secondary Title with activated Auto show function that automatically adds the secondary title to the standard post/page title separated with a line break (<br>).

  • Secondary Title with activated Auto show function that automatically adds the secondary title to the standard post/page title with secondary title in bold (<strong>).

  • Secondary title input field using Gutenberg editor.

  • Secondary title input field using Classic Editor plugin (WordPress version below 5.0).

  • Ein Abschnitt der Einstellungsseite von Secondary Title



  1. Install Secondary Title either by searching for the plugin with WordPress‘ native plugin installer found under PluginsAdd New or download the plugin manually and copy the secondary-title folder into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation.
  2. Aktiviere das Plugin auf der Plugins-Seite im Dashboard deiner WordPress-Installation.
  3. Go to SettingsSecondary Title to customize the plugin as desired.

WICHTIG: Wenn die OptionAuto show auf Aus ist, musst du entweder

<?php echo get_secondary_title($post_id, $prefix, $suffix); ?>


<?php the_secondary_title($post_id, $prefix, $suffix); ?>

an der Stelle in deinen Theme-Dateien (z.B. single.php), an der du den alternativen Titel eingeblendet haben möchtest.

Eine detallierte Dokumentation mit Parametern, Funktionen und Beispielen findest du in der offiziellen Dokumentation.


Häufig gestellte Fragen

The full FAQ can be found in the documentation.


14. Juli 2021
Had a problem with the secondary title not showing til the social preview. The issue got fixed within 5 minutes by Kolja Appreciate it and keep up the good work! 🙂
5. Mai 2021
Hi dude. Thanks, i love this plugin.
28. April 2021
I'm not yet very good with wordpress and plugins in general since I just started. I had a hard time installing the secondary title option and the developer was amazing at helping me out. He reached out immediately after I explain my issue and solved not only that but some other imperfections on my titles. Very helpful and answers quickly. Thanks again for the support! I highly recommend it.
8. April 2021
This is a wonderful plugin. The developer is responsive to issues and thoughtful on updates. Most of all, secondary title provides a ton of functionality to a blog, that to my knowledge no other plugin can do. I love it's simple design. Having a second title really helps me both brand and better message my blog posts. I would pay for this plugin.
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  • Added support for WordPress 5.8

  • HOTFIX: Reverted a change that caused a bug when displaying the secondary title in sidebars




  • Added compatibility with WordPress 5.7
  • Removed all previously (since version 1.9.5) deprecated functions from the plugin’s codebase
  • Removed „Input field position“ option when using WordPress 5.0 and above
  • Removed dismissible notice on all pages except for Secondary Title’s settings page
  • Fixed PHP notice
  • Fixed code formatting in PHP file headers
  • PHP files now use die() instead of return statement to prevent files from being accessed directly
  • Code in SCSS files have been nested for better readability
  • Updated language files (.pot)
  • Added type annotation to certain PHP functions


  • Fixed bug printing PHP Notice: Trying to get property of non-object on line 471
  • Fixed bug that resulted in not showing the correct post type names on the settings page
  • Updated code to match current PHP standards
  • Updated dead URLs leading to the documentation website


  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.5 and below.
  • Changed the minimum required PHP version to 7.1.


  • Added full support for All in One SEO Pack 3.0. Use %secondary_title% to display.
  • Added note reminding that Input field and Column position option only apply when using Classical Editor in WordPress versions with Gutenberg (>= 5.0).
  • Cosmetic changes to the plugin’s settings page.


  • Hotfix: Moved file admin/settings.php to includes/setings.php due to PHP complications.


  • Added support for Gutenberg editor. The secondary title can now be entered via a meta box on the sidebar of the editor.
  • Added minimized versions for CSS (compiled from SCSS) and JS files for performance improvement.
  • Added partly support for All in One SEO Pack. Use %secondary_title% to display.
  • Updated Font Awesome to 5.8.1.
  • Updated translations.
  • Screenshot aktualisiert.
  • Fixed bug with reoccurring donation notice.
  • Minor style adjustments.
  • Removed /includes/gutenberg-info.php and the notice saying „Secondary Title doesn’t work anymore“.
  • Moved /includes/settings.php to /admin/settings.php.


  • This version was skipped.


  • This version was skipped.

  • Hotfix und kleinere Änderungen.


  • Secondary Title is now compatible with PHP version 5.2.17 and above.
  • Added info icons next to every setting which links to the official documentation where those settings are being explained in detail.
  • Added „Settings“ link to the „Plugins“ section in the admin area which leads to Secondary Title’s settings page.
  • Updated Font Awesome to 5.2.0.
  • Minor restructure of resources directories.
  • Declared unused secondary_title_get_default_setting() as deprecated function.
  • Donation notification dismissed by users will start to show up again if the plugin is re-activated (please don’t kill me!).
  • Minor adjustments to the donation notification.


  • Added new filter hook secondary_title_columns_in_post_types. Read more about it in the documentation.
  • Added dismissable donation notice.
  • Compatibility with WordPress 4.9.8.
  • Fixed conflicts with standard meta queries when using „Include in search“ (thanks to @filmstarr).
  • Added textdomain constant.
  • Updated Plugin URI in readme.txt.
  • Removed commented (unused) code.
  • Updated URLs on the plugin’s settings page.
  • Added copyright to file headers.
  • Replaced screenshot-3.png with an updated one.


  • Optimized display of title format preview on settings page.
  • Added link to online documentation on GitBooks.
  • Fixed bug concerning post columns (thanks to Colin Ferm).
  • Updated Font Awesome to 5.0.9.
  • Removed „Media“ as post type for available display rules since it is not used anywhere.
  • Mengelbehebungen


  • Hotfix für 1.9.3.


  • Removed JavaScript for changing the secondary title columns on post overviews and converted it into more reliable PHP.
  • Removed HTML from the tag and placed it into the body footer.
  • Cosmetic changes.
  • Major changes will follow soon.


  • Introduced official documentary.
  • Added WordPress 4.9.1 compatibility.
  • Added shortcode functionality [secondary_title allow_html="false" post_id="0"]
  • Updated Font Awesome to version 4.7.0.
  • Cosmetic changes.


  • Added WordPress 4.6 compatibility.
  • Added translation compatibility.
  • Updated translations.
  • Updated Font Awesome to version 4.6.3.
  • Cosmetic changes.


  • Fixed issue with „Include in search“ when using more than one search terms (thanks to lonefur).
  • Added setting „Column position“ to allow users to place the secondary title on post overview pages left or right of the primary title.
  • JavaScript/jQuery code now follows JSLint and JSHint coding standards.
  • Allowed to use placeholder more than once in „Title format“ preview field on settings page.


  • Added option „Only show in main post“.
  • Added option „Include in search“.
  • Secondary Title now (properly) installs default plugin settings on first activation.
  • „Title format“ preview on settings page now displays HTML (not just text as before).
  • „Title format“ doesn’t reset itself anymore when „Auto show“ is activated.


  • Hotfix for 1.7.1.


  • Hotfix for 1.7.0.


  • Removed permalinks function from front-end.
  • Redesigned plugin’s settings page.
  • Fixed small bugs.
  • Updated translations.
  • PHP 7 support.
  • Minor tweaks and adjustments.


  • Fixed bug occurring when clicking „Save Changes“ on settings page.


  • Fixed bug occurring when clicking „Save Changes“ on settings page.


  • Added new setting that can determine whether the secondary title should be displayed before or after the primary title on post, pages or custom post types overview site.
  • Added Font Awesome icons on Secondary Title settings page.
  • General code optimization.
  • Updated translations.


  • Remove unnecessary slash in css link.


  • Fixed bug preventing secondary title input field from displaying.
  • Updated translations.


  • Removed „Automatically append to permalinks“ option because it turned out to cause several 404 errors.
  • Added JS fix to let users jump from primary title to secondary title when tab is pressed.
  • Fixed bug in „quick edit“ dropdown (thanks to madaplus for reporting and simne7 for offering a fix.



  • Small bug fix for JavaScript in Firefox.


  • Hotfix for 1.5.1.


  • Fixed notice error when deleting post (thanks to master412160 and wido).
  • Fixed bug occurring when filtering posts within the admin area (thanks to Chillington).
  • Code cleanup and JS refactoring.
  • Performance fixes.
  • Updated translations.
  • Compatibility for WordPress 4.2.1.


  • Added $use_settings parameter to get_secondary_title() and others which defines whether the secondary title should only be displayed if it matches the plugin’s settings. Default false.
  • Code rearrangements and improvements.
  • Updated translations.


  • Fixed bug causing secondary title not to be displayed on certain custom post types overviews (thanks to saschapi).
  • Updated translations.


  • Small bug fixes and corrections.
  • Updated translations.


  • Removed <?php secondary_title_plugins_settings_link(); ?> due to compatibility problems.
  • Added filter hook secondary_title_show_overview_column to disable the secondary title column on post overviews without using the screen values (thanks to Alkorr).
  • Added Dutch (thanks to SilverXp), Turkish (thanks to mapazarbasi) and other translation.
  • Updated existing translations.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the „Author“ column on post overview page to be shown.
  • Further bug fixes.


  • Allows HTML tags within individual secondary titles (thanks to brit77).
  • Updated documentation.


  • Fixed bug that occasionally prevented the secondary title input box from being displayed when creating a new post (thanks to howorks and pesunites).
  • Changed the categories view on the settings page.
  • jQuery changes.


  • Bug fixes for 0.9.


  • Removed Report bug e-mail form due to compatibility issues.
  • Fixed bug that deleted the secondary
    title on selected posts when using Bulk edit (thanks to JacobSchween).
  • Fixed bug that occurred when saving a custom menu (only visible with WP_DEBUG).
  • Updated translations.
  • Several small changes that aren’t important enough to be mentioned here.


  • Some new minor functions and changes on the settings page.
  • Allowed to use %title% and %secondary_title% variable on settings page in Title format more than once.
  • Added option to use secondary title in permalinks.
  • Added filter hooks to <?php get_secondary_title(); ?>, <?php the_secondary_title(); ?> and
  • Added French translation (thanks to fxbenard).
  • Updated existing translations.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the secondary title to be updated when empty.
  • Renamed <?php get_filtered_post_types(); ?> to <?php get_secondary_title_filtered_post_types(); ?> to avoid


  • Restructured and split up plugin code into different files for better handling.
  • Added Secondary title column to posts/pages overview.
  • Added secondary title input field to quick edit box on posts/pages overview.
  • Added bug report form to settings page.
  • Removed secondary title from above/below the standard title on posts/page overview.
  • Renamed functions to minimize conflicts with other plugins.
  • Screenshot aktualisiert.
  • Updated translations.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Added compatibility with Word Filter Plus plugin.
  • Added Only show in main post setting.
  • Fixed minor jQuery bug on admin interface.
  • Updated FAQ.


  • Fixed bug that falsely added slashes to HTML attributes in title format.
  • Fixed jQuery bug in the admin posts/
  • Added <?php has_secondary_title(); ?> function. See the official documentation for more information.


  • Fixed bug where the secondary title was not shown if the standard title contains „…“ (thanks to Vangelis).
  • Added Select all and Unselect all script for checkbox lists on settings page.
  • Added secondary title display in admin posts/pages list.
  • Added <?php get_secondary_title_link($post_id, $values); ?> and <?php the_secondary_title_link($post_id, $values); ?> functions
    to quickly create the secondary title as a link to its post. See the official documentation for more information.
  • Updated documentation/readme.txt.


  • Fixed bug that showed secondary title input within the post/page overview.
  • Added Italian translation (thanks to giuseppep).
  • Added Polish translation (thanks to pawel10).
  • Updated existing translations.


  • Added HTML support in title format (thanks to C0BALT).
  • Added option to set the position of the secondary title input field within the admin interface (thanks to Vangelis).
  • Added translation to Thai.
  • Updated translation files.


  • Installs default values on plugin activation.
  • Added screenshots.
  • Added $prefix and $suffix parameter for <?php get_secondary_title(); ?> and <?php the_secondary_title(); ?>.
  • Updated FAQ.


  • Erstveröffentlichung.