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8. November 2017
I was a big fan of this plugin, especially the simplicity and regular updates, but lately it seems this plugin is not getting the attention it needs. Due to the regularly changing evolution of social sharing buttons, it needs to be updated more frequently. I think the developer is busy, understandable, but at this point I wouldn’t recommend this plugin. Old review below —- This plugin is living up to the hype when it comes to having a slim profile. Definitely a performance boost. Can’t wait for new features that will make this the definitive social sharing plugin! 🙂
3. September 2016
Thanks for this great plugin, Mehedi! I had some trouble making the plugin show the buttons where I (or rather: my client) wanted them, but your tipps, gleaned from several support forums, were very helpful. I have both settings, „Display Sharify buttons at the top of posts“ and „Display Sharify buttons at the bottom of posts“, under the General Settings of Sharify set to off, told my client to use the shortcode… [sharify] …in those blog posts where he needs the social buttons (probably every one) and added the line… <?php echo do_shortcode("[sharify]"); ?> …after… <div class="entry-inner"> …in my custom attachment.php and — voilà! — I get Sharify buttons that let the users of my client’s website share attachment images and news entries. It took a few minutes to set it up like this (plus an hour of Google-ing), but it works very well. So, this may not be the one and only plugin for social media buttons, but it definitely serves me well, especially when one considers the low price (of zero dollars).
3. September 2016
Light and quick to install. Unfortunately too limited and doesn’t allow to embed share buttons as shortcodes on static pages. Useless therefore.
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