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Simple 301 Redirects By BetterLinks – Easy WordPress Redirect Manager for Redirects, 404 Error Log & More

Simple 301 Redirects By BetterLinks – Easy WordPress Redirect Manager for Redirects, 404 Error Log & More


Improve Your Website User Experience With Simple 301 Redirects Solution for WordPress

Launching a marketing campaign with a new URL? Got “404 not found” errors? Or relaunching your website with a new URL? Let’s redirect your old URLs to new ones automatically by creating 301 redirects to existing pages.

Simple 301 Redirects provides an easy method of redirecting requests to another page on your site or elsewhere on the web. It’s especially handy when you migrate a site to WordPress and can’t preserve your URL structure.

By setting up 301 redirects from your old pages to your new pages, any incoming links will be seamlessly passed along, and their page rank (or what-have-you) will be passed along with them.


◾With this plugin, you can check and redirect your old URLs to the new ones with a few easy steps
Designed for any website with very easy and user friendly interface which you can set up in few seconds

◾Works great eCommerce, blog, magazine, small business and any other websites


◾Import Redirect Rules: You can import redirect links in bulk from your device and upload them using this plugin to manage links

◾ Export Redirect Rules: You can also export your 301 Redirect Links in .csv format to use in future

Wildcards: It will redirect all files within a directory to the same filename in the redirected directory. To use wildcards, put an asterisk (*) after the folder name that you want to redirect. Example:

  • Request: /old-folder/*
  • Destination: /new-folder/*

Advanced Analytics: Easily track and analyze click-through rates of your link redirects with BetterLinks (advanced link management solution by WPDeveloper)

Friendly Support: Get super friendly community support as we have an extraordinary support team ready to help you. Ask your questions in the support forum & someone from our team will help you

🏆 Featured by Renowned WordPress Publications

Simple 301 Redirects has been loved by lots of users, website owners, bloggers and marketers:


„The plugin’s name could not be better. It really is simple to do 301 redirects. For example, if you modify the URL of one of your pages, then you can take the old URL and redirect it to the new one. Not only can this keep some SEO value, but it’s good for user experience as well.“


„I like this plugin because: You can quickly create 301 redirects without leaving your WordPress dashboard. It makes it much easier to manage your existing 301 redirects. It’s just plain easier for beginners than digging around the .htaccess file.“



Need More Advanced Solution for Link Management?

Try BetterLinks – the advanced link management plugin that simplifies your marketing campaigns by offering a range of powerful features. You can easily shorten links, conduct split tests with dynamic redirects, and check for broken links.
The solution also allows you to monitor campaigns using a UTM builder, manage user roles, and analyze click-through rates. Additionally, you can create links without needing admin access and track analytics effortlessly, ensuring your marketing efforts are successful without any hassle.

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  • For documentation and tutorials go to our Documentation
  • For video tutorials go to our YouTube Playlist
  • If you have any more questions, visit our support on the Plugin’s Forum
  • For more information about features, FAQs and documentation, check out our website.


Visit WPDeveloper to learn more about how to do better in WordPress with Help Tutorial, Tips & Tricks.


  • Simple 301 Redirects – Dashboard
  • Simple 301 Redirects – Setup


  1. Lade Simple 301 Redirects in das /wp-content/plugins/ Verzeichnis hoch
  2. Aktiviere das Plugin mittels dem ‚Plugins‘-Menü in WordPress
  3. Lege Weiterleitungen in den Einstellungen der > 301 Redirects-Seite an.


19. April 2023
First, thank you for this great free plugin. We’ve been using it for many years. Recently after upgrading WP to 5.9.5 (I know it’s an old version but bear with me). The following redirects no longer work Request:/blog-test/blog-title.html?lang=en However if I remove the ?lang=en parameter, it will work again. We’ve never had this issue before. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
5. August 2022 1 Antwort
I have been using this plugin for years with no problems. This morning I noticed I had many 404 errors and none of the redirects were working. The plugin currently says it’s untested with WordPress 6.0.1 which is the version I am using. Until a patch happens this plugin is useless.
19. Mai 2022 1 Antwort
Have been using this for a long time on a lot of sites, but something happened to the focus of the developers. The import functionality has been broken for quite a while now. Even if you import the export file of the plugin itself, it doesn’t work.
3. September 2021 1 Antwort
Just started using this again after making some changes to slugs that are ranking well in google. Strange bad reviews with this plugin, there is nothing wrong with it, it works perfectly fine. Some user experience is required when redirecting URL’s and the proper way to do it. Site configuration (such as SSL) will determine how redirects happen as well as many other factors. This plugin simply redirects a URL -> NEW URL as 301 Redirect, that is all, everything else after this point has nothing to do with the plugin. It bothers me when I see „bad“ reviews for a developer trying to make money with a free plugin, this developer at least allows the two notices to be dismissed and never to be seen again unlike many other popular plugins with dashboard nag screens every time the dashboard is loaded. However, I do recommend the developer fix the example on the interface above the redirect url section that shows an example of the URL. Destination example: https://www.yoursite.com//new-page/ Should be a single slash Destination example: https://www.yoursite.com/new-page/ Great work, I appreciate the plugin.
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2.0.9 – 27/09/2023

  • Fixed: Import Related Issue.
  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

2.0.8 – 30/08/2023

  • Fixed: Vulnerability Issue.
  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

2.0.7 – 13/09/2022

  • Fixed: WP-CLI issue.
  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

2.0.6 – 19/10/2021

  • Added: CSV Import/Export option
  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

2.0.5 – 08/07/2021

  • Fixed: Http mixed content issue
  • Added: AJAX Support in place of REST API
  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

2.0.4 – 05/05/2021

  • Improved: User role capabilities check in Ajax requests for security enhancements
  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

2.0.3 – 18/04/2021

  • Fixed: Redirects fail with trailing slash in the Request URL
  • Improved: Import/Export feature for security enhancements
  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

2.0.2 – 15/04/2021

  • Fixed: Link Redirection not working when Shortend URL is shared on Facebook
  • Fixed: Destination URL not fully visible on smaller devices
  • Improved: Coding structure to enhance security
  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

2.0.1 – 07/04/2021

  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

2.0.0 – 01/04/2021

  • Revamped: New UI/UX
  • Added: Support for WordPress 5.7
  • Added: Options to Export/Import Links
  • Few minor bug fix and improvements


  • Security Aktualisierung – Bessere Verarbeitung der eingegebenen Daten.


  • Security Aktualisierung – Besonderen Dank an Ryan Hellyer!


  • Wildcard unterstützt
  • Funktionalität löschen
  • On-page Dokumentation


  • Veraltete Function Calls entfernt
  • Code wurde aktualisiert, um näher an den WordPress Coding Standards zu sein.
  • Handhabung des https-Protokoll aktualisiert, um Fehlermeldungen in bestimmten Servereinstellungen zu verhindern.
  • Verbesserter Support für Zieladressen, die mit einem Schrägstrich beginnen anstatt einer kompletten Domain.


  • Wir entschuldigen uns für das zweifache Update. Ich habe vergessen die PHP4-Kompatibilität zu überprüfen. Viele Leute benutzen anscheinend immer noch PHP4. Dieses Update soll die Kompatibilität mit älteren System regeln.


  • Support für Sonderzeichen in nicht-englischen URLs hinzugefügt.
  • Reparierte einen Fehler der Groß- und Kleinschreibung.


  • Redirect-Methode aktualisiert, um Headers direkt zu senden, anstatt wp_redirect() zu benutzen, weil es 302 Codes an einige Server geschickt hat.


  • Erste Version