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SliceWP slice by slice — What makes SliceWP such an easy to use affiliates plugin?

We’re powered by personal experience, having worked on numerous affiliate projects every time we found the current solutions lacking. So we built SliceWP to be easy to use, quick to set up and have a beautiful interface.

SliceWP Affiliate Plugin — In a nutshell

Affiliates made easy — SliceWP makes it easy to connect to your favorite eCommerce platform such as WooCommerce along with Easy Digital Downloads and more. It’s probably the best WooCommerce affiliates plugin out there.

Setup in record time — An easy to use step-by-step setup wizard makes getting your affiliate program up and running quick, and easy.

Time saving — Automatic tracking of commissions and visits gives you more time to focus on what’s important in your life.

Never miss a thing — Keep everyone up to date with email notifications about generated commissions that get sent automatically. Making you and your affiliates happy.

Affiliate pages out of the box — Custom pages where your affiliates can log in and manage their affiliate account while being kept up to date on how their affiliate marketing is working.

Percentages or fixed commissions? You decide — Full support for affiliate percentages or fixed affiliate commissions giving you more flexibility than ever before.

And these are just the tip of the iceberg… And don’t even mention things like the ability to approve or review affiliate applications, creating affiliate payouts in a few clicks and much more. Intrigued? Find out more.

An all in one WordPress Affiliates Plugin

SliceWP makes it as easy as 1…2…3 to run your affiliate program.

  1. Install the SliceWP plugin and configure it.
  2. Send out invites to potential affiliates and set your affiliates pages live.
  3. Watch the money roll-in.

But what makes SliceWP so easy to use for your WordPress affiliate needs?

Simple. SliceWP was built from the ground-up to work seamlessly with your WordPress site. From a stunning user interface that makes it a pleasure to use and built in integrations with your favorite WordPress eCommerce solutions it couldn’t be easier to get your affiliate program up and running. Remember when we said it’s probably the best WooCommerce affiliates plugin out there? We mean it.

SliceWP Affiliate Plugin — Features

Unlimited affiliates — As they say, sky’s the limit. Whether you partner with one affiliate or dozens of affiliates, SliceWP can manage them all.

Affiliate approval process — Want to work only with the best affiliates? Perfect! You can vet each new affiliate that registers.

Affiliate area — Auto-created registration, login and account pages for your affiliates, where they can see how their affiliate efforts work.

Auto-approve affiliates — Want to turn all your customers into affiliates? With a simple switch you can automatically register new users into affiliates.

Custom affiliates promotional links — Customize your affiliates’ promotional link to match your branding.

Credit First/Last Affiliate — Set which affiliate is rewarded the commission when referring a new customer.

Affiliate Own Commissions — Set whether affiliates can make a commission on their own purchase.

Affiliates Email Notifications — Send affiliates automatic emails to let them know they made a commission.

Unlimited creatives — Add unlimited banners and text copy for your affiliates to use to promote your business.

Affiliates plugin for WooCommerce

When building a WooCommerce affiliates program, few plugins can do for you what SliceWP does. From accurate affiliates and commissions tracking, to affiliate coupon codes. Set product affiliate commission rates per product, disable commissions per product, connect affiliates to coupon codes, pay affiliates through PayPal. All done from your WordPress dashboard. An affiliates plugin for WooCommerce that integrates seamlessly.

Want an extra slice? Check out SliceWP Premium.

SliceWP premium is a paid-upgrade to SliceWP which makes your mouth water with these delicious add-ons (no pineapple was used in the making of these add-ons).

  • Custom Affiliate Fields – Customize your affiliates registration form with custom affiliate fields.
  • Reports – Monitor your affiliate program’s metrics to improve your affiliate marketing strategy.
  • PayPal Payouts – Pay your affiliates directly through the SliceWP interface with a few clicks.
  • Product Commission Rates – Set custom affiliate commission rates for individual products or subscriptions.
  • Affiliate Coupons – Associate affiliates to coupon codes and track them to generate commissions for your affiliate partners.
  • Affiliate Commission Rates – Reward individually your affiliates a custom commission, either percentage or fixed amount.
  • Custom Conversion – Generate commissions for your affiliates even if you’re not using one of the available integrations.
  • Affiliate Social Share – Add social media buttons to the affiliate account so your affiliates can share their affiliate promo link directly from their account.
  • Lead Affiliate Commissions – Connect SliceWP to your contact form and reward your affiliates when referred visitors submit the form.
  • Affiliate Start ID – Customize the ID at which new affiliate registrations start. For example 921, instead of the default 1.
  • Cross-site Tracking – Enables tracking of affiliate referrals from a WordPress site to your main eCommerce WordPress site.
  • Data Export – Export affiliates, commissions, affiliate payments and referred visits to a CSV file.

Interested? Find out more about SliceWP Premium




  • Affiliates table with all affiliates. List can be filtered by affiliate status.
  • Commissions generated by affiliates. List can be filtered by affiliate, dates and commission status.
  • Affiliate payouts table with payouts made to affiliates.
  • Create affiliates payout panel. Affiliate payouts can be generated for a single affiliate or all, based on a start date, end date and a minimum amount.
  • Review newly generated affiliates payout. Before creating a payout you can review the generated affiliates payments.
  • Affiliates payout edit screen. Within this panel you can mark all affiliates payments as complete.
  • General settings panel, for setting up the affiliates referral program.
  • Integrations settings panel, for activating the eCommerce platform you'd like SliceWP to integrate into.
  • Email notifications settings panel, for enabling the emails you wish to be sent to affiliates and administrators.


  1. Upload the slicewp folder to the ‚/wp-content/plugins/‘ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress


How many affiliates can I have?

There’s no limit to the number of affiliates you can have.

Do you integrate with WooCommerce?

Yes! SliceWP is the perfect WooCommerce affiliates plugin with the ability to track sales and automatically generate commissions upon a successful purchase.

How do I pay my affiliates?

Anyway you want! You can pay via wire transfer, PayPal or any other payment method. SliceWP makes it easy to generate affiliates payouts so you know exactly who you need to pay and how much.

Does SliceWP work with any membership plugins?

It sure does! SliceWP integrates with Paid Membership Pro, MemberPress and Paid Member Subscriptions making it the perfect side dish to power your WordPress membership affiliates program.

Besides being the best WooCommerce affiliates plugin, it’s also the best Paid Memberships Pro affiliates plugin.

Do you offer support?

Of course! We offer support in the forums here on WordPress.org and if you have a paid subscription we offer priority email support.

Is SliceWP GDPR compatible?

SliceWP is a fully GDPR compatible WordPress affiliates plugin. We don’t track or store any data ourselves. You can opt-in to share usage data but this is for us to improve the plugin we don’t store or ever have your affiliate campaigns or details come across our servers.

Can I set a custom cookie duration for my affiliates?

Yes! You can set a custom cookie lifespan for your affiliates.


8. Oktober 2021
I have been in the market of finding software solutions to help me create my own affiliate program for business. There are plenty out there, but also very costly. Then I found SliceWP - it has so many features and capabilities built into this solution that will meet all your needs at an affordable price point! Compared with other more well known brands on the market today, SliceWP truly shines above them by being easier-to-use while still providing great content creation tools too make sure you're never left wanting when promoting products through social media sites like Facebook Ads or Google Adwords campaigns right down from YouTube advertising videos online plus much more!. Customer service responded quickly before during & after purchase which made buying experience pleasant as possible.
4. Oktober 2021
For a novice in technology like myself who wanted to use affiliates to market products on our behalf, this was perfect. It was all very straightforward, and the one time I needed assistance, I was helped within a few hours by someone that cared. Fully recommend!
30. September 2021
This plugin is really helped me. I highly recommended this plugin to use everyone. I searched for huge plugins to integrate affiliate programs into my website but I did not find any easy or good plugin. When I saw this plugin I installed it and really satisfied.
22. September 2021
I've been using SliceWP for the past month and am quite happy with it. It's easy to set up, the UI is clean and intuitive, and everything works as advertised. On top of that, support has been second to none. The founder is passionate about his product and it shows. If you're in need of an affiliate program, I highly recommend checking out SliceWP.
21. September 2021
If you need to set up a new affiliate program for your online store, you can't go wrong with SliceWP! Easy to set up, quick & friendly email support, and packed with great features. I even had a special request, which they were able to accommodate in no time at all. Can't recommend this plugin enough!
24. August 2021
I had searched for months for a solid plugin which would allow me to build an affiliate program for my business. And although I found some good options out there, they were extremely pricey and after some initial tests, I wasn´t really impressed. Then I found SliceWP, and it´s right on the money for me. The plugin was installed very easily, not a problem. The documentation is very good and even so, I had some questions which the support team has been quick to answer. The features I like the most are the custom commission rates, dedicated affiliate pages (this is excellent), and since I run a membership site the recurring commission module is a must. Then, the reports add-on really provides value, or being able to pay out commissions for leads. Very happy with SliceWP. And my site is running at top speed too, it´s not affecting any other plugin or visitor experience. I´ve created my own affiliate program in less than a day. Love it!
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Mitwirkende & Entwickler

„WordPress Affiliates Plugin — SliceWP“ ist Open-Source-Software. Folgende Menschen haben an diesem Plugin mitgewirkt:




  • New: Restrict Content Pro integration.


  • Fixed: Error in Dashboard page when affiliate is missing.


  • Fixed: Issue with plain text emails.


  • Fixed: Issue with metabox toggle in WooCommerce.


  • New: Dashboard page with affiliate program stats.
  • Fixed: Issue with SVG icons in affiliate area.


  • New: Studiocart integration.
  • New: Added {{affiliate_referral_url}} email notification tag to add the affiliate’s referral URL.
  • Enhancement: Restyled the email notifications settings panel.


  • Enhancement: Redesigned the affiliate account creatives tab.
  • New: Added French translation.


  • New: Added affiliate ID column to customers table.
  • Fixed: Affiliate search field not working.


  • Misc: Small updates to affiliate account.
  • Misc: Added old object data to slicewp_update_{$context} hook


  • New: Added option to set default affiliate referral link.
  • New: Added „slicewp_form_affiliate_registration_submit_button_label“ filter.
  • New: Added BDT and GTQ currencies.


  • New: API file affiliate field.
  • Misc: slicewp_get_affiliate_status() returns null now for non-existing affiliate.


  • New: Added „slicewp_affiliate_url_base“ filter in affiliate URL function.
  • Fixed: Pagination issues in affiliate account.
  • Misc: Refactored affiliate email tags.


  • Fixed: GetPaid error on checkout.
  • Fixed: Possible security vulnerability in admin Visits page.


  • New: Icons in affiliate account.
  • Fixed: Affiliate payments date_modified not set properly.


  • New: Added note to WooCommerce order when affiliate commission is registered.
  • Fixed: Issue with duplicate affiliate accounts on register.


  • New: Added helper functions: slicewp_get_affiliate_status(), slicewp_is_affiliate_active()
  • New: Shortcode [slicewp_affiliate_url].


  • New: Added top & bottom action hooks in affiliate dashboard tabs.


  • New: Batch processor manager.


  • New: Added LBP currency.
  • Fixed: Issue with non-alphanumeric characters when registering affiliate link visits.


  • New: Added affiliate recover password functionality.
  • New: Added LKR currency.


  • Fixed: Fatal error in certain situations with Paid Memberships Pro.
  • Misc: Added affiliate account table basic styling.


  • Fixed: MemberPress calculate affiliate commission amount with trial subscription.
  • Fixed: Moved „slicewp_affiliate_account_affiliate_link_actions“ action from affiliate account to proper line.


  • New: Added VND currency.
  • Misc: Updated affiliate messages.
  • Misc: UI improvements in affiliate account.
  • Misc: Updated translation files.


  • New: Added copy affiliate link in affiliates admin page.
  • New: Added notes column to admin affiliates and commissions tables.
  • Misc: UI improvements in affiliate account.


  • Fixed: Double requests on affiliate forms.


  • New: Affiliate logout option for affiliate account.
  • New: „slicewp_affiliate_account_bottom“ action hook in affiliate page.


  • New: GetPaid integration.


  • New: Affiliate customers API.
  • Fixed: Affiliate registration process issue.


  • Enhancement: Affiliates login now defaults on the affiliates account when user is logged out.
  • Fixed: Notes not created for new affiliates.
  • Fixed: Affiliates search field styling.


  • New: Added SAR currency.
  • New: Added affiliate registration disabled message on affiliate register form in certain conditions.


  • New: Affiliates fields API.


  • New: Added „slicewp_register_currency“ filter.
  • Misc: Deprecated „slicewp_currencies“ filter.


  • Misc: Added review request admin notice.


  • Misc: Fixed affiliate program setup wizard for latest WP version.


  • Misc: Added two new hooks in affiliate account.


  • Fixed: Typo in affiliates notice.


  • New: Added Pakistani Rupee currency.


  • New: Added Czech and Spanish translation files.


  • New: Added auto-register new users as affiliates.


  • New: Added affiliates dashboard tab in affiliates account.
  • Fixed: Small admin area styling issues.


  • New: Added reCAPTCHA for the affiliates registration form.
  • New: Added option to register affiliates from the add new user admin page.
  • Fixed: Fatal error caused by get_plugins() function.


  • New: Added affiliate user role.


  • New: Added option to make certain affiliate fields mandatory/non-mandatory.
  • Fixed: Issue with affiliate link generator not working in certain cases.
  • Misc: Added support for tax exclusion with Paid Member Subscriptions.


  • New: Added currencies: Icelandic Króna, Indonesian Rupiah, Romanian Leu, Ukrainian Hryvnia, Bulgarian Lev, Uruguayan Peso, Venezuelan bolívar, Moldovan Leu, Nigerian Naira, Croatian Kuna, Argentine Peso, Serbian Dinar.


  • New: Added currencies: South African Rand, South Korean Won.
  • Enhancement: Load front end scripts only on affiliates pages.


  • New: Added option to disable affiliates commission per category and per product.
  • New: Added „Zero Amount Commissions“ option to register affiliate commissions with total amount equal to zero.
  • New: Added Indian Rupee to currencies.


  • New: Added MemberPress integration.


  • New: Added long text creative type. You can now offer affiliates text snippets for emails or landing pages.
  • Enhancement: Added „affiliate_status“ and „promotional_methods“ merge tags for affiliates and admin email notifications.
  • Enhancement: Added „slicewp_register_affiliate“ action, that fires right after a user registers an affiliate account.
  • Misc: Renamed the tracking script-tracking.js file to script-trk.js because of issues caused by certain ad blockers.


  • New: Added notification system that shows the number of pending affiliates in the admin menu items.
  • New: Added .po and .mo base translation files.
  • New: Added German translation.
  • New: Added a new API function, slicewp_is_affiliate_valid( $affiliate_id ), to check if an affiliate is valid or not.
  • Enhancement: For better amount formatting, we added currency thousands and decimal separators options in general settings. Alongside these, we also added two new options for the „Currency Symbol Position“ setting, namely „Before amount with space“ and „After amount with space“.
  • Enhancement: Added an logout link to the affiliate login shortcode, so affiliates can log out if they reach the affiliate login page.
  • Enhancement: Added Egyptian Pound currency.


  • New: Added Paid Memberships Pro integration.
  • New: Added notes system. You can add notes to affiliates, commissions, payments and payouts.
  • New: Added „Affiliate Own Commissions“ option. You can allow your affiliates to make purchases from their own affiliate link.
  • New: Added delete functionality for payouts. You can delete a payout, as long as you don’t have paid affiliate payments in the payout and the payout was created by you.
  • Fixed: Fixed WooCommerce notice that was displaying in the commissions table in admin.


  • Enhancement: Added checks to make sure integration plugins are active, not just enabled.
  • Fixed: Issue with general settings not saving because of the new subscription affiliate commission type.


  • New: Added Paid Member Subscriptions integration.
  • New: Added support for subscription affiliate commission type.


  • Enhancement: Added two new filters, “slicewp_referrer_affiliate_id_woo” and “slicewp_referrer_affiliate_id_edd”.
  • Enhancement: Added system to prevent double page requests.
  • Misc: Added add-ons page to extend affiliate program.


  • Enhancement: Improved the affiliates preview payouts table, by including amount and commissions count sorting.
  • Enhancement: Improved affiliates program setup wizard.
  • Enhancement: Added CSS classes to affiliate creatives for easier styling.
  • Fixed: Affiliate messages from shortcodes are now returned, not printed.


  • Fixed: PHP notice when adding new affiliate accounts.
  • Fixed: Issue with shortcodes being executed in admin.
  • Misc: Added email notification by default to the general settings on plugin install.
  • Misc: Updated the styles of the affiliate form fields.


  • New: Added option to add logo to affiliates and administrator emails.
  • Enhancement: Updated design for the default email notification.
  • Fixed: Issue with affiliates commission percentage not being set properly on plugin install.
  • Fixed: Issue with affiliates tracking in some situations.


  • Enhancement: Improved the affiliates bulk payout form.


  • New: Added sanitization for affiliates commission amount.


  • Initial release.