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Slickstream is a cloud service that helps you increase engagement on your site, leading to more revenue.

As a cloud service, we create and maintain a full index of all of the content on your site. We combine that with analytics and viewing behavior patterns.

This plugin adds the Slickstream embed code to your pages and registers widgets that you can place anywhere on your pages that help visitors discover content on your site. These widgets provide visitors with a simple interactive way to see all of the content available on your site in a highly engaging way. We use contextual information to maximize the liklihood that a visitor will see another page that will interest them.

Our most popular widget is Filmstrip. It is typically placed immediately below your page banner. It shown a horizontal array of thumbnails for every post/page on your site, arranged based on the current page so that the reader is likely to see other pages that interest them.

It’s companion widget is the Filmstrip Toolbar, which will appear at the top of your page as a visitor scrolls upward.

We have other widgets as well that all contribute to visitor engagement.

To learn more, visit Slickstream.


  • A website showing the Filmstrip widget added just below the banner
  • Slick supports as-you-type realtime search


  1. Visit and tell us about your site.
  2. Install and activate this plugin.
  3. On the settings page („Slick“ under Settings), enter the site code we give you and click Save.
  4. Check with us if you’d like any customization of your widgets


Why bother trying to increase engagement? I’m mostly focused on bringing more people to my site.

The revenue you can generate from your site depends on the number of pageviews and the time spent on those pages. You can increase pageviews by finding new people through SEO and social marketing. But you can double your pageviews from existing visitors if you can just get each of them to more of your own content.
In addition, if you give them the ability, some people will spend a significant amount of time studying the range of content you have available on your site. This drives up time-per-page.
SEO and social marketing are good for driving up number of sessions. We are good at helping you drive up pages-per-session and time-per-session.

Why will these widgets improve reader engagement on my site?

Many people start at Google and search for what they are looking for. They may hit a page on your site, and then go to the next search result to see more. But if when they are on your site they see something else that is relevant and interests them, they will stay to see it.
Secondly, most people are reluctant for some reason to navigating to a new page to see what they may find there. By presenting all of the content on your site within a simple interactive widget they are more likely to surf the available content for things that interest them.
Finally, we do a lot of work to cluster the content on your site and combine that with analytics to determine the other content on your site that is most likely to be interesting to a user — and present those options to them first. Compared with simple „trending“ page lists, we do much better.

Will these widgets slow down my site?

No. The total size added to the page is small and is served from cache using our CDN, so is very fast. Also, we delay showing our widgets until your page has fully loaded. So we should have no impact on your page loading speed whatsoever.

It looks like you will show screenshots from every one of my pages. Won’t that download huge amounts of data?

No. We generate tiny thumbnails of your pages and only fetch these thumbnails as they are brought into view. Each thumbnail is only a few KBytes in size.

Why do these widgets depend on the Slickstream cloud service rather than being integrated into my WordPress server?

We use a large amount of cloud processing and storage to be able to present the information shown on your site. This is not feasible within WordPress without bringing your server to its knees.

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  • First production release


  • Revised for configuration
  • Meta tag for featured image


  • Tested on WP 5.0.3


  • Moved to


  • Improved image assets


  • Tested with WP 5.1.1
  • Cleaned up documentation


  • Added category metadata