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Clean up your WordPress website’s HTTPS insecure content and mixed content warnings. Installing the SSL Insecure Content Fixer plugin will solve most insecure content warnings with little or no effort. The remainder can be diagnosed with a few simple tools.

When you install SSL Insecure Content Fixer, its default settings are activated and it will automatically perform some basic fixes on your website using the Simple fix level. You can select more comprehensive fix levels as needed by your website.

WordPress Multisite gets a network settings page. This can be used to set default settings for all sites within a network, so that network administrators only need to specify settings on sites that have requirements differing from the network defaults.

See the SSL Insecure Content Fixer website for more details.


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SSL Insecure Content Fixer does not collect any personally identifying information, and does not set any cookies.


  1. Either install automatically through the WordPress admin, or download the .zip file, unzip to a folder, and upload the folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Read Installing Plugins in the WordPress Codex for details.
  2. Aktiviere das Plugin im Menü „Plugins“ in WordPress.

If your browser still reports insecure/mixed content, have a read of the Cleaning Up page.


How do I tell what is causing the insecure content / mixed content warnings?

Look in your web browser’s error console.

NB: after you open your browser’s console, refresh your page so that it tries to load the insecure content again and logs warnings to the error console.

Why No Padlock? has a really good online test tool for diagnosing HTTPS problems.

I get „insecure content“ warnings from some of my content

You are probably loading content (such as images) with a URL that starts with „http:“. Take that bit away, but leave the slashes, e.g. //; your browser will load the content, using HTTPS when your page uses it. Better still, replace „http:“ with „https:“ so that it always uses https to load images, e.g.

Wenn deine Seite außerhalb von Browsern benutzt werden kann (z.B. in E-Mails oder anderen Dokumenten außerhalb des Webs), dann solltest du immer ein Protokoll verwenden und es sollte wahrscheinlich „https:“ sein (weil du ein SSL-Zertifikat hast). Siehe Inhalte bereinigen für mehr Details.

My website is behind a load balancer or reverse proxy

If your website is behind a load balancer or other reverse proxy, and WordPress doesn’t know when HTTPS is being used, you will need to select the appropriate HTTPS detection settings. See my blog post, WordPress is_ssl() doesn’t work behind some load balancers, for some details.

I get warnings about basic WordPress scripts like jquery.js

You are probably behind a reverse proxy — see the FAQ above about load balancers / reverse proxies, and run the SSL Tests from the WordPress admin Tools menu.

Ich habe die HTTPS-Erkennungs-Einstellungen geändert und jetzt kann ich mich nicht mehr anmelden

Wahrscheinlich liegt ein Konflikt mit einem anderen Plugin vor, das versucht die HTTPS-Erkennung zu fixen. Füge die folgende Zeile deiner wp-config.php hinzu, über den Zeilen ABSPATH. Anschließend kannst du dieses Plugin auf seine Standard-Einstellungen zurücksetzen, bevor du weitermachst.


I still get „insecure content“ warnings on my secure page

Post about it to the support forum, and be sure to include a link to the page. Posts without working links will probably be ignored.

You listed my plugin, but I’ve fixed it

Great! Tell me which plugin is yours and how to check for your new version, and I’ll drop the „fix“ from my next release.


7. Januar 2023
After since I upgraded my website to cloudflare ssl, i use tons of other plugins even tried to manually change http links to https , and in process i wasted whole day not to mention, website broke many times during this processEventually I found out this plugin when searching for "mixed content error fix in wordpress" and plugin was so intelligent it give me option for cloudflare ssl fix and now site is loading perfectly. Just one radiobox option provided here saved 17+hours work! Its like developers are heaven sent! Great Job guys welldone!!!
4. Oktober 2022
I was trying to solve mixed content from last 3 days, And when I used this plugin in few clicks problem solved. Loved it.
14. Juli 2022
I had a problem with the logo displaying, I was informed that it might be a ssl problem. I don't know what this plugin did, it goes over my head, but the problem is gone.
13. September 2021
I really thought I missed a set-up step upon activating. Everything was fixed and all images were loading on first pass. Great Plugin!
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Released 2018-12-04

  • fixed: some hard-coded link elements (e.g. stylesheets) when href is the first attribute