Make sure your website looks good after updates and other changes

With WebChangeDetector you can check your website before and after updates , installing new plugins or doing other customisations like CSS changes. See all differences marked in a screenshot.

Now you can make sure your updates look the way you want them to – and fix anything that does not, before your visitors do.

  • Save troubles with your visitors by letting us check your website after updates – for desktop and mobile.
  • Save time with checking all pages yourself after some changes.
  • Don’t miss sales because of overlooking issues on your site.

Track automatically changes on every page on your WordPress site. If something changes, we will send you a notification so you can make sure everything looks at it should.

  • Start for free with 50 change detections per month.
  • Run a change detection to see changes before and after making an update to your website.
  • Set automatic trackings with intervals, from 1 hour up to 24 hours.
  • Check desktop and mobile screens.
  • Receive an email alert for change detections with a direct link to see the changes.
  • Share the change detection link with you Webdesigner to fix issues.


  • Show Change Detection: Check the change detection and see what changed
  • Dashboard: Show the latest change detections and account information
  • Change Detections: All change detections
  • Update Settings: Update change detections for creating screenshots before and after updates or changes
  • Auto Settings: Automatic change detections in intervals with email notification
  • Logs: Shows currently processing screenshots and finished change detections


  1. Upload ‚webchangedetector‘ to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress
  3. Create a free account at https://www.webchangedetector.com
  4. After creating the account, you see your API Token. Paste the API Token at ‚WCD‘ in the menu of your website
  5. Activate your account by clicking the ‚Activate Account‘ button in the email we sent you


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  • Fix comparison view


  • Fix for new accounts
  • Fix link to create free account
  • Update readme


  • Validation fixes


  • Remove Plugin Updater
  • Prepare for WP Directory


  • Update repository url


  • Fix initial sync of urls


  • New Layout
  • New dashboard
  • New Change Detection tab
  • Help texts
  • Directlink to upgrades


  • Redesign selecting urls
  • Move Change Detections to seperate tab


  • Switch to new API


  • Improvement: Free account with 50 change detections every month
  • Improvement: Only show change detections with differences
  • Improvement: Show icons for devices
  • Feature: Show queue for currently processing urls and already processed ones
  • Feature: Pre- and post update change detections for less unnecessary compares
  • Feature: Filter showing change detections by days


  • Fix: Prepare Plugin for changes in API


  • Fix: Change in API for Amount of selected urls in Update Change Detection


  • Fix: Disabled auto sync after publishing posts. This caused issues on publishing posts.


  • Feature: Order urls by page title


  • Feature: Sync new posts with API


  • Launch Stable Version